A Game Night Like No Other

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This is a follow up to Stripping for my Wife’s Friends. It can be helpful to read that one first but it is not necessary.

“I’ll be a little bit late hon, should I just meet you guys there?” I was on the phone with my wife Andrea, and I was having to stay a few extra minutes at the radio station. My boss had asked for a quick word and I was on the way down to his office.

“Sure that’ll work. My mom just got here. She’s good to put the girls to bed and crash on the couch if we end up having a really late night. She even gave me the speech that we should crash elsewhere if we’re too impaired to drive.”

“How crazy is this going to get?” I asked. I knew we were meeting some friends for dinner and games but I didn’t have the faintest clue what that entailed, except that Andrea was told it could “get wild.”

“Beats me,” Andrea said, and she meant it. “I’ve been told nothing. Apparently Ali and Kevin have planned the whole thing, well mostly Ali probably, and no one else knows what is happening. Only that a big prize is at stake.”

“Gotcha. Hopefully this meeting won’t be long. I’ll see you soon.”

Whatever my curiosity was it would have to wait. “Come on in Rick. I’ll be quick.”

I was in a great mood 20 minutes later as I was driving. I couldn’t wait to tell my wife what I had just learned. I was so excited I barely thought about what I was heading to.

Earlier in the day I could think of nothing but this evening, mainly because It would be my first time seeing Allison since a very memorable night where I was the entertainment at her bachelorette party several months before. For that matter I hadn’t seen any of the other guests since then either (besides my wife obviously). I had briefly wondered who else would be coming to this event.

However, that was before a crazy work day that included three hours of on air talk about trade rumors involving our NFL team’s best player and a meeting that might have launched my career in a way I could never have dreamed. I mean the news from the meeting was so exciting that the bumper to bumper traffic jam ahead of me couldn’t even dampen my enthusiasm.

I called my parents from the car to tell them the exciting news from my meeting. I wanted to tell Andrea in person.

“Yeah that’s right my boss is retiring,” I told my dad through the car Bluetooth. “He’s going to recommend me to take over his play by play duties for the college!” It would literally be my dream job, calling games on the radio for our area major college football and basketball teams.

“That’s great Rick! Just remember anything can happen. I don’t want to dampen your enthusiasm but you never know with these things until the ink is dry on the paper. If he’s recommending you that’ll help but it’s not a guarantee. Stay on guard.”

He was right of course, but I didn’t want to hear it in that moment. I knew full well that things were likely to be fluid until they were final, but it was hard not to be pumped up about the mere possibility I could be calling games. I also wanted to believe that a recommendation from the very man who had been calling the games for the past 30 years would carry a lot of weight.

I kept my frustration to myself as I continued the phone conversation in traffic but that meant I wasn’t really listening to the advice my dad was trying to offer. He was also trying to tell me I should insist on a sizable raise if I got the gig, which again I knew he was right, but that part didn’t matter to me. Andrea is a civil engineer so we do well, and I didn’t want money to be the reason I didn’t get it.

Between that conversation and the traffic that made me much later than I thought, I finally arrived at Allison’s house in a foul mood. As I started walking toward the front door though I immediately thought about my previous visit, and my mind was filled with images of topless women playing with me. My curiosity returned in an instant.

“Sorry I’m late,” I said to my wife as I gave her a kiss.

“It’s all right we just sat down,” she told me. “We haven’t even grabbed drinks yet.”

“Great I’ll need one,” I said as I took my seat. It so happened I was between Andrea and Allison, which was ironic considering what happened the last time I was seated between them.

“Rick do you know my fiancée Kevin?” Allison asked me.

I reached across Allison to shake Kevin’s hand. He seemed like a normal looking dude, sporting a clean goatee. I remember wondering if he was aware of what Allison did to my man parts at the party.

To their right were Wendy and her husband Eric. Wendy waved hello. Eric was looking at his phone. I was aware that they were having issues. From what Andrea had told me their bedroom life wasn’t exactly active.

