A Cumslut is Born Ch. 02

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Ariana Grande

Chapter 2: Tied Cockslave

Julian shivered with the thought. He had never been tied up, but all he could think about was getting that beautiful cock and balls in his mouth. He had no choice but to trust Tonya, if he wanted to taste that sweet man-stick again.

“Yes, yes please!”

“Hmm hmmm,” Tonya chuckled, “I am going to call you cumslut from now on.”

The name didn’t surprise Julian. He suspected that he would become one, if given the chance. He loved cock in his mouth, more than he imagined he would. His first time was fulfilling, down to his very soul. It had become his new drug, and he wanted more. He wanted something to suck on. He had become a cumslut after just one taste.

Tonya stood up and stretched momentarily, pointing those beautiful breasts at the ceiling. He strode over to the large purse, and pulled out two pair of steel, padded cuffs, and showed them to Julian. The cuffs were padded with long chains, and they were steel–no plastic toys–and they had a clip in the middle of each chain. Julian had a slight red flag go off in his head. But he quieted any hesitations–he wanted that cock and balls in his mouth, and he would do whatever he could to get it.

Tonya walked boldly over to the chair by the small desk. It was an office chair, but it had four legs and no wheels. There were four chrome crossbars a few inches below the seat. He picked up the chair, moved it away from the desk, and pointed it at the TV. He looked at Julian with a nasty grin and motioned him over with a single finger.

“Bring a pillow to sit on–you’re going to be here for a long time.” He said, placing his finger on his chin.

Julian grabbed a pillow without even looking and walked over to the chair. He placed the pillow in the chair. Tonya shook his head, and scooted the pillow off of the chair onto the floor in front. He pointed at the pillow on the floor.


Julian sat on the pillow with his back to the chair. Tonya shook his head again, this time moving his finger in a circle, as if to say, ‘Turn around.’ Julian obejed, and sat Indian style, facing the chair.

“Legs under the chair.”

Julian unfolded his legs, and placed them under the chair. Tonya moved behind the chair, and fastened his ankles in one pair of cuffs, and fastened the middle clip to the back crossbar of the chair. The chains of these cuffs were long, and left just enough slack so that Julian’s legs could rest on the floor, but moving them back or forward was difficult. Tonya then stood right behind Julian, his cock resting on the side of Julian’s head. Julian wanted to turn sideways and lick, but he waited. Tonya took both of his arms, and pulled them to the back of the chair. He then fastened them in the other set of cuffs, and hooked the clip in the middle to the chair’s middle crossbar. He stepped back and walked around the chair, grinning.

“You look like one comfy cumslut!” Tonya said, grinning.

Julian wasn’t uncomfortable, but comfort was the last thing on his mind. He wanted those man-parts in his mouth. He wanted more of that sweet, silky cum.

“Yes,” he said, trembling.

Tonya walked back to his purse, grabbed his phone and the remote, and walked back to the chair. He sat sideways on the chair, then picked up his legs and slowly spun around, so that his cock and balls were right in Julian’s face. He rested his legs on Julian’s shoulders, and hooked his heels behind Julian’s back. Julian was in awe of the perfection of his situation. He was positioned perfectly to be forced to suck, lick, and drink whatever was sitting in that chair. Tonya kayseri escort relaxed, picking up his limp cock.

“Suck on these for awhile sweetie, I have some calls to make,” he commanded.

Julian opened his mouth, and Tonya’s scooted forward, his balls sliding right in. Julian took them in and began to suck, swish and massage them. They tasted musky and salty. Julian started moaning as he was doing this, and he could feel his cock getting hard.

“MMmmmmmm, that’s so nice!” Tonya said coyly, “Good boy!” patting him on the head.

He switched the TV onto some music station, and picked up his phone.

“Now, I am going to give you a bonus for such good money. I am going to call a friend or two over, and you can suck their cocks too. Does that sound good?” Tonya asked cheerily.

Julian shuddered. Who was Tonya going to let in? Who would see him sucking cock? He had no choice. But Julian let go, and was turned on. More cocks! MORE CUM!

“MMMmmm HMMMMm! MMM HMMMMM!” Julian moaned as he sucked Tonya’s balls.

“Good, good. See, there are many out there who love their cocks sucked, and you love doing it. So it’s a perfect fit!” Tonya said as he dialed.

