My First Time at a Swinger’s Club Ch. 03

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Double Penetration

“Lead the way baby…I am right behind you.” was my reply to Michael, and so he led the way to the rooms that were designed for viewing. Once in the room, I looked around to see this amazing room. There were two king size beds with canopies that had mirrors mounted to them, a hot tub in the center of the room, and a huge shower off to the right. There was a huge window with two-way glass, we could not see out, but people could see in. The room was charming with its decor and dim lighting. Since we were still chilled from our cool shower, we decided to get into the hot tub.

“Last one in has to do what the other asks!” Sami said with a smirk.

Sami was closest to the tub so she of course was the first one in. Michael didn’t seem to mind though; he was ready for any request that Sami might make.

“So, what is it that Sami wants?” Michael inquired.

“Sami wants to suck more of that awesome cock of yours!” was her answer.

Michael smiles as he walked to the hot tub. He walked right up and began stroking his cock, making it even harder than it already was. Sami sat there in the tub facing him with a smile that went from ear to ear. She began to lick her lips in a very teasing manner knowing this was only going to make Michael even harder. He took another step towards her and she grabbed his cock and guided it to her awaiting mouth. She began licking all around the swollen head, looking up at him as she did this. His face told her all that she needed to know…he wanted her and wanted her badly. She continued licking the head and sporadically swallowing just the head of his cock; her moans sending vibrations clear down to his balls. He too began to moan as Sami continued her teasing.

“MMMMMmmmmmmm….Sami! You sure know how to suck cock…damn you are driving me crazy woman. Come on baby…enough of the teasing…let’s go to bed where I can show you how talented my tongue can be!”

Sami continued for a few more minutes getting him real nice and hard…she loved teasing him this way and knew that he would soon be pleasing her. She got out of the hot tub and made her way to the bed, laying down on her back and looking up at the mirrors above her. She looked so beautiful laying there waiting for Michael to make his move. Her hair shined a golden brunette, her long legs slightly parted, her nipples already erect and as hard as erasers. She began to pinch and pull at her hard nipples, making them longer, watching them grow before her eyes.

Suddenly Michael grabbed her ankles and pulled her towards the bottom of the bed, her ass resting at the edge of the bed, her legs being sivas escort gently spread by her lover. He began kissing trails up her thighs, nice long lingering kisses, always stopping before he could touch her lips with his. Up one thigh and down the other he continued for several long minutes, he soon began to kiss her right behind her knee sending shivers through her body.

“MMMMmmmmmm…Michael, that feels so good baby. You are enjoying this very much aren’t you? I can wait as long as it takes for you to put that tongue where it belongs. I know that you want to taste me Michael, to taste my sweet nectar, to inhale my sweet smell.”

Sami then reached down and spread her labia for him, hoping this would make him finally kiss her where all her needs needed to be fulfilled. Her fingers were instantly wet with her moisture as she touched her lips and spread them gently for him, she couldn’t resist touching herself. She began rubbing her fingers up and down her wet slit, her fingers soon coated with her creamy moisture. She soon found her swollen sensitive clit and began to press her fingers tightly to it. The feelings this gave her made her very hungry for Michael’s touch. She wanted and needed to feel his tongue…his fingers…his massive cock. Michael could tell that Sami was extremly aroused and knew that if he didn’t act soon, she would take care of her needs without him. His tongue finally made its way to her creamy soft lips, he began licking at her wetness like a kitten laps at warm milk. She spread her legs even further apart, letting him know just how good she was feeling. He continued to lick her up and down her slit and then suddenly he pressed his tongue firmly against her swollen clit.

“MMMMmmmmmm…Michael! Yesssssssss….that feels so damn good…ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, lick my pussy baby!”

He did as Sami had asked and continued to lick her wet bald pussy. He loved the way that she had begun to squirm, her hips rocking up and down as he licked her. Suddenly he decided to insert two fingers into her wet awaiting pussy. He could feel her pussy begin to tighten as it swallowed his fingers so hungrily. Her hips began to thrust up and down at the same pace at which he was fingering her. Two fingers filled her as his mouth continued to lick and suck her engorged clit.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Sami and Michael had completely forgotten that they were in a viewing room. The knock caught them both of guard. They both just kind of stopped what they were doing and looked at one another.

“Sounds like we have company.” Michael said to Sami.

“Should we ignore them and continue what we were doing, or should we see who it is and what they want?” was Sami’s reply.

