Alicia’s New Position Ch. 11

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I tried as hard as I could to control my primal urges. I tried to talk myself out of this situation. I hated Ronnie for using me and most of all for allowing myself to be used by him, I was losing. Knowing full well what was about to happen I couldn’t control myself with the confidence and brashness that exuded from him.

I thought I had beaten it this time when I stopped moving. Ronnie who had made a phone call was still talking on the phone. Smack, he spanked me, “You want it whore, keep moving.”

That was it I started walking right to the basement of Ronnie’s building. After entering the storage area my shorts and panties dropped to the floor, “Be here she’s ready to fuck,” he hung up.

“Who, who was that?” I said timidly.

“Does it really matter to a black cock whore? all you need to know is he’s black, now get busy.”

Without another word I was on my knees pulling Ronnie’s cock out of his pants. I stroked his cock looking up at him with my baby blues, “What about Karen?” was all I could ask.

“Knocked up whores at home where she belongs.”

I engulfed Ronnie’s cock and started bobbing and sucking as fast as I could. Ronnie made another phone call, “What’s up man? Got a real whore here wants to fuck, listen.”

I was sure all that could be heard was the slurping and sucking noises I was making, “Yeah she’s a repeat performer, let me ask, bitch you on birth control?”

With my mouth full of cock all I could do was shake my head no, “No she ain’t, you don’t care if we make your tummy bulge with a little black bastard, do you?”

I shook my head no again, “No, she’s a real black cock whore don’t care one bit, well try, hope you can help me knock the bitch up,” Click, he hung up.

Ronnie lifted me quickly and turned me, bending me over a crate. He slammed his cock into my saturated pussy, “Ohhhhhhh.”

“Just like you remember whore?”

“Yesss, uh uh uh.”

“Miss this black cock?”


Ronnie fucked me for twenty minutes before I noticed another shadow in the room. I heard them high five during a climax, “Ahhhhh, cumming.”

The shadow walked around to the front of the crate and ran his cock across my lips. In the dim light my eyes focused and I could see it was Marcus, “Still a black cock breeding whore, huh Ali?”

“Yesss, Ohhhh,” was all I could get out before my mouth was stuffed with his cock.

Ronnie and Marcus kept up a conversation while fucking my snatch and mouth. Ronnie lasted a couple more minutes before unloading a torrent of cum into me. Smacking me on the ass, “Once a whore always a whore huh Ali?”

Marcus withdrew his esmer porno cock from my mouth as he rolled me over on the crate, “My turn to breed this whore.”

Marcus’s cock slid easily in to my well fucked honey pot, “Ahhhhhhh.”

Ronnie’s cock was at my lips and I knew what he wanted. I licked and sucked our comingled juices off his cock. I continued to suck his cock until he was hard again, “Bitch know how to please black cock,” they both laughed.

Ronnie now fucked my mouth until Marcus added his semen to my pussy. They swithched positions again. Ronnie buried his cock into my pussy an my legs wrapped aroung his waist. I aided these two in my defilement arching my hips to meet their thrusts. I cinched my legs around their waists every time they came.

I was in a constant state of arousel as one orgasm after another over took me. I passed out after a couple of hours. When I awoke I found my shorts and shirt and dressed for the walk of shame back home.

I cried all the way home I could not control myself. What is it with the control, confidence, demands that makes me do these things. Why am I such a whore? Why didn’t I ever use birth contol? How could I betray Joe? I still love him.

When I got to the apartment I had to compose myself before entering. When I finally went in Kelli wasn’t home. I found a note, I took the kids for a walk be back at 4:00.

I took a long hot shower trying to calm down. I started crying again. What makes me do these things? Why does it feel so good while doing it? Why does it excite me more when they call me names? Why do I feel like such a slut after it is all done? Because you are a whore, a cum dumpster, a bitch.

I was taking a nap when Kelli came home. She woke me when she started massaging my shoulders kissing my cheek. I turned my head, “mmmmmm, that feels so ggod.”

Kelli massaged me for a couple of minutes before I rolled over, “Ali what’s going on wiyh you?”

“What do you mean Kelli?” I tried to hide my emotional turmoil.

“You leave here at all hours of the day or night, you look like you have been crying when you return, your pregnant again, do you even know who the father is?”

I started to cry, “Kelli I don’t know, I’ve turned into a nymphomanic or something, I can’t control myself, and no I have no idea who the father is.”

“What about diseases?”

“I’ve been checked, I haven’t caught any.”

“We have a good thing here, I love being here with you and sharing, Jamal and Ty treat us good unlike Ronnie who used us,” I started crying harder, “Ali what’s wrong?”

“I fucked Ronnie.”

“What? fantazi porno how could you?”

