Desiree and Big John

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It had been only a week since I’d introduced “Desiree, the Hot to Trot Transvestite” to my girlfriend Suzie, leaving me not a bit surprised that she chose not to spend the very next weekend at my place. While she hadn’t freaked out, she was concerned I was gay since I was so convincing but I assured her I was not. I planned on revealing the truth I’d been with men later, it was enough her boyfriend liked to dress as a woman, so I thought. Not letting her absence get me down, I just merely took the opportunity to shop and treat Desiree to a much needed feminine weekend.

Returning from the mall late Saturday afternoon, I could not wait to try on my new outfit I’d found at Cache, along with the super high heeled spikes to match. As the bubbly bathwater slowly ran, I laid out my ensemble on my bed. The blouse was sheer pink chiffon with flowing sleeves and black pearl buttons with French cuffs that just oozed femininity. I pulled from my lingerie drawer one of my hot pink Bettie Page bras so delicately woven in lace; just looking at it with the visions of my silicone inserts with pronounced nipples protruding as it contrasted strongly against the soft pink made my “clitty” gently rise in anticipation. Out from the bag next was a super tight Versace mini skirt in jet black with subliminal sequins deeply woven in the spandex. Bringing it altogether would be my favorite wide hot pink leather belt, with a gold buckle made of individual gold letters spelling out the word SLUT, which described my desires for the evening perfectly. The six inch spiked heels in black leather securely encasing my noir Donna Karan stocking feet would be the cat’s meow.

Ummm, I just couldn’t wait but nevertheless thoroughly enjoyed soaking in my perfumed bath. Enjoying the massaging bubbles and a cold screwdriver, I carefully painted my two inch dragon lady nails vividly with hot pink polish and a clear top coat and set them aside as I contemplated going full fem with the shaving of my legs, cock and balls. Seeing as the cat was out of the bag with Suzie knowing now and obviously not caring, I decided to go all the way and coated my best feminine assets with pink Caress shaving cream and carefully removed all traces of manly hair from my legs, cock, and balls. Looking at my arms, I said, hell why not, and shaved them top and under soft and slick as any woman. As I softly towel dried, I readied my “douche” and found the warm water entering my hopeful “pussy” to be quite fulfilling.

Clean as a whistle, inside and out, I sat upon my bed and painted my toenails the same vivid hot pink. Just the smells of femininity caused my cock to rise to attention and as my toenails dried I could not help but to stroke it to a full palm of cum which I lapped the sweetness up and swallowed. Damn, I love the taste of salty sweet man juice and hoped tonight would be the night that would return my memories to my youthful street walking days when I could make any man drool in anticipation of my full lips devouring his cock.

As I sat at my makeup table, the coverings of a showgirl went on like a dream. Lashes jet black, long and curled, they highlighted the pink effects of the brow. Cheeks defined with pink powder and lips outlined in bold hot pink with the wetness and sheen of a soft pink painting their fullness. Back to the bed, I lay down and tucked cock and balls deep inside me and secured them with flesh colored tape. Rising, I used the same tape to push my man boobs together to present the illusion of cleavage.

Sliding into the softest Donna Karan sheer black French pantyhose, my legs made an instant transformation. Next came the hot pink Bettie Page lace bra and inside dropped my D cup silicone tits, the nipple so pronounced they practically begged seduction. The new chiffon blouse felt so grand against my skin and the contrasting pinks just made my heart throb. My Versace mini skirt required a wiggle to get into and the wide hot pink belt cinched my waist just enough to give me that feminine curve between hips and waist. The gold lettered buckle spelling SLUT was hardly needed at this point as everything to this point clearly stated the same. Slipping into my Italian six inch heels lifted my buttocks just as if they were naturally born to a woman causing my swagger to the wig stand to be as exaggerated as any runway models. I could feel my tucked “clitty” swell with the swish swish sound of my stocking clad legs touching one another as my strut crossed with the bounce of my ass. There would be no doubt sweet wetness could be tasted with a swipe of a finger between my cheeks soon.

Ah, the crowning glory, my favorite long blonde “super girl” wig with luscious strawberry blonde waves folding inward towards my neck and falling sexily upon my amble boobs. It has always been that moment in the transformation that cinched it for me, from that point forward; I was “Desiree, the Hot to Trot Transvestite.”

