Amy’s Secret

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John was happy, the conference had ended half a day sooner than expected. He was able to catch an earlier flight home. He didn’t call Amy. He wanted to surprise her. He thought he would slip into the house and let her find him.

John opened the front door quietly. He slipped into the living room and sat on the couch. He noticed that the house was a little warmer than usual, but thought maybe it was just the cold weather outside that made him think it was warmer inside. He could hear Amy vacuuming somewhere down the hall. John heard the vacuum approaching the living room. He saw his wife pushing the vacuum, she was listening to her music, she was also naked. John had never seen his wife doing chores naked. In fact he had only seen her naked in bed or showering. They had been married for ten years and he had no clue if she did this a lot or if this was the first time. She looked like she was enjoying it. He waited until she turned the corner and saw him.

“Oh, my God! John your home early!” With that she ran out of the room, into their bedroom. She quickly pulled a sundress over her head to hide her body from the world. John followed her.

“Amy! Why did you run away? It is just me.”

“I am so embarrassed. Why are you home so early?”

“The conference finished early. I got an early flight. I didn’t mean to scare you. Are you alright? You looked like you were having a pretty good time. Amy, do you often vacuum naked?”

“No! It was just this once. I’ll never do it again. I swear.” she started to cry.

“Amy, please don’t cry. I am not angry, or disappointed. If you like to vacuum naked it is fine with me. I am just surprised. You are usually very reserved.”

“What? You aren’t mad? How could you be OK with me running around the house naked?”

“Honey, I love you. I love your body because it is you. I want you to be happy. If being naked makes you happy. Then you being naked makes me happy. So tell me, is this the first time you have been naked around the house when I am not here?”

“No. I’ve been doing this all my life. I did it before we ever met. I just couldn’t tell you about it because I’m not pretty. I’m at least 30 pounds overweight. My breasts are small. My face is at best plain. I’ve read lots of stories online and all the naked people are beautiful. They run around where ever they want naked and since they are pretty nobody much causes them any problems. If I went naked in public the cops would break a land speed record to haul my ass off to jail.”

“Honey, have you ever been naked with anyone else besides me? Have you ever even been to a nude beach? Very few people there could be considered beautiful. They are average people and average people come in all shapes and sizes. We could visit a nude beach someday. Will you go?”

“Oh, I couldn’t get naked in front of all those people. That is just too scary.”

“Well, how about you stay naked for the rest of the day with me here? If you are good with that, then you can sleep naked tonight. I can be naked too or it can just be you. Your choice. I really can’t believe you have this whole side of yourself that I didn’t know about. And not only that that you haven’t been able to explore it for yourself let alone with me. I think you hiding this part of yourself may be stressing you out some. Will you stay naked with me tonight? Please let me help you explore your nudist self. I think you will be happier being more open about it. Now, take the dress off and let’s spend the rest of the day together.”

“You can’t mean that. You want me to be naked for the whole day, with you here?”

“Of course. We have been married for ten years. I have seen you naked. Granted I never saw you naked outside of our bedroom before. But, you enjoy being naked when I am not home then please try being naked when I am home. I love you, all of you.” John walked up to Amy and took the hem of her dress in his hands and slowly lifted it over her head. He took her hand and led her naked to the living room and around the whole house. Amy followed where she was led, but was very scared. Even though she had been naked in every part of the house before, she had never been naked in any room other than her bedroom with anyone else in the house. Amy was very self-conscience of her appearance. She normally wore clothes one size too large to hide what she considered her less than ideal appearance.

“So, did the world end?”

“No. The world did not end.”

“I have been home for half an suadiye escort hour so far. You have been naked for all but a minute of that time. Are you happier now that I know this about you?”

“I don’t know John. I’ve kept this to myself for most of my life. I just didn’t think anyone would accept me knowing I liked to be naked. It still feels wrong to be naked here with you anywhere but our bedroom.”

“I hope that by spending the rest of the day and hopefully the night naked with me here will help you be more comfortable being naked with me. This is our house, we set the rules here. Amy, if you like being naked here then be naked here anytime you want. We don’t have to be anywhere this weekend. I was hoping after being gone for two weeks we could go somewhere nice for the weekend. But I think that us staying home is a better idea.”

“I don’t know if I can do this John. I am just so nervous. I feel like I’m jumping out of my skin.”

“Honey, I am here for you. It breaks my heart that you felt you had to keep this from me all these years. I know you are shy about being naked. I just assumed you didn’t like being naked. I wish I had come home early years ago and caught you. I really just want you to be happy. If you would like we can just sit on the couch for a bit and watch one of your shows.”

“Uh, OK.” Amy said. She was still very nervous if she could she would shrink into herself like a collapsing star.

