Family Matters Ch. 04

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The saga continues for Gary and the rest of his family. If you haven’t already read them I suggest you begin with chapters 1-3 to give the background needed to understand how they all got to this point. Suffice it to say that our hero never had the stamina or the virility with past girlfriends that he now possesses with his family. And remember guys and gals, things like this don’t really happen except in the twisted fields of my mind.


Well, the happy/sad Friday finally arrived and the four of us all wanted to get enough fucking done to possibly hold us until Jennie went back to school. Mom and I were finally able to get some one-on-one time as Ronnie and Jess decided to go get some extra groceries. They got back at about 2:45 and Jess yelled up to let us know they were back, and that her mom had called “NEXT”. Mom sighed even though she had finished cumming just before they got back. I knew she wanted to squeeze one more in before Ronnie got up stairs and she soon was working hard to get there.

Suddenly I heard Ronnie shriek “JENNIE! OH MY GOD IT’S SO GOOD TO SEE YOU, JENNIE!” Jess was equally vocal in her greeting as both were trying to let us know who was early.

“Hurry!” my mom said through gritted teeth. “Oh god hurry, I need to cum again! Fuck me damn it and make me cum! Shit, damn, fuck, shit! She is so damned early! Oh Gary fuck me faster, I need to cum one more time!” Mom had a desperate look on her face as I picked up the pace trying to get her off in record time.

“OH shit, Sandy, I’m almost there,” I told my mom before I groaned, “Oh fuck, Sandy, I’m cumming! Cum with me, oh shit!” Mom’s pussy clamped onto me and she came seconds after I did, both of us biting our lip or something to keep from crying out. As soon as mom’s climax was over she rolled off of me giving me a quick kiss before whispering to me to hurry up and get down stairs. Then she threw on a sweatshirt and a pair of cutoffs, slipped on some sandals and headed down stairs to greet my sister.

I quickly wiped off most of the cum that had drained onto me then pulled on a T-shirt and a pair of shorts and headed down to greet our way too early family member. My only thought was it would be a very long nine days! Walking down stairs I just hoped Jen wouldn’t pick up on what our mom and I had been doing.

Before I reached the bottom of the stairs Jen squealed out “GARY, god I’ve missed you so much!” as she ran to me and hugged me as I stepped off the stairs. She held the hug much longer than normal and I was sure she was rubbing against me slightly before she inhaled and scrunched up her nose. Giving me a weird look she inhaled again. Then she whispered in my ear, “Jesus Gary, we have GOT to talk! Soon!”

Just then the front door opened and the most incredible vision of beauty perfected walked through the door. I’m sure I looked like a duffus as I gawked at the unbelievably gorgeous little, and I do mean little, woman before me. “Hi, I’m Kim,” the vision said. She walked to my statue like body and reached out her hand in greeting saying, “You must be my room mate’s brother!”

Jen nudged me and I finally recovered enough to say “Uh, oh, hi, I’m Gary and very pleased to meet you.” Looking briefly at my sister I said, “Sis, you didn’t say you were bringing anybody with you, especially one as lovely as this!”

Jen groaned while Kim replied, “Why thank you for the compliment, Gary, and you look pretty good yourself.” We finally shook hands then I helped carry their luggage to their rooms.


It took about two hours for Jen to get me alone in the garage where she emphatically said, “My god, bro, get a girlfriend for god’s sake!”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“Good grief, I noticed it when I walked into the house, the smell is so strong I don’t see how nobody else in the house seems to notice!”

“What on earth are you talking about?”

“If you won’t get a girlfriend, you should at least clean up your messes instead of fouling the air of the whole house!” I started to protest again when she cut me off with, “Cut the crap, Gary, I’m your big sister, I’ve dated lots of guys and in case you forgot, I am pre-med so I know what that smell is.” My continued blank stare infuriated her as she softly screamed at me, “Damn it, if it’s blunt you want then blunt you will get! Stop jerking off all over the house! The smell is everywhere! Not only that but I am so embarrassed that Kim had to meet you when you literally REEKED of cum! A good looking guy like you must be able to find a girlfriend that can help you out and take all the cum you have. For that matter, take some of your college fund and use it as ‘expense’ and go hire a hooker, or three!”

“Thanks for the kind words, sis,” I said sarcastically. “I DON’T ‘jerk off’ all over the house, if you must know. It must be my natural aroma.”

“Well you certainly didn’t smell like this before I went to school!”

