Happy New Year, Mom!

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This story is the sole property of Spanker Sam. It cannot be reproduced and/or altered. Nor can it be distributed to any other site, free or pay, without the express permission of the author.

Copyright: 2004 all rights reserved.

* * * * *

I had decided to spend New Years Eve with my mom. I had been between girlfriends and she was home all by herself. We had enjoyed dinner and by the time we watched the ball drop, we had finished off three bottles of wine.

I told mom that I was bushed and needed to get some sleep. She said that she would be up awhile longer looking at TV. I left her and went to my room. I heard her walk down the hall to her bedroom, and then come back, after a few minutes.

About half hour later, I had to go piss like crazy. I opened my bedroom door and saw that the light was still on in the living room. I went to the bathroom and pissed like my dick was a water hose. Then I walked down the hall to the living room.

Mom was still watching TV, but she had turned on one of the X-rated channels. I stood in the doorway watching a couple on the screen fucking. Then I heard mom’s soft moan. I walked further into the living room and my eyes almost bulged out of their sockets.

Mom had changed into a silky, sexy lingerie. She was sitting on the couch with her legs wide open, slowly working a dildo in and out of her pussy. Mom is close to 50, but she still has a nice looking body. Her tits are firm even if they do droop a bit. She has a nice round ass and pretty legs.

I also saw that mom had a shaved pussy. Her eyes were closed and she was slowly teasing her cunt with just the head of the dildo, then she would work it faster. Then back to slowly teasing it. Watching her I could feel my dick growing hard.

I wasn’t about to let this opportunity go by, so I stood there not making a sound just watching her. Mom started breathing heavier, and must have been on the verge of cumming, when she opened her eyes and saw me looking at her.

I was standing there with my dick poking out my shorts, my hand slowly stroking it. Mom looked at me, the dildo stopped at the edge of her pussy. Then she looked down at my shaft. “Don’t stop mom. Please don’t stop?”

She looked at me and then she smiled. Slowly she began to stroke her pussy while I stroked my hard dick. Her eyes stayed locked on my shaft as I stroked it. Then she beckoned me closer. I walked over until I was standing between her open thighs.

Mom reached out and touched the tip of my dick. Her finger was wet from my pre-cum. She looked up at me, as she slipped the wet finger into her mouth and sucked it clean. I almost came, watching her taste me the way she did.

Then I slipped down to the floor between her open thighs. The light sex hikayeleri from the TV let me get a good look at her swollen pussy lips. The fake cock was covered with her thick crème and I could smell her heated cunt. I reached out and my fingers stroked her lips along side the dildo. She watched, as I tasted her cunt juice.

My hand covered hers, and I started to slowly work the dildo in and out of her. Mom let her hand go and wrapped it around my shaft. She leaned forward, and I felt her soft hands sliding over the swollen head. I know I groaned as her thumb pressed on the head, and then, slid along the thick vein beneath it.

I slowly pulled the dildo free, and wrapped my arms around her thighs, pulling her to the edge of the couch. My head bent and I was intoxicated with the smell of her sex. My tongue slipped out and worked up and down her soaked slit.

I heard mom groan, then felt her hands on my head, pulling me into her cunt. “Yes, baby! Make mommy feel good. Show mommy that you love her.” I didn’t listen to her words, I was too busy licking and sucking as much juice from her cunt as I could.

My tongue found her clit and I began to lick it. Mom’s body started to jerk each time my tongue stroked that hard nub. Then I pulled it into my mouth and began to suck it. In and out, I sucked it; sometimes softly, teasingly and then I would suck it hard and fast.

Mom’s moans grew louder. Yes son! Suck it! Suck your mother’s cunt. Of fuck I needed this! I’m gonna cum! Oh baby! You’re gonna make your mother cum in your mouth.”

By now, my mind was only on sucking he sweetest pussy I had ever sucked. She could have done anything, said anything, and I would not have cared as long as she didn’t stop me. Suddenly I felt her body go taunt. Mom screamed and pressed my face so tight into her cunt I couldn’t breath.

I felt her hot thick juice flood into my mouth, and I sucked hard, trying to get it all. Mom’s body stopped shaking, but she didn’t let me up. I moved my head to take a deep breath, when she started cumming all over again. Then she came again. Damn but she filled my mouth. And it was the sweetest thing I had ever tasted.

When she stopped shaking this time, I moved my mouth from her cunt. I could feel her juices running down my chin and smeared all over my face. Mom took my face between her hands, and licked all over my face until she had licked most of it off. Then she kissed my lips.

Her tongue slid between my lips as she pulled me to her. Her hand rubbed my neck and pulled me in tight to her. The kiss was long, hard and passionate. Then she eased away from me, and urged me to stand.

When I stood up, my hard dick was pointed directly at her face. Mom looked up at me, as she leaned in and porno hikayeleri her lips surrounded my dick. Her hand circled my shaft and she began to work her mouth back and forth.