“Oh, what the hell…let’s see who it is and what they want.” was Michael’s reply. “Come on in!” yelled Micheal.

The door opened and there stood Steve, the man that Sami had come to the club with. He had the biggest grin on his face as he stood there in the doorway.

“Just checking to see if everything is okay with you Sami. Looks like you are in very good hands…mind if I watch from in here?” asked Steve.

Sami replied, “I don’t mind if Michael doesn’t mind. Michael just shrugged his shoulder in a manner that said that he didn’t mind. So Steve walked on into the room and walked closer to where Sami and Michael were.

Michael continued licking and fingering Sami. Soon she was back in her rhythm of thrusting her hips up and down at the same pace as Michael was fingering her. Once again, they had both forgotten that they now had a live audience. Sami was quickly reminded as she felt a hard cock bouncing up and down on her mouth. She opened her eyes and seen Steve standing there stripped down to his birthday suit, his hard cock in his hand as he began to slowly stroke it and tease Sami with it at the same time.

Sami had never been involved with more than one partner at a time, but this definately sounded like a good time to have the experience. She stuck out her tongue and began licking Steve’s cock each time the head of it bounced on her mouth. Steve took a step closer and released his hand from his cock and that gave Sami the opportunity to reach out and take it into her hand and guide it to her wet mouth. She began licking and sucking the head as he began to fuck her mouth. Sami began to moan from all the pleasure that she was receiving sending vibrations all through Steve’s very hard cock.

“Come on Sami…roll over for me…I want to take you from behind as you suck Steve’s cock.” Michael said.

Michael quit what he had been doing to Sami in hopes that she would soon roll over. She grunted a little at the interruption, but she did roll over. Here she was with two hot sexy men, her ass up in the air facing Michael, her face in position to suck Steve’s cock. Michael began to rub his hardness up and down her wet slit, from her swollen clit all the way up to her puckered asshole. Watching as her pussy started to spasm, opening and closing, trying to swallow his cock as it neared her entrance again. He slowly slipped into her wet cavern, slowly sliding it in and out of her, each stroke going just a bit deeper.

In the meantime, Steve had pushed his cock into Sami’s wet hungry mouth and she had begun sucking him deeper and deeper into her mouth. She was in such bliss…having her pussy and mouth filled with thick cocks. She could feel Steve’s cock begin to throb as he continued to go deeper into her mouth. Soon the two men were going in and out of her at the same pace and she knew that it wouldn’t be long before one of them erupted.

Michael had grabbed her hips and was fucking her at a pretty good pace, his cock now as deep as it could reach. He was moaning and grunting as he continued to plow in and out of her. Sami’s body was on fire, needing to feel that ultimate release, the release that comes when your whole body starts convulsing and spasming shooting hot liquid from deep within her soul.

“Where do you want this load baby…in your tight pussy or all over that sweet ass of yours?” asked Michael.

“Yeah, where do you want this load Sami…deep in your throat…or all over that beautiful face of yours?” asked Steve.

Just hearing their words and feeling their actions sent Sami over the edge. She arched her back and the men knew what was going to happen next. She was now too far-gone in her own ecstasy to answer either of them. Michael felt her pussy get real tight and start squeezing his cock everytime he plunged forward…she was so damn hot…her liquids shooting from her, drenching his cock and balls. The moaning that she was doing was more than Steve could take and he pulled his cock from her mouth and began to shoot load after load all over her sweet beautiful face. His cum was everywhere…coating her face and mouth. Michael grabbed her hips firmly, thrust into her a couple more times then he too pulled out and began shooting his hot seed all over her sexy round ass. Sami was in pure bliss; she had cum so hard. She looked at Steve with her cum coated face and began to lick his cum off of her lips, smiling at him the entire time. Michael began using his cock to smear his cum all over her ass.

“Mmmmmm…Boys!! That was incredibly awesome! This has ended up to be one hell of a night…either of you have any ideas as to how we spend the rest of this evening?” asked Sami.

“Remember that redhead from earlier tonight Sami? She too was in the hall watching you and your friend and said that she wouldn’t mind joining in on the fun. Her name is Keteira and I can tell you from experience, she is one hot woman! Mind if she joins us?” asked Steve.

Michael spoke up before Sami had a chance to say anything. “Hell yeah…invite her in…the more the merrier I say!”

“Sounds good to me Steve…invite Keteira on in. But there is one condition. I get to take a crack at her too!” replied Sami.

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