Put in Her Place Ch. 2

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Eleanor awoke very slowly and painfully around 3:30 the next afternoon. The TV was still on and she was still slumped in her chair. Two empty, and one half empty, champagne bottles lay on the floor nearby. Her nightgown was open, and there was the strong aroma of lust and a slight stickiness between her thighs. There was also that familiar salty taste on her lips again.

She couldn’t remember much about the night before. She did recall something about the “beach”, her friends in Jamaica and a tall, sexy young man; but it was all very fuzzy.

She stripped and stumbled to the shower. The hot water helped to clear her head a little but she could still remember no details. She was better able to get her bearings once she dressed and ate.

Eleanor found Thomas in the family room, channel surfing on the couch. She stood near the door, watching him as she sipped her coffee. Something wasn’t quite…”right”…but she couldn’t quite figure it out. He startled her when he spoke:

“Another ruff night, huh?” he smirked without even looking up, “you might wanna take it easy or you might hurt yourself!”

“Fresh!” she snapped at him before turning on her heals and leaving the room. Eleanor could hear him laughing out loud as she left passed through the kitchen.

“These damn American chil’ren have no respect for elders!” she thought to herself. But as she walked back to her room she realized that thinking about Thomas made her feel a little strange. She didn’t actually see him as a child; but she’d tried ever since she first saw him, not to think of him as the attractive, young man that he was.

Eleanor wandered around the house for a while, nit picking at things here and there, before finally going back to her room. She straightened and rearranged a few things, opening a window and removing all traces of her drinking binges.

Becoming bored with her task after a few minutes, and still not feeling 100%, Eleanor decided to lie down and take a nap. But she just couldn’t get thoughts of Thomas out of her head.

And just by chance, at that moment Thomas was also thinking of Eleanor; especially of all the things he could do to her. Originally he had intended to only get a few pictures and blackmail her into getting off of his back. But his revenge against her was working out much better than he had anticipated; he was actually enjoying this!

Thomas’ parents had raised him to be a gentleman: mannerly and respectful to everyone. But every now and then he’d allow the “bad boy” in him to surface and take control; and when it did – watch out! He was more than happy to unleash his wildness on Eleanor, because as far as he was concerned she deserved it.

Back in her room, Eleanor was dreaming again about her “young Jamaican”. They were racing around the curves and turns of the Jamaican hills overlooking the ocean. Her young lover recklessly sped over the dangerous roads in a red European convertible; she took great delight in how he did all this just to impress her. She loved when a man pursued her.

He brought the car to screeching halt at the highest point, just inches from the edge of the cliff, and turned all his attentions to her. Softly, but firmly he pulled her close to him, sliding his large hands over her knees and thighs.

“No, please…” she whispered, feigning resistance, as she parted her legs and gave into him. She threw her head back and surrendered completely.

He nuzzled her neck and earlobes, before bringing his lips to hers. He ferociously probed her mouth with his tongue, while his hands fondled her breasts and thighs. The moisture and tingle in her cunt edirne escort was instantaneous.

“Yes, baby!” she cried out in her dream, “take me! Ya makin’ me crazy!”

“You might wanna take it easy, hon,” he whispered, “you might hurt yourself!”

“Ohmigod!” she thought, “I know that voice.” When she raised her head again, her employers’ son, Thomas, had replaced her unknown, Jamaican lover. She froze as he continued to have his way with her…

In her bedroom, Eleanor moaned loudly in her sleep, her left hand buried in her panties, while the right twisted and pinched her erect nipples. She awoke from her dream, sitting up straight in bed. Her fingers continued to play with her throbbing clit. She needed satisfaction now!

Eleanor fell back into her pillow, giving in completely to the fantasy and her burning desire for Thomas. With her eyes tightly shut, legs spread with knees up, and toes all curled towards the ceiling, she pulled her silk panties aside and massaged her swollen lips with both hands. In her head she allowed Thomas to continue having his way with her.

“Come, baby,” she purred and pleaded, “don’ make me wait nah more for ya! Don’ make me wait nah more!”

She bucked and thrust her hips upwards and sideways, causing the headboard to shake and tap rhythmically against the wall. The sound caught Thomas’ attention as he stepped into the kitchen for a drink.