John took her hand and guided her to the couch. He had her sit right next to him so he could wrap his arm around her. He hoped that she would be comforted and draw strength from him. John continued to try and comfort her all night. He talked about his trip and asked her about her work and what she did while he was away. He tried to keep her mind off her nudity as best as he could. It took most of the night, but just before going to bed he thought that she was beginning to relax a little. When they got into the bedroom Amy reached for her nightgown, John gently pulled the nightgown from her hands and hung it back on it’s hook. “Amy you don’t need that tonight or any night. But especially tonight I want you to sleep naked. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes John, I think so.” Amy said. She was worried that going to bed naked she wouldn’t be able to fall asleep for hours. Of course she had slept naked before, but only when she was alone in the bed. She was wrong. Within just a few minutes she was asleep. Possibly it was do to using so much energy worrying about being naked with John in the house for the half the day she was just worn out. Possibly she really just enjoyed sleeping naked.

John woke first in the morning as usual. He wanted to try to push Amy to be naked for the whole day. He knew from what she said yesterday that she enjoyed being naked as much as she could. He also knew that being naked with him there was putting her outside her comfort zone. He considered hiding all her clothes, but decided against such drastic measures. She needed to be comfortable in her decision to be naked with him there.

Amy never woke up all at once. It always took her several minutes to fully wake-up. She was not used to sleeping nude. She always wore her nightgown to bed to sleep, she would even put it on after having sex with John and then go back to bed. So this morning when she woke up she didn’t realize she was naked. She went to the bathroom, then heard John call to her that the coffee was ready. Still being half asleep she went into the kitchen still naked.

“Good morning Honey.” John said, he did not want to make any kind of deal out of her being naked. He knew she wasn’t fully awake yet, he wanted her to realize that she had done this on her own and he didn’t consider it any kind of bad thing. They sat drinking their coffee for awhile before the subject of eating breakfast came up. “What would you like for breakfast dear?”

“I’m hungry today. I’ll cook up the works.”

“Sounds good. I have a quick chore in the garage. I’ll be back quick.” Wow, has she not realized that she is still naked, he wondered?

John came back into the kitchen just as Amy, still nude, was putting their plates onto the table. He figured maybe he could make mention of her state of undress now. He still didn’t want to make a huge deal out of it. He decided he would just ask her about how she felt about yesterday. “This is great Honey. Thank you. Have you had time to think about how you feel about being naked with me here yesterday?”

“Well, yakacık escort I have been so used to keeping my nudity just to myself for my whole life. I was so scared being naked outside of our bedroom with you here. But you were great last night. Though you pretty much forced me to stay nude the whole night. I know you only did it to help me be more open about it. Going to bed nude was scary and nice too. This morning when I woke up and you told me the coffee was ready I didn’t realize that I was still naked. I was already cooking breakfast when I finally realized it. By the way I am kind of mad at you for letting me cook the bacon naked. Those grease splatters hurt on bare skin. So I guess what I am saying is this. If you really are not offended by me not wearing clothes around the house, I think I would like that sometimes”

John was not sure when she started talking that he hadn’t done something unforgivable. Then she admitted she wanted to not wear clothes around their house. He wondered just how far she might want to take her new attitude towards clothing. She would probably keep it confined to just their house. Time would tell. “Amy, if you want to be naked at home I am fine with that.” He leaned over to kiss her. “So do you want to go anywhere today. Or would you just like to stay here all day being nude?” He grinned.

“I think I will just stay here John. We don’t have to go anywhere do we?”

“No no. I think if there are any errands to run today that I will do them. I want you to flap your new wings, so to speak. Just don’t go answering the door naked, OK?”

“Oh no. I couldn’t, I promise.”

“Honey you can tell me. What has been the longest that you were naked? Was yesterday and today the longest?”

“No, I have been naked before for longer. Remember the Chicago trip last year? You were gone for two weeks. I went to the grocery store the first day and stocked up food. I spent the entire time at home naked. Two weeks without a stitch. It was great. After last night though I wish I had told you about this years ago. So much time hiding this from everyone. I never should have hid it from you. I’m so sorry dear. I still don’t think I am ready to be naked in front of anyone but you though.”

“I’m just happy you’re happy now honey. You spent two weeks naked? Really? You can break that record soon if you want. I just don’t want you to shut yourself off from your friends or family. If some day you want to tell them your secret that is your decision and I will support you. Even if you decide never to tell anyone else.”

Over the next few months as winter turned to spring, Amy spent most of her time at home naked. She almost went a full month naked once, but her friends started to call her wondering if she had become a hermit. She promised to be more social. Making excuses for being out of touch blaming work. She met her friends for lunch. They noticed that she wasn’t wearing her usual baggy clothes and that she seems more happy. They asked her what she about the changes but she deflected the questions by asking about their lives. She just couldn’t bring herself to tell them the truth. They would just have to be happy for their friend and stay in the dark as to the why.