Jewels came next as I searched my jewelry box for my favorite earrings. Didn’t take long to find them and upon one ear I attached a gold lifelike cock and upon the other went the gold balls, both so realistic with the well defined head on the cock and the van escort familiar sag of a pair of cum filled balls. The next was the crème de la crème for any cocksucker and that was my tongue jewel of a golden cock. I’d been chicken to get my tongue pierced and had a gay jeweler make me a metal cock, 14K plated, with a magnet I could place on the underside. It was perfect and always managed to get my desires across when everything else failed. My diamond engagement ring and a few golden bangles finished out the jewels and I completed this step at the makeup table with a few well placed squirts of Lauren perfume.

The finally came with the application of my hot pink two inch dragon lady nails, first the glue and then the nails, insuring my transformation would at least be two days in the least. The permanency of the glue always makes me tremble with excitement.

Perfection ran through my mind as I gazed at the reflection of one hot cock sucking whore in the full length mirror. As I turned my head and body in admiration, my tits giggled and blonde locks swayed with the motions.

The clicking of my heels on the hardwood floors along with the fragrance of womanly sexuality announced a woman was in the house. I fixed a tall cold tequila sunrise and sat down in the living room and perused the local gay newspaper for events tonight. Just now 9 pm, I had plenty of time to calm my nerves for opening show time at Illusions, the best female impersonator bar in Midtown.

Putting on my favorite song, “I feel like a woman”, I fished out some old copies of FMI from my porn stash. Rereading the stories I’d submitted long ago about my trips to bookstores, I succumbed to the fond memories. If only I’d recorded every adventure Desiree had in adult bookstores, lordly, I’d have a book and a half. Along with the rest stops, truckers on lonely highways, I’d seen and sucked many a man to completion in my day. I was hoping tonight would be as fruitful as I finished my third drink of the evening.

I was just making sure my purse had all the necessaries of a woman in need, lipstick, lip gloss, keys, money, license, perfume, extra nails, extra pantyhose, brush, it was all there. Taking one last glance of pure sexuality in the mirror, I fluffed my blonde locks to their fullest, painted my lips with glossy pink wetness, refreshed my perfume and was headed to the door when the phone rang.

I let it ring off the hook as I tried to let my heart calm for the opening of the front door. There were always neighbors to worry about, no one in the apartment complex knew of my alternate personality, or at least that I knew. As I turned to close the door, the phone rang again and I heard my neighbors door latch turn and I hurried back inside my apartment. I succumbed to the untimely call and answered the damn phone. Much to my surprise, it was Suzie. She was obviously drunk as she could barely spew out her troubles when a man came on the phone and told me she had a flat tire and was too drunk to drive. He gave me the location and I told her I would come down and get her.

Crap, I thought to myself. A perfect evening ruined. All dressed up and now this. I needed a drink and fixed one more as I tried to decide what to do. She already knew of Desiree and the location she was at was in the middle of Midtown, no less smack dab where all the blacks partied. I would be asking for it if I went down there dressed.

Not two minutes ago I’d been outside, ready to lock my door and strut to my car, now this decision. My thoughts were rudely interrupted by the banging of a fist against my door. Easing over to the peep hole, I saw my neighbor and another friend standing at my door.

They were clearly intoxicated and soon they began shouting, “Open up honey baby.”

“We know what you want, sissy boy.” they continued to shout.

Throwing all caution to the wind, I opened the door and they barged right in.

Keith wasted not a moment in saying he caught a glimpse of me all decked out and the both figured they’d get a quick blowjob before heading out to the strip club and with that I was presented with not one but two hardened white cocks sticking out of their pants.

Nearly three sheets to the wind, my shyness and secret now gone; I knelt obediently and swallowed cock right then and there. Working feverishly from tip to base, it took not two minutes before Keith unloaded a hot wad of sticky man juice down my throat, which I swallowed without hesitation. Next came his unnamed friend who was much larger by this time and he manhandled me in a way I long for, force fucking my face as his large manhood would in no way fit entirely in my loving mouth. My jaws ached as he hands gripped the back of my head forcing me to swallow just as his head swelled and released what seemed like a bucket of cum. Cum oozed down my cheeks, just what I was wanting to avoid, I gathered what I could on my fingertips and licked them clean.

They thanked me for the blow jobs and left as quickly as they entered, laughing the whole way.

Shit, I was dirtied now. Quickly I refreshed my face and decided what van escort bayan the hell; it’s all out in the open now and hurriedly left to get Suzie.

