Me, My Neighbor and His Wife

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*This submission is a continuation of “First Time Exploring my bi-side” https://.com/s/first-time-exploring-my-bi-side


Well it has been a few months since Jason and I first started fooling around. It has been great swapping hand jobs and blow jobs whenever we feel the need. It usually happens when we are watching the game in his basement. A few beers in we usually start with stroking then taking turns blowing each other. When I was curious, I had a feeling I would really love having a cock in my mouth, but to actually have one is one hundred times better.

One of my favorite things to do is getting started before Jason’s cock is hard. I love taking his soft cock in my mouth, using only my mouth getting him hard. The feeling of him growing in my mouth is in-explainable. Jason and I have similar cocks, both are cut, I am 6.5/7″ hard, fairly thick, trimmed and shaved. Jason is closer to 7.5″ but not as thick, and has many more thicker vains than mine.

This particular day I was very horny, as soon as Erica (Jason’s wife) left the house I was on my knees pulling down his shorts. He really has a beautiful cock. I took it in my hand and gave it a few quick strokes just to feel its length. His cock from soft to hard does not change drastically, where as mine soft to hard is more significant. After giving it a few strokes I lean in taking just the head between my lips, rolling my tongue around his head, licking on the underside where its very sensitive. I start taking more and more of his cock.

It was not long before is cock was growing in my mouth, I love knowing he is enjoying what I am doing. Soon his cock as at full hardness, running my tongue up and down his shaft, then taking him in, feeling his head hitting the back of my throat before swallowing.

It wasn’t long before I had the familiar feeling of his cock twitching, I knew he was getting close to cumming. I slid my mouth up and down his entire shaft, tip to base over and over. Stroking him a few times, I love to feel his cock in my hand, how hard it is and how long it feels. Then back to using only my mouth and cupping and massaging his smooth balls. Knowing this will put him over the edge, I suck harder waiting for his cum. Then I feel him start to cum as he screams “I’m cumming”. Sucking harder, feeling his hot liquid flood my mouth is amazing, swallowing…tastes so good. I was shocked how much I love tasting his cum. Its like I can’t get enough.

After sucking every last drop from Jason’s cock I sit back on the couch and open a beer. Jason reached over, grabbing my cock trough my shorts and said, “that was amazing”. He reached in my shorts and started stroking my already hard cock. Squeezing from base to tip, working out some pre-cum then massaging the under side of my head. I lift my hips of the couch and push my shorts down, freeing my cock and giving him unrestricted access.

Jason moves to his knees between my legs, stroking my cock, leaning in and licking my balls. I always keep them shaved smooth, his tongue feels amazing. Then licking up my shaft taking my head between his lips, licking all around my head, then dropping down taking more and more. When we first started he was not able to get me all the way in, with all the practice he is now able take me all the way. amasya escort

I sit back watching Jason slide his mouth up and down my shaft, I never would have imagined a blow job from a guy would feel so amazing. A few minutes later I notice movement out of the corner of my eye, I look over towards the stairs, Erica is standing there with her finger over her lips signaling me to be quiet. She is standing there watching her husband sucking my cock, she does not seem upset in the least. Complete opposite actually, she is watching very intently, her hands rubbing over her clothed breasts and between her legs. Her watching is turning me on even more, I say I am getting close to cumming, Jason sucking harder, then Erica says “no, not yet”. Jason immediately stops and lets my cock slip from his mouth, looking at his wife in shock.

Erica says, “don’t stop baby, that is rude” as she is walking closer then kneeling along side her husband. He is still shocked, hasn’t moved at all. Erica grabs my cock at the base, stroking up and down its length. Offering it to her husband, “come on honey, help me here” with that Erica leans in taking my cock in her mouth. Her mouth is so soft and warm, she works up and down my length a few times, then grabs Jason by the head pulling him closer to my cock. She slips my cock out of her mouth and again encourages Jason, this time he obliges and takes me back in his mouth he and Erica lock eyes. I am sitting in total amazement as I watch this attractive couple taking turns sucking my cock.

As Jason is sucking my cock, Erica is encouraging him, telling him to suck that cock. Erica begins to undress, removing her t-shirt and bra, exposing her perfect tits, I would say a B cup, very perky, topped with hard nipples. She cups each one, pinching and pulling her nipples. She then shimmies out of her shorts, leaving her thong on and kneels on the couch, leaning in and placing her nipple in my mouth. As I alternate from one breast to the other, she has her hand on the back of her husbands head guiding him up and down.

I announce I am about to cum again, Erica kneels back along side her husband, telling him suck that cock and make me cum. Jason sucks harder, I tell them again I am about to cum. Erica tells him, not swallow all of my cum and to save some for her. I release into his mouth, after a few seconds Jason releases my cock and Erica immediately takes me in, sucking out the last of my seed. She then grabs Jason and they begin to make out, sharing my cum with each other.

I’m sitting back, thinking that was the most intense orgasm of my life. Erica takes a spot on the couch next to me, Jason brings over beers for all of us and sits on the other side of Erica. For the next 15 or 20 minutes we sit there recovering, Erica obviously has a few questions so we tell her the truth of how it all started. We tell her about watching the game, the commercial, my comment on the actress and Jason pointing out how it looked like her. Erica asked if I really thought she looked like an actress, I nodded my head and said “yes, but you are naturally pretty, not all made up and fake” she blushes then leans in and kisses me. I can still taste my cum on her tongue as we kiss. We continue kissing and soon Jason is rubbing her bare thigh watching us as we kiss. Erica’s legs part, her husband is soon rubbing her pussy through her panties, my hand on her breasts.