Seated directly across from me were two people I didn’t know. The girl was a short haired blonde with glasses and a nice smile. “Hi I’m Lindsay,” she said as she reached her across the table. “This is my husband Aaron.” I shook her hand as he and I exchanged kayseri escort head nods. She put her hand up to her face and said in a whisper, “I love the picture of you Allison has on her desk.” She then winked at me and Allison giggled.

“Lindsay and I work together,” Allison said. I remembered as she said it that Allison mentioned she was going to print a picture from the party to put on her desk. It seemed she had actually done that. I involuntarily adjusted my pants under the table as I thought about Allison having a naked picture of me at her office.

“She comes by almost daily to look at that picture,” Allison whispered in my ear. “She’s jealous she couldn’t be here that night. She keeps telling me she wants a make up.”

I looked to Lindsay’s left and saw Kasey smiling at me, sitting next to a guy I didn’t know. “Hi Rick,” she said. “This my husband Kory.” I felt my pants stir as I remembered Kasey being particularly fond of my penis on our last encounter.

“Hi Rick,” I heard from across the table. I looked over and saw Robyn sitting across from Wendy. “This is Derrick, he’s my date.” We nodded at each other.

“I’m sorry Lauren couldn’t make it,” Lindsay said to the table at large as the girls continued their previous conversation. The guys pretty much sat there.

“What came out of your meeting?” Andrea asked me.

“Well it was interesting,” I replied I grabbed a beer from the center of the table. My enthusiasm had been dampened from my phone conversation with my dad and I wanted to just try and relax and enjoy the evening.

“Basically my boss is retiring, and he said he’s going to recommend I take over his duties,” I said in a low volume with a slight smile, though probably not one worthy of the news I was delivering.

“That’s great!” Andrea said in reply. She could tell something was off though.

“I called my parents from the car,” I said. “My dad tried to tell me not to get my hopes up.”

“Let’s talk about this later,” my wife said before I could talk further. She knew where this conversation was heading. I knew Andrea would be fully supportive when we would talk later.

“What do you do for a living Rick?” Lindsay asked.

“I work in radio,” I replied. “I’m a sports reporter and I host an afternoon show.”

“Wait, are you Rick French?” her husband asked me.

“Guilty,” I said.

“I love your show,” Aaron replied. “I can’t believe they’re talking about trading Thomas.”

“Yeah it’s a crazy situation,” I started to say.

“Oh come on!” Aaron pointed at the TV. Thursday Night Football was on.

I turned around myself to see an interception had been thrown. “That’s a minus two!” Aaron roared. “I have Watson tonight,” he added. I was certainly aware of the game that was on but I wasn’t that interested in it. I didn’t have anyone playing that affected my fantasy football matchup that week.

“Oh good I’ve got New England’s defense,” Andrea said.

“You play?” Aaron asked wide eyed.

“She’s good too, she’s beat me two years in a row,” I replied. People are always shocked to hear my wife likes football. She had in fact won our fantasy league the previous year.

The bonding had been created and Andrea and I spent most of the dinner talking football with Aaron, while Kasey’s husband chimed in occasionally. The rest of the table had split off in their own chats, though I saw Eric never look up from his phone and he didn’t seem to be saying a word. Wendy kept shooting looks at him that he didn’t seem to notice.

Dinner overall was pretty uneventful, but I was considerably more relaxed. The mood was light after dessert was finished and Allison stood up. Everyone at the table had at least a couple drinks.

“So I’m sure you’re wondering what our game is going to be all about. Well, Kevin here was gifted a free all expense paid week in Maui at a very lavish resort, including airfare. First class. Actually his brother got it but can’t use it, so he’s offering it to us. We’re told it’s some of the finest food in the world and gorgeous views, the works.”

Allison took a drink before continuing. “We got to thinking and of course it’ll be great, but we thought it might be fun to get everyone together and play for it. Winning couple gets the trip.”

There was some murmuring at the table. Allison had everyone’s attention.

“But we thought we need to make you guys work for it,” she continued. “This can’t just be an ordinary game to play for this kind of prize. It shouldn’t surprise any of you that I like to keep things a little risqué, adventurous. Tonight will be about seeing how far all of you are willing to go.”

