Barb Becomes a Sex Toy Ch. 05

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This started out in the Loving Wives section of Literotica and you may want to check on the first four chapters for some background although it’s not absolutely necessary. To those who are so appalled at a cheating wife, sorry, it happens. Life is not perfect.

Barb was pouring coffee for her husband as he sat at the table reading his paper when suddenly a drop of cum leaked from her pussy and dripped down the inside of her leg.

Just as that happened Joe said, “that Carl is really something.”

Barb agreed and thought to herself if he only knew that Carl spent last evening fucking her brains out while Joe was at his city meeting. Thank goodness her robe was long and covered the mess as she excused herself to the bathroom to clean up. When she came back Joe kept talking about Carl.

Telling her about another promotion of sorts. They were going to send him out on a sales run once a week.

Carl was working for Joe and his partner Bob now at the Auto Parts Store. He had charmed them and was quickly working his way up. Her husband thanked her many times for recommending him. He was smart and precise and quickly learned everything about their systems and store procedures. The customers were charmed as well and had nothing but glowing reviews of Carl’s service. His lighthearted demeanor kept things pleasant at the store and the customers smiling.

But, Barb knew the other side of Carl that no one at the store knew. The domineering, sadistic, sexual demon that hid beneath that casual front. That side of Carl had her totally under his control and took full advantage of it at every opportunity. He would stop by her office when he was making a delivery close by and she was alone. When he left she had disheveled hair and the taste of his cum on her lips and tongue.

He knew her husbands comings and goings now and took advantage of those too. When her husband was on of one of his weekend hunting and fishing trips with their sons or one of his evening town meetings Barb could be sure she’d spend part of that time naked and submitting to Carl’s use of her body.

Barb relaxed after Joe left for the store. The owner of the Electric Company where she worked decided to move to another location. It would have been a longer drive every day for Barb so she decided to leave her Job. She had her days free now and spent them on projects around the house and cooking while she looked for a new job. She really didn’t need to work so she was waiting for an appealing opportunity. Even though she kept herself busy she always found her mind drifting to Carl.

Sometimes he seemed like superman to her. He had a sexy slave wife. He coached his son’s Baseball Team and his daughter’s Softball Team. Worked 5 ½ days a week at the store. Yet Barb could be sure he would arrange some time to spend with his cock in her mouth and pussy. He didn’t get into any of the BDSM that Barb was expecting after her session at Carl’s house and she wondered if more really was coming.

The next several weeks went without Barb and Carl being able to work out a time. He was never free when her husband was busy. Barb was starting to get a little bit antsy. She had sex with her husband a couple of times but that just left her wanting Carl’s cock even more. Before all this happened she knew her sex life was wanting, but she never dreamed she’d be craving it like she does now. She couldn’t stand it and called the store one day even though she knew her husband was out on his sales run. Thank goodness Carl answered and she told him she needed to see him. Carl chuckled and covered well.

“I’ll get back to you on that part as soon as possible,” he told her.

The next Monday morning her phone rang and she recognized his number.

“Be at my house at noon today. I’ll be making my sales run and I’ll go home for lunch. This time don’t park in the driveway. Drive around back by the barn. You know how to dress.” Then he hung up, not giving her a chance to agree or acknowledge. It didn’t matter to Barb. She was elated at his orders.

Carl’s house was outside of town a bit. Part way up a small ridge. He had one and a half acres with a barn in the back of the property. There were neighbors, but none real close and it was mostly private. When she reached his property she turned off the main road onto the dirt road that led behind the house back to the barn. As she drove up the road she saw Carl walking out to meet her. She couldn’t make out what he was carrying though.

When she parked where he pointed he quickly opened her door, wrapped a dog collar around her neck and snapped a leash on it. He pulled her out of the car and immediately ripped her blouse open, sending the buttons flying. He pulled the blouse off Barb and using the leash to pull her down he bent her over the car hood, pulled her hands behind her and placed leather cuffs on her wrists. He snapped those together and then quickly pulled off her slacks and shoes, leaving bursa escort them next to her blouse in the grass.

