Family Feelings

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This story was told to me by my sister-in-law Susan, about her awakening to love. If you have read my first story about how we met, “Menage a Quatre”, you’ll know something about her already.

* * * * *

Susan’s StoryWhen I was a very little girl, we were well-off. I mean that we had money and lived in a nice house. When I was a little older, we were what you’d call pretty rich. And now we’re filthy rich, all because my granddad and his sons built up a little shipping company into a big multinational powerhouse. You’ve probably heard the quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald about how the very rich are different from you and me. Well it’s true. After my uncle and aunt died in a plane crash when I was five, Granddad and Dad became very protective of me and my brother Paul. Dad and Mom adopted my cousin Ron, and we three kids lived in a protective cocoon.

Ron and Paul are the same age, four years older than I. We didn’t associate with lots of other kids outside of school, so we spent lots of time together. I’ve always had a crush on both of them. As a pre-teen, I was a big pest. But they always were nice to me, even when they didn’t want me around.

We all went to the same private academy in Connecticut. Our parents were always away working or visiting far-off countries or the like, and we were left in the hands of a succession of nannies and bodyguards, all of whom we hated and conspired against. In return, we were never allowed to go to other kids’ houses or have sleepovers or the other fun things normal kids like to do. Each day after school, we were picked up by the chauffeur/bodyguards and driven back to our fenced estate. We called it “Stalag 14.”

When I was eleven, the boys were sent to a boarding school. We saw each other on school holidays, but never on weekends. Each time they came home after months away, I was thrilled to see how they had grown up. Both were athletes. Ron was on the track team, and Paul was a wrestler. With the training they did, they developed muscular physiques. I thought they were the most handsome boys I had ever seen.

At the age of fourteen, I too was sent to a tony boarding school for girls, and only came home for school holidays. I was not a good student except for French and art, both of which I loved. I planned to become an artist and live in a garret in Paris and have bohemian lovers.

By then I had developed physically so that my breasts filled out my sweaters and my pussy was covered in soft brown fur. When I discovered masturbation, an entire fantasy world opened up to me. At night lying in bed, I would play with myself for hours imagining that some handsome man or other was fucking my wet slit and kissing my nipples. All of the girls had private rooms at school, so I never had to worry about roommates discovering my nocturnal activities. Although I tried to suppress my thoughts, the man I pictured the most often was my brother Paul.

We had occasional dances at the school arranged with neighboring boys schools of the proper social level, but I never met anyone at these affairs who attracted me in a serious way. In any case, we were too carefully guarded to let anything serious happen. So I remained virginal all through my years at school.

At the age of eighteen, I was a junior. Each of the dorm floors had senior girls who were designated as “monitors” and were tasked with supervising the younger ones. Our monitor was named Cynthia. She and I had been casual acquaintances for years because she had been attending the school since primary. One night I was lying in my bed with my nightgown hiked up around my hips and my fingers busily exploring my inner depths. I had been giving myself one after another particularly strong orgasm, and although I am normally pretty non-vocal, this session was exceptional. As I gasped and let out little moans, Cynthia heard me as she was passing my room.

I opened my eyes to see Cynthia standing in my doorway. How long she had been watching I don’t know. She was dressed in a long sheer nightgown, and her long straight brown hair hung down over her shoulders practically to her waist. With the hall light behind her, I could see the outline of her legs through the gown. She was leaning on the door frame with one hand between her legs.

I gasped in alarm as I simultaneously struggled to pull down my gown and cover myself with the sheets. Cynthia closed the door and walked over to me and sat down on the side of the bed.

“Don’t worry about it,” she assured me. “I do the same thing all the time. I just try to keep quiet.”

“Really?” I asked naively. “I thought I must be the only one. It seems so dirty. But it feels so good.”

“Are you still a virgin?” she asked gently.

“Of course I am,” I came back. “Aren’t you?”

She laughed at that sally. “Not for quite a while. Do you like being one?”

“I’m saving myself for my wedding.” It now seems quite amazing to me what a little prude I was then.

“That didn’t answer my question.” Cynthia sakarya escort bent down over me and kissed me on the lips. This was quite a shock! Although we had often kissed on the cheeks as greetings, this was different. She turned on my bedside lamp and looked down at me. Although I had pulled the hem of my nightgown over me, the juices from my pussy had soaked through the front, and the odor of my sex was heavy in the air.

