A Saturday I’ll Never Forget

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It was late on a Saturday morning. I had slept in after a late night drinking at the enlisted club on base. I was in the shower down the hall from my room in the barracks. It was a large communal shower, but because of the hour, I had the entire bathroom to myself. I was soaping down my nether regions and feeling randy because pretty much any attention paid to my penis made it spring to attention. I had to limit the number of times I shook I after taking a piss, lest I develop a woody. Since I was alone, I decided I would indulge in a wank. Even if someone did come in to use the restroom, the risk was low that they’d head into the shower.

I began to imagine a fantasy girl from one of the men’s magazines I kept stashed under my mattress. I had plenty of slippery suds and was feeling like a man in charge of his woman. All seven inches of my cock was quite hard and giving its all to my fantasy pussy.

“You’re in violation of Article 134 of the UCMJ sailor,” said a stern female voice at the shower entrance. I looked over to see a not unattractive ensign with a cute seaman apprentice holding a clipboard in tow. It put me over the edge. I shot my wad in repeated jets several feet across the shower.

“Nice!” said the seaman apprentice appreciatively.

The Uniform Code of Military Justice was the US Military’s version of the Constitution. In fact, for those in the military, it superseded the Constitution. Article 134 was a catch-all article that made any conduct that could bring discredit upon the armed forces not specifically listed in other articles a crime. Wanking in a public place, which was what the communal bathroom was considered, was covered.

“Seaman Miller, restrain this man’s hands behind his back. We are taking him into custody.”

“But ma’am,” I objected, thinking that this was getting out of hand.

“Silence!” she ordered. “You are not to speak unless spoken to. You will answer directly and append the word ‘ma’am’ to your answer. Is that understood?”

“Yes ma’am,” I answered as seaman Miller fastened a zip tie around my wrists. It was at that moment that I realized I was in much more trouble than I imagined possible.

“Clean him up, Miller” the ensign ordered, tossing her my towel, “and use that cord you have to secure the prisoner.”

“Yes ma’am,” Miller answered with more enthusiasm than I thought the situation warranted.

Miller knelt in front of me and took the head of my penis, which still had semen dripping from it, into her mouth. She pretended to dry me with the towel, but we all knew what was really going on.

An unfortunate side affect of intense stimulation of the glans after orgasm is an uncontrollable urge to urinate. Miller’s practiced tongue fell under the category of intense stimulation. The resulting jet of piss sputtered out of her mouth and, upon her release of my cock, all down the front of her dungarees.

“Nice going, Miller,” the Ensign said dryly. “Tie the cord.”

Miller didn’t look angry when tied the cord around my cock and balls. Her face was flush and she appeared to be turned on. The way she was fondling me with that rope was starting to turn me on, too. It surprised me that she so readily complied with the Ensign’s orders. Clearly what was going on was not normal, but I was in no position to argue as Miller finished tying my leash around my genitals.

“Can we stop by the barracks so I can change?” Miller asked hopefully.

“I suppose,” the Ensign replied. “It’s on the way.” Miller brightened and hung my towel back on the hook.

They turned to leave and it occurred to me that the towel would be a very useful accessory given my current state of undress. “Ma’am?” I asked taking a step forward. WHACK! Echoed off the shower walls as the Ensign smacked me squarely across the face.

“I did not give you permission to speak,” she said coldly. “Let’s go,” she said to Miller.

We made our way down the hall, down two flights of stairs to the first floor. We made it to the lounge where there were a few people watching TV. I didn’t see anyone I knew, but a chorus of hoots erupted as they noticed me, naked as a jaybird, being led around by my cock.

“Next person to make a sound ends up in the same situation,” the Ensign said icily. Instant silence.

We left to walk down the street oral seks porno to the female barracks. At least the weather was nice. It was probably in the lower eighties with a gentle breeze. I trailed behind Seaman Apprentice Miller, careful not to maintain plenty of slack in the lead. Miller had a cute face, as I’d already mentioned, and a pear-shaped figure not altogether unattractive. If her figure had been a little more balanced on top, she would be pretty hot, I thought. Still, her butt didn’t look bad in those Navy dungarees. Very few women looked good in Navy dungarees. Thinking along these lines, plus a combination of the gentle breeze and my unfettered genitals, the cord notwithstanding, made my cock spring to life. And that life added synergy to my arousal so that, by the time we arrived at the female barracks, my cock was painfully erect.

“Take your time,” the Ensign said to Miller as we entered the female barracks. It was a carbon copy of the male barracks. The entrance opened to a large lounge where residents could lounge, play games, and watch television. Miller handed my leash to the Ensign and went up the stairwell.

“Did you bring us a toy, Ensign Taylor?” said a tall slender girl wearing a revealing tank top and skimpy nylon gym shorts. The tank top revealed that her breasts were not large, but pert, and that she was not wearing a bra. Several other girls turned to gawk at me.

“Nothing that happens here leaves this room,” Ensign Taylor said, implicitly granting them permission to do what? Before my imagination had time to kick in, the thin girl had my leash and introduced herself as Sabrina.