In less than a minute after putting her car in park Barb was bound, naked and being tugged by the collar around her neck to Carl’s barn. He led her inside to the middle, reached up and hooked the chain of her leash in the rafters. Pulling it taut around her neck, but not choking her. With her wrists cuffed behind her she could go nowhere.

He grabbed her hair and held her head as he smothered her with a kiss. His other hand sneaking down between her legs to rub at her swiftly moistening pussy. “Spread your legs,” Carl ordered. Barb spread as wide as she could and the collar tugged at her neck just a bit more.

“You must need my cock very badly to call like you did the other day,” Carl teased as he kept rubbing her pussy. “Do you want it my slut?”

“Oh yes, please. I need it in me please.” Barb begged her face flush from the humiliation of being such a slut for this man.

“If you want your pleasure you are going to suffer for my pleasure,” he taunted. His fingers in her pussy now, his other hand at her nipples rolling and twisting.

“Oh God,…uhh… yes. Aahh…. Anything you want” Barb gasped as Carl pulled hard at her nipple and thrust two fingers deep in her pussy while she answered.

“Good, I’ll remember you said that,” he said with an evil grin.

He pulled fingers out and rubbed them over her lips leaving the taste of her juices on them. He licked his fingers and said, “Wait here just a minute,” then started walking out.

“No, please don’t leave me like this,” Barb pleaded after him.

Barb thought he had changed his mind when he turned around and came back to her. Instead, he pulled a ball gag out of his pocket, stuffed it in her mouth and buckled it tightly behind her head cutting off any more protests. She could only groan as he walked out leaving her there alone. Barb nearly cried at the frustration and humiliation of being left like that. Totally naked, bound and tethered in the barn like an animal with her pussy juices smeared on her lips and dripping down her leg .

When Carl returned he calmly unhooked her leash and led her out of the barn towards the house. “I had to give the dogs some water. Moose loved the taste on my fingers,” he told her as they walked. ” He wanted to come take a taste himself. I think he could smell you.”

Barb could only moan at this new humiliation while being led across the acre of grass to Carl’s house like one of his dogs. There was a brief period of a few seconds when she would be visible from the road if a car had gone by. The thought of someone seeing the naked slave like this only added to her embarrassment.

He led her into the house and the down the steps to the basement. She had seen his bedroom before, but not the basement and she had visions of some ominous dungeon awaiting her. Instead, she found the basement to be very nice. A bar on one side. Fireplace in the middle and a big screen TV in the corner. Furnished and carpeted it was more a den than a basement.

He led her to the couch and sat her down on it with her wrists still cuffed behind her. He snapped her leash to a hook on the basement support beam behind the couch then pulled her legs up and out spreading her pussy open.

“Now lets take a taste of this slave’s wet pussy,” and she felt his tongue swipe over her clit. Barb could only moan in her gag as Carl went to work eating her pussy. Despite the humiliation of being collared and marched naked across his property like a prisoner Barb’s pussy was dripping and his magic tongue had her on the verge of orgasm very quickly. He sensed this and slowed a little. Teasing her and keeping her on the edge. The helpless wife could only moan through her gag as Carl teased and toyed with her body. Suddenly he sucked her clit into his mouth and whipped his tongue over the bud. That was all Barb needed to send her over the edge and her orgasm splashed over her in waves as he licked and sucked and then brought her down slowly. She opened her eyes when Carl stopped and looked at him. He had an evil grin and raised his hand and what was in it brought Barb out of her orgasmic fog and a load groan through her gag.

The riding crop slapped right down on her clit. It was still so sensitive from her orgasm that Barb felt as if it had been torn off. Her scream was barely concealed by the gag and was followed by sobbing and then another scream as Carl slapped her clit with the crop again. The engorged bud throbbed painfully and Barb couldn’t hold back the tears as she moaned and groaned agony.

Then Carl leaned down and very softly dragged his tongue over Barb’s tortured clit. He soothed her slowly. Gently massaging away the pain with his slick tongue. He kept his expert tongue moving over her pussy and soon Barb felt her passion rising again. Carl knew her body so well malatya escort that he could get Barb to cum exactly when he wanted to and even when not bound as she was now she could not resist him. He dipped his tongue deep in her and lapped at her flowing juices. Then he licked at the lips and back to her clit. It was throbbing again, but in pleasure not pain. The soothing tongue was quickly bringing Barb on the verge of another orgasm and when Carl sucked his clit into his mouth she exploded for the second time in just minutes.