“That’s the problem, I just can’t control myself it doesn’t matter who it is, maybe I need a therapist.”

“What ever you need to do I’ll be there for you.”

Kelli and I spent the night in feeding and playing with the kids. After the kids were in bed Kelli and I sripped to our bra and panties and snuggled on the couch listening to music until bed time. I was relaxed and calm by the time I went to bed.

When I awoke, Kelli was snuggled next to me, it felt good. I finally got up and made coffee. Kelli came out a short time later and joined me and we talked some more.

We were still sitting at the table when Ty let himself in to babysit, “Miss Ali, Miss Kelli I’m sorry I thought you would be dressed for work already.”

“Ty it’s alright you’ve seen us like this before,” I said.

“Ty your part of our family here so you come right in when you get here,” Kelli added.

“Okay, Miss Ali, Miss Kelli.”

I looked at the clock, “Shit we’re going to be late.”

Kelli and I jumped up and ran to get dressed.

As we drove to work all I could visualize was the look on Ty’s face when he saw Kelli and I at the table. Kelli was right Ty and Jamal were both respectful of us and the benifits we received were a definate perk.

Monday we were busy all day with the paper work from the weekend. Five o’clock came around before I realized Liv hadn’t called.

Tuesday came and went and she still had not called. When I got home I called her, it went straight to voice mail.

About an hour later my phone rang, “Hello.”

“Ali it’s Liv.”

“Hi, I was starting to worry, you were suppose to call yesterday.”

“Yeah sorry, my fiance and I were catching up.”

“I see, When can we finish our talk?”

“I, Uh, don’t, uh, know.”

“Are you busy still catching up?”

“Uh, Yesss, Experimenting.”

“How about tomorrow?”

“Dinner, uh, here.”


“Uh, Joe’s house.”

“See you at six.”

“Ohhhhh, okay.”

She hung up and all I could imaging at that moment was all the times I was talking to Joe getting fucked.

I arrived at Joe’s house at 6:00 there were 6 cars in the drive and music playing, I rang the bell and waited.

I was surprised when the door flew open and Hammer was standing there naked, “Whore come in, strip.”

I stood there trying to turn around and just leave, thinking I could beat this. Hammer raised his voice, “Now.”

I was in the door and stripping. Liv walked into the living room porno filmler naked semen running down her thighs, “Ali glad you could come.”

Before I could answer I was on my knees with Hammer’s cock in my mouth. Liv sat on the couch, “Glad she showed, I need a break.”

Hammer pulled his cock from my mouth and I landed on my hands and knees. Hammer walked around me and drove his cock into my already soaked love tunnel. I had my head hung low until that point. My head came up as I moaned and I was lookng right into Liv’s well used pussy, streams of semen leaking out.

Hammer fucked and pushed me toward Liv. Hammer stopped pushing when my face was between her thighs. Hammer continued to fuck me and I started eating Liv’s cum filled pussy. Liv grabbed my ears and started hunching on to my tongue.

Liv let out a loud moan when she came. Hammer was now getting close, I could feel his cock swell in my pussy. When Liv stopped trembling Hammer pulled my hair back, I closed my eyes as Hammer unleashed copious amounts of seed into me, “Ohhhh, yessss, that’s what I needed.”

I was startled out of my enjoyment by clapping hands and a familiar voice, “Never thought I’d see the black cock slut in action.”

I opened my eyes and let them adjust for a second before screaming, “Joe what are you doing here?”

Before Joe answered another cock was slammed into my cock pit and my hair was pulled back, “Ohhhh.”

“Whore likes fucking the black snake don’t she?”

“Yessss” and another cock was slammed down my throat.

I started rocking back and forth trying to get the cocks as deep as possible. I could see Joe standing off to the side with a video camera. I started to have continuous orgasms.

I could here Liv moaning, “Ohhhh, get that tongue deeper sissy.”

I could not see her with the cock in my mouth and the body blocking my view. Someone had set her off. Her moans were getting more frequent and the orders she was shouting harsher, “Sissy get all that nigger cum out of me.”

I blocked out what she was saying when the men fucking me came at the same time. I swallowed a torrent of semen from the cock in my mouth. My pussy swallowed another load of seed.

The men backed away and another cock was stuffed up my twat. I looked in Liv’s direction to see a white man eating her pussy. Liv held the man between her legs, “Honey get all that nigger cum, what will your friends say when I have a black baby?”

My pussy was being filled to its capacity with semen, Liv was verbally abusing this poor bastard, and I was enjoying it.

When I was released, the man that was eating Liv started to crawl up her body and try to insert his cock into her, “No you don’t sissy, not without a condom.”

Somebody from the kitchen shouted dinner was ready. I lay there well fucked as everyone made it toward the kitchen. It hit me with a sudden start I need to seek professional help.

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