Camilla Ch. 077

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On Friday night after Club Ritz closed, Camilla and Candice were walking out in the parking lot behind the strip joint, on their way to Candice’s car. Since Camilla, in her skin-tight black outfit and matching high heels, hadn’t shared Candice’s bed in two weeks, she chose to sacrifice going home with a man for the sake of her lonely friend’s pussy. Candice was wearing a shimmering crimson evening gown, black underwear, and black high heels. Both girls were brightly made up, as usual, and had their Nigrovum-black hair, eyes, and pale skin–their Nigrovum-inspired ‘Goth girl’ look.

Suddenly, five men appeared from several hiding places behind the cars. No one else was in the parking area, so it was safe for the men to attack. The leader of the men was Sam, who was still resentful about how Camilla had snubbed her during their dates. With him were three young white customers who’d each enjoyed many lap-dances from Camilla that night, but weren’t given a chance to sleep with her. The fifth man was her classmate in Dr. Martin’s class, the one she gave her come-soaked panties to and used Nigrovum to stop him from pursuing her. The men surrounded the girls.

“What do you creeps want?” Candice demanded in an angry voice that failed to hide her fear.

“What do you think we want?” Sam asked. “You girls are lookin’ delicious tonight–yum, yum.”

“Yeah,” said Camilla’s classmate. “I love how that black outfit hugs those titties and ass.”

“And you with the red dress on,” said one of the other three men. “I’m gonna tear that thing off and fuck you till next week.”

“Camilla?” Candice whispered in terror.

“I’ve got this,” Camilla said, already concentrating, summoning the psychic power of Nigrovum to her aid. “Don’t worry.” She could feel it vibrating throughout her body, getting her every muscle ready.

The men started slowly closing in on the girls. “You’ve got this,” her classmate said, pointing at her camel-toe, which was well-lit by a nearby streetlight. “And we wanna have this.”

Camilla could have visualized those tiny stars shining in the men’s ears, deafening them with that piercing ringing sound, and bringing them to their knees, as she had done to Mrs. Holland in her husband’s office washroom. Or Camila could have used her psychic powers to get each man’s cock and balls in a tight death grip, as she’d done with gossipy Tom in that same office. But that would have been ridiculously easy.

Instead, Camilla wanted to see if Nigrovum could improve her abilities at tae kwon do. She kicked off her high heels.

Quickly and intensely, she focused her visualization on the fight scene in Iron Man 2, when Black Widow took out a group of male attackers. In her skin-tight black suit, and given the situation she and Candice were in, Camilla didn’t need to use very much imagination.

“Why are your eyes closed, Camil?” Candice said in terror.

“‘Cause she’s scared,” Sam said. “She can’t look.”

Camilla’s classmate was the first to attack: when he got to her, she opened her eyes and gave him a low roundhouse kick inside, hitting him sharply in the balls. He fell to the ground, groaning in pain.

Then Sam came at her, while the other three men grabbed Candice and pulled her dress off.

“Camilla! Help!” she yelled.

“Just a minute,” Camilla said, feeling the Nigrovum flowing through her, even taking control of her body. Never taking her eyes off of Sam, she asked, “Why are you doing this?”

“This is for givin’ me the cold shoulder, two dates in a row,” he said. “This is the big payback!”

“You’re not my type. Sorry,” she said, throwing a kick that Sam dodged.

“You too slow, bitch,” he said. “You may know karate, but I know c-razy!” He grabbed her by the left shoulder, ripping her outfit down almost to her tit.

“Sorry, James Brown, no payback for you,” she said, giving him a front kick in the chest and making him fly into a wall–he was knocked out. He hadn’t let go of her outfit’s material, so it ripped off, revealing her left tit. “Fuck! I liked this outfit. Now I have to buy a new one.”

Her classmate got up and licked his lips at her exposed tit. Remembering her wicked kick, though, he chickened out and ran away.

“If you want pussy, look in the mirror,” she yelled.

“Camilla!” Candice screamed.

“Coming,” Camilla said, running to the three men on Candice, whose black panties were being pulled down her kicking legs.

Camilla reached the guy pulling down her panties and gave him a semi-circular roundhouse kick in the gut, knocking him to the ground. The other two men, startled by her surprising abilities as a fighter, let go of Candice, turned around, and faced Camilla.

That first of the three men knew a bit of martial arts, too, and he got up and tried kicking her in the torso: she blocked his leg with a single forearm block; then he tried throwing a punch–she deflected that with a palm block. Immediately after that, she kicked tekirdağ escort him in the balls, making him buckle to the ground.