I felt helpless to react as she raised the hem of my gown to expose my sex to her gaze.

“Let me show you,” she said in a husky whisper, lowering her mouth to my stomach.

She kissed my belly button and then with tiny kisses her lips descended my abdomen until they touched the moist hair above my pussy. She gently parted my legs with one hand as she moved lower, until her tongue made electric contact with my erect button. As she slowly licked around my sensitive clit, she pushed one then two fingers into me. I was so wet that they entered easily. I felt myself become even more wet as the fingers fucked me and her mouth gave me more pleasure than I’d ever been able to give to myself. I opened my legs as wide as I could to give her access as my hands squeezed by breasts and my hard, almost painful nipples. When I looked down, her eyes were boring into mine as her lips and fingers worked their magic. I can’t say how many times I came before she raised her face from my between my legs. Perhaps it was one continuous orgasm. At the end I fell back on my pillow, covered with sweat and flushed all over my body.

Cynthia sat beside me looking down with a strange expression. “For a beginner you really freaked out there,” she said. “My first time I was so nervous I didn’t feel anything except the need to pee. If I hadn’t felt your hymen just now, I would have never guessed that you’re a virgin.”

I was now a bit recovered, and made some vague effort to cover my breasts and legs with my gown. “I don’t know what to say. I’m not a lesbian. How did you make me do that?”

“I didn’t make you do anything you didn’t want to do. You don’t have to be a lesbian to like someone’s mouth on your cunt. When there’s no men available, we have to make do with what’s available. Now! You’ve had your fun, it’s my turn.”

“What do you mean? You want me to do that to you? That’s disgusting!”

Of course it wasn’t disgusting, as my recent experiences had just demonstrated. So I regretted that outburst almost immediately. Besides, Cynthia had climbed onto my bed and straddled my chest. She pulled her gown over her head, revealing herself in total nudity. She had a magnificent pair of breasts whose nipples stuck out hard and full pointing in separate directions. Her long hair fell over her shoulders and onto my face as she leaned over to kiss me full on the lips. I knew immediately that the musky smell on her face came from my juices, and this was strangely exciting. She moved up to straddle my face so that her pussy was just over my mouth. Her labia were swollen and her large clitoris stuck out like a little penis engorged with blood. I reached up gingerly and parted her outer lips while I let a finger trail up to touch her button.

“You don’t need to be so gentle,” she whispered. I found her vaginal opening and was able to easily fit three fingers inside. Her cunt was warm and moist and muscular.

“Fuck me hard,” she commanded. I moved my hand up and down rapidly as she asked. It entered up to the knuckles. “Harder, Harder!” I got all four fingers in and was really pounding into her. On the upstroke, I made my thumb bump into her clit. She was supporting herself on the bed’s headboard bucking on my hand, forcing herself down to meet my strokes, so that I was afraid she would break my wrist. Her juices were pouring out of her and running down my hand and wrist. With my free hand, I reached up to tweak her nipples. When she came, I could feel the muscles of her cunt squeeze hard on my hand.

She slumped down so that her matted hairs were pushed against my chin. Her smell was strangely exciting, and I felt my own juices begin to moisten my slit again. I moved her gently so that I could probe her with my tongue. She tasted different from me, but not unpleasantly so. As I lapped between her lips and up to her clit, still engorged and erect, she pressed her cunt down on my face so that my tongue was able to enter more deeply into her tunnel. My mouth was covered with a fresh flood of juice, and I was able to breathe only through my nose. Both of us were letting out little grunts and squeals as she came a second time.

She slowly lowered herself onto the bed next to me and we fell asleep in each others arms. Only when daylight brightened the room through the curtains did she rise silently, put on her gown, and disappear through the door.

After that night, Cynthia and I became best friends. Needless to say, we slept together almost every night when we thought we would not risk being discovered. She taught me to lots samsun escort of new things I had never imagined in my earlier pubescent fantasies. She would come to my room with her vibrator and have me fuck her with it. She could get multiple orgasms with it every time. She would use the tip to stimulate my clitoris, but she would never put it into my cunt. “We need to keep you a virgin for your husband,” she laughed.