“Must be the new household members getting my pheromones manisa escort all worked up! In case you haven’t noticed, Jess and Ronnie are both HOT!”

“Ronnie? It’s Aunt Ronnie to you and me, or did you forget? And Jessica is your COUSIN! My god, my brother is turning into a freaking pervert!”

“No more than any other guy my age. And our aunt told me to call her Ronnie, so there.”

“Well, okay then, but shit, please take a shower and choke your chicken to calm it down! I want Kim to have a good time here and that does not include smelling your stuff!”

I had heard enough so I rapidly stepped to her and tightly wrapped my arms around her saying “Thanks for caring, sis, and for the advice I guess.” I kissed her cheek then noticed her squirming as she tried to move her trapped hand from being pressed on top of my cock! Once more she tried to move her hand from me before she reversed directions and grabbed me by the cock and balls. “OW! Shit sis, let go, OW! SHIT, damn it to hell girl!” I had released my arms from around her and she stepped back then released my sore privates.

“Jesus, my brother, my own brother has a hard on when he hugs me! This is just too much…you really are a pervert!”

“Damn that hurt, sis! I didn’t mean for your hand to get caught there, but it did seem sort of funny, until you tried to ruin me for life!” I told her. “And for your information, I did not, nor do I now have a hard on!”

“Bull shit, I’ve been around enough to know a full sized prick when I feel one, and I just did!” Jen replied.

“Oh no you didn’t, sis, not even close!” I taunted her.

Jen’s eyes shot fire from them when she moved closer and reaching out she placed her hand over my sore limp shaft again saying, “If this isn’t a hard on then I’ve never seen one!” Her eyes bored into me with anger as she squeezed (gentler this time) and stroked my length before she continued, “Not bad though, bro, I’ve been fucked by guys with smaller dicks than this one. It could be harder; you probably can’t even get this into a girl like this, my poor brother! No wonder you have to jerk…to…” Indecision enveloped her face as I felt my cock grow in her grasp, the beginnings of a tent in my shorts. “…to jerk…oh my god!” Jen’s demeanor completely changed as her eyes flew back and forth from my face to my cock in her hand.

She for some reason didn’t release me; instead her hand slowly continued stroking me as she slowly, softly said, “Oh my god, Gary! I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry for everything I said, oh my god, Gary!” By then I had reached my full length and hardness and she just stared at her hand which fell way short of reaching all the way around it! “I…oh my god…I…oh shit…um…” her hand suddenly snapped back from me and flew to her mouth as she turned the brightest red I had ever seen, her eyes still locked on my crotch. “Oh my god, I don’t believe I just did that! Oh Gary I am SOOOO sorry! Please forgive me!” Then she dashed from the garage with a look of total shock on her face.

I stood there looking down at my tented shorts wondering how I would get back into the house. As if in answer to my prayers, Jess slipped into the garage and said, “Well, well, just what do you have there? Looks like you need some help and I’m just the girl to do it! However…I am curious as to just how you got this way. So I will help you IF you tell what happened in here!”

With no other option I readily agreed to her terms and I told her all about Jen’s talk with me. No more had I started my tale when she pulled my shorts down and inhaled my shaft, giving me one of her fastest blowjobs ever. After swallowing every last drop of my spunk she kissed my tip before gently tucking me back into my shorts and then standing up. “God I am so glad she did that! I’m going to go nuts if I can’t get more of you for nine days!” Jess licked her lips then said, “I think you should go inside first, stud!” as I wondered why her voice sounded rather strange.

I gave her a quick kiss before heading for the door. When I entered the kitchen I found everybody there having a laugh filled conversation. Jen looked at me then her eyes quickly dropped to my groin as she blushed. Slowly she pulled her eyes up to mine and gave me a half smile.

I walked past her and grabbed a Coke from the fridge before I leaned against the counter and tried to catch up with what they were talking about. About a minute later Jess walked in saying the sky looked so starry tonight or something like it. Then she walked over to Jen saying “God, cuz, it’s so good to see you again!” The last word had barely left her mouth before she grabbed her and kissed her hard on the lips. I saw the look of shock overtake my sister, well actually two looks of shock. The first from the kiss itself, and I figured the second was from the taste she got when Jess shoved her tongue into her mouth. Jess broke the kiss and said, “Thanks for coming!” and walked over to get herself a Coke.

