Finally Back Together!

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Well it has been a while. We grew up together, but you were a few years older than me. When you turned 16, you had a fight with our parents over a boyfriend, and moved away to be with him. It devastated me, because we had always been so close. You used to ‘babysit’ me, and I always came to you for advice and you didn’t talk down to me, but gave me real help- with everything from school to girls.

Anyway, recently I found you on Facebook and we started talking. You were going thru a nasty divorce and we talked about my failing marriage. One day, you told me you were going to be in my area for a business trip, and maybe we could get dinner. I jumped at the chance, and set it all up.

Finally, you arrived, and I picked you up at the airport. You looked gorgeous, and I really tried my best not to stare, though I could have sworn you almost wanted me to look. I offered for you to stay with me, but since meetings started so early, you insisted on a hotel. We talked on the short ride to the hotel, and I found it very difficult to concentrate on the road due to your short dress- once when you caught me looking, you actually smiled, lifted it a little more, and said “You’re not trying to peep on your big sis are you?” We got to the hotel, and I walked you to your room so you could settle in- I was so embarrassed kissing you goodbye, because I could feel my erection growing, and almost thought I felt your heat, but shook my head that I was imagining it…

The next night we agreed to have dinner. When I picked you up, you were dressed in a form fitting dress that made every head turn as we walked thru the lobby. I was so proud that you were my big sister, and you were with me. All during dinner I kept staring at your cleavage, and after the 2nd bottle of wine you told me I would go blind if I looked any harder!

We laughed and caught up on the years. Finally, when we were done and paid, we walked back to my apt. I helped you up the stairs, and put you on my couch. Even tho we were both pretty buzzed, you asked if I had anything else, and I poured us a couple cognac’s.

After a while, I asked you if you knew I had a crush on you growing up. You looked a little surprised, but asked me to tell you about it. I explained how I would try to peep in your door, and how sexy I thought you were. I even admitted that after you left I stole a pair of your dirty panties so I wouldn’t forget anything about you.

After a few minutes, and what seemed like eternity, you finally tuzla escort spoke. You told me how you knew I was looking, and purposely left doors open. How you even watched me jerk off in the shower- too oblivious to know anyone was there. How you often thought about me, but put it out of your head cause it was wrong. That the reason you left was because you didn’t trust yourself…

I was shocked. You then saw my look and broke into tears. I rushed over to hold you and calm you. As I did, I stroked your long blonde hair, and held you to my chest. Finally you stopped sobbing, and looked up at me. In that instant, all taboos were gone. I reached down and kissed your tear dampened lips, and you kissed me back. We kissed for what felt like hours- tongues fighting for position, and lips getting raw with contact. When we finally broke, you sat back and asked me “Would you like to finally get a real look at me?”

It was my turn to be shocked again! You saw my look and broke into tears. I rushed over to hold you and calm you. As I did, I stroked your long dark hair, and held you to my chest. Finally you stopped sobbing, and looked up at me. In that instant, all taboos were gone. I reached down and kissed your tear dampened lips, and you kissed me back. We kissed for what felt like hours- tongues fighting for position, and lips getting raw with contact. When we finally broke, you sat back and asked me “Would you like to finally get a real look at me?”

We both laughed- a little nervously, but expectantly. You stood up, and turned your back to me, asking me to undo your zipper. I slowly stood up behind you and pulled the zipper down, exposing your creamy white skin beneath. The zipper stopped right above the curve of your ass. You shrugged your shoulders and it fell to floor, pooling around your feet.

I pressed into you, and hugged you tight to me. I know you could feel my erection poking into your ass, and I buried my face in your sweet hair- inhaling deeply. You pushed back against me, and turned your head so we could kiss some more. My hands wandered over your stomach, and eventually the lacy cups of your bra. You reached behind, ‘accidently’ brushing my crotch, and undid the clasp.

My hands then went under the limp material, and cupped your breasts. Your nipples hardened to my touch, and I rolled them in my fingers. You moaned into my mouth, and began to grind into me. I nibbled on your lip, and you bit back at me. You reached back again, this time göztepe escort grabbing at my emerging shaft, and felt it through the thick material of my pants. I groaned, and you let go so you could take down your panties. Once you had then down, you broke away, and stood looking at me, then at the floor. You shyly said, “So, what do you think now?”