Everyone exchanged looks with each other.

“Anyone can bow out at any time if there is something you don’t want to do, but that means you and your significant other are out of the running. Both parts of the couple have to proceed to stay eligible.”

At that Allison passed out a piece of paper to each couple. Andrea and I got number one.

“Tonight’s kıbrıs escort activities will consist of a sexual nature, getting more and more bold as the night progresses. Everything will be performed in full view of everyone else.” She paused. “And you do absolutely no activities as a couple. We’ll rotate through partners.”

This finally got Eric to look up from his phone screen. A couple of people had their mouths open. “Well this oughta be interesting,” one of the guys said. Couldn’t tell which one.

“If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, no hard feelings,” Allison said. “Everyone else who wants the trip follow me downstairs.”

No one moved right away as Allison and Kevin exited toward the basement. I looked at Andrea and tried to read her mind. Of course every girl at the table except Lindsay had already done plenty of stuff to my penis during my last visit to Allison’s place and I had also seen them all topless. I was also 100 percent sure that most if not all of their partners didn’t know that. Sure, they probably knew about the bachelorette party but I was positive they didn’t know it was me.

Given that, I didn’t think Andrea would be worried about those things repeating themselves, but there was also the question of Andrea doing stuff to these other guys and I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. Not to mention the other way around and how Andrea would feel about stuff I would be doing to the other women.

Everyone kind of stood up at the same time in silence, not saying a word (except for Eric and Wendy, who seemed to be having a whispered argument). Andrea smiled at me and shrugged her shoulders, which was her way indicating ‘let’s see what happens’. Everyone headed toward the stairs in slow motion and all ended up going downstairs, even the arguing Eric and Wendy.

“Let’s see how this goes, I think a few of them may bow out early,” Andrea whispered to me.

I had doubts that would be the case but I nodded.

“Let’s agree that whatever happens, it stays here,” I replied. “But no one gets mad, and no hard feelings if one of us wants to opt out.”

“Agreed,” Andrea said. “But let’s have some fun.” She kissed me on the cheek.

We all sat down on the same U shaped couch that was there last time. Allison and Kevin stood in the center. There was a white board behind them with two columns of numbers one through six.

“All right everyone is here,” she said. “I think let’s get everyone another drink before we start.”

No one thought this was a bad idea as Kevin went and got more beer and wine.

“Okay let’s start simple, a quick kiss on the lips,” Allison said. She pointed to the white board and drew lines among the numbers.

“Men your numbers are on the left, women you’re on the right,” Allison indicated.

“It’ll change up each round,” she said. No one moved. “M1 and F2 you’re up.”

I realized M1 had to be me. I stood up and went to the center. I was met by Robyn, whose expression I couldn’t read. My penis had been in her mouth previously so a peck on the lips would be nothing. After a seconds’ hesitation I kissed her and returned to my seat, and Robyn to hers. Everyone else followed suit in a relatively quick fashion. Robyn’s date Derrick kissed Wendy, Eric kissed Lindsay, Aaron kissed Allison and Kevin kissed Kasey. My wife wrapped it up with Kasey’s husband Kory. I had to admit that was a little weird to watch, but I had also kissed Robyn and I was sure Andrea felt the same way. Or maybe she didn’t. I wasn’t even sure how much we would discuss this after.

“Okay I think that was a good warm up,” Allison said. “We’ll rotate partners. Time for a make out session. The timer will be for one minute.”

The tension rose slightly in the room as Allison redrew the lines on the board. I wasn’t sure why but I somehow considered making out to be a more intimate act in a lot of ways than seeing or playing with genitals. I realize that sounds like a strange statement but somehow making out felt very intimate. Perhaps coincidently, Andrea grabbed my hand and squeezed it. It seemed she was having similar thoughts.

In any event the round started with M2. According to the board that meant Derrick was up with Lindsay. Allison started the timer on her phone and we all looked on. I didn’t know either of them so if anything it was odd to watch. It was a little different when Allison was up next with Eric. Their one minute showed a considerable amount of enthusiasm from both of them. I looked over and saw Wendy staring at the floor.

