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The water cascaded over her body, washing away the sweat and dirt from another hard day’s work. She let herself sway under the warm water, gently running her hands through her hair. She had been needed this shower most of the day. Being stuck in the hot sun directing traffic all day was exhausting.

She took her time, her soft pale skin being purified once again. She reached for the facecloth, lathering up with blueberry body wash. She ran it over her supple neck, moving it around in slow circles. She washed between her small breasts, removing all traces of the day’s sweat.

The soapy water ran down her long, luscious legs as she bent forward to caress them clean with the cloth. Her feet hurt as they always did, and she swore once again that she would get herself some new boots. In the meantime, she would enjoy her shower.

She leaned against the cold tile, removing the showerhead from its cradle. The jets of water felt good against her, as she moved the head over he entire body. Soon she would have to get out, but right now she felt the water cleanse her completely.

“Anita? Are you okay?” she heard from outside the washroom door.

“I’ll be right out Gem.” She replied.

Turning the faucets off, Anita stepped out of the tub and glanced at the watch she had carelessly tossed on the back of the toilet seat. She had been in the shower for more than thirty minutes. She cursed herself. Another long shower, another large water bill.

Grabbing a towel, Anita wiped the steam from the bathroom mirror. She looked at herself, her blond hair, dripping wet, falling against her shoulders. She ran a brush through it, humming as she went. Once content, she slipped into the beautiful silk robe that Gem and Dean had gotten her for her birthday.

The soft material clinged to her still moist body, but she did not care. She felt relieved and relaxed after her shower, and nothing was going to change that feeling. Not even a very clingy bathrobe.

Looking at herself one last time, Anita let herself out of the bathroom, feeling the cool air waft into the room. She looked around, and saw Gem sitting at the kitchen table. She smiled at her, Gem returning the gaze.

“Thought you would never get out of there.” Gem joked.

“You know how I feel after work, and today I really needed it!” Anita protested.

She walked over bahis siteleri to the table and sat down across from her roommate. Gem was sipping at a glass of wine. She looked up at Anita as she sat.

“Would you like a glass?” she asked.

Anita eyes lit up, and she nodded her head, muttering a soft yes, almost inaudible. She was exhausted, but could still manage a slight smile at the thought of a very good glass of wine.

Gem crossed the room and reached for another glass. She then walked over to the fridge and pulled out the opened bottle. She poured Anita a small amount of wine and handed it to her. Anita gladly accepted and took a tentative first sip.

“Umm, this is what I needed three hours ago!” she laughed.

Gem closed the fridge and placed the bottle on the table in front of Anita. She sat down and lifted Anita’s right foot into her lap. She rubbed the inner side of her foot as Anita’s head lolled back. A small sigh escaped Anita’s lips as her roommate administered slight pressure to her foot.

Gem changed feet, massaging it as she had done to Anita’s other foot moments ago.

“Let’s move into the living room. You can lie down and I’ll give you a good foot massage.” Gem suggested.

The two women moved from the cold kitchen area into the living room, placing their glasses of wine on the coffee table. Anita sat down at the end of the couch, lifting her legs to Gem waiting lap.

Anita’s legs spread as Gem’s fingers caressed her ankles, exposing her sex to Gem’s lustful eyes. Anita rarely wore any panties, and Gem was pleased that today was one of those days.

Gem watched as Anita’s eyes closed and her head tilted back once more, Anita enjoying the soft touch being applied to her legs. Gem always had a way of casting relaxing waves over her roommate in times of stress.

Gem’s hands moved slowly upward, caressing and rubbing the silky white skin of Anita’s legs. She watched as her breathing grew deeper, and a soft moan came from deep within Anita’s throat. Gem smiled, as she knew Anita was completely putty in her hands now.

She decided that today was the day she was going to explore her feelings toward Anita, and she secretly hoped that her roommate would feel the same about her. For five years now they had been roommates, Gem wishing they could be more.

Anita reached bonus kodu for her glass of wine and caught a glimpse of Gem’s smiling face. She returned the smile, sipped a little more from her glass and returned it to the table. Anita resumed her place on the couch, letting Gem rub the hurt from her body.

