The Mission of the Heart Ch. 02

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The other girls giggled as I continued to stare at her. I snapped back to reality.

“My apologies,” I said rather too quickly. “I will get your proper order as soon as possible.”

Before she could even say anything, I power walked to the kitchen. Right then, I knew something was different about me. The feelings I felt were incredible. I felt like I was worth more than all the diamonds in the world, that I was just an ordinary girl wanting ordinary things. My heart felt like it was going to explode, but I was already willing to risk a heart attack.

I slowed my pace, and I remembered…something. Instinctly, I felt my back. I remembered a memory that I tried to push way back into my mind, The scar. The love. The loss. The failure. I remembered…I don’t know what I remembered.

( “…shh now, everything will be okay…I promise you, it’s better this way….”)

“Miss Pamela!” the chef whispered rather too loudly. “The order!?”

The memory went away, and I went back to the real world. What just happened, I thought to myself.

I didn’t recognize the memory, but somehow it seemed important.

Apologizing, I got the proper order and served it to Charlie. I was surprised I didn’t make a fool of myself in front of her this time.

“Will that be all, ladies?” I asked calmly, but I can already feel droplet of sweat forming at the back of my neck. I made eye contact to everyone around the table, except Charlie. But I felt her staring at me with a confused look on her face.

Fight or flight. I wanted to get the hell out of there, but I wanted to be near her at the same time.

“Do I know you?” Charlie asked me suddenly. I looked at her with a confused expression on my face. ” I mean, have we maybe met before?”


I gave her a fake, thoughtful look.

“I don’t believe we have, sorry,” I said. “Well, you ladies have a gr-“

“No way,” she replied bluntly. “I know we’ve met before, one time or another. There’s definitely something familiar about you.”

“Maybe she was at Michael’s party?” one of the girls with long, wavy, blonde hair chimed in. “Or other previous parties.”

“Hell no, she wasn’t at Michael’s party,” one of the girls with medium, layered, red hair said while making eye contact to me. “I would’ve noticed.” She then gave me a sly wink. I gave her an uncomfortable look.

“Stop it, Hanna,” the brunette said, giggling. “You’re making her nervous. Is that right,” she looked at my name tag. “Pamela?”

“I-it’s quite alright,” I said nervously. “I guess I’m used to it.”

“What,” the redhead, Hanna, said while leaning in.” Being hit on by women?”

“Don’t mind her,” the other blonde said, shaking her head.” She thinks she’s all that. Anyway, my name’s Sara. The obnoxious redhead is Hanna, the raven haired one is Ashley, and the other blondie here is Aleesha.”

They smiled very gorgeously while I shook their hands; while I shook Hanna’s, I felt a thin piece of paper in my hand. She winked again.

“My name’s Charlie,” Charlie said, holding her hand out. ” Sorry if I was a bit creepy on you, but there’s…something really really familiar about you.”

I shook it and gave her a gracious smile. “Pamela. And I’m sorry, I haven’t seen you before though. I probably have one of those faces.”

She looked at me harder as if she was trying to dig into my mind. She studied my facial features rather too closely.

“Uhh, sorry ladies,” I said,” I’d love to stay and chat, but I really got to go back to work.”

They said okay, but as I slowly walked away, I heard their conversations behind my back:

“She’s fucking beautiful.”

“For once, I agree with you, Hanna. She has that exotic sexy look going on. I don’t mind doing it with her.”

“Dirty bisexual.”

“What’d you say!?”

“Nothing, Ashley! Just the fact that’s she’s pretty hot.”

“Yea, I gotta admit, she is pretty hot. Her puppy brown eyes are to die for.”

“That’s the thing. Her eyes are soooo familiar…”

“Charlie, hun, you were a creep to her.”

“I couldn’t help it! I definitely saw or met her before. And it’s killing me not knowing where or how.”

“Stalker alert?”

“Shut it, Ashley.”

“How about inviting her to Ashley’s party tomorrow night? That way you can get to know her better.”

“Hey, don’t steal my idea.”

“You would, Hanna. And that’s not really a bad idea there, Sara. I’ll ask her when we’re done eating.”

I stopped listening, and went directly to the kitchen. I’m hoping that someone there is willing to switch tables with me.

A college girl by the name of Adrienne gladly switched tables with me since her table was utterly boring. Her table was table thirty-four, and was occupied by a Korean couple, judging from their language. And they were eerily quiet. Honestly, I can live with boring, I don’t mind boring. But I can’t risk Charlie knowing who I really am.

