Escapades of Eva Ch. 81

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Lady Crystal flipped her hair angrily, and holding her nose in the air she passed through the crowd of Masters who moved aside to let her through. And, she had her very expensive new slave for the evening submissively in tow.

Eva could see the amused looks and nods among the Dominants in the audience. Eva hoped that the haughty Lady Crystal would not make the slave suffer for the trick the other Dommes’ had played on her. And, as the beautiful lady plopped onto the sofa furiously her slave knelt submissively at her feet.

Just then, all eyes focused again on the auction floor as Master Blaze spoke. “Gentlemen,” he said, “I would like to thank all of you for your most generous bids. And, I sincerely hope that before the night is through we will have raised enough to help our brothers and their families get their lives back in order.”

As all the men began to slap their shoulders in applause, he continued, “Now, my friends, as I turn the floor back over to Dave I just want to let you know that I will be peeking in on you and my girls since I have agreed to take several shifts as Dungeon Master tonight.”

And then with a huge grin and a wink he added, “So, make sure you not only take care of my slaves well, but that you use them extremely well. I don’t want to bring any slave home that is not so exhausted that she won’t sleep well into tomorrow afternoon. After all,” he added with a comic twist of his handlebar moustache, “I need my beauty rest as well. And, I don’t want to be awakened by any girl of mine still in need of being satisfied you know.”

As the men whopped and hollered out some choice suggestions about what he could do with an unsatisfied slave, he handed the microphone to Sir Dave. And, as he moved to the side of the stage he pulled his cape around him with an exaggerated flourish.

When the din died Sir Dave announced, “We will have a short break now men. So, get something to drink, and smoke em if you got em, and we will be right back.”

Eva and Lil had been kneeling right in front of the two–way mirror and they both looked out into the audience for their Masters’. Just then they both let out a squeal as strong arms grabbed them pulling them back from the mirror. Hearing them chuckle they knew quickly that it was their own beloved Doms who held them.

Sir Mike was already kissing Lil. And, with one hand he pulled her head back by her hair while at the same time he was releasing a huge hard on from his pants. And then without a word he guided her face by her hair toward his cock. “Suck me slut,” he commanded as he shoved his hard penis impatiently into her open lips.

And then, almost at the same time, Sir Dan had flipped Eva onto her tummy. And before she knew it he had parted her legs with a knee and proceeded to slam his already hard dick into her moist hot pussy from behind. Without waiting he began to pump her hard and fast grinding his cock into her with all his weight and strength, and she started to moan. With all the sexual excitement of the evening, along with his frequent fucking of her cunt, she was amazed as usual that she could still get wet at his slightest touch.

She felt so wanton and sexy when her Dominant man used her hard, often and in any sex izle way he wished. As she turned her head a bit the sight of Sir Mike’s cock sliding in and out of Lil’s mouth hard and fast made her even hotter. And like the horny slut she was she spread her legs a little wider, and steadying herself with her elbows and knees on the carpet she exposed her cunt as wide and open as she could in an effort to take more of her man’s prick into her belly.

She had completely forgotten the other couple next to her as she moaned a little louder. Sir Dan seemed to sense her growing need and he began to spank her ass while he fucked her pussy. The spanking turned her on even more. Unconsciously, she began to hump her cunt back onto his thrusting hardness. And then in concert with her movements he spanked her ass harder, letting her movements dictate the pace with which he fucked and smacked her ass.

When she slowed her bucking he spanked slower and dug deeper into her slick cunt. And when she bucked back hard onto his cock he slammed his open hand down harder on her ass cheeks, and blasted her softness deeper, faster and more brutally. She loved it. She couldn’t get enough of his hard shaft pounding in and out of her hungry aching slit.

At times she thought she would pass out from the delicious way he scratched her insatiable itch as his wonderful rock hard cock stretched and slammed and filled the horny slit between her legs. Her whole body began to quiver with his touch and his merciless pounding of her vulnerable cunt. There was nothing in the world for her at this moment except her tight pussy and his demanding cock forcing itself over and over again into her soft warm flesh.

She spread her knees further again and like a dog in heat she lifted her ass to meet the deep cruel thrusts of his pounding meat more and more, again and again. She loved it when he took her fast and hard like this and she began to pant and whimper and moan as an orgasm began to stir deep inside her.

Sir Dan slammed and pounded and thrust harder and faster, deeper and deeper, filling every bit of her pussy, stretching her and pounding her with a fury. She tried to hump back onto him in rhythm with the vicious thrusts of his rigid pole. But, just as she tried to back up to meet the onslaught of his frenzy he snapped, “Be still girl. Let me do this. You just be still and take it.”

“Ahhh!” she squealed as his forceful command dominated her body mind and soul just as surely and completely as his cock was dominating her cunt. All she could do was relax and receive the pounding manmeat that invaded her tender pussy over and over. His prick pierced the helpless trembling slit that she joyously submitted to him as he slammed into her harder and harder. He fucked, in and out, over and over, as his bouncing balls spanking her clit now with each dynamic thrust.

Eva was breathing came harder and harder and her Master fucked her deeper and deeper as his thrusts became more intense, demanding and passionate. And then, his cock felt like it suddenly became harder and thicker and he started banging her with short, fast, relentless, piercing, thrusts, and she heard him growl between his teeth, “This is MY cunt sikiş izle bitch and you will take it as hard as I want to give it to you, any time and any way I want to give it to you. Is that understood my beautiful cock warmer?”

“Yesss Sirrr!!!” she managed to say just as he doubled his efforts fucking into her cunt harder and harder, deeper and deeper, faster and faster, again and again. Each plunge into her sizzling twat became more powerful and piercing than the last. She could feel her pussy starting to tense.