He slowly tipped to her bedroom door and listened. Turning off the lights behind him, he crouched and gently turned the doorknob, allowing the door to open about ¼ of an inch. From this vantage point, he could see the left side of her bed, and a clear view of Eleanor from the waist down.

His cock began to grow almost instantly from what he was able to see and hear. He freed his 10″ monster from his sweats and vigorously stroked himself as he watched her get herself off. And it didn’t take very long for either of them.

Eleanor came first: hard and loud! So hard that she nearly fainted. Thomas shot his load into his hands, and quickly went to his room to clean up, fearing that she might come out and catch him. But also because he wanted to put the next phase of his plan into motion.

It was almost 11:30 that evening when Eleanor got up again. This time she felt much better than the first time. She even felt refreshed.

She changed into her nightgown before going to the kitchen to prepare a small snack. She was sitting at the counter eating, when she heard the television in the family room. Thinking that Thomas would have been in bed already, she got up to go and check on it.

Thomas was there, setting up a camcorder and plugging it in to the television. She stood silently and watched him for a few minutes, recalling her earlier fantasy, and admiring the way he moved about.

“You’re up late.” He said to her once he realized she had been watching him.

“I-I couldn’t sleep anymore.” She stammered nervously. She was still a little uneasy around him, like a schoolgirl with a crush.

“Me either.” He smiled back at her; “you wanna help me with this? I’ve been dying to give my new camera a try.”

“Sure,” she agreed, moving slowly towards him. “Just tell me whatcha wan’ me to do. I don’ wan’ ya blamin’ me fa breakin’ ya new toy!”

“Don’t worry,” he grinned. “If you do, you’ll have to be my sex slave!”

Normally, she would have chastised him for daring to be so forward with her. But under the circumstances, and considering the mood she was in, Eleanor only gave him quick sly smile in return.

Thomas’ plan was right on schedule! Eleanor was elazığ escort letting her hair down, she was literally purring at him.

While she assisted him with setting up the equipment, he took every opportunity to brush against her or bring some part of his body very close to hers.

She in turn did a lot of bending, stretching and squatting. By the time they were done, Thomas had a painfully raging hard-on and Eleanor’s nipples were standing at perfect attention.

“Now, let’s see how this thing works.” He said, pointing the camera at her.

“No! Don’ take my picture!” she said, feigning shyness. All the while fascinated at seeing her image on the television.

“Aw, c’mon!” he continued, “This is your big break! Tonight…you’re a star!”

Without much more encouragement, Eleanor smiled and posed and twirled for the camera. Seeing herself on TV was more of a thrill than she cared to admit, seeing herself was actually a turn-on.

“Now, dance fo’ me gal!” he said in his best try at speaking patois.

“But I got no music!” she said, giggling at his attempt at a Jamaican accent.

Stepping over to the stereo, Thomas popped in a CD and seconds later club music came pumping through the speakers.

“C’mon, now!” Thomas commanded, switching back from DJ to cameraman.

Slowly she started to dance around, playfully at first, but getting more and more into it. Before long, she was shaking and grinding just like she’d done as a girl at carnival. Thomas followed her every move, making tight close-ups on her wide, swaying hips and bouncing breasts. He didn’t miss a single moment (he hadn’t bothered to tell her that he was recording everything).

Eleanor also got a little bold in her own right, as she started to gyrate closer and closer to him. Before long she was literally humping his leg. She danced around him, shaking her butt and breasts, working herself into a sweat. When she turned to wiggle her wide ass at him, her gave her a hard slap across her left ass-cheek.

“You mannish, boy!” she grinned at him, as she continued to shake and gyrate. “You should get ta know a lady betta ‘fore ya go touchin’ her backside!”

“How much better?” he said as he pulled her closer, grinding his rock-hard prick between her ass-cheeks.

“Whacha’ t’ink ya doin’?” she gasped, realizing the full length of his cock against her.

“Just checkin’ things out…” he assured her as he slowly began pulling her nightgown up above her hips. She offered no resistance.

Once her ass was exposed to him, he brought the lens in for a tight shot on her red-silk panties. They both marveled at the picture on the screen.