I served their meals, and went to my other tables to see how they were doing. I saw a glimpse of table ten, Charlie’s table. They seemed a bit confused bağdatcaddesi escort when they saw Adrienne standing by the table, asking how their meals were. Hanna seemed very disappointed. I chuckled as I felt the paper with her phone number she gave me in my pocket.

As I walked back to the kitchen, I saw a glimpse of Charlie making eye contact with me. The look of hurt in her eyes made me want to punch myself, but I can’t risk anything. Besides, if she knew what I do for a living or what I almost did to her, she’ll kill me herself.

The girls walked out of the restaurant an hour after the Korean couple left; Adrienne said they wanted to stick around to see if I came by again, but they had to prepare for a party for tomorrow.

“And one of the girls wanted you to have this,” she said and handed me a formal looking envelope. “You’re pretty lucky. Not a lot of rich folks give people like us invites like this one.”

With a huff, she walked away rather too quickly. I opened the envelope up and read what was inside:

“Dear Pamela,

Sorry for being a creep in front of you today 🙁 Anyway, I hope my first impression wasn’t as creepy as I intended, but there’s a party tomorrow night at my friend Ashley’s house and you’re officially invited. The address, phone number, everything you need to know is on the back of this letter. I really do hope you come. It’ll be worthwhile 🙂


Charlie Carlson

P.S. Hanna wants you to call her.”

Sighing, I tucked in the letter along with the envelope to my back pocket. Sorry Charlie, I thought to myself. I can’t really let you get close to me.

Or visa versa.


“Miss Pearson!” the receptionist called out as I walked into my hotel. “There’s a package for you here.”

As I walked over and got the yellow package, she gave me a hard stare and her lips started moving. I read her lips:

In your room, 17:00. Had an extra key. Two guys, both caucasians. One has a knife, another has a silenced unknown gun. Both around 5’9. One is around 180 lbs but the other is around 200 lbs. Backup needed?

I casually looked around the hotel and stared back to her. Subtle, I started moving my lips:

No. Give me five minutes. Make sure to take care of any footage captured early today. And do anything for a distraction.

“You look thirsty, ma’am” she said, her teeth gleaming. “Here. Have a can of Pepsi.”

“Well, thank you,” I replied back, nodding slightly.

“Have a great day!”

Oh, I’m having one already.



There are agents like me working in the field, but there are other agents that are behind the desks to pick up any messes left behind and help assist us in public places. The receptionist was one of them. And damn, do they do a good job otherwise the media and the rest of the country would have known our existence already. They were not trained any combats or weaponry, but they were trained for intellect and for coming up with cunning plans. They were mostly the brains in the Agency.

As I was in the elevator waiting for it to reach my floor, I cut the top part of the can with my swiss army knife. I emptied the can, and found a pair of black latex gloves, a pair of “cat-eye” contacts, a syringe and a small tube with a clear substance in it. Anesthetic. The elevator door opened, and I stepped through, put my “Cat-eye” contacts in, then put the gloves and got the Anesthetic ready.

As I walked through the hallway, the power went out. People were scrambling out of their rooms, confused. But I continued to walk towards my room without any problems since I can see in the dark thanks to my “Cat-eye” contacts.

I crouched near my door, and listened closely for any movements inside. I closed my eyes. Small shuffles were being heard, which is good enough since I can pin-point their exact locations: one was 4.5 inches close to the bed, who probably has the gun since I heard a faint click, the other was 6 inches close to the window.

Dammit, my guns and equipments are in my car. And my two 5-7 SC pistols were underneath the mattress.

“Let’s just get the hell outta here,” I heard one whisper.” She’s fucking not here, obviously. And power’s out.”

“Guess you have a point,” another whispered. “Okay. Let’s go.”

I opened my eyes, and put my back against the wall. I became motionless. I heard a faint click and the door opened, two figures went out. I let the first one go unharmed, but I swiftly choked the second one, and drugged him. His body sagged, and he violently dropped to the floor along with his gun.

“Jason?” the first guy whispered, turning around. I picked up the gun, and shot him square in the head. Clean shot, barely any blood. He dropped in an instant.

I then dragged both of the bodies into my room, and miraculously, the power went on.



I turned off most of my lights in my room, and closed the curtain. After tying Jason to a chair in front of the bed, I sat in beykoz escort front of him, and started tearing the package. There was only a single paper inside of it and it said:

“Objective: Protection from any unnecessary harm and/or situation. Continue to do so until told not to.”