Julian was feasting on Tonya’s balls, swishing them around, feeling Tonya gyrate slightly, and feeling his cock right up against his face. The man-scent, and the slight smell of cum from the last sucking was intoxicating. He began to reach his tongue out behind Tonya’s balls and massage him with some pressure and back-and-forth. Tonya made several calls, and then set the phone down.

“Mmmmmmmm, I can’t believe I am making money off this!” he said as he looked down at Julian sympathetically, while starting a humping motion with his hips. Julian kept up the sloppy, sucking ball massage on Tonya’s balls. Eventually the cock before him started to harden and pull away from his face. This was good news.

A solid knock was at the door.

Tonya pulled his balls out of Julian’s mouth, got up, and headed towards the door. Julian was positioned sideways to the door, and he looked over, dreading that first time the stranger would see him like this.

“Come on in and see what we have to play with today!” Tonya said, with a cheery voice and a smile.

A dark, curly-haired she-male walked in. He was beautiful. Nice, round boobies, a tight ass, and some pants that did little to hide the long lump. He looked over at Julian and smiled big.

“Hello! And what is your name?” he asked, walking over to the chair.

“His name is cumslut. Cumslut, meet Bailey” Tonya smirked.

“Hello Bailey, I am Julian, but Tonya is right–please call me cumslut” Julian said, becoming more comfortable in his cock slave role.

“Wow, you sure are in position. Can I have a turn?” Bailey asked.

“Sure, I am replenishing from the last filling. Go right ahead B!”

Bailey undressed, freeing his beautiful, sparkling white tits. He was snow-white from head to toe, with beautiful deep red nails and lipstick. He was the most beautiful she-male Julian had ever seen, and he thought he might have seen Bailey on Tumblr, but he couldn’t be sure. Bailey, with nothing on but red heels, slowly slid over to the chair.

“Julian, meet my cock” he said as he straddled the chair, his man-parts right in Julian’s face, just out of reach.

Bailey had a beautiful white cock, with a large mushroom head. His balls were high and tight, and he was shaved everywhere. Julian was aching to taste. Julian reached out with his tongue, but couldn’t quite reach. He was so hungry to taste Bailey’s kıbrıs escort man-parts.

“Well, you really are a cumslut, aren’t you?”

He slowly picked his cock up and moved slightly forward, putting his tight little sack in Julian’s face.

“Tonya says that you like these”

Julian opened his mouth, and sucked in Bailey’s little sack. His balls were smaller. He sucked them in and stretched them to the back of his mouth. Bailey moaned and leaned forward. He began to swish and massage his sack, forcing the balls to one side of his mouth, then the other. Bailey let go of his cock, and placed both hands on Julian’s ears. He started gyrating slowly.

“Ooooh… MMmmmm!” Julian could hear him moan, and as he was rotating his hips, Julian could feel the pleasure, like electricity, travel up through his sack. Julian’s cock was rock hard at this point.

Bailey picked his heg up, and slowly crouched to a sitting position on the chair while holding on to the back of it. He then picked both his legs up, and raised them high in the air, giving Julian clear access to his little sack. Julian sucked them deeper into his mouth, and started rotating his head and neck as he massaged and pleasured Bailey.

“MMmmmmm Ooooooooh Mmmmmmmmmm!” Bailey moaned, his cock stiffening.

He looked up at Tonya.

“Wow you were right, cumslut has talent!” he said, holding his legs in the air.

“You think that’s nice, wait till you fuck his mouth” Tonya smiled.

“This will be fun!” Bailey squealed.

He lowered his legs and put heels on the floor right behind Julian’s shoulders as his balls sloppily came out of Julian’s mouth. He sat back slightly, so that the head of his cock was right in front of Julian’s mouth.

“Ooooh, this is going to be fun! Now cumslut, I cum a lot. I hope you can drink it all. But let’s start out slowly. Tongue my slit,” he said as he flexed, placing his cockhead right in front of Julian’s mouth.

Julian reached his tongue out and flicked the head, and Bailey’s cock twitched upward slightly. He reached down and steadied it. The slit of his cock had a large, deep slit. Julian poked his tongue in the slit, and reached deep. It tasted salty.

“mmmmmm good. deeper. Mmmmmm that’s it” he said as his cock was lengthening.

Julian’s tongue was deep in the tip of Bailey’s mushroom head, and he began to tongue-fuck his slit. Pushing foward, relaxing, pushing, relaxing. This was something he had dreamt of, but never found a dildo that had a convincing slit. As it turned out, he was pretty good at it. He began to taste a salty, warm familiar taste, as Bailey’s cock was presenting pre-cum.