He brought her down slowly again and to her surprise he reached up and unbuckled the gag freeing her mouth finally. Barb groaned happily when he went back to licking at her sopping slit but to her dismay she saw the crop raise up again and then slap down on her poor pussy. Her scream turned to a moan because as soon as he slapped her with the crop he was back down with his tongue soothing it again. Then the crop again followed by that magic tongue. Carl drove Barb wild as he went back and forth from whipping her clit and then massaging the pain away with his tongue. He kept it up until she couldn’t distinguish between the pleasure and pain. The poor helpless slave could not even be sure when her orgasm started. It seemed to last for minutes and when he gave her an especially hard slap with the crop and then sucked her clit into his mouth again Barb went into overload and the intense feelings sent her into blackness.

Barb awoke to Carl gently kissing her on the cheek. When she stirred he kissed her on the lips and Barb got another taste of her own juices.

“That was amazing,” she told him.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” he told her, “but you are far from done for today.”

He pulled her up from the couch to the center of the room. She watched as he reached up and opened a ceiling panel revealing hooks in the ceiling and a chain dropped down. Carl connected the chain to the leather cuffs on her wrists and pulled up forcing Barb to bend sharply at the waist and connected it leaving her bent like that. He kicked at her ankles forcing her legs wide open. That pulled her arms up even more. She saw him open a cover in the floor and the pull out a rope tying her ankle there. The another with her other ankle leaving her bent over with her legs in a deep split.

“Here’s another surprise for you,” Carl told her. Then he clicked a remote.

Barb gasped when the big screen turned on and she saw herself naked and bound. “I’m recording this for you,” Carl said, laughing as he did.

Before Barb could really process or protest that her view of the TV was cut off. A hand pulled her head back by the hair and her yelp was cut off by Carl’s cock sliding in her mouth. With her head pulled back it was easy for him to keep going till his cock was in her throat and his balls resting on Barb’s chin. She could deep throat his cock normally, but he had gone all the way in on the very first stroke and Barb gagged slightly then struggled to breath as he held it there.

“Mmm, I love a helpless slut gagging on my cock,” he said and then pulled out to let her catch her breath. ” Now suck that cock good slut.”

Barb could barely move at all bound as she was but she began bobbing her head and working her tongue over the hard cock. Her back and shoulders were starting ache a little but she ignored the pain and kept working her mouth trying desperately to please him. Just as she began to get the taste of his pre-cum Carl pulled out.

“Time for a little more fun,” he said, leaving Barb a little confused at what he meant.

He reached to a box nearby and pulled out a handful of wooden cloths pins. He set them on the floor under so she could see them then knelt next to her and began kneading her tits. He picked up a cloths pin and squeezed a bit of her tit flesh then snapped it on pinching the skin. He kept doing that until there were four on each tit each one bringing a yelp or moan from the bound woman. She looked down and saw two left on the floor and she knew where those were going. She screamed as he snapped them on her nipples and it felt like he tried hard to snap them so it hurt more.

He pulled her head up again the movement making her tits bob a little and she grunted in pain. ” I told you that you are going to suffer for my pleasure. Now I have a little pleasure for you too.”

He dropped her head and stepped behind her. She felt his fingers running over her still sopping pussy and then she felt his cock probing at the entrance. He moved it forward until his cock was buried to the hilt in his slave’s pussy. Then he began sawing in and out of her. Holding her hips tightly as he slowly rammed his cock in and out. Increasing the power and speed as he did.

Barb was lost in a world in her mind that never dreamed possible. Her shoulders, back and legs were aching from being bound like she was. His ramming into her made her tits shake and çanakkale escort bounce increasing the pain of the cloths pins. She screamed loudly as one snapped off feeling like it tore her flesh. Her clit was still sore from being whipped. Yet through all the pain the cock pounding into her felt so good and slowly her orgasm approached until it rushed over her like a freight train. She screamed as she announced it as Carl always insisted and her mind swirled. If Carl hadn’t been holding her hips so tightly she was sure she would have collapsed and tore her shoulders out of the sockets.

