Coincidences of a Girl Like Me

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Sometimes I think that there’s no such thing as coincidence and then something happens that just blows that theory to hell and gone.

The other day I was at a local bookstore (a legitimate bookstore that has real books instead of xxx stuff). This particular chain has nice comfortable chairs spread around so that their customers can peruse books before spending outrageous sums of money on them. I was sitting there reading parts of a new book by Stephen King and Peter Straub while I sipped on a cup of latte that the bookstore so conveniently sells. It was about two in the afternoon and I was probably as content as I’d been in awhile.

For the record my name’s Marlene and I’m a transvestite, a crossdresser, a girl with that something extra thing. If you’ve read my stories before you know that I’m medium height, 145 or so pounds, gray/green eyes, a nice medically enhanced chest, nicely shaped legs and in general a really attractive, very exotic looking package. I dress full time now and live 24/7 as a woman. My taste in makeup and clothing is (well at least in my opinion) terrific. I don’t go in for the garish drag queen look (can you imagine me sitting in a bookstore looking like some Vegas showgirl with a cock?) but prefer an understated almost androgynous appearance—the more to mystify those who look at me with a mixture of wonder and more than occasional lust. On this particular day my blouse was a beige crepe that was tucked into a pair of black microfibre slacks. The belt was a thick gold chain that matched the one around my neck. My shoes were black three inch pumps and underneath I had on a black silk thong and a matching bra. I wear glasses when I read and these were copper titanium tinted gray. My hair was (and is) shoulder length auburn and my lipstick was a lovely shade of mauve. The whole package on that day was—-well it was really very attractive.

I was there for a half an hour when I felt rather than noticed someone sit in the chair directly across from me. After a few minutes I glanced up and saw that the someone was a very pretty girl of the mid twenties variety. She was blonde. That gorgeous blonde color that comes from God and not a bottle. I could see a spray of freckles across her nose and when she looked up to meet my gaze her eyes were a gorgeous green. Her blouse was a creamy cotton blend with two buttons opened. She had on a small string of pearls which looked great against her tan skin. She had on a navy blue skirt, beige hose and blue pumps. And she was reading the same book as I was. She was a really pretty girl in that very pretty Southern California way. I went back to my reading but after a few minutes I looked up at her just as she was looking at me. Our gazes locked for a moment and in that moment she chose to uncross her legs and give me a view up her thighs. She sat with her feet flat on the floor and her legs apart as she moved them back and forth and she smiled at me before going back to the book.

I’m not usually drawn to one on one situations with women but this girl was so lovely that I just had to strike up a conversation with her.

“Did you read the first book that they wrote together?”

“My boyfriend turned me onto it a couple of weeks ago when he found out this one was coming out.” She said.

“I read it a few years ago and need to read it again just so I can be up to speed on this one.”

She laughed and I laughed and we started chatting back and forth about books and boyfriends. After ten or fifteen minutes during which we’d introduced ourselves (her name is Chloe). We ended up at the latte bar and after a iced one each were decent acquaintances. After an hour or so of conversation we exchanged phone numbers and parted company. A few days went by and I came home to find that Chloe had left a message for çekmeköy escort me on my machine. She wanted to know if I wanted to meet her at a local bar for an afternoon drink. She said that she’d be there at three and hoped that I’d meet her. Even though she didn’t have that equipment that I generally go for I decided to see her just because she was cool and so damn likable.

I got there at three fifteen or so and she was already waiting at a window booth. I sat across from her and we ordered a couple of margaritas and talked. There was a lull in the conversation and she asked if she could ask me a personal question.

“Of course you can. But what if you don’t like the answer?”

“I think I will.” She said. “Are you something a little more than the average girl?”

I coyly asked “What do you mean?”

“Well, what I mean is are you really a guy in girl’s clothing?”

“Is that rather like a wolf in sheep’s clothing?” I asked.

“Cmon, answer me. I want to know.”

I told her that I was what she suspected and asked if it bothered her.

“Quite the opposite.” She replied. “I’ve never met anyone like you. I didn’t realize it at first but I think it’s ever so hot.”

I told her that being hot wasn’t the object of my life but that living like this is what I am.

“Well do you still have ALL the male parts? I mean are you still a guy or have you—-“

“I still have everything that I came with along with some extras.” As I said this I leaned forward to give her a view of my cleavage. She looked and then looked back up at me as I flicked my tongue over my lips.