“Very nice!” Thomas complimented her. “Why don’t you show us some more?”

Without hesitation, Eleanor pulled her panties to her ankles, and stepped out of them, again raising her nightgown so that Thomas could zoom-in for a close-up.

“Now, THAT’S what I’m talkin’ ’bout!” Thomas said in admiration.

Eleanor needed no further encouragement. She continued to bump-n-grind, turning with hands on hips so that he got shots of her ass and her hairy, moist quim. Thomas’ free hand occasionally stroked the huge bulge in his sweats, to show his appreciation.

Finally Eleanor pulled the nightgown up and over her head, so that she wore nothing more than her bedroom slippers and a sly grin. Thomas slowly panned the camera from the hungry expression on her face, to her small but firm breasts, closing in on the nipples that stood out almost ½ an inch; continuing down past the slight paunch of her belly, through her curly black erzincan escort pubic hairs and resting on the wet, puffy lips of her snatch, before finally pulling back to get a full body shot. Eleanor admired the scenes on the television just as much as he did (and probably more).

“So when I get ta see sumthin’?” she inquired, motioning towards his crotch.

“C’mon over, whenever you’re ready.” He replied.

She sashayed over and squatted before him, slowly undoing the drawstring of his sweats. Thomas continued to tape her expression of surprise when all 10″ sprang out to snap against her forehead; and the even stranger expression when she seemed to recognize the scent of his cock.

Although Eleanor didn’t think very much of the idea of giving head, she was drawn to his throbbing manhood: she HAD to taste him! Closing her eyes, she took him in both hands and guided the head to her parted lips. He tasted salty and very….familiar!

“Omigod!” she gasped, “how can dis be?”

Before she could fully react to her discovery, Thomas firmly placed his free hand behind her head and shoved almost 8″ of himself into her mouth. Gasping for air, she took him in, holding onto his thighs for balance, as he slowly guided her head up and down on his Johnson.

It didn’t take long before his guidance wasn’t necessary. She sucked and slurped him on her own, taking more and more of his cock down her throat. And within minutes, Thomas felt the first long awaited blast of cum about to rush forth. Before she realized what was happening, gobs of his jism poured down her throat.

She started to gag but continued to suck him dry.

Thomas steadied himself, and plopped down into a chair. Eleanor wiped her mouth clean and sat down on the floor in front of him.

“Me hope ya not done a’ready.” She inquired.

“Not by a long-shot,” he panted. “Just getting’ my second wind.”

Thomas stood and placed the camera in its tripod, focusing it on the far corner of the couch. Then he took Eleanor by the hand and led her to that very spot, positioning her on her knees with her back facing him.

“Whatcha up to now?” She asked, twisting her neck to follow him.

“Trust me!” he grinned. He then knelt behind her, spread her ass, and buried his face in her sopping wet pussy. She had never been eaten out before and the sensations his tongue created on her clit drove her crazy.

“Omigod!” she squealed, slightly out of breath. “Me never….done dis….before!”

He lapped at her cunt, causing spasm after spasm of pleasure to race up her spine. Eleanor dug her nails into the couch, clenching her teeth and curling her toes as she felt an intense orgasm building to a crescendo.

“I…. I cummin’…!” she screamed. “I cummin’, baby!”

Just as she started to buck and strain against the flood of pleasure, Thomas spread her ass even wider, running the tip of his tongue across the tight bud of her puckered anus. This sent her over the edge.

The sounds and words she screamed were completely unintelligible. Tears were pouring down her face as she finally collapsed in the couch, totally spent, and completely satisfied.

Thomas stood back and admired his handiwork, as Eleanor curled into the fetal position, still experiencing the after-effects of an intense orgasm.

While she caught her breath and her bearings, Thomas again took the camera in hand and continued to videotape his conquest. Eleanor gradually rolled onto her back, one leg hanging over the edge, leaving her crotch spread wide.

His final shot was a close-up of her pussy.

Thomas finally turned the camera off, taking it and the tape it produced up to his room. He came back later to find Eleanor fast asleep in the same position he’d left her in. He covered her with a blanket before going back to his room.

Things were working out MUCH better than expected…

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