I must admit, the thoughts of what just occurred sent many fantasies through my mind as I drove the highway to Midtown. Having a man living so close that knew of Desiree could make for some fun evenings, no doubt, as I envisioned spending the night at his place pleasing him and his friend. Again, my tucked “clitty” swelled.

I hit the dome lights and placed a finger to Desiree’s any man’s land, felt its wetness, and brought the sticky finger to my lips and kissed its sweetness. I shivered with excitement and was nearly scared shitless when a blast of a trucker’s horn interrupted my decadent thoughts.

To my right was my old friend, the lonely trucker. Ah, the black silk encased legs did the trick again. I can’t count the number of truckers these legs have enticed and I reveled in the notion of once again strutting up to the dark side of a big eighteen wheeler and engulfing his smelly manhood between my painted lips. After all, it is how I lost my virginity. Even before I’d been with a woman, I’d completely fooled a trucker into thinking I was a hot chick on the rag looking for a cock to suck. I’ll never forget that night, his hands forcing my lips to smother the base of his dick as he filled my virgin mouth with its first taste of cum. It was my first and the only time I’ve ever spit out the sweet reward I’ve grown accustomed to savoring.

It was as if I’d lost control of my own actions as my right turn signal beckoned him to join me on the busy highway’s area for accident investigations. As I waited for his air brakes to sound an invitation for my sexy strut to his cab, I painted my lips with enough gloss to insure an easy sexy glide of man flesh between them. As his headlights shone brightly as if I were walking down a model’s runway, I purposely walked daintily yet with enough wiggle for all passerby’s to see the curvaceous slut obviously heading to her next job. I smiled when more honks came and greeted this stranger with a smile and a lick of my lips as I motioned for him to join me on the dark side.

His pecker was dangling before I even had a chance to kneel and I was surprised when the bold slut came over me and grabbed his hardening meat by the hand and led him to the driver’s side, where I promptly knelt and swallowed his cock. In clear view of all motorists was the delectable site of a hot blonde in a short mini going to town on this trucker. I’ve never sucked a cock to completion any faster, let me tell you. He was zipped and smiling in nothing flat and I had the sweet taste of cum and all those approving honks to recall and relish the rest of the evening.

God, what a night, could it get any better. Three cocks and I hadn’t even stepped a heel into a bar yet.

By the time I arrived at the Quick stop Suzie had called from, I found her passed out in the passenger’s seat of her car. I opened the driver’s door and slid in and gently awoke her. To say she was a bit freaked out is an understatement. She couldn’t believe I’d left the apartment dressed like that and when she spied my earrings and belt buckle she laughed and as I laughed along with her she saw the gold cock on my tongue.

“I knew it. You do suck cocks!” she exclaimed.

She explained there was no way I would go to so much effort in transforming from man to woman if not for the intention of getting fucked by a man.

I relinquished the truth and spilled the beans but at the same time insured her I was still a virgin. Again with the lies, I thought, a little truth at a time. It was sort of true; I’d only been fucked once by a black man in an adult book store booth. I preferred to suck cock; I told her and even went as far as telling her about the three men earlier tonight.

“Well, we will have to remedy that tonight, get you good and fucked, you cock sucking slut.” she slurred.

Continuing with more verbal abuse as we walked to my car, she instructed me to head to Head’s and Tail’s strip club on Lucky Street.

I’d heard of this bar before although I’d never been as it was both a strip club for women and men, with naked men on one side and women on the other.

It was a short drive from where Suzie broke down and it became obvious that it wasn’t her first visit there that night as the doorman greeted her with, “Back so soon, Suzie?”

Suzie’s reply, “Yeah and I brought along my best cock sucking girlfriend with me this time. She says she a virgin so I thought I’d fix her up with Big John tonight.” she stated boldly.

He laughed and said, “Well, she’ll be good for no one else after Big John plants his meat in her.”

I merely smiled and strutted into the bar with all the confidence of a seasoned whore.

Taking stools at the bar, I made sure my legs and heels did all the flirting they could muster as the room we entered was filled with half naked men, a few women and quite a few gay men. Suzie was quite the doll that night too as her white mini hardly covered her well defined ass as escort van she sat with her long bare legs crossed towards mine.

She teased me by running her white spiked heels up and down my stocking clad legs saying she couldn’t wait to see me getting my ass filled with Big John’s enormous black cock.