The last two, remembering the sweetness of the exposed tit that they had enjoyed fondling just a half hour before in one of Club Ritz’s private rooms, ran at her. She jumped up with a scissor kick, hitting them both in the face and knocking them to the ground. When she did the kick, her tights split all along where her pussy and ass-crack were. All her yummy parts were exposed, except her right tit.

Candice had put her clothes back on by now, and she got out her keys and ran to her car. “C’mon, Camil,” she yelled. “Let’s get outta here before they come to!”

Camilla grabbed her shoes and purse, and ran to the car. She got in just as Candice was starting the engine, and they drove away.

“My hero,” Candice said with shaking hands on the steering wheel, but feeling both relieved and very horny. “My superhero.”

“My pleasure,” Camilla said. “Though I’m gonna have to buy a new set of black tights. Fuck!”

“I think you look kinda hot that way, actually,” Candice said. As they went down a lonely road, she took a quick look down at Camilla’s crotch. “Ooh, look at that yummy pussy. I’m glad I shaved it for you this afternoon.”

“Do you think I should wear this outfit onstage, all ripped and everything?”

“Sure. You’ll drive everybody wild; I’m getting wet just looking at you. Let’s just hope you don’t have to fight off any more guys like you did tonight. You sure gave those guys a licking, and you’re getting one as soon as we get in my bedroom.” Candice licked her lips. “I knew you’d had some more tae kwon do lessons last July, in case those Satanists attacked us again; but how’d you get so good at it so quickly?”

“Nigrovum, of course. I can’t believe I actually did a scissor kick; that’s an advanced move. I’ve only seen people do that in movies, and I did it perfectly on my first try. Nigrovum can make me do anything: it’s made me a fuckin’ goddess!” Camilla’s hair was all dishevelled again, not so much from the fight, but from the Nigrovum. She also had that wild-eyed look, the one she’d had after attacking Mrs. Holland.

“Don’t let yourself get overcome with your own power, OK?”

Totally ignoring Candice’s warning, Camilla continued: “Ever since those punks in Vancouver tried to rape me–remember, when I was running around naked that one night–I’d wanted to resume my tae kwon do lessons. No need for lessons now, thanks to my tiny black ovoid alien friends, swimming around in my blood.”

Ten minutes later, they were inside Candice’s apartment, rushing to her bed. Camilla didn’t even bother taking off her tights, since she knew Candice liked the way she looked, and her tit, pussy, and asshole were all accessible to her friend’s lips, tongue, and fingers. Candice took off her dress and shoes while Camilla got on the bed, lying on her back. Leaving her black underwear on, Candice got on the bed and on top of Camilla.

“My hero,” Candice sighed, kissing Camilla softly on the lips. Camilla put her arms around Candice, hugging her tightly. They started French-kissing, and Candice gently squeezed both of Camilla’s tits. “My superhero.”

“My licking…Lois Lane,” Camilla moaned as Candice tongued her right ear. Camilla grabbed Candice’s ass. “Oh!”

Candice moved down to Camilla’s exposed tit and wrapped her lips around the dark nipple. As she sucked away, Candice put her hand on Camilla’s vulva, briefly stroking her clitoris. Then she slid her long finger inside Camilla’s vagina, tickling her G-spot. Camilla, always sighing and moaning, ran her fingers through Candice’s black hair.

Candice then brought her head down between Camilla’s legs and started licking her hard clitoris. Both her index and long fingers were in Camilla’s wet cunt now, the former stimulating her G-spot and the latter gently poking at her A-spot. Camilla’s sighs grew into squeals. She looked down at the former redhead who was eating her out; their eyes locked, and Camilla delighted at seeing the lewd smile on Candice’s face.

Candice pushed Camilla’s legs up over her so she could get access to her asshole. Candice’s fingers continued probing Camilla’s now-soaking pussy, and her tongue was vibrating against Camilla’s anus. Then Candice’s fingers and tongue switched places: her index finger gently poked its way inside Camilla’s rectum while her tongue reached inside Camilla’s cunt, feeling for her G-spot. Candice exhaled heavily, since her nose was resting against Camilla’s clit and her breathing would stimulate it.

Candice sucked on Camilla’s right labium while her finger probed all around Camilla’s rectal walls, stimulating her vaginal walls indirectly. She sensed that Camilla would come in the next few seconds, so she let go of the labium, opened her mouth wide, and waited for the waterfall. It then gushed out, and Candice swallowed every drop. Camilla was screaming in whistle register, then as she calmed down, her screams went in a decrescendo into softer, lower-pitched sighs.

