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Jenny has always fantasized about what it would be like to have a big hot black cock deep inside her. Last summer Jenny went to a swimming party, a friend had invited her. It was all girls day, a birthday event, complete with drinks and no guys.

Jenny was sporting her new micro G-string bikini which most of the girls had similar ones too. It was pretty little when she wore, but she knew that she could make it home. Jenny decided to just slip her T-shirt on over her bikini and head out.

Jenny decided to take a short cut down a dirt road, which would save a few miles, and before long she heard a sound. She must to have picked-up a nail in her tire, it was flat and she was alone.

Jenny eased over as close as she could to the side of the road. Jenny wasn`t completely off the road, and the ditch back dropped way off, but it was the best she could do. She got out to begin what she had seen her husband do many times, so she knew that she could change out her own tire and be on her way. All alone on that dirt road, she said to herself what the heck. Jenny took off her tee shirt, it had been a gift at the party and she didn`t want to get it dirty the very first time that she wore it.

Jenny began and she had the jack out ready to put it under the truck when a car came around the corner. It passed by, then stopped, and out stepped an older black man. She could tell that he was hesitant about coming closer, but Jenny told him that her tire was flat, yalova escort and she was trying to get home from a pool party. After a few words he kindly knelled down to see what she was trying to do and he took over with the jack.

Jenny was thanking him for stopping as he worked away, but she was noticing that he would look over at her then turn away quickly. Jenny also noticed that he had a swelling in his pants the size of Georgia. Was it the alcohol in her or her secret desire, whatever the deal she was thinking?

He jacked up the truck a little, and slowly began to take the lug nuts off. The last nut was kind of a hard, and as he struggled with it the truck shook and the jack slipped. Jenny reached out to hold the jack, and at the same moment he saw what was happening, so he quickly reached over to steady it.

That put her a little in front of him and as he reached for the jack his hand caught the edge of her bikini top and her left breast fell out. Even in the mist of what was a problem, she found herself turned on that he had touched her, and then he could see her breast.

Jenny saw that he just stared at it, but because she didn`t say anything, he didn`t respond either. All she could do was hold on to the jack as he made it right and kept working. Once all was ok, she was going to stand up, fix her top and try to laugh it off somehow.

As she stood up and stepped backward her edirne escort foot went down in kind of a washed out spot. Jenny tried to stay on her feet, but she soon knew that she was flat on her back, sliding head first down the step dirt ditch bank.

Her black friend and breast remover hurled around to help. On her way down hill by nature her bikini bottom was sliding right off her rear end. As fate would have it he reaches, grabbed her ankle with his left hand, and forward he reaches higher with his right hand.

In the swiftness of timing, his hand slides under the tied part of her G-string, and her downward journey made it come untied. Finally his brute strength had her stopped, stable, and she was able to crawl back up the hill to safety.

Jenny sat there for a moment to catch her breath, and then she realized that her bikini bottom was completely off her, it was half way down the slope, and now he was viewing her private parts between her legs. There was a look in his eye that she did not understand, was it she or was it him, or was anything like this suppose to happen.

He made his way back to finishing up her tire change. She made the decision to just leave off her bottom it was dirty now anyway. Jenny noticed her top had a grease marked on it also, so she took it on off so she wouldn`t smear it. Why not, that guy had already seemed her, and to top it off she was horny as hell then. There erzurum escort was no change in the size of his cock, she knew what she saw, and she wanted so much to pull it out of his pants.

The tire was on now, she was ready to roll he said. Jenny told him that she didn`t know how to thank him for all of his help. Then she saw that look again. The only words that she could think of to say was, are you sure that I can`t pay you somehow. What a lame thing to say, no it was really what she meant to say. She was sure that she was the first white women he had ever seen, naked, so that was awkward for both of them. Her horny state, along with the liquor, had her unzipping his pants, and her mouth fully engaged in pleasure.

Jenny glanced up at him, what a look of satisfaction he had, did he want more, and could she handle that monster cock deep inside her. She sucked for sometime tasting a bit of sweet juice, and then she said that would you do me a favour.

Nothing else was said. Jenny stretched out on her front side over the tail gate of her truck; he gently stocked his cock over her pussy and ass. Don`t tease me Jenny said, at which time he probed that shaft deep inside her pussy.

She had never had a man this big before and one that felt so good. Right before his cum reached its exit; he pulled out, teasing her ass. Jenny made many sounds of excitement then he rapped her ass.

The first few pushes hurt, but the pain gave way to a filling of total fulfillment. His hot load of cum warmed her body. That guy had awakened her sexual side, was it his size, was it his colour, and was it the eventful afternoon naked with a total stranger from nowhere. It did not matter to Jenny, she wanted something that day, and the opportunity came. She was glad it did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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