My Friend’s Dad

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My best friend’s name was Gary. We met in 5th grade and hung out until we both went off to college. He went to Austin and I went to Dallas.

I had a steady girlfriend then, so I was getting laid regularly When I went off to college and left my hometown, the only sex I got was when I drove home on weekends, holidays or summer. Gary never seemed to have a girlfriend, but I know he liked pussy as much as I did.

I was 18 years old then, 5′ 9″s tall, had long brown hair. I had no facial hair, was pretty slim and about 150 lbs. I’m 26 years old now and still look about the same, maybe 10 lbs. heavier. I was ok looking, physically kinda small and thin, but in pretty good shape without any muscular definition. A smooth, nice, lean, fair complected body. I did have a pretty big dick, 8 inches long, cut and pretty thick. My girlfriend loved it. We had experimented with sex a lot and when I went off to college and left her behind, I was always horny and missing her. I guess because of my height and weight I didn’t do too good with the college girls.

Before college, I used to stay at Gary’s house a lot, sometimes overnight because he lived one block from my girlfriend . It was mostly an excuse to my parents so I could stay out overnight and spend more time with her. My parents would make me come home on a school night at 9:00PM but her parents were nice and liked me, so we could stay at her house til around midnight before they told me I had to go home.

Sleeping over at Gary’s house was convenient. His dad was really cool and rarely home. He didn’t mind as long as I was in the house before midnight. I even got my own key. His dad was a recent widower, about 45 or 50 years old, and kind of a private guy. He seemed really lonely but never bothered us and we had run of the house. It was a perfect set-up for me to stay out til midnight on a school night and get some ass from my girlfriend. After being with her, I would then spend the night with my best friend and go to school in the morning.

I had left Dallas early Friday morning. One of my classes was cancelled and I skipped the other. I was anxious to see my girlfriend and have some much needed sex with her.

I got home around 1:00PM and knowing she wouldn’t be out of school til around 4:00PM. I had a few hours to kill. I had left some clothes at Gary’s house, that I had been meaning to pick up for months and decided I would go over and get them now since his Dad was probably still at work. Gary was still in Austin at school. Since I had my own key, I figured this would be quick and easy.

I arrived and entered the empty house going upstairs to Gary’s bedroom to get my clothes. While doing so I passed his father’s bedroom and the door was open. I had never been in his fathers bedroom before, so I just stepped in to take a peek.

On his desk, by his computer, were some magazines of men dressed as women. On the cover of one was a man made up beautifully as a woman. Make-up, dress, wig , hose, the works. I would have fucked this guy he was so feminine.

Nobody was home so I thought I would take a look for a second. I opened the magazine and all the pictures were of men dressed as women with their penis’s exposed. Some had full erections and the more I looked, the more I got excited. Within a few minutes I had a full hard-on under my pants.

I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock, fully planning on just touching it for a couple of seconds. My cock was rock hard and I guess the time got a way from me cause when I looked up his Dad was standing in the doorway watching me jack-off in his bedroom.

He screamed at me, “What the fuck are you doing?”

I started to zip up real quick but he told me, “Don’t you move a fucking inch young man.”

He pressed something on his keyboard and grabbed my wrist and pulled me to my feet. This was easy for him because manisa escort he was well over six foot tall and a very powerful man.

He then asked me, “Do you like what you see son?”

I didn’t answer, I was too scared to speak. Twisting my wrists, he leveraged me to a lower standing position, bent over almost kneeling. In that position he applied more pressure until I finally sank to my knees in front of him still looking at his face.

“Well son, I thought you had a pretty little girlfriend to take care of that for you.”, he said.

I didn’t answer, I just stayed on my knees in front of him. He let go of my wrists and put one of his hands flat on top of my head, keeping me from standing. With his other hand he undid his belt, unbuttoned his slacks and lowered his pants to his ankles. I was on my knees waist level to him when he tilted my face towards his cock still encased in his underwear.

I still had not seen his cock yet but I could tell it was huge and getting bigger by the second.

“So, you like to look at men’s cocks huh?, Well take a look at mine.”, he said.

He pulled his underwear down to around his thighs and out sprang the biggest cock I had ever seen. It had to be 10 inches long and as thick as my wrist and it still wasn’t completely hard yet. The head was circumcised and the veins were becoming more pronounced as more blood rushed to it. It was hard enough so that it had risen off his balls but was still growing in it’s attempt to stand straight away from his body on it’s own.