“God you’re hot. You’re act just like some sexy woman except that you’ve a guy but without all the macho shit of a guy. I know you must hear this all the time but I have to tell you Marlene. I’m really attracted to you and I’ve never been attracted to a woman before. I like guys but you make me hot.”

I laughed and as I did I felt her foot on my leg. I looked at her eyes. “You know I’m not usually turned on by women alone. Usually I like women and men together but you’re an interesting girl.”

“I want us to go back to my place and for you to fuck my heart out. I wanna do it with you Marlene. Now.”

We both stood up and left together. We decided to take both cars and I followed her to a nice condo above Mission Valley. We walked in the front door and she turned to me and threw her arms around my neck and kissed me hard. Our tongues were fencing and we were sucking eachother’s off and biting lips.

“I was rubbing my pussy all the way here. My panties are soaked through.” She said as she took my hand and put it under her skirt and onto her mound. She was soaked through and I ribbed her slit through the thin silk fabric and then put my fingers to my lips and sucked her juices off of them.

She led me to her bedroom and we both looked at eachother as we took our clothes off. She was naked much faster than me. Her body is as perfect as her face. She did a little pirouette for me so I could see it all. Her breasts were of the Cleopatra variety—about the size of a champagne glass with little upturned nipples. Her legs were the kind that can wear heels with no hose and look sensational. They led up to a tight looking little ass. I slowly undressed and when I got down to my red thong she watched as I took it off and gasped as my seven inch cockclit came into view. It usually takes a little action to get me hard but with Chloe I was partially there already.

“Oh my god you have gorgeous tits and your waist is so small. And your cock is sooooo pretty. Turn around so I can see your ass.” I too pirouetted and bent over to stick my ass back at her. My legs were spread and my cock and balls hung down for her to see. I looked back at her.

“You cevizli escort like what you see Chloe?”

“Oh yesssss!” She exclaimed as she led me to the bed and pushed me facedown onto it. I reached under me and tucked my cock down to that it was between my spread legs. She was on her knees behind me and she bent forward and licked up one thigh and then the other. I moaned and gave a shudder as she licked each cheek of my ass and then spread my cheeks and stuck her tongue up my asspussy without any preamble. My ass rose up to meet her tongue and she fucked me with it. Her hands found their way to my stickpussy and balls and she rubbed her thumb on the glans. She moved her mouth down and licked the underside of the head and made me crazy. She kept licking my cock and then my balls and then my ass going back and forth from one to another. I turned over before she could make me cum and she fell onto my breasts and fastened her lips around an erect nipple.

“I’ve never sucked another girl’s tits before. This is heaven.” She said as she bit down on it. Her hand was stroking my cockclit and her mouth was on my nipple and I myself was in heaven. This girl was absolutely wonderful. I moved my hand to cup her pussy and she was absolutely drenched. She moaned around my nipple as two of my fingers found her clit and pinched it ever so softly.

“Chloe you’re so ready for something up inside of you.”

“Oh yeah Marlene, stick it in me. Stick your big clit up inside of me.” She moaned.

But instead I pulled her on top of me so that her knees were straddling my face and pulled her pussy to my mouth. I’m a fabulous cocksucker and am told that I’m just as adept as a pussy eater. My fingers held her lips open and my tongue danced over her exposed clit flicking at it and then sucking it’s hardness in between my teeth. Her hands were on her tits pinching the nipples and kneading them. Her head was thrashing from side to side/

“Oh god yes Marlene. Eat me baby. Goddamn you’re gonna make me cum. Ohhh—“

She cried out as an orgasm hit her. She was a liquid girl and her pussy juice ran over my mouth and I tasted her. She was so fucking hot. She fell off of me and rolled onto her back with her legs spread. “Cmon Marlene.” She moaned as she plunged her hands into her cunt rubbing furiously. I love guys but this was too much for me. I positioned myself with the head of my cock at her pussy hole. She was looking up at me. Eyes kind of glazed over. “I’ve never had a girl with a dick and gorgeous tits fuck me. Stick it in me.”

And I did. I sank into her all the way and her legs went around my waist pulling me into her. I started fucking in and out of her and she heaved up to meet me as if trying to draw my body into hers.