I broke away from the paper, and shook my head. Wow, I thought. I haven’t been anyone’s bodyguard for quite a while. I went on reading:

“Subject: Charlie Carlson Adres-“

What! I reread that part again.

“Subject: Charlie Carlson”

I gently let the paper float to the ground. Scratching my head in frustration, I began mumbling to myself. Protect her from any harm indeed, I thought to myself. Then why the fuck was I sent to kill her two weeks ago? It just doesn’t make sense.

“Uhhhh,” Jason groaned. Drunkily, he slowly opened his eyes and began to panic. He began to squirm, and yell.

“You know what’s great about the rooms here?” I asked coolly, while getting the silenced gun from the night table. “It’s completely sound proof.”

He looked around and his eyes fell on his friend’s dead body on the floor. He grunted, and began to scream at me in profanity. I slowly stood up, slapped him, and kicked his left ribs. He screamed in agony.

He stopped screaming as soon as I pointed his own gun to his head.

“Now that I have your complete attention,” I whispered gravely, ” how about telling me what the fuck you were doing here, huh?”

————————- 02: 47

“Hello, front desk?”

“Yes, what can I do for you, Ms. Pearson?” the same girl from downstairs said through the phone.

“I’m starving,” I said, tired. “I want two carts up here full of food.”

“Absolutely,” she said. “Do you care what kind of food?”

“Anything good is fine,” I said. “Just get those two carts of food up here.”

Two men with two carts filled with food came up. They gave me a hard stare when they saw the two bodies in the room. Putting it in a ziplock, I gave Jason’s silenced gun to them, and took two plates of food and a bottled water from the cart.


“Rough night, Agent 76?” one of them asked.

“You could say that,” I said grunting and began eating while standing up. I reached underneath the mattress, and got my two guns out. I put one beneath my pillow and one tucked in the back of my pants.

“I don’t know how you guys do it,” the other guy said as his partner swiftly put one of the bodies underneath the cart. “I’m surprised you’re not dead yet.”

Sighing, I laid myself on the bed after I put my finished plates on the night table.

“I’m surprised too.” ————————-


I woke up from my one hour sleep, feeling someone in my room staring at me.

“What now?” I asked, while slowly getting up, my hand under the pillow.

The lights came on, and the receptionist was by the door, looking a bit ashamed. I looked at the watch, cussed, and went towards the door. “I was going to wake you, but…” she mumbled.

Still in my work clothes, I walked past her, but stopped.

“You did good tonight, Newbie,” I said. ” We all gotta start somewhere.”

—————————— 04:16

I was already at Charlie Carlson’s mansion and the security doubled. From my binoculars, there were numerous guard dogs, a new fence, a lot more security guards, and probably a new security alarm.

With my full gear on (except my ski mask), I leaned against my car, which was parked on a hill looking over at the mansion.

This is ridiculous, I thought to myself. I mean, yes I can slip through the guards and the whole security, but I have to protect her everyday until the assignment gets done. Or shall I say, when I’m told it’s done. There has to be an easier way.

Sighing, I went in my car and sat down. What Jason told me haunted me.

“We know you are given an assignment to protect her. Let’s just say there are some troubles ahead with you and your ‘lady friend.’ “

After that, I couldn’t get anything else out of him; after every kick, stab, punch, and, sadly, shot, there was nothing. I decided to just kill him myself. I look towards the mansion. There’s got to be an easier way to be close to her.


“May I make a suggestion?” the receptionist said. Her name’s Carrie I learned.

I was back at my room with my civilian clothes. When I got back, Carrie was still there, looking for any more little “messes” that was left behind from the incident before. Very tired, I looked at her.

“Why not be friends with her?” she said, smiling a little. “I-I-I mean, I already know what your current mission is and such. B-u-ut that’s not the point. Being friends with her means you being by her side an-“

“You know we can’t have any personal nor social connections outside the Agency, Newbie,” I said while stretching on the armchair. ” Besides, we probably will be an easier target if we were together.”

“Well, in my opinion, you can’t just look from a distance or from a shadow and caddebostan escort expect to protect her from there. You actually have to be near her just in case of sudden attacks. And what better than being near her by being friends?”

I looked at her, thoughtful. She does have a point…

“And besides,” she added,” I’m sure being close to her is an exception because you gotta do what you gotta do to make your mission successful.”