As I stared at it, not speaking, I could see it growing harder and bigger with each pulse of blood into it. I looked up at him and he was staring down at me, full of lust and pride. He just smiled and stood there. His cock just kept twitching and growing, extending straighter and thicker. It seemed like longer, but in the next 30 seconds his cock was fully engorged and extended straight out from his waist. I’m sure it was a foot long, because my girlfriend had measured mine before and his cock seemed way bigger than mine.

He grabbed my long hair roughly and holding me in place, stepped forward a couple of inches til his fully erect and humongous cock was just an inch from my lips.

“Go ahead son, show me how much you like cocks. There is nobody here but you and me.”, he said.

I was so scared, knowing I was in trouble for getting caught in his house, in his room looking through his personal belongings that I just opened my lips and let that monster in my mouth. I had to open my mouth much wider than I thought I would have to and at that moment I respected my girlfriend even more for the blow jobs she had given me on my just average sized cock.

He held onto both of my ears and started pushing about 4 inches in and out of my mouth. This was about as much as I was comfortable with and he seemed happy with that. I kinda relaxed thinking that would satisfy him, because I know I would always try to force more into my girlfriends mouth than she could handle, often choking and gagging her. If this was all he wanted, well I could handle 4 inches. After a minute or two, I could feel him start to thrust a little deeper, touching the very beginning of my throat.

I’m sure he could feel his cock head hitting the resistance of the start of my throat. Every stroke in almost pushed a gag reflex but it was still controllable. I knew in my heart that he would want it deeper, any man would.

I tried to relax and told myself all the things I would tell my girlfriend, “Relax, open up, take it in your throat, come on, go deeper.”

I felt his cock head pry into my throat and while it was a tight fit, I could handle it. He had about 6 or 7 inches in my mouth and quite a bit was now in my throat, with a good 6 inches to go. He started thrusting deeper now, more urgently, faster, harder and even more cock was in my throat. At this point he was basically fucking my mouth. I was surprised, but I could control the gag reflex and let him plow even deeper. Now I could only see about 3 inches left and was determined to take this big sausage all the way. I was really turned on by this, my cock was rock hard and jutting straight out.

I started to stroke my cock and when he saw this he slapped the side of my face with his open hand really hard.

“Pay attention to what you are doing, not everybody gets to enjoy a like this whopper son.”, he moaned.

Tears came to my eyes immediately and he said, “Leave that alone, after you swallow my first load I’m gonna fuck that tight pussy of yours and then you can rub your little clit all you want.”

He then told me, “When I finish with you today, you will never think about pussy again, your throat, your ass and your body will belong to me forever. I intend to turn you out into the little faggot you were born to be.”

I redoubled my efforts despite the stinging of my cheek and tried to swallow the last remaining 3 inches.

He got into a routine, holding my ears roughly, he would saw 9 inches in and out of my mouth. Each thrust seemed to open another little piece of my throat deeper. Pulling out til just his the plum tip was still in my mouth. He would then push back until a good 4 or 5 inches went in my throat. His nuts had drawn up into a tight sack, making his cock look even longer. As he pushed in I had completely mastered the gagging reflex. I just refused to gag, I wouldn’t let it happen.

Now I realized that I really needed to please this man. I really wanted to please him. I felt a real sense of pride that I could take 9 inches of this cock without choking when my girlfriend couldn’t even handle my measly 8 inches all the way. I could tell he was very happy and I swelled with pride knowing that my best friend’s Dad, with the big cock, found me desirable enough to share his most precious possession in life with me.

My goal now was to finish off the last 3 inches and make this brute of a cock spit it’s seed. As he seemed content to just fuck a little of my throat with the 9 inches, I had to have it to the root. I had to prove I was competent to do the job perfect so he would maybe want me again.

While he held onto my ears, I started going deeper on my own. I redoubled my efforts and I think I kind of surprised him as he didn’t want to overwhelm me yet, but I wanted it all. I jammed my throat all the way down his root, all the way to his pelvis. I kept going all the way down his bone, taking all of it in my throat. I started to gag and slobber all over his cock now. As I choked it down I felt parts of my throat now being stretched out that he had not previously reached.