I walked up to you, put my finger under your chin, and picked your eyes up till they met mine. I then told you, “Even better than my dreams.” We kissed again, until you stopped me. “This isn’t fair at all, here I am, showing you everything, but I can’t see much more than ever…” You then gave me that little pouty look before smiling.

What could I do? I began by unbuttoning my shirt, and pulled it out of my pants. You walked closer and began to play with my chest hair and nipples. I then undid my belt and pants button, and you stepped back so I could drop my pants. You licked your lips as my pants fell down, and my cock popped out of my boxers. You reached out, and tentatively stroked it, surprised to feel the drop of pre-cum on the tip. You picked it up to your face, and I watched your dark eyes as you put it to your lips and tasted it. Your smile grew, and you got down on your knees in front of me.

I was in shock as you kissed my cock up and down, even kissing the sack of my balls, before going back to the tip. You took the head, and put it into your mouth, slowly taking it in inch by inch till your nose was at the base. I grabbed your long dark hair and guided you back and forth, slowly speeding up the pace. You then pulled it all the way out, and stroked the wet shaft while using your tongue on the slit in the tip. I groaned as you looked up at me. “Lil bro, are you old enough to cum? Can you show your big sis how you do it?”

That’s all it took, and I erupted. You took me into your mouth as the first burst hit, half in your mouth, half on your lips. My hands dug into your hair, as I came again, this time down your throat, and you swallowed it. The next eruption also was inside you, and your lips tried to milk it out.. You then took me in your hands, and stroked the next few loads out, letting my cum cover your hands and drip down to your breasts. You didn’t stop till I had lost all hardness, and then looked at me while you licked your hand and swallowed the rest of my cum.

I helped you stand up, and then kissed your cum covered lips. I could taste my saltiness on you, and you were surprised üsküdar escort at how willing I was, but then kissed me back harder. I then kissed your face, and worked my way down to your breasts, cleaning you off as I went. When I met your lips again, we shared the cum remnants, and kissed some more.

I then walked you to the bed and laid you down. “Can I now explore what was always so close yet far away big sis?”

You giggled and took me by the back of the head, and out me to your nipple, “Explore all you want lil bro” I opened my mouth and suckled your nipple. In my mouth it grew stiff and hard- like a pencil eraser. My other hand went to your other breast, and rubbed that nipple as well. You moaned as I bit down softly at first, gradually increasing the pressure to your moans. I switched from nipple to nipple, as your hand laced into my hair, and guided the pressure you liked.

My hand snaked down your belly till it got to your wet patch. You had a soft bush of hair, and it was soaking wet. My fingers roamed from the top of the slit to the bottom. You spread your legs so I could have a better angle. I got my fingers nice and lubricated, and began at the top, finding the nub of your clit, and gently rubbing it. Your breathing increased, as did your grip of my hair. I rubbed large circles around it, until you arched your back, and I felt your breathing hitch, and then you released. I felt a warm rush over my fingers as they danced in and out of you. Your insides pulsating as you caught your breath. I slowed my pace down until you regained control, and then sat up. Once I knew I had your attention again, I took my fingers and lifted them to take a taste. I smiled as your sweetness crossed my lips, and then offered you a finger as well. You sucked on it as expertly as you had my cock, savoring your own juices. I then changed positions, going between your legs, and making sure your head was propped on a pillow so you could watch.

As we maintained eye contact, I explored your pussy with my tongue. I sucked your clit, and took the outer lips in my mouth. You humped at my head, and our dark eyes were locked as my finger entered you, and searched out your g-spot, while my tongue attacked your clit. You heaved up and down, getting wetter and more turned on. You reached down, and pulled my head even tighter to you, grinding your hips on my face. I sensed you close, and really sped everything up. My tongue lashed your clit, my fingers pumped in and out of you, and you writhed in ecstasy, and til your body seized again, except this time you actually came, and covered me in your orgasm. Instead of stopping, I rode the waves until your breathing returned, and you could speak. You looked down at me and said’ “please just Fuck me!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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