I leaned my head back, and stared at the ceiling. A few seconds went by, and I looked at her.

“I need a new bulletproof vest.”

“A thicker one for heavy duty bullets?” she asked, confused.

“No,” I said sighing, while unfolding Charlie’s note from earlier. “A very light one, unnoticeable under my civilian clothes. And speaking of clothes, I might need some more of your assistance…”

—————————– 10:03

“You look soooo gorgeous in that!” Carrie exclaimed.

Since it was my day off, we decided to hit the mall; I decided to go with the plan of being friends with Charlie. Since the party was tonight, I definitely needed an outfit to make me look “presentable,” as Carrie would say it. I’m not a big shopper, but Carrie obviously is.

Right at the moment, I was trying on outfits Carrie suggested for me in the changing room. I have to admit, she has good taste. I looked pretty…beautiful.

“Uhh,” I said nervously. “My guns?”

She gave me a weird look while trying to straighten my outfit I was wearing.

“Guns!?” she said, giggling. “No way. Not with that outfit.”

I gave her a piercing stare, and she cleared her throat.

“I suggest two Bersa Thunder 380,” she said with a serious tone, ” with suppressors of course. Your two 5-7 SC Pistols will be too bulky and noticeable if you have them with you.”

“But I like my 5-7 SC Pistols…” I mumbled. ” Vest?” “Right here,” she said smiling, as she tossed me some sort of black clothing. I looked at it and shook my head.

“A cami?” I said, smiling a bit. “No way.”

“Yes way, there’s also a sleeveless one, ” she said, while shuffling through the clothes we picked out. “Try it on.”

Amused, I did. I looked in the mirror and looked at myself. No way this thin piece of clothing will protect me from any bullets. I was about to make a comment as I turned and faced Carrie, but she pointed a silenced gun to my chest. And fired. I screamed in surprise.

“Holy shit!” I exclaimed. In panic, I patted and rubbed my whole entire chest, but felt nothing. Not even a hole. I looked at her with a small smile. “Holy shit.”

“You’re welcome,” she said smiling.



“Wait,” I said while getting dressed in my room. “You’re coming too?”

“Well, duh,” Carrie said, her head popping out of the bathroom. “It is my job to clean undesired mess in public places. Besides, this is probably the only party I’ll ever attend to.”

As I put on my earrings, I nodded in agreement. She does have a point. Besides, social events make me nervous, so good thing she’s coming along then.

I went over to the full length mirror and shocked myself; the person I’m seeing does not look like me at all. She looks a hell more beautiful. With my very light grey, vintage inspired back goddess dress, with gold woven accent, I looked extremely good. My long black hair has been somewhat curled, so now it looked gorgeously wavy. As Ashley said, I looked exotically sexy with my brown skin color in my dress.

Carrie had the same dress on, but the color was dark green, which goes well with her pale-ish skin and very petite body, striking green eyes, and fiery, spiked, red hair. Resembling Hayley Willaims a tad bit, she has that pixie face that fit her personality, which made her extremely cute. She went out of the bathroom, and whistled when she saw me.

“I’d say you are dressed to kill, Agent 76,” she said smiling.

“Call me Pamela,” I replied. “Something’s missing…”

“Ooo!” she said excitedly. “You need a necklace. Here.”

She looked through her purse and took out a gorgeous sterling silver, Dolphin pendant necklace. She went closer towards me, and swung her arms around me, trying to get it on. Our chests were touching, our heads a bit closer than necessary. At the same time, as I studied her face, our eyes met. I shuddered.

“I was talking about my guns,” I whispered

“Hmmm,” she replied, still staring and her arms still around my neck. I swear I saw a sparkle in her right eye. “My apologies.”

“It’s beautiful,” I said feeling the pendant, but still staring at her. “Where’d you get it?”

“It was given to me,” she whispered, feeling the necklace, “by my grandmother.”

“Your grandmother?” I asked, giving her a shocked look. “The Agency-“

“The Agency does not own us,” she whispered, her fingers brushing my collarbone. “We own it. Besides, there are advantages for being one of the brains of the Agency.”

“Is that so?”

She gave me a long stare, long enough for me to become breathless.

“Yea,” she breathed. “Definitely.”

What’s going on here, I thought to myself. What’s happening?

She stepped towards me for another inch, biting her lower lip, her eyes roaming around the room, but too afraid to meet mine. Then she looked up to me with her grass-green eyes (with a hint of desperation?).

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