Soon, all three of us are touching and stroking. Jason and I are mainly concentrating on his wife. Every once in a while he reaches over stroking my cock and I do the same to him. I wanted to see Erica’s pussy badly, I knelt between her legs, hook my fingers in her thong and pull them down off her long legs, exposing a perfectly smooth pussy. Her slit is tight with her inner lips exposed just a little, I can clearly see she is very wet and glistening. I pull her to the edge of the couch, pushing her legs apart I kiss up her thighs, Jason watching me as I begin to lick his wife’s pussy. I use the tip of my tongue to part her lips, tasting her delicious juice.

I spend the next several minutes teasing Erica’s lips and clit. I continue licking her from her pussy hole along her lips and up to her clit. Each stroke of my tongue I add a little pressure, separating her lips a little further each time, slipping my tongue into her hole a little deeper. Jason is watching intently as I devour his wife’s sweet pussy. Her juice dripping down the crack of her ass, so I begin to lick her from her asshole to her clit, this drives her a little crazy, moaning loudly. I pull her further down so I can have better access to her ass. I continue to lick both her pussy and asshole, bringing her to her first orgasm.

I keep licking her, cleaning up every last drop of her sweet secretions. As I do this she grabs my hand, brings it up to Jason’s cock, having me stroke him. He is already very hard, I begin to alternate between licking her and sucking his cock. She is encouraging me as she did him earlier. Her dirty talk is very encouraging and very much a turn on. She continues talking about how hot it is watching two guys sucking cock. She then gets on her knees alongside me ad we take turns sucking Jason as they both did to me earlier. Jason then says “kiss him baby, I want to watch you two kiss”. Erica and I begin to make out as Jason strokes his cock. We continue for several minutes, then Jason begins directing us again, telling me to suck her tits and play with her nipples. He is clearly enjoying directing our actions. I have to admit it was a huge turn on to be having him watching me with his wife and directing.

Next he tells me to lie down and directs Erica to straddle my cock, she does as directed and we begin to kiss again, she is leaning forward rubbing herself along the length of my cock. From his view point he can clearly see this. Then I feel his hand wrap around my cock, he tells Erica to sit back as he lines my head up against her beautiful hole. He keeps hold of my shaft as she begins to lower herself onto me. Her moans are getting louder as I fill her hole. She moans, telling Jason how thick I am and she keeps lowering. Once I am fully buried inside her I feel Jason’s hand drop to my balls and begin to massage them as he tells Erica to ride my cock and to fuck me. Erica begins to rock back and forth on my cock, her dripping pussy feels amazing gliding along the length of my cock. Then she gets her feet under her and begins to raise and lower herself on my cock. I love feeling her ride my whole cock, from my head all the way to the base, over and over and over again.

I grab her hips pulling her onto my cock with each down stroke and I thrust up and into her body. Jason is still playing with my balls and reaching around and massaging her clit. After several minutes Erica is moaning and screaming that she is going to cum. My thrusts get harder, pulling her onto me with more force. Jason telling me to fuck her harder. He then tells Erica to cum, he keeps talking her through her orgasm, her body going into spasm as she releases and cums. Next, Jason turns his attention to me, telling me to cum inside his wife. It doesn’t take long of him telling me to fuck and cum in his wife before my own orgasm begins to erupt deep with in his wife’s pussy. I pull her hard onto my cock, getting as deep as I possibly can before releasing spurt after spurt deep into her body.

Once we both come down off our orgasms, Erica rolls off my cock and lays next to me, we look at each other and begin to kiss again. While we are kissing I feel Jason’s mouth on my cock, cleaning mine and his wife’s cum from me. I motion for Erica to look down, she says “that’s a good boy Jason, clean his cock and my pussy is next”.

After Jason finishes cleaning my cock, Erica has him lay down and she straddles his face. She tells him this way more of my cum will drip into his mouth. She hovers above his face, not letting him lick her just yet. She tells him to be patient for his treat. A few seconds later my cum begins to drip from her freshly fucked hole, one of the hottest things I have ever seen. Jason is lying in wait his mouth open as my cum drips into his mouth, then Erica lowers herself onto his mouth, allowing him to clean her hole completely. I loved watching him clean her hole, can’t wait to do that myself. As Erica rides his lips and tongue, I move down and begin to bring Jason’s semi hard cock to full life.

Once Erica is cleaned, Jason’s cock is at full staff. I tell Erica its my turn to taste my cum from her pussy as I lay down and pull her onto my face. I tongue her hole for a few minutes then tell Jason to fuck her from behind. I continue licking her clit as he enters from behind, sliding easily into her used pussy. I would let my tongue slide along Jason’s cock as he slides in and out of his wife’s pussy, every once in a while he would slide out and into my mouth. I loved tasting her straight off his cock. I was massaging is balls as they began to tighten up, knowing he was going to cum very soon, it wasn’t long before he began to shoot into his wife, her second load for the day. He pushed into her, filling her hole from behind. I swung around so Erica was just above my face, her facing my feet. As Jason pulled out a rope of his cum followed and I immediately licked up his cum. Grabbing his cock, cleaning him as he did me, Erica tasted delicious mixed with him. She lowered onto my lips and tongue as I continued to clean her pussy hole. She leaned forward taking my cock in her mouth as I finished cleaning her.

Once we were all back to normal, we all sat back on the couch, opening more beer and coming down from our highs. We continue touching, Erica and I kissing, Jason watching. He makes a comment saying he knew I wanted to fuck his wife. I just smiled and said he was correct and I could hardly wait to fuck her again. With that Erica looks at Jason for approval, he nods yes, she turns and kisses me again giving her approval.

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