My kütahya escort sister’s eyes shot from Jess to me to Jess then to my crotch then to Jess then to me before she turned and walked rapidly from the room. I waited about five minutes before going to find her. I knocked on her door and she softly said, “Whoever it is, go away.”

I said, “Jen, please let me in, we need to talk.”

I turned the knob as she started to tell me to go and it opened so I stepped in and shut then locked the door. My sister was sitting on her bed, her legs pulled up to her chest with her arms wrapped around her shins.

Jen slunk back further onto her bed as she groaned “Shit!” I pulled up her desk chair and sat close to her bed. “She made me taste you, didn’t she?” Jen said looking at her feet. “Well! She did, didn’t she! Why would she do that? Why would you let her do that?”

Jen was breathing hard and I just sat there quietly, waiting for her to calm down. “I can’t believe this is happening!” she finally said softly. “Here I was looking forward to a great time at home and in just a few hours I nearly jerk off my brother and then my cousin passes his cum to me in a kiss! This is NOT how things are supposed to be!”

“I didn’t know that she did that, sis!”

“But…but you knew that she could! My god, Jessica is our cousin! How could you let her do that to you?”

“As I recall, it was you that grabbed my cock and got it hard as a rock! It was you that then left me hanging with a massive hard on and no way to take care of it! Is it my fault that Jess came into the garage and, seeing my predicament, took it upon herself to help out her poor embarrassed cousin?”

Jen looked up at me and slowly replied, “No, I guess not, but she’s your COUSIN! That’s illegal! It’s incest, don’t you know that!”

“That was supposed to make me stop her!? I don’t think so, not in the condition I was in. Besides, she really gives great head, so I guess I need to say ‘thank you sis’ for putting me in the proper condition for her to offer her help!”

“You are not welcome!” Jen growled. Moments went by before she timidly asked, “She really sucked you off? I mean, she didn’t just jerk you off and just let you shoot into her mouth?”

“Yup, sucked me till I was empty! No hands, too, unless you count them holding my ass!”

Sis jerked her head up and stared into my eyes for a second before asking, “But, how could she keep your tip in her mouth if she didn’t use her hands?”

“Why do you say ‘tip’?”

“She took more than just the tip of your cock?”


“How, how much more?”

“Gee sis, you sure are asking a lot of questions.”

“Well?” she asked, ignoring my statement.

“All of it.”

“She did WHAT?” my sister asked incredulously.

“Like I said, all of it.”

“ALL of it?”

“All of it.”

“All of you…your…cock?”

“All the way to my balls!”

“Oh my god, no way! No body could do that!”

“Well, trust me; our cousin is one hot woman that can!”

“I don’t believe you. Prove it!”

“Now how the hell can I do that? I’m not her, and I am not going to ask her to come into your bedroom and then ask her to blow me again, just for your perverted amusement.” I glared at her for a moment before sliding onto her bed and putting my hand on her knee. Jen flinched briefly but then relaxed.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that I’ve never seen one as big as yours…”

“You still haven’t seen one.”

“Asshole! Anyway, I know that I couldn’t do that to any of the ones I HAVE seen, so it’s hard to believe she could do it to, um, you.”

“You know, if you don’t want to believe me, that’s cool, I can deal with it. But the only way for you to know is to give it a try yourself!”

“How can you ask that?!? Get OUT!”

“Hey, you were the one giving mixed signals lately.” Jen gave me a puzzled look so I went on. “It was you that slipped your tongue into my mouth when we dropped you off at school in August. It was you who pressed your tits against my chest earlier today. And it was YOU who was grinding her pussy against my thigh as you gave me the first kiss today! And it was YOU that gave me the beginnings of a good hand job in the garage! And you want to know how I could ask that!” I stood up giving her knee a gentle squeeze before saying, “Grow up sis, make sure you know what you want before you come on to a guy like that!”

I started towards the door and she blurted out, “Stop! Wait, please come back here! Please, Gary!”

Slowly I turned and slowly returned to her bed, stopping before her. “Um, aren’t you going to sit down?” Jen asked as her eyes kept flicking towards my crotch.

“Why should I?” Jen didn’t say anything so I went on, “Look, I know you want to; you know you want to! And I happen to know that you can do it with no problem!”

“No I can’t!” Jen said. At least she said ‘can’t’, instead of saying ‘won’t’, which was a good sign! “I never malatya escort have been able to!”

“Trust me; I happen to know that the women of our family CAN take a cock like mine, easily!”