However, she did share the pleasures of anal fucking with the vibrator. With it buzzing in my asshole and her lips and tongue pleasuring my cunt, I had guaranteed orgasms whenever I wanted.

“Did you ever let a guy fuck you back there?” I asked after the first time we did it.

“Not yet, but the guys I’ve slept with have all been such prigs. Episcopalians I guess. They must think it’s just for shitting with.” Cynthia had a foul mouth for such a well-bred girl. I was often shocked by the words she used.

“Do you like it better with guys than with me?” I asked coyly.

“You’re jealous!” she laughed at me. “No, not better but different. Most guys don’t last long enough to satisfy me. The only saving grace is that guys our age can get it up again a couple of times. Most of them won’t go down on me either. They think it’s dirty. But when a guy is lying between my legs pumping me hard, I really do like that. Doggy style is good too. But the best is when I’m on top. Then I’m in control and can make it last a real long time. You know I’ve made it lots more times with you than any guy, so don’t be envious of any boyfriend I’m lucky enough to get.”

I kissed her for that. “You’re so beautiful, any boyfriend is lucky to have you. I’m even luckier.”

When summer came, Cynthia graduated and I was free for the long holiday. I asked my parents if Cynthia could come to stay at our place for a while. I was sure that they would refuse, but to my surprise they accepted the idea warmly. I found out later that Cynthia’s dad was a friend of my dad.

Cynthia has gotten a car as a graduation present and it was agreed that she would drive us home from school. With all of her stuff loaded in the car, we set off to drive the hundred or so miles to our place. I noticed that we were not on the direct route. Cynthia said she had to make a stop, and eventually we pulled up in front of a discreet low-rise office building. Cynthia told me to come with her, and when we entered the unmarked door I saw that we were in a doctor’s office.

“This is a little secret between us. Dr. Adams is a gynecologist with a very select practice. If you ever have a little ‘female’ problem you need taken care of, he’s the man to see. Completely discreet. Of course it’s not cheap either.”

“What do mean by female problem?”

“Sometimes I think you were born yesterday. I mean if you happen to find yourself in a family way inconveniently, this is the place to come.”

I was taken aback. “You mean an abortionist?” I thought about it for a minute. “Don’t tell me you’ve had an abortion?”

Cynthia laughed. “No I haven’t. But I get my pills here without my parents knowing about it. And we’re going to get you some too. In case your ‘husband’ shows up before the wedding. Since I’ve turned you on to sex, I feel responsible for you. I won’t be at school next year to keep you out of trouble, so just regard this as a graduation present.”

Dr. Adams was cool and professional. I was surprised when he gave me a full exam. At school, the gynecologist is a woman. As I lay on the table with my legs in the stirrups and the speculum spreading me wide, I mused that the doctor was the first man to ever look up my vagina. I wondered if he ever got excited looking up girl’s twats all day.

After the exam, Dr. Adams handed me a prescription and two month’s work of pills in their little plastic calendar wrappers. “I see that you’re still intact. I assume that at your age you’re been tempted to start having sex. Start taking these pills right away. If you have any reactions, call me and we can try a different type. I recommend that you use condoms even when taking the pills. Birth control pills don’t help with diseases.”

The parents didn’t find it unusual that Cynthia would share my room. I guess they thought that we were just “best friends”. My bedroom at home was huge, and they moved a second bed in there. Since my room is in a different part of our big house, I was sure that we could act as we did at school without being discovered. What I hadn’t planned on was that Paul and Ron would be there are well. They had both graduated from college that year and were working for my dad in the company, learning the ropes as it were. They had their rooms in the same wing as my parents, and we saw them every morning at breakfast and every evening at dinner when they were in town.

The first day we were home and I saw Paul and Ron again, my old feelings for them returned. I think that they saw me for the first time as a grown woman, and their behavior to me urfa escort seemed both more formal and warmer.

But not for Cynthia. When they were introduced, I sensed that something passed between the three of them. Lying in bed that first evening, Cynthia said, “Why didn’t you ever tell me you were living with two hunks like that? I hope you don’t mind if I try my luck.”