“Gather ’round, girls, we’re gonna have a party,” Sabrina said. “Come here, sailor,” she said giving my leash a gentle tug. “Time for inspection.”

“He’s already standing at attention,” another petite girl with dark black skin said.

“Hey Bender,” Sabrina called to a freckle-faced, red-haired girl, “Come see what a real cock looks like.” A couple other girls gave Bender an encouraging nudge as they made their way over to me. Sabrina knelt in front of me and gave my cock a squeeze. “Nice,” she said to no one in particular. She grabbed Bender’s arm and directed her to fondle me. As she did so, several approving calls of “go Bender” rang out in encouragement.

It was apparent that Bender had a reputation as the timid virgin who’d never seen a cock before, but she seemed to have good instincts. She stroked my cock gently at first, then more firmly before popping the tip of my cock in her mouth whereupon a chorus of approval sounded.

“Save some for the rest of us,” said another girl with dishwater blonde hair after Bender had sucked my cock quite expertly for some time. Bender relinquished my dick and the blonde girl took over.

I was never into blowjobs that much. It was never something I pursued. I wanted to shoot my cum where it counted, deep inside some hot pussy. But standing buck naked with a bunch of girls in front of me taking turns sucking my cock made me rethink my priorities. And blondie knew what she was doing. I could feel the head of my cock penetrating her gullet and it was heavenly.

“My turn,” Sabrina said after blondie had had her time. “I want that cock where it counts, she announced. She stripped off the tank top and thumbed the shorts off and bent over a nearby sofa. “Make me cum, or you’ll pay,” she ordered me.

The reality of my situation, being naked and sexually objectified under the supervision of a Naval Officer, only briefly gave me pause. Sabrina, despite her lithe figure, or perhaps because of it, had a very enticing ass and a pussy visibly dripping wet. I plunged my cock to the hilt into her pussy. After all I’d been through, I wasn’t sure how long I could hold out. I hoped that she was as close to an orgasm as her dripping pussy seemed to indicate. The other girls stood around watching my cock impale Sabrina’s cunt. When the blonde girl leaned over and gave Sabrina’s ass a lick, I lost it. I couldn’t recall a time when I’d had a more intense orgasm. I filled Sabrina’s cunt to overflowing as I felt her hips buck in the throes of orgasm.

Afterwards, blondie began sucking the cum out of Sabrina’s cunt. She had lost her cutoff shorts and was fingering herself furiously.

Bender was back playboy porno in front of me and was about to take my cock in her mouth again when Ensign Taylor warned her about what happened to Miller earlier. Bender, undeterred, sucked in earnest. Even though my cock had softened considerably, it was still firm enough for her to work magic with her mouth and tongue. Like before, however, too much stimulation of the glans made me spurt pee, but Bender was ready for it. She swallowed. She licked again and swallowed, until at last the dam burst and a steady torrent of piss emerged from my bladder. Bender loved it, aiming the stream all over her face and hair, soaking her tits, which were now visible since she’d basically ripped open her blouse and pulled her bra off. It was amazing. All of the girls seemed to think so too.

“You know, Bender, I think you should return the favor,” said the black girl. I kinda hafta pee myself.

“You go ahead” Bender said. “You can pee on me too if you want.” With that, Bender outted herself as a piss fiend.

“I’ll piss on you, Bender, if that’s okay,” said a timid brunette who’d kept in the background.

“As long as you clean it up afterwards,” Ensign Taylor said.

“Well, shit, if she does it right, there won’t be no mess,” said the black girl. Ima piss in this boy’s mouth and he ain’t gonna spill a drop.

“Bring it,” Taylor ordered.

I wasn’t normally attracted to black girls. Their genetics just generally didn’t appeal to me, but there were exceptions and this girl was one of them. I thought she had a killer body and an ass to die for. Yes, I would be happy to drink her piss if it meant having that sweet pussy in my mouth.

“Watch and learn girls,” she said as she stood over me and mounted her pussy, lips spread wide, over my mouth. “You get ready, boy, and don’t you dare spill any or I’ll kick you in the balls.”

I wasn’t worried about the threat, idle or not, because I had no intention of spilling a drop. She began with only one tentative spurt before a deluge of piss emerged from her urethra. I pretended it was beer I was guzzling, in spite of the warm temperature. I didn’t stop to taste it. I just opened my throat and guzzled it down.

“You did good, boy!” she said when she was done. “You see how it’s done girls?” Then to me she said, “You did such a good job Ima let you lick my asshole.”

As I mentioned previously, I thought her ass was phenomenal and so I was more than happy to comply. Yes, her ass smelled like ass, but there was also the heavy musky odor of wet pussy—and her pussy was wet, and not just with urine. I enjoyed immensely sticking my tongue as far up her asshole as I could get it. I could tell she was enjoying it by the way she was moaning and rubbing her clit.

The girls crowded around to watch except for Bender and her brunette friend who were still engaged in a pissing contest. Sabrina and the blonde were back and there were two other girls, both skinny, one with mousy brown hair and a taller one with long, straight, blonde hair. I didn’t see more because the girl whose ass I was licking came in a big way. Everyone clapped and cheered.