When she recovered enough to stay up Carl pulled out and stepped back in front of her again. Using a handful of her hair to pull her head up he slipped his cock back into her mouth. This time he didn’t make her suck. He grabbed a second handful of her blonde locks and used it to hold her head still as he began fucking her mouth. Barb could do nothing but struggle to breath as the cock was buried deep in her throat over and over. He fucked her mouth with the same power he used on her pussy. Her nose bumping his pubic hair and his balls slapping wetly on her chin. Just as she thought she might pass out from the brutal face fucking Carl pulled out and started taking the cloths pins off her tits. Each one bringing a yelp as she struggled to catch her breath. He took all the cloths pins off except the ones on her nipples. Then unsnapped the chain holding her wrists.

“I have to make a phone call,” he told her.

Barb was relieved and said to him, “great I need a break.”

He laughed. “Who said you get a break?”

He untied Barb’s ankles and then pulled her to kneel in front of him with her nipples still clamped and wrists cuffed behind her as he sat down on the couch. Using her hair again he pulled her head down and her mouth over his cock.

“Now you suck that cock and you don’t stop till I tell you slut.” he ordered. Barb began bobbing her head slowly and swirling her tongue trying hard to please him. She kept sucking as he dialed the phone but then had a shock when she heard him speak.

“Hey, Paul how are you? Is Joe there? I want to give him my sales order.”

Barb jerked trying pull her head up off his cock but Carl was ready for her and had a firm grip holding her in place. Barb moaned softly to herself as he kept moving her head up and down making her continue her blow job while Carl talked to her husband. She kept bobbing on her own when Carl released her head and read off his orders. He finally finished the orders and the bound woman thought it would be over. But, Carl had another shock waiting for her.

Barb couldn’t believe it when she heard him ask, “how is Barb doing?”

She could not hear her husbands answer but Carl kept going. “Did she find another job yet?”

Then Carl grabbed her head again and forced it down making her take his cock as deep as it would go. “Make sure you tell her I said hello,” he told her husband as he thrust his hips trying to get his cock in her throat deeper.

When Carl said goodbye to her husband he tossed the phone aside, twisted her hair in his fist and growled at her. “Now you suck that cock deep and fast.”

Barb began feverishly bouncing her head up and down his cock and within a minute Carl growled again and she felt the cum splash up through his cock and burst into her mouth. She gulped and swallowed as fast as she could but the but the fire hose spurts were too much and some still leaked from the corners of her mouth down her chin. The naked slave kept sucking slowly long after her master finished pumping his sperm into her mouth remembering the order not to stop till he said so. His cock softened a little at first but under the tender caress of Barb’s tongue it was soon hard once more.

He pulled her head off his cock and Barb sat back still on her knees. Her nipples were numb and her mouth was actually aching. She had two thin trails of Carl’s cum leaking down her chin. Some had dripped to her breasts. Her arms ached from being bound for so long. She was totally humiliated by having this sadistic man’s cock down her throat while he talked to her unsuspecting hubby. Yet, through it all she could not deny she had enjoyed every moment of his abuse of her body.

Barb’s thoughts were broken when Carl stood up and she saw his hard cock in front of her eyes. Using her collar and leash he pulled her back up to her feet and back to the center of the room and then proceeded to tie her ankles back to the hooks in the floor leaving her legs spread wide again. She had a brief moment of relief when he unclipped her cuffs freeing her arms from behind her, but he just re-clipped them in front and then pulled the chain down from the ceiling and connected it to her wrists. He hauled up on it pulling Barb’s arms over her head till they were stretched almost to the low ceiling.

Barb hung limply in her bonds while Carl secured her. When he was finished he kissed her and rubbed his fingers over her pussy drawing new moans from Barb. He lightly fingered the cloths pins on her nipples and the movement jabbed new spikes of pain into her numb buds.

” Would you like me to take these of my slut?” Carl teased her.

“Oh yes please”

“Are you sure?” He taunted her as he pulled at them.

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