Sensing I wanted more, he just took over. Holding onto my ears roughly like they were handles, he jammed all 12 inches of that hard fat thick cock all the way down to the root.

My nose was running and totally stopped up now. I could hardly breathe. I struggled to gasp breathes between strokes.

My eyes were fully watered, initiated from the slap to my face but now caused mostly from my gagging. The tears that came to my eyes rolled down my cheeks in a flood.

My face started turning red, trying to gasp breaths between the thrusts filling my throat. I started sweating hard, straining to please this man. As he gagged me on his steel hard cock I felt contractions in my ass, in my sphincter ring, convulsions like I was going to expel myself.

He yelled now, “Come on son, you worked hard for it, get that juice, make me spurt, eat that man load I got for your sissy mouth. I know what makes you little faggots happy. Come on sissy boy, get ready to swallow. Daddy’s got a big healthy load for you so be sure to swallow it all, it’s good for you. Come get your medicine son.”

With that last deep thrust, all the way down to his root, he stopped and stood still for a second. He gripped the back of my head so I couldn’t move, just impaling my throat on his cock.

I felt the first blast. I couldn’t taste it at all, but I sure felt it. It immediately went down my gullet. His cock twitched and started spraying over and over. I felt his liquid seed shoot deep in my throat. He just moaned and held my head tightly. Rocking back and forth but never taking more than an inch out of my throat and keeping as deep as he could.

I didn’t have a choice to swallow or not. It was more like he just deposited his load deep in a hole. While he sprayed he just rocked back and forth jamming his sperm down like he was unclogging a drain with a stick. All that load was just being forced into my stomach.

Then his pace changed. Instead of the short jabs that were so deep, he just kept at about 8 inches in my mouth and power fucked my throat with the remaining 3 or 4 inches. While always plowing to the root I could taste his seed now. Never pulling out to the tip like before but just banging his pelvis back and forth onto my chin.

Holding firmly onto the back of my head, ramming in and out, he smashed his pelvis onto my open mouth and lips, still spraying his load into mouth.

After about 3 more squirts he pulled back enough so that only 5 inches were in my mouth and he grabbed the base of his cock with his hand and started jerking it, masturbating the last sprays and dribbles into my mouth so I could taste it. Finally I could breathe again.

“Good boy, good boy, savor the flavor.”, he grunted, “I want you to learn to appreciate that taste. From now on you are going to get a regular dose of it.”

While pumping the last bit of juice from his cock, he growled, “Eat every fucking drop of that white gold you cock sucking slut. You had better learn to thank me for it later too. I have never seen such a hungry little bitch that could handle this cock the way you just did.”

His spraying and dribbling eventually stopped but I never missed a single drop. His hand jerking slowed down to a milking, like you would milk a cow. He continued to milk his cock in my mouth for a few minutes until it was empty.

Then pulled my head off his cock and told me to “Suck those nut real soft.”

My mouth felt empty and for some reason I went back to his cock and tried to put it in my mouth. He slapped me again, hard on the same cheek, it really hurt.

“Fucking cock sucking faggot, are you addicted to Daddy’s big dick already? My cock is sensitive right now, so lick my nuts your stupid faggot.” , he growled at me.

Maybe his cock was sensitive but it sure didn’t get soft. As I knelt under his cock and slurped on his big hairy nuts that still rock hard cock swayed and bounced against my cheeks and forehead. I saw a big dollop of semen on the very tip of his cock but didn’t dare go for it. Instead I felt it smear on my forehead as I payed homage to and lovingly adored those balls.

Still as hard as ever and throbbing while I suckled those balls he pulled away from me and pushed me til I toppled over on my side on the floor. While I was laying on the floor, he reached over to his computer and turned off the camera.

“The camera! Please God no, tell me he didn’t!”, I thought.

The next words out of his mouth were, “We got that filmed on the computer sissy boy. You are gonna do anything I want now, for as long as I want and anytime I want, or your family, your girlfriend, my son and all your friends are gonna know how much you like to suck cock. You are gonna take care of my cock whenever I want . Got it! Thank’s to you, my lonely days are over. Now, do we have a problem?”

I started to get tears in my eyes again, but that big swinging cock just hung there and he said “Hurry up and get undressed, we are gonna try something else.” To be continued……………………………

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