At this point I heard the front door open and close. “Chloe? You there honey?” Said the male voice from the front entrance. Well this is kind of enough to kill a moment. I looked down at her and she up at me.

“Oh fuck! It’s Jeff. My boyfriend. He has a key.” Well no shit. “He must have gotten off early.”

With that the door to the bedroom opened and Jeff was standing there looking at one and three quarters naked women frozen in a position of absolute lust. We were both looking at him when he turned on the lights. “What the fuck!?” Was all he could say. And then I realized that I knew this guy. I had met him at a bar in Old Town awhile back. We had ended up in his car with my head in his lap and then his in mine and then both of us in the back seat with our heads in eachother’s. I remembered that he had a nice dick and that he told me I was the first cock he’d ever sucked which I didn’t believe cause he was too fucking good at it. While all our eyes were locked on eachother I saw that glimmer of recognition in his. erenköy escort I could have blown the whole thing open (what a pun) but I decided in that brief moment not too.

“Hi—ummm I suppose you’re wondering what’s going on? Well it’s just one of those things and well I’m really sorry if I’ve fucked up your day. Maybe I can make it up to you?” I said as I got off Chloe.

“Jeff—oh shit this is Marlene and we met and one thing led to another and—-“

As she was babbling I moved off the bed never losing eye contact with him and moved across the floor to where he was standing. I ran my hand down the front of his shirt to his pants and sank to my knees in front of him. “Let me make this up to you.” I said as I unzipped and unbuttoned his pants. He was looking down at me as I took out his somewhat familiar cock and stuck it in my mouth. I raised my eyes to meet his as I sucked him into my mouth. His previous dismay had left and now his brain was trying to figure out how to take advantage of all this without blowing his cover. I stopped and looked back at Chloe. Her eyes were locked on his. “Cmon baby, this is all going to be OK. Let me make him a little happy and I’ll make you happier still.” She sat down on the edge of the bed with her legs spread and started fingering her clit while she watched me suck him. I was swirling my tongue around the head of his cock while my hand slid up and down the length of it. He was an average size but with impressive girth and he stretched my mouth.

“Oh goddamn you’re a good cocksucker. Makin my dick crazy.” He said as he held my head and fucked in and out of my mouth. “Chloe baby, I don’t know what was going on but come on over here and love me with her.” Chloe got up and came over to us. She got behind Jeff and spread his ass cheeks and then started licking his crack while her hands massaged his big balls. With the two of us sucking and eating him I knew he wouldn’t last long and that was what we both wanted. We wanted him to get off so we could get back to eachother. Chloe now had two fingers up his ass and I was deepthroating him while swallowing his cock with my throat muscles. He was moaning and babbling about how this was incredible. He grabbed my head and gave three or four hard thrusts and flooded my mouth with cum. I swallowed as fast as I could and held him into me licking the ultra sensative head of his dick until he cried out and pushed me away. I let a little bit of his cum run out of my mouth and it dripped off of my chin.

Chloe had manuevered herself between my legs and had my hard cockclit in her hands and in her hot mouth sucking me like a vacuum. It was like she wanted me to cum so badly that she was trying to will it from me. “Cmon Jeff. Please get down here and look at this gorgeous girl dick with me.” She said as she stopped momentarily and looked up at him. “Please.”

Jeff, unbeknownst to her, had seen this particular girl dick before and needed no coaxing

to get down near it. He watched her suck me for a few moments and then she took her mouth off of me and pointed the head of my clit towards him. “Cmon baby. Taste it for me.” She moaned to him. He darted his tongue out and flicked the end of me making me shudder. Then his mouth just folded over me and he took me all the way into his mouth and swallowed me. “Oh yeah suck that girl dick baby! Suck her til she blows her cum into you!”

He was sucking my cock while she rolled my balls around with her fingers making them hurt just enough to make me crazy. Then her fingers invaded my asspussy and she was wiggling them around playing with my prostate. “Put em all in lover! Finger fuck my ass! Make me cum!” I almost shouted as the sensations from the two of them first pointed me at and then pushed me over the edge. Cum blew out of my clit into Jeff’s waiting mouth. He pulled off and I pulsed a couple more shots that the two of them got. My cum in both of their mouths as they french kissed passing it back and forth. Then they both took turns kissing me.

All in all it was a very nice time for all!

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