John thought it might be time to take Amy to the nude beach. Even if she didn’t participate. Maybe she would at least see that normal looking people went to these beaches.

John talked to Amy about going to the nude beach from time to time. At first she was sure she could never go. He would tell her that she would enjoy it. She kept saying no. John changed tactics and suggested that they just get close enough to see what a real nude beach looked like. She still wasn’t convinced. It took him several more weeks to get her to agree to take a look.

They parked in a normal looking state recreation area parking lot. They followed the signs to the beach trail and walked a few hundred yards. The beach looked like any other beach with families spread out everywhere. They were all wearing bathing suits. Not a bare body to be found. Then they saw a sign showing the way to the nude section. It was another hundred yards to the north. “We will just walk close enough to take a look. Another fifty or so yards and you should be able to see what it is like there.”

So they walked. The closer they got the more nervous she got. The closer they got the more excited she got. Amy saw that these people were not the body type that Hollywood typically showed şerifali escort on a beach. These were just ordinary people. It amazed her how many people looked just like her. And yet they were laying out in the sun, playing in the water, or walking around naked. She felt a great weight lifting from her soul. “John can we keep going? Do you think they would mind? I want to talk with someone.”

“Sure hon.”

Amy looked around for a friendly face. “Hello my name is Amy. Can I ask you a question?”

“Ah, yes. I’m Frank.”

“Well my husband here caught me vacuuming the house naked. It was the first time he saw me naked outside of our bedroom. Truth is, I have been keeping my nude side hidden from him forever. My question is, what is it like to be naked in public?”

“I see. You have been getting naked alone for years and have not shared this desire with anyone until your husband caught you. Before I answer your question please answer my question. Why are you here today?”

“John thought that maybe I would enjoy going to a nude beach. I have been ashamed to show my body to anyone. I am not a “ten” as you can see.”

“Amy, look around you. How many “tens” do you see? There are about 200 people on this section of beach. Most of them are just average people who enjoy feeling the sun and wind on their bare bodies. Almost all of us have been where you are today. Wanting to be naked and wondering if you can be outside of your own home. I won’t lie to you. For most of us it was the scariest thing to take your clothes off the first time. For about the first ten minutes that is. After that first ten minutes you wonder what all the fuss was about. So Amy, care to join us?”

“I didn’t bring a towel or anything.”

“Darling, what do you think I have been lugging around in this backpack? I have everything we need, towels, sunblock and some water. Just pick the spot and I’ll put our towels down.”

“I don’t know this is happening really fast. Can we be here and not get naked?”

“It is fine with me, but I know why you are here. This is a nude beach, not a clothing optional one. It would be better if you stay close by. At least until you decide to be naked.”

“Thank you. Honey would you lay our towels down over there? I think I would like to sit here for a bit.”

Amy and John sat on there towels for exactly fifteen minutes before Amy began taking off her clothes. She took one piece off at a time over the next half hour. Then Amy was naked, outside with people not twenty feet away. Frank smiled at her getting naked on the beach for the first time. A few others who noticed the newbie also gave her a friendly nod. The birds still sang. The wind still blew. John stayed clothed until Amy was naked for awhile. Just to make sure she wasn’t going to freak out and get dressed. Then he calmly took his clothes off too. They stayed at the beach for a couple of hours. John didn’t think it was a good idea to get too much sun on the first day. He didn’t want Amy or himself to burn tender parts. The sunblock he applied to each of them was only good for a short time. For her part, Amy was very excited. She didn’t want to leave. John promised her they would come back in a few days.

“John that was amazing. Thank you so much for taking us there. John, I am so happy that you caught me and made me stay naked that first day.”

“You are welcome darling. I do think that the next time we come here we should bring your car though. Especially if you are going to ride home naked like you are now. If we are going to keep this a secret, getting arrested isn’t the best plan. I must say though you do look amazing.”

In time she told her best friend. After a while all of her friends were told. Some of them were shocked. Some of them even told her of their naked desires. All told it seemed that the number or people who at least some of the time were naked around their own homes was much higher than the number of people who never were naked outside their own bedrooms or bathrooms.

Since Amy worked from home she was able to stay naked most all the time. The longest time she spent naked without any clothes at all was three months. The hardest part was staying in the house and not being able to go anywhere but the beach. (they had found a nudist beach where they could park and walk to the beach totally naked) The strangest thing happened too. Not stressing over her desire to be naked anymore had the positive effect that she stopped stress eating. Though she didn’t loose all the extra weight she had carried for most of her life she lost more than half of it. She still wasn’t what most people would call a “ten”, but in John’s eyes she had been and always will be a “ten”. She is his Amy, and she had always been perfect.

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