I have had my dick sucked many times. Hell at 25, I was no prude to sex. But no woman ever sucked my dick with the sensuous feelings that mom gave me. And she was soon whipping her head back and forth, twisting it this way and that, moaning and whimpering.

My hands slid into her hair, as I moaned and worked my hips. “Yea mom! Suck your son’s hard dick! Show me how much you love me! Take it all mom! Show me you can take it all.”

I looked down and saw her looking up at me. Damn but that was one nasty sight. I almost lost it just looking at her. She was working her lips and mouth like a hungry whore on a payday night.

I started working her head back and forth, fucking her harder and faster. “Do you like it mom? Do you like sucking your son’s dick?” Mom nodded her head up and down but never stopped sucking. I wanted to hold back but under her onslaught, I couldn’t hold back for long.

I grabbed her hair and shoved hard, feeling my dick slip all the way into her mouth. “Argh! Mom! I’m gonna shoot! I’m gonna cum in your hot mouth! Oh mom! Don’t stop. Oh fuck this is great! Now mom! Drink it! Drink all of it!”

I felt my balls explode, and her cheeks puffed out as I filled her mouth. Mom kept looking up at me and I saw her swallow hard. But she kept on sucking me. I shot another load, and she swallowed that one too. I slowly pulled my spent dick from between her lips.

My cum, was smeared all over her lips. I bent down and kissed her as hard as she had kissed me. Making sure that my tongue cleaned ever drop from her lips and chin. Then we looked at each other. I smiled and she smiled back at me.

“Happy New Year mom!” She laughed as her fingers began to stroke her pussy again. “Happy new year son! I sure hope that you can get hard again, I have two more presents that I want you to open for the New Year.”

As I looked down at her fingers slowly stroking her wet pussy I could feel my dick begin to twitch. “Lets finish watching this in your bedroom.” I helped her to her feet and watched her round ass sway as she walked to her bedroom

Mom waked to her bed, and got up on her hands and knees. She shook her ass at me. Then she turned her head and looked at me with a big smile on her face. “Are you sure that you won’t mind being a “motherfucker”?”

I laughed as I stood behind her. “Mom”, I said as I slipped my hard dick up into her wet pussy. “I not only want to be the best “motherfucker” you ever knew, I want to be your big “pain in the ass, too”.”

I picked up the remote, and turned until I got the X-rated channel seks hikayeleri she had been watching. I held her hips, sliding my hard dick in and out of her pussy. Mom was so wet; her pussy was making slurping sounds as I fucked her.

After having cum once, I knew that I could fuck her hard and fast and I would not be too quick to cum again. I fucked up into her wet pussy so hard, that mom bounced forward and back, grunting as I rammed my dick deep into her.

“That’s right, you motherfucker! Tear the wrapping off this present! Damn son! You sure know how to fuck your mom! Give it to me good! Make me feel every inch! Of fuck it’s been so long! So long! Fuck me son! Fuck momma’s pussy!”

Her words spurred me on to fuck her even harder. I was slamming my dick into her, grunting with her as it hit home again and again. Then momma leaned forward until she was resting her head on the bed. She reached behind her and spread her cheeks wide.

“Now son! Shove it up momma’s ass! I want you to be a big pain in my ass! Show me how you can fuck your mom’s fat, wide, black ass!” I pulled my dick out of her sopping pussy. It was coated with her thick crème.

I put the tip up against her black puckered asshole. Holding the shaft, I pushed until the tip began to slide in. “Oh shit that feels big! I haven’t been ass fucked in so long! But I want it now! Fuck my ass, son!”

I held her hips, and with a mighty lunge, buried my dick to the hilt. Mom screamed into the sheets, and tried to crawl forward. I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her back to me.

“Happy New Year Mom!” I screamed as I pulled back and lunged again. I kept slamming my hard dick into mom’s tight ass until it began to slide easier. Then I just fucked her hard. Mom was crying and whimpering on the bed, but she was also moving her ass back and forth as I fucked her.

“Yes son! Duck me! Tear my asshole open with that sweet dick. I won’t be lonely ever again, will I son? You will take care of my needs, won’t you son?” Mom was whimpering and moaning as she talked. I was just concentrating on fucking her ass.

Then I felt it beginning to build again. “I’m gonna cum again mom! This time, I’m gonna fill this asshole with my cum. Yes mom, I’m gonna be your personal motherfucker from now on. Hump that ass mom! Give it to me! Now mom! Now!”

I pounded her for all I was worth. And mom shoved back and forth just as hard, driving me deep inside her tight asshole. Then my dick exploded. I felt it shoot out and she began to convulse. Her orgasm was stronger than the one where I ate her pussy.

Mom started shouting. “Yes son! Fuck my ass! Cum deep in my ass! Give it to me! Give it all to me! Oh fuck your good. Don’t stop fucking me! Fuck me forever! I’m cumming son! Ahhhhhh!” I held her as she shook thru her own climax.

We fell over on our sides, and mom moaned. “Damn! What a way to start off the New Year! ” I laughed. “Oh yea mom! And the cumming year will bring more and more of this.” We fell asleep just like that.

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