Gem became more daring, rubbing higher and higher. Her fingers were now rubbing Anita’s inner thighs only inches from her roommate’s shaven pussy. She looked at the treasure that presented itself to her and her heart fluttered. What if Anita didn’t feel the same?

“Higher Gem, please…” murmured Anita.

Her soft plea caught Gem off guard. She momentarily stopped what she was doing and looked at her roommate. Anita lifted her head and peered down at Gem.

“Please… I know you want to, and I need you to.” She pleaded with her.

Gem smiled softly up at Anita as their eyes met. Anita’s hand moved down to touch Gem’s cheek and pulled her closer to her excited pussy. Gem’s tongue lapped happily at her roommate’s clit, as Anita leaned her head back on the arm of the sofa.

Anita’s hands ran through Gem’s short hair, every now and again pulling her tighter into her wetness. Gem greedily sucked and licked at Anita’s pussy, the sounds of wetness echoing in her ears.

Anita’s body quivered and shook as the first orgasm overwhelmed her. She held Gem’s face between her legs with her hands with her legs tightly pressed on either side of them. She rocked back and forth, letting each wave flow through her, coating Gem’s lips and chin in her cum.

As the orgasm passed, she released her roommate’s head and pulled her up on top of her. Anita’s lips hungrily devoured Gem’s, tasting her own sweetness on Gem’s smiling face.

“Let me return the favor…” said a panting Anita.

Gem was out of her clothes in seconds, long waiting for this moment to arrive, and not wishing to waste another single minute. She straddled Anita’s face, leaning forward over the edge of the couch. Anita licked Gem’s pussy, tasting the juices that flowed freely from it. Her hands moved over Gem’s bottom, pulling her closer to her face.

Gem’s moans bounced around the room, echoing off the walls and reverberating in their ears. Anita had heard Gem’s moans when Gem and her boy toy Dean had made love, but these were more intense. yeni slotlar 2024 She darted her tongue deep into her roommate’s tunnel, and tasted the first full climax erupt against her face.

Gem collapsed on top of Anita, her legs wobbly from the sensation she had been given. Her lips found one of Anita’s nipples, and she lovingly flicked it with her tongue. Anita’s hands reached between Gem’s legs, and slightly touched her swollen clit, sending Gem into another frenzied orgasm.

She bucked wildly against Anita’s agile fingers, her second orgasm as intense as the first. Gem’s head rolled back and then forward, her tongue licking Anita’s nipples savagely.

They both stopped for a few moments, letting Gem recover and come up for air. He breathing had grown shallow and deep. Sweat poured out of her, and she could barely speak.

“Oh my god Anita, I never knew…” she said in between breaths.

“Lie back my sweet little princess. I am not finished yet.” Replied Anita.

Assuming the position her roommate had asked her to, Gem lay on the couch facing her, her legs spread, one over the back of the couch, the other dangling over the edge. Anita lightly spread Gem’s legs a little further, and gently blew on Gem’s pussy, making Gem raise her bottom to her.

Anita stood up and looked seductively at Gem, her roommate so easily excited that she would do anything Anita would ask of her. Anita sat closer to her now, her own legs spread, intertwining with Gem’s. She rested her own pussy against Gem’s, their juices mixing with each other’s.

Gem instantly bucked against Anita, feeling not only the fire in her own pussy, but that of Anita’s also. Anita responded in kind, and moved up and down, grinding into Gem. The two girls moved rapidly against each other, their pussies slick with wetness smacked happily together.

Anita reached her second climax just as Gem was experiencing her third. Both girls pulled the other girls legs, bringing the two of them closer and tighter against each other. They both moaned and squealed loudly as the passion took hold of their bodies.

They lay in this position for some time, their pussies wet and sticky against one another’s, not wanting to stop the feeling of joy they both had just experienced. Anita reached for Gem’s hands, and laced her fingers with her own.

Both girls feel asleep in this position, exhausted and content. They were now more than roommates, and Gem’s worries were washed away by the thoughts of her newly found lover as the slumber took her from this plane to one of pure bliss. This would not be the last time, she thought to herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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