Candice got up and lay beside her lover, holding her close. Camilla put her arms around her and kissed her on the cheek.

“Thank you, baby,” Camilla said.

“My pleasure,” Candice said. “I owed you that; I love you.”

Camilla said nothing.


On Saturday night at Club Ritz, Father Josiah walked in, dressed in a T-shirt and jeans. He saw Candice and walked up to her.

“You’re Camilla’s friend, right?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Candice said. “She’s in a private room with someone now, though. Hey, you’re the priest.”

“Uh, yeah,” he said, blushing.

“I’m sorry about, uh, what happened at that party at Mr. Mennon’s house. I didn’t mean to, uh…I mean, I didn’t know you were the guy I was f–… Oh, I’m so embarrassed.”

“Oh, uh, the less said about that, the better.”

“Agreed,” Candice said emphatically.

“I hope I can get a chance to talk with Camilla.” He had a disconsolate frown on his face.

“Oh, sorry, Father. She doesn’t wanna talk to you. She’s really mad at you for interfering with her sex life and all.”

“I-I know. It’s just that I…” He was fighting back sobs.

“You have feelings for her, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” he said in sobs.

“Father, you know you can’t do that. Actually, I appreciate your stopping her from getting lovers, ’cause I have feelings for her, too. Gay feelings, you know.”

He looked up in shock at her. “You do?”

“Hey, that isn’t even close to being as sinful as what you’re doing, so don’t judge,” she said. “Anyway, can’t you use…you know, that paranormal power on her, or are you still blocked?”

“You know about that?”

“Of course. I have it, too; though I don’t use it as much as she does. I just use it so the needle holes in my arms disappear.”

“Insulin shots?” he asked, though he correctly suspected they were really for dope.

“Uh, yeah,” she lied.

“I see. And yes, she’s blocked me really well this time. Mentally, it’s like being buried alive. I can’t make a move to help her, and all I want to do is to stop her promiscuity.”

“Yeah, so you can have her?” Candice asked with a tinge of jealousy.

“You don’t understand. I’m…in love with her. I know I shouldn’t. I know I mustn’t, but it’s not just physical.”

“Same with me,” Candice said, her jealousy flaring up inside her. “Of course, everything’s physical with her.”

“Yeah. I want to save her, from herself,” he sobbed. “Then I can redeem myself before God.”

“I want to save her from herself, too. This power of hers is driving her mad. She actually thinks she’s a goddess. That’s so nuts!”

“She’s made an idol of herself: monstrous. Even more monstrous–do you know who she’s in love with?” He looked at Candice, hoping she’d remember the other embarrassing sexual union of that party in Agape’s house.

Remembering that night well, Candice felt her black hair stand on end. Had Camilla done what she did deliberately?

Suddenly, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, nude Camilla came out of the private room with Ted Weinstein, the man at the CBC.

“See you Tuesday night at Giovanni’s, Ted,” she said as he walked toward the front door of the strip joint. Then she gave Josiah an icy stare. “And I won’t see you at Mass tomorrow…or ever again.”

“Camilla, take it easy,” Candice said.

The priest sadly turned around and followed Ted toward the way out, crying even louder.

“And Father!” Camilla shouted. “If you ever put barriers around me again, I’ll…!”

“I won’t,” he sobbed, then left. He could feel the Nigrovum weighing him down.


On Sunday night, black-haired, blue-eyed Camilla watched a DVD of Watchmen with Agape.

Watching Nite Owl II and Silk Spectre II take out the thugs in the alley, then fight the prison inmates so they could free Rorschach, Camilla thought with pride about how she’d protected Candice against Sam, her classmate, and those other three would-be rapists.

“I’m so amazing,” Camilla said. “Fighting off those guys.”

“You’d be a lot more amazing in my eyes if you’d start coming to church again,” Agape said.

“Oh, I don’t wanna go anymore, Daddy.”

“Why not?” he asked.

“I just don’t. I think I’m losing my faith. Sorry.”

Hearing her say that didn’t ease his suspicions about what she had been doing while he was sleeping. Still, he didn’t want to accuse her without proof, and however unlikely her story was about him always falling asleep during their parties, and dreaming about fucking Carrie (with a teenager’s body and nymphomaniac horniness), he clung to a belief in it; because the ever more apparent alternative explanation was simply too unthinkable for him…


Camilla didn’t put up any psychic barriers that night, for she, all overconfident, wanted to take on all the evil incubi in a fight.