Slowly Jen began to move towards me as she locked her eyes onto my crotch. Then she slipped off the bed onto her knees before me. She looked up at me saying, “No promises, bro, I will, I mean, I want to try, but I don’t think I can do it!”

“It’ll be okay, sis! I promise.”

“Right,” she said flatly as her shaking hands reached out to undo my shorts and slip them to the floor. “Jesus, I can’t believe I am doing this. I REALLY should have gotten fucked before leaving school!” She gasped when my half hard cock bobbed into view, bouncing about three inches in front of her lips. “Oh my god, Gary, I’ve never seen one this big before!” Taking me into her hands she groaned saying, “Oh my god, you’re not fully hard yet! Oh shit, I can’t do this Gary! I’m sorry, but I just can’t do this!”

Gently holding her in position, I said, “Just give it a try, Jen. If you can’t do it after just five minutes, then I guess I will go find Jess again!”

“Asshole! Please don’t mention her name again! Five minutes might be too long since most of the guys I’ve been with came before reaching your five minute limit!” Jen stared at my bulbous head for a few moments before saying, “Oh all right, I’ll try to do it!”

“Good girl, sis, and just for the record I have NEVER cum in five minutes or less, never!” Jen took my shaft in her hands and slowly brought her mouth to my tip. Just before reaching it she looked up at me, fear etched on her face. “Take it slow sis, there is no rush,” I told her gently. Giving me a weak smile she leaned in and my cock head slipped between her lips. Holding that position she slowly increase her suction around my bulbous head and her tongue began flicking out and stroking around my tip’s crown. I groaned in pleasure at the pleasant sensations she was causing.

Jen pulled off of me and gasped “My god Gary, your cock is so big! I can’t believe I’m doing this, it is so surreal! But I am glad I’m doing it good enough that you are enjoying it!” Another deep breath and she leaned in and took the first inch and a half of my cock into her mouth again. Sis resumed working my knob but seemed reluctant to try for more. She resisted slight pressure on the back of her head so I took my hands from her and let them hang at my side.

“You’ve got to try to take more of me or the five minutes will be over and we won’t know anything! Please try sis, just a few more inches. You know you can stop if you don’t like doing it.”

Jen looked into my eyes before saying around my cock, “Oh god!” Then she pressed onto me as she kept her eyes locked on mine. I groaned in pleasure and smiled at her as another three inches of cock slid effortlessly into her mouth and pressed against the opening of her throat. It was then she noticed how far she had gone and her eyes bulged and looked to my cock. She clamped her hand right up against her lips before pulling off of me, sucking hard the entire way.

“Holy shit, bro,” she said as she inspected my cock and where her hand was trying to reach around it. “Holy fucking shit! I have NEVER gotten that much cock in my mouth without nearly puking but you went in so easily! And you are HUGE! I just can’t believe how good it felt, like you were the, I can’t believe I’m going to say this, perfect fit for my mouth!” Jen licked her lips then hungrily looked back at my shaft glistening from her saliva. “You know what bro, for the first time in my life I feel a craving to suck a guy’s cock, as though I must have it in my mouth! This is so unreal; I just can’t believe I feel this way about my own brother’s cock! Oh my god, I, oh shit!” and she took me back into her mouth all the way to her hand which was still tightly wrapped around me.

Her tongue went wild slurping all around my shaft as she bobbed her head rapidly on the first part of my cock. After about a minute I softly said, “God sis, that feels really good, but if you are going to find out if Jess could take me to the balls, you’d better try that now or the five minutes will be up!”

She quickly pulled her face from my cock as she looked at me saying, “To hell with the five minutes! I’m going to make you cum, bro; I have to taste you as you shoot your stuff into my mouth! Oh my god, I’ve always hated doing that before, oh my god, what have you done to me? But…” then Jen silenced herself as she took me back into her mouth. She slowly bobbed her head on me several times before I saw her close her eyes and push back down onto me.

I groaned loudly as my pillar slipped all the way into her loving throat. She grunted in surprise when her nose bumped into my pubic hair and my balls hit her chin. Jen’s eyes shot open in surprise as she tried to focus on my way too close belly. Her eyes crossed as she watched intently as she slowly pulled off of me. I thought she was going to pull all the way off but she stopped when just my cock head was in her mouth. Her eyes flicked to mine before she looked back at my cock sticking out of her mouth and then she slowly pushed inward watching all the while as she took my entire cock!

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