I was trembling with anticipation and ordered us some screwdrivers to calm my nerves. I must admit once my nerves settled, I began to enjoy all the dancers’ attention to us as they strutted and gyrated around the bar. One table of very hot women had three men to their table and stuffed enough bills in their g-strings to get them completely naked and the swaying of semi-hard cocks made my mouth water as I traced my golden tongue cocks head inside my pouted lips.

“So, tell me more about Desiree, the Hot to Trot Transvestite. Just how many cocks have you sucked in you illustrious career as a transvestite slut?” queried Suzie, as she downed another drink.

“Tonight’s three brings the total up to 54”, I boldly pronounced.

“God, you are quite the slut”, that’s more than most women have in a lifetime”, she stated following with, “What’s wrong with your pretend pussy? Wouldn’t you love the feeling of hot cum shooting up your backside?”

I explained to her that this side of me was just an escape; that I only presented myself to men in quick and dark places like adult bookstores, bar bathrooms, truckers, and the like; that I’d never had a steady boyfriend. I further went onto explain that it truly did start as mere cross dressing but after my first sexual experience giving head to that lonely trucker, I’d grown to love being treated like a slut and sucking cock was the best and easiest way to get that feeling.

“Well, we can accommodate that and more, my sweet sissy.” she said devilishly, as she motioned for the bar tender.

“Two more stiff drinks here and please have Big John come see us.” I heard her ask.

As the drinks arrived, I saw this giant of a black man stroll from the dressing room. I could tell Suzie’s eyes were fixed upon me as my own gathered every inch of this approaching beast of a man. Nearly 6 foot 8, with abs of steel and the cutest well defined butt encased in a pair of sheer white man panties, my eyes stopped and deadlocked on what quite possibly was the thickest and longest cock I’ve ever seen. Tucked not so discreetly between flesh and sheer silk, one could clearly see the extraordinarily well defined head on a dick that stretched from his middle clear to his hip. I’ve always had a weakness for a man with a pronounced head as I love to see my dragon lady nails trace its definition while I gently kiss and delve my tongue in its inner wall. It’s especially enjoyable after making him cum, drives them mad.

I was lost in just that thought and my intent stare was interrupted by a whisper from Suzie, “And that’s in its soft state.” she said with a sly wink.

Suzie introduced me as her cock sucking sissy and former boyfriend, Desiree. With my chin directly across from this magnificent piece of manhood, I painted my lips with a wet tongue and looked up at him and with a smile, winked sexily.

Suzie traced her long nail along the length of Big John’s cock and explained that I was a so called virgin and that she would like to employ him to treat me to a good ass fucking.

With no more words, we merely followed Big John into a secluded bedroom hidden away from the bar.

Suzie wasted not one moment and stuck her nail between the cheeks of my ass and ripped a good fuck hole in my 22 dollar Donna Karan pantyhose. Next, upon my soon to be love canal, I felt the coldness of lube being applied.

I was too mesmerized by the thought of this cock in my ass to care about her ripping my hosiery and merely took my place on the bed assuming the doggy position while I inched my way across the bed and wrapped my lips around this slowly rising monster. As he stood there, his cock was poised perfectly for my mouth, I did my best to engulf as much as possible. Regretfully, I could manage only the head due to its girth but bathed it with enough lip gloss and my salivating mouth until it was rock hard.

“Now, it’s time to get your pussy stretched, sissy boy.” I heard Suzie demand.

Without further instruction, I turned and presented my upraised ass to Big John.

“Uh, uh, you sissy bitch whore. You have to do the work on Big John.” said Suzie as she pointed to the hand loops above the bed.

When Big John lay upon the bed with that hard cock throbbing, I got the drift and took hold of the loops and eased my lubed “pussy” onto that massive dick. The pain quickly turned to being what I’ve always imagined a woman felt like, with my walls clinching tightly against this intrusive piece of man meat and I worked my butt muscles feverishly to make him feel as good as I felt. With an unexpected thrust of his cock, I found my insides being pumped full and my only reaction was to scream for more. My fake tits bounced with every thrust and I felt just like a porn queen and soon my newfound pussy and ass cheeks were slapping his flesh. I rode that monster for what seemed like twenty minutes until I felt his head expand against the insides of my love canal and spurt one load after another. It felt as if it would never stop, so good, so warm, so hot and so gooey, I could not stop and continued to ride him until my own cock spewed cum without so much as a touch of my hand.

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