I did mind in a funny way but I said nothing. Although I lusted for Cynthia, I loved Paul and Ron. And now I knew I loved them as men and not as brothers.

Cynthia flirted with both of them outrageously over the next day or two. The third evening they went missing after dinner. I was pretty suspicious and started looking around the house and grounds to see what they were up to. When I got to the garden shed, I heard voice and other sounds. Creeping to the window, I looked in to see Paul lying naked on a blanket with Cynthia mounted on him, his big cock pumping in and out of her pussy. At the same time, Ron was standing in front of her with his cock in her mouth. This was the first time I’d ever seen real men’s cocks, and fucking at that. Watching them made me very hot and I couldn’t resist raising my dress, dropping my panties, and burrowing my hand into my moist cunt.

They all went on for a long time, so despite what Cynthia had said about guys, these two knew how to hold their fire. After what seemed like an hour, I saw Paul tense and grab Cynthia’s hips, holding her to him. I guessed he was cumming in her. After a few moments, he seemed to go limp. Cynthia kept sucking on Ron’s cock, taking it really deep in her mouth. Moments later, he pulled out as his cum spurted out onto her chin and neck and ran down between her breasts. There seemed to be a lot of it. This was the first time I had seen a man cum, even though Cynthia had described it to me in graphic detail. The excitement of the scene was so intense that I came sharply myself.

I managed to pull up my panties and arrange my dress, and with a feigned carelessness marched into the door of the shed. You can’t imagine the surprise I caused the guys. As they scrambled to hide their naked cocks from their “innocent” little sister, Cynthia was laughing so hard I though she would have a stroke.

She got control of herself and said, “I bet you got an eyeful, didn’t you Susan? I heard you standing our there playing with yourself. How did you like our little show?”

This made me a little crazy. “It was selfish of you to hog both of them for yourself, while I had to make do with my fingers.” I was surprised at my own boldness but pleased by the shocked expression both of the men exhibited.

Cynthia teased me, “What do you mean? Do you want your brother or your cousin to fuck you? Take your cherry? You’re supposed to be saving that for your husband.”

“I don’t care,” I started crying. “I love them better than any husband.” I ran over and threw my arms around Paul’s waist, sobbing. Paul had by then gotten his trousers on, but his muscular chest and stomach felt wonderful against my cheek. The smell of his maleness was so exciting, I didn’t care what I was saying.

By then Paul spoke for the first time. “I love you too, but I’m not going to make love to my sister. That’s horrible. Even for Ron, sex with a first cousin is still incest.”

Ron came over to put his arms around me. “We both love you. You’re my sister too. It wouldn’t be right to make love to you for either of us.”

I was still crying, holding onto Paul. “Kiss me! Please!” I moved my face up to Paul’s and put my arms around his neck, pressing my lips to his. He responded instinctively and opened his lips, so I stuck my tongue into his mouth while I pressed my breasts against his naked chest. But after a moment he pushed me away.

“This isn’t right. Stop it!”

But I had felt his cock stiffen through his pants. I turned to Ron. “Please don’t push me away too. I love you.”

But the moment had passed, and all four of us silently arranged our clothes, left the shed, and walked back to the house.

Cynthia and I went to my bedroom. When the door closed behind us, I demanded, “take off your clothes. I want to see what’s in your pussy.”

“You want to see Paul’s cum in me, do you?” Cynthia thought this idea was cool, and she quickly dropped her skirt. She was not wearing panties so that I could see the residue of sex dried on her thighs and in her bush. I pushed her down on the bed, spread her legs, and parted her lips. I was disappointed that there seemed to be nothing left of the semen that Paul had surely filled her with.

“Nothing left? Sorry! Since I was riding on him, most of it must have dripped out. Maybe he’ll let you suck his cock next time.” Cynthia had a cruel streak that showed itself from time to time. “In the meantime since you’re down there, you can eat as much as you want.”

I stood up and looked down at her, spread-eagled on the bed. “Eat yourself if you can. I don’t feel like it right now. Maybe you’ll behave better in the future.”

Things were frosty at dinner. None of use talked to each other. My dad was out of town, but Mom asked us if we were feeling all right. “No problem. We’re just a little tired.” We all mumbled things to that effect.

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