I stood up and the mousey girl announced, “I have to pee.” Of course, this meant that I was to be the receptacle. Again I knelt and waited as she quickly pulled off her dungarees. She had a sweet little hairy bush, the same mousey brown as her hair. I was ready for her to mount me, but she took the time to pull off her shirt and bra so that she was completely naked, which I appreciated because she really had a splendid body. Her breasts were small, but were perfect circles adorning her chest and looked fine on her small frame.

She straddled my face, spread the lips of her pussy and pressed it tight against my mouth. I could feel my cock hardening as I anticipated the flow of her urine. It came out slowly at first, a few spurts, but then in a torrent. I would have loved to have grabbed her tight little ass at this time, but my hands were still inconveniently zip-tied.

“He likes drinking that piss,” one girl said.

“He sure does,” agreed another. “Look at how hard his dick is!”

“What a piss slut,” said a third.”

“His cock is mine,” said the mousey girl whose piss I’d just drunk. She then proceeded to ride pornhub porno me cowgirl style. I was shocked at how good she was at fucking. She seemed like this timid little virgin, but she fucked like a mink in heat. Despite the fact that I’d already come several times, I couldn’t hold back an orgasm for long. She did everything right and as I watched her sweet titties bounce, I pumped my seed into her. Fortunately, she was close to orgasm herself and came a couple of thrusts later. She got up and everyone (except me, though I would have if I was able) gave her a round of applause.

“It’s time for this boy’s ass to get some love,” announced the skinny girl with the long blonde hair. She had pulled off her skirt and top to reveal that she had a cock! She had tits, too, small, like mousey’s, but nice. Her cock, though, is what stunned me. It was long, at least ten inches, though not as thick as mine.

“You ever have a cock in your ass, boy?” she asked. I shook my head, knowing better than to speak. “Well today’s your lucky day. I’m gonna pop your cherry.” She wiggled her semi-hard dick in my face. “Suck on me baby. Make my cock hard for your ass.”

Now, I’m not gay. I really had no interest in sucking blondie’s cock, or in getting my ass drilled, under normal circumstances. But these weren’t normal circumstances. All the girls were watching and egging me, or at least blondie, on. I had become a sexual object, not a person, and so it was easy just to go with the flow. Acquiesce. I opened my mouth and took blondie’s cock in. I didn’t know what to do, so I just did what I thought would feel good if someone did it to me. It must have worked. I felt blondie’s cock swell and get rock hard.

“Good boy!” she said. “Now you get your reward.” She slathered some lube on her cock, and some more on my ass, working in first one finger, then two.

I had to admit, it felt good having my asshole played with. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all, I thought. Then she stuck her cock in my ass. Slowly. Very slowly. But it still hurt.

“Relax,” she said. “Trust me, you’re going to love this once you relax and get into it.”

At that moment, I was skeptical, but after a few seconds, and her patient persistence, she got the head of her cock in me. A few more seconds of pressure and I could feel her in me. Before I knew it, she was balls deep—all ten or so inches. It felt great.

“Your ass is so tight, I love it,” she said. “Is it good for you?” I nodded.

“He must like it,” observed mousey, “his cock got hard again.” I felt her hand begin to stroke me. That, coupled with the hydraulic fucking my ass was getting thanks to blondie made me cum again. This orgasm felt different than all the others. More intense. Anal. I don’t know if I liked it better, but I didn’t not like it.

“I’m cumming!” blondie moaned. I didn’t feel anything different other than her thrusts slowed and then stopped. When she pulled her cock out, I felt strangely naked. All the girls clapped and cheered.

“I’m Tiffany,” blondie said, extending a hand. I felt the zip-tie give way as Miller cut it. I shook Tiffany’s hand. “Thanks for being a good sport. Your ass was wonderful. I hope you will consider doing it again. I have a few friends I could introduce you to. Think about it.” I just nodded.

“It’s okay, you can talk now,” Miller said. “Ensign Taylor said your punishment was complete.”

“But you don’t have to go,” mousey said. “Hi, I’m Karen,” she said and gave me a kiss. “I really enjoyed pissing in your mouth. I hope you enjoyed it as much. I was really hoping you’d consider giving my ass a licking like you did, Katrina’s.”

“She’s right,” Katrina, the black girl, said. “You did a great job on my ass and drinking my piss. I would even consider letting you fuck my pussy if you’re interested.”

“Yes,” Sabrina said, giving me a kiss. “You were a wonderful sex slave. And any time you want to have piss sex, I’ll be happy to oblige. It’s not easy to find a man who’ll drink a girl’s pee.”

So, my ordeal was over. I didn’t have to worry about being on report. Considering the fact that I’d been forced to engage in activities more egregiously in violation of Article 134 than the one I’d been busted on to begin with I wondered briefly if it would be worthwhile pursuing any kind of action against Ensign Taylor. But since I’d had more sex in the past few hours than in the past few months and a bunch of new girlfriends—and one shemale—who were all willing to do it again, I decided it wasn’t worth the trouble.

I followed Karen and Tiffany, who were roommates, up to their room.

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