“Oooooooh wow, that is so good! Now lick it like a lollipop”

He obeyed and, removing his tongue from Bailey’s slit, started running his tongue around the mushroom head. He slathered the head with spit, and started licking and stroking the head all around. He started tongueing the underside of the head. Bailey was starting to slightly twitch.

“Oh my, it won’t be long. This little cumslut is talented, and wants cum badly” Bailey said to Tonya, grinning. Tonya squinted and grinned as he nodded.

“Now, suck! Suck like you’ve never sucked before, cumslut!” he said as he scooted forward, thrusting his cock a few inches deep into Julian’s mouth.

Julian welcomed the hard cock. He sucked hard and pumped on the cock with his neck muscles flexing back and forth. He had developed good neck musculature for this purpose. He reached his neck forward until Bailey’s cock was touching the back of his throat. Then he sucked konya escort harder, locking his cock between Julian’s lips. He pumped and pumped as Julian moaned and squirmed. Bailey soon reached back to hold on to the back of the chair with both hands, and slightly pushed his hips up and forward. This caused Julian to gag slightly but he recovered nicely. Bailey began to pump his cock in and out of Julian’s mouth, deeper and deeper. He was pushing Julian’s head back to the extent that the cuffs would let it go, and using the chair as leverage to pump his cock in and out. Julian could feel Bailey’s cock stiffening harder and harder. His cock was so stuff it began to feel like glass. He obediently sucked in with all his might, making popping and sucking noises as Bailey’s cock went in and out, and splashing saliva everywhere.

“Oooh oooh OOOH oooh. Won’t be long NOW! MMmmmm. MMMMMM!” he pumped and pumped, and his head became so puffed out that Julian’s cheeks were being stretched slightly at each thrust.

Julian started moaning too. He loved being used like this. It was his most desired fantasy and it was happening. A beautiful she-male was using his mouth as a fuck-tool, forcing his cock into Julian’s mouth and down his throat. His cock was so hard. But time for that later. Julian was doing his dream job right now–please that cock at all costs, and drink the rewards. That was his only purpose now.

Bailey sat back down and placed a hand over Julian’s head and grabbed a handful of hair. He then started pumping Julian’s head up and down on his cock.

“It won’t be long now,” he said urgently.

Julian was even more thrilled. Bailey was using his mouth to jack himself off. His mouth and head was being used as a sex toy, to drain cum into. He sucked and wiggled his tongue with all his might. Suddenly Bailey’s cock jerked upward and forward, and Julian’s mouth was filled with the first hot load.

“oooh AHHHHH! AHHHHH! YESSS!!!” Bailey squealed as he pumped Julian’s head with both hands now.

Julian felt load after hot steamy load pour out of Bailey’s cock. He was swallowing as fast as he could, but some was dripping out. Bailey kept this up, moaning, twitching, pumping Julian’s head, draining as much cum as he could into the wanting mouth. He steadied Julian’s head so that only his cock head was in Julian’s mouth, and began stroking his cock, pumping load after load out. Julian started intense sucking and massaging of the cock head, and the sweet, silky loads just kept emptying into his mouth. He didn’t dare try to keep it all in his mouth–Bailey was cumming like a horse! Load after load, squeal after squeal, Bailey as incorrigible. He was milking himself, and there was no end in sight. Tonya grinned as he was stiffening. He started stroking himself, standing right over Julian’s head. This went on for awhile, and just as Bailey pulled out, Tonya had stroked himself to climax. He squatted down, pointed his head right at Julian’s mouth, and started squirting. The first load landed in his mouth and mixed with Bailey’s cum. Julian had kept some of his cum for swishing around and savoring. Tonya shot load after load, finally lowering his cock head into Julian’s mouth, and shot again and again. He finally finished and pulled his cock out with a ‘Pop’.

Julian’s mouth was full of cum. He swished it around, tasting it’s silky sweet warmth, as the cum from two cocks mixed.

“MMMmmmmm” he moaned, almost involuntarily.

The two looked at him and smiled. Here was a room full of three satisfied sex fiends. After mixing and enjoying the silkiness and flavor of the cum, he swallowed gently and looked up at Bailey and Tonya.

“Thank you,” he muttered, feeling so satisfied to drink so much cum.

Suddenly a knock was at the door again.

“Next customer!” Tonya cheerily squealed.

–To Be Continued

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