“Sir may I please cum?” she cried, and then he suddenly stopped and pulled his cock out of her cunt, making her moan piteously.

“Now Mike,” Eva heard Sir say, and as she looked to the side she saw that Sir Dan had moved behind Lil and had pushed her to her hands and knees. He held her head to the floor when she tried to struggle to see what was happening.

And, she could see the look of surprise on the lovely blonde’s face as his cock slammed into her waiting cunt quickly, fucking her hard before she could protest. He pounded her quickly and cruelly and Eva could see the surprised look as Lil’s saw that Sir Mike had not only put her into the hands of another man, but she seemed a bit fearful as she caught Eva’s eye.

At the same time Eva felt Sir Mike’s hands on her hips and his hard cock slammed into her pussy just as her own Sir had shoved his stiff prick into Lil’s cunt. Sir Mike immediately began to shove and hammer into her softness, making her even hotter with the unexpected thrill of a new cock drilling her cunt. He slammed into her roughly giving Eva a double thrill from the cock slicing into her cunt as well as the balls slapping against her clit.

At the same time she was enthralled with the sight of Sir Dan bent over Lil as he pounded her pussy just the way Sir Mike was fucking hard into her own cunt. Briefly she saw the frightened look on Lil’s face and she managed to smile at the pretty girl that her Sir was fucking to let her know everything was all right.

And as Sir Mike continued to fuck her hard and fast Eva felt a new sensation as she realized this was the first time she had seen her own Master fucking a pussy other than her own. Suddenly, she was over whelmed with lust and the growing orgasm that threatened to spill from her pussy soon.

“Ohhhhh!!!” she wailed in misery as her cunt tensed, “Please Sir? Please may I cum? Please … I am so close.”

“That is up to the man who is fucking you my Pet,” she heard her Sir grunt.

“Oh Sir Mike,” she pleaded. “Please may I cum for you? Please Sir,” she begged.

Sir Mike was fucking into her body so hard and fast that she could hardly breath. His hands were like a vice grip as his fingers dug into her hips while he pulled and pounded her body back and forth, over and over, deeper and deeper, without answering.

“Oh lord, please Sir Mike. Please, please, please,” she squealed, ” I don’t think I can hold it Sir please may I cum?”

Then as she looked momentarily toward her Sir she saw that Lil’s ass was still high in the air as she was being fucked hard and fast and furiously while Sir Dan still held her head tight to the floor. As the poor girl’s eyes glazed türk porno she began to moan, “Sir Dan,” she whimpered, “May I please cum for you? Please?”

Both men redoubled the hard fast fucking of their stiff cocks in and out of the pussies that lay spread helplessly open before them. And, before Eva could beg again, she felt the hardest pounding she had ever felt in her hot aching slit. As Sir Mike rose to his feet, while his cock was still imbedded tightly in her cunt, he fucked down into her even harder than before from a crouching position.

“Aaaiiieeee! Oh lord, oh lord. Sir Mike,” she shrieked, “Don’t stop, please don’t stop.” And as he easily shoved his hard meat up and down into her upturned pussy he pounded faster and faster and faster. “Oh Sir …” she began, but she could no longer speak as the incredible pummeling in her cunt left her speechless and struggling just to breathe.

Just then she felt Sir Mike’s cock stiffen as she desperately held back an enormous orgasmic spasm in her pussy. And as he jammed his cock deeper and deeper and harder and harder she looked to the side to see her Sir in the same position with Lil and he too was pounding between her legs with all his might. “Ohhhhhhh! Please let me cum. I don’t think I can hold it Sir Mike. Your hard cock is about to take me over the edge, pleasseeee!!!!”

And then, to her relief, she heard Sir Mike and her own Sir at the same time as they both demanded, “CUM NOW!”

As she felt the first spurt of hot jism filling her cunt Eva’s own body shuddered and she washed Sir Mike’s cum from her with her own earth shaking orgasm and the hot flood of cum that rolled from her again and again. She thought she would never stop cumming and yet she felt Sir Mike’s thick hot cream filling her gaping snatch twice more.

She shuddered once again before collapsing on her tummy as Sir Mike withdrew his softening cock from her well-used cunt. When she looked she saw that Sir Dan had also collapsed after filling her new friend’s pussy with the enormous amount of cum that she always felt when he came in her. And, Lil was breathing hard with her eyes closed after the fantastic fuck Eva’s Dom had given her.

Both men had rolled onto their backs while they caught their breath. Eva was suddenly amused at the sight of these strong Dominant men lying next to each other with their pants down around their knees, and their softened cocks laying on their balls just as exhausted as the men were. And yet, at the same time, she was so very proud of them both.

Very timidly, and with a little fear and uncertainty in her eyes, Lil moved over to submissively kneel at Sir Mike’s feet when he put his hand out to her. When she reached her hand out he pulled her to him and gathered her in his arms. While he kissed her over and over and told her how proud he was of her Eva could tell that the girl was confused, and yet she still had a look of absolute awe for her Sir.

Eva moved away from them and came closer to Sir Dan. “Sir, would you like for me to get drinks for everyone?” she asked.

“Why, yes my Pet. That would be very good since I cannot seem to move at the moment,” he chuckled.

Eva sat up preparing to rise and bring drinks for everyone. But, as an afterthought she stopped to help her beloved Sir pull up his pants and zip his fly. Without getting up he stretched out on the carpet and gave her the famous raised eyebrow and smiled. “Thank you,” he said, “You are a good slave Pet.”

… to be continued

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