“Warriors, come out and play-ay.” she sang, then went to sleep.

Naked, she found herself with Li-ping, Akemi, and Calina–also naked–in basement four of the burning mansion, with the masked Satanists. The flames surrounding her and the masked men offset the cold in the room. The men were in a circle surrounding her and the girls.

“Let’s fuck,” one of the masked men said.

“Forever, and ever, and ever,” said another, laughing.

They came at the girls. Camilla punched and kicked, and blocked the punches and kicks of the masked men as best she could; and though she knocked down many of them, they soon overpowered her and the three other girls. What at first looked like only about a dozen of them soon turned into an endless sea of them!

What caused her to lose the fight wasn’t so much her limited fighting ability, or even how hopelessly outnumbered she was: to tell the truth, her acquiescent lust welcomed the masked men’s cocks.

They got her on the floor on her back, and a masked man put his cock in her mouth, her pussy, and her ass. The other masked men just watched, laughed their eerie laughs, and waited their turn.

As she was getting gang-banged, she looked up at them; as she looked up from the one in her pussy to the one she was blowing, she no longer saw a mask. Now, it was Grisham she was blowing. Then she looked down at the man fucking her pussy, for his cock suddenly felt different; this was no longer a masked man, but Alex, thrusting aggressively inside her and smiling maliciously. Then she looked over at who was fucking her ass, for that cock now felt different. Instead of seeing a mask, she saw the face of Mr. Leroy. She came.

The illogic of a dream allowed her to be able to see the faces of all the men while having a cock in her mouth. The cock in her mouth now felt different: she looked up, and saw that Mr. Langella had replaced Mr. Grisham. Then the cock in her pussy felt different: she looked down, and instead of seeing Alex’s bitter face, she saw the bitter face of Mr. Baker. She came again.

Because her lovers were spirits, they could switch so quickly that it was as though one lover metamorphosed into the next. Now the cock in her ass was suddenly different: no longer was Mr. Leroy fucking her in the ass; Wayne was. She felt a new cock in her mouth–M. Larre’s. Then the cock in her pussy changed: now Dr. Davis was fucking her. All the while the grotesque laughs of the masked men could be heard. As frightening as that laughing was, her sexual excitement made her all but oblivious to the ominous sound. She came a third time.

Next, her asshole wasn’t being stretched out as wide as before, for Wayne’s big cock was replaced by Mr. Chen’s smaller one. Then the cock in her cunt changed from Dr. Davis’ to Miles’. M. Larre’s cock came out of her mouth, and he came on her face. No new cock went in her mouth, so she was free to scream from the pleasure of feeling Miles’ cock pumping in her dripping wet pussy. She came a last time, screaming in whistle register.


Also in bed, Agape woke up at the sound of that whistle register scream. He remembered hearing screams like that during his ‘dreams’ with Carrie (as Camilla called them). Then he remembered hearing Carrie scream like that during some of his recent lovemaking with her, and he used that to ease his worries. He went back to sleep.


Now Camilla was squatting over Mr. Hanson’s face, pissing on it. He happily received her golden juice as it splashed off his nose, cheeks, and eyes.

Then she felt Li-ping’s pussy come down on her face; she began licking it. Akemi didn’t seem to mind licking Camilla’s pussy, which was soaked with her urine. Calina was giving Camilla a rim-job.

Li-ping came, and Camilla lapped up the ooze dripping from the Taiwanese girl’s pussy. Then Camilla looked down, hoping to see Akemi’s face; but instead, she saw Ms. Callahan licking her instead! Shocked, Camilla came on her hated teacher’s face.

Callahan got up, spitting the come out in disgust. “Eww!” she shouted. “It’s this come that got me down here in the first place, you bitch.”

“Fuck you, Callahan,” Camilla said.

More of the masked men came at her, shoving their huge cocks inside her still soaking wet cunt, asshole, and mouth; and they started fucking, and fucking, and fucking. She looked around herself: she was no longer in basement four of the burning mansion; she was floating on top of the water of a huge aquarium. People were watching her get fucked by–it seemed to them–invisible lovers. There were cameras and reporters from countries all around the world.

She came, in a huge explosion of desire: her gushing came out in a quickly expanding ring of light, just like the energy reactors Adrian Veidt helped Dr. Manhattan make in the movie Watchmen. These rings of light smashed the glass of the aquarium, causing the people watching to be submerged in all the water, mixed with her come. The people all drowned.

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