After Kasey and my new football buddy Aaron went, my wife was up with Kevin. She squeezed my hand again as she stood up. When Allison started her timer I had to admit I felt a little sick, but I told myself she might also be when it would be my turn. We also both knew what the rules of the game were.

I was surprised to find myself getting hard as I watched Andrea kiss another dude. I couldn’t tell how into it she was, but it was fascinating to watch her from konya escort that perspective, knowing I get her all the time. I wondered if that was how she felt watching me at the bachelorette party. I glanced at Allison, who gave me a sly smile.

After my wife sat down, it seemed like a real quick minute for Robyn and Kory. I was last in the round, paired with Wendy. I gulped a little as I stood up, but again I figured this wouldn’t be an overly big deal given what Wendy did with me at the party. She appeared to have a sad expression as she walked up next to me. I remembered her being the shy one during our previous encounter.

When the timer started though I was taken aback as Wendy dove right in before I could initiate. I responded with enthusiasm. She was using quite a bit more tongue than I was used to, not that I objected. I could feel my growing hard on pressing against Wendy’s leg. I know she felt it as she kissed me harder. As she increased her speed so did I. In seemingly no time at all Allison yelled time. Wendy and I exchanged smiles as we turned to sit back down. I swore her face looked like it was flushed. I glanced at Eric who stared straight ahead with no discernible expression. This time I squeezed Andrea’s hand as I sat down next to her.

“All right everyone don’t think everything is going to be that easy,” Allison exclaimed. “Next up: touching. Ladies, you’re to strip the males down to their underwear. Touching anywhere is allowed and encouraged.” She redrew the lines on the board. “Oh and guys you might want to pace yourselves. You don’t want to have to opt out because you don’t have anything left. First up are Eric and Kasey.”

Kasey made quick work of getting Eric’s clothes off, almost like there was an award for removing them fastest. As Eric stood there in his black boxer briefs Kasey went right to grab at his dick through them. She smiled as she seemed to like what she was feeling. She directed him to turn around and slapped his butt before they sat back down.

Andrea was next with Aaron. Now my heart started pounding a little bit. Aaron stood there with kind of a goofy grin on his face and my wife hesitated briefly before she reached out and grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt. He instinctively lifted his arms straight up. Aaron was a pretty skinny dude I realized. Andrea had no facial expression as she moved her hands somewhat nonchalantly down his front, getting to his pants and undoing the button and zipper. She somewhat awkwardly slid them down, leaving Aaron in red boxer briefs. I couldn’t help but think that Andrea didn’t look that into it, for she seemed to approach it like a box that needed to be checked.

Nevertheless, it was again interesting to watch my wife from this perspective. She looked much more enthused as she ran her hand along the front of Aaron’s crotch area, which definitely appeared swelled from the attention, and she did quickly pinch his butt. As she sat down next to me she whispered to me “That was weird to do with someone else.” I just sort of nodded.

Robyn clearly enjoyed getting Kevin out of his clothes and he had no objection whatsoever. He had old fashioned tighty whities and his enthusiasm was visibly clear.

Wendy took things slow with Kory, but looked pretty pleased with the result of him in blue briefs.

I was next and paired with Lindsay. I knew Lindsay was the only female of the group who wasn’t there at the bachelorette party, so I definitely felt a twinge of excitement as I stood up. I could feel my almost fully hard dick pressing against my jeans. Indeed she looked quite eager herself as she met me in the center.

I was a little surprised as she undid my belt first, and then went right to unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans before sliding them down. I instinctively lifted my legs up one at a time as she pulled the jeans off. She stared right at my plaid blue boxers with my now full hard on pressing out against them and rubbed her fingers against my leg in a tease. She then ran her fingers toward the center of my crotch and started rubbing my cock through the boxers. She made a point of trying to explore all of it through the fabric. She put her fingers through the flap on the front of the boxers and felt my cock. She lingered there for what seemed like significant time before she moved her hands up to unbutton my short sleeved collared shirt before grabbing the bottom of it to lift it