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I’m standing at the window, listening to the slow steady rain. It’s chilly next to the glass. The thin fabric of my negligee doesn’t provide enough warmth and my nipples are hard, brushing against the silk. I hear you walk up behind me, the soft footfall of a barefoot man. I feel breath on the skin of my neck and feel the gentlest kiss on the back of my neck. I start to turn around…I don’t know which one of you it is. Then a satin blindfold is placed over my eyes. I smile. What on earth do they have in store for me?

I feel a hand softly caress my cheek. A finger slides across my parted lips. I nip the tip of the finger and give it a flick with my tongue. I feel someone walk up behind me. I feel two hands on my upper arms slowly slide up my shoulders, moving my hair across my back and over one shoulder, lips, and breath, moving down my neck and across my shoulder. The finger I was nibbling I suck into my mouth and lick on its way out. I feel the wet trace of the finger moving down my chin to my chest between my breasts to the lace edge of the negligee.

Whoever is in front of me kneels down on the ground in front of me. I can the heat from his breath traveling down my body as he lowers to his knees. Hands trace up the outside of my legs moving the nighty up to my hips. The mouth at my neck nips at the skin, the hands playing with the spaghetti straps on my shoulders. Hips are thrust against my ass; I can feel a hard cock pushing against me. I think I’m the only one with clothes on. The hands on my shoulders slide down the front of my chest inside the fabric, brushing over my nipples and cupping my breasts. I lean back against the man’s chest behind me laying my head on his shoulder. The hands at my hips pull them forward and he bites me on my inner thigh. The hands move the negligee up my body until the hands at my breasts take over and pull the negligee up over my head.

Again the man behind me pulls me up close against his bare chest, hands going back to my breasts. I bring my arms up around the back of his head and grab the back of his neck. The man kneeling in front of me moves closer and lifts my legs up to wrap around his shoulders. I am suspended between the two of them. With not knowing who is touching me hatay escort where, not being able to see anything but the blackness of the blindfold, only hearing the soft patter of the rain because these men are working me in unison without speaking a word, and now the fear of falling, my heart is just racing. My breath is shallow and quick. A mouth teases between my legs. Fingers lightly pinch my nipples. One tongue flicks at my clit while another licks at my earlobe. But their work doesn’t seem to be to bring me to orgasm, not yet. They seem to be teasing me. I just decide to surrender to sensation since sight and sound were taken from me.

The man in front of me nips me again on the inner thigh and then places my feet back on the floor. The man behind me scoops me up in his arms and moves me to the bed. I don’t know how he was able to put me down so gently and roll me onto my stomach. Someone checked my blindfold again to make sure it hadn’t moved. The weight on the bed shifts and I can only assume that they are both on there now but no one is touching me yet. I turn my head to say something but with the first intake of breath a finger is put over my lips and I hear a soft shhh shhh. Hands rub down my legs and start to massage my feet. More hands spread my hair out and start to brush my hair gently down my back. I can feel the plastic bristles rubbing across my skin. The brushing lasts for several minutes and then my hair is gathered together and moved over my shoulder to the pillow. Warm hands move down to my shoulders and start to massage my back. The hands at my feet start to work their way up, massaging my calves, my thighs, and ass. It is both erotic and relaxing. One set of hands works the stiff muscles in my lower back while the other kneads at my ass. I start to feel a warmth and tightening between my legs and I involuntarily shift my hips. They must have noticed because things start to change.

The hands on my back scrape fingernails up my spine. My legs are spread and nails are scraped down my legs. I can feel the weight of the men shifting on the bed. The next thing I know is that my hands are being pulled together over my head and ropes are being wrapped around my wrists. They must be tying me to the center of the headboard. Then more ropes are wrapped around my ankles and each foot is bound to the bedpost of the canopy bed. And then there’s nothing. I can hear maybe the rustling of a bag. No one is on the bed with me. I hear my heartbeat getting faster. Thunder crashes outside. The storm must be getting worse but I hadn’t noticed. Only for a split second, I hear something moving the air and then I feel the thud and the slight sting on my back from a flogger. Then another across my ass. Then again upon my shoulders, the strips of leather toying with my neck. They create a rhythm where as soon as one stroke finishes the next comes at me. It’s all over my body, my back, my ass, my legs, the strips of leather curving and caressing the inner parts of my thighs. The thud and the sting make me squirm. Of course, I can’t move too much, they have me tied down tightly.

I start to moan into the pillows. My head is pulled back by my hair and my mouth is covered with a kiss why I still feel the other flogger working on my back. The flogger stops and runs his hands up my legs. I feel facial hair and warm breath moving up along my back and then the weight of a man on top of me, the hardness of him laying between my thighs all the while the other man is still kissing me deeply, making love to my mouth with his tongue. The man on my back rolls off of me to one side. The kissing stops and I feel my ankles being untied. They flip me over. My hands are still tied tightly and now my arms are crossed at the wrists. I feel a man laying on either side of me. Fingers trace down my face, across my lips and down my neck. A hand rubs up my leg and across my belly. Two mouths cover my nipples, playing with them but it feels so interesting because they are each so different in how they play.

While they are working at my breasts I feel a hand bend up my right leg and rest it on his. Another hand slides down my stomach and reaches into the dampness between my legs. The hand on my leg moves and I feel fingers plunge inside of me. Two hands work me, one moving at a slow pace exploring my clit, the other plunging in and out of me, probing me deeper. They take turns, one at my breast while the other kisses me. It feels amazing. Every part of my body that I want to be touched, all being touched at the same time. The fingers inside of me start to pull out, spreading my juices up the crack of my ass. The fingers on my clit bring me closer to an orgasm. They must know my body well though because they stop me right as I get close to the edge. I let out a breath of frustration and I hear a muffled chuckle of satisfaction.

The next thing I know I feel the ropes at my hands loosen and my arms are free. I’m rolled onto my side; one man at my back and the other along my front. All of the feelings and sensations get cloudy in my head. Teeth at my neck, and across my shoulder, teeth on the mounds of my breasts and across my nipples, fingernails scratching down my back and more fingers working my clit. I put my bottom arm across the pillow and grab the shoulders of the man in front of me. I roll my head back and the man behind me starts to kiss that spot behind the ear. The man in front uses my upper arm as his pillow and I wrap my arm around behind him, pulling his head down to bite at the front of my neck. I take my upper arm back around behind the neck of the man behind him to kiss me. It’s more just feelings; hands and nails running up and down my body, one man moving his hard cock up and down the slit of my ass, the other moving his teasing my clit, the mouth in front of me kissing my lips and the mouth behind me kissing the base of my neck.

I lift up my leg just a little more so they can get a better angle. The cock in front of me slides home, pushing up deep inside of me. The cock behind me starts pushing into my ass. Just as he pushes his head all the way in, the thickness of him brings me to that edge between pleasure and pain. He bites me hard on the shoulder, the man in front of me smothers my mouth with another deep kiss and I rake my nails down his back. They move in and out of me. The deeper they get the harder the bites on my neck. I feel a finger on my clit and the orgasm explodes. I scream. I bite the shoulder in front of me, fingers dig into my hips. I feel both of the men shudder as my muscles clamp down and massage them while they are both plunging in and out of me at the same time. I feel the shaking and the guttural male tones of their climax. With every touch, every brush I twitch. My head is swimming. I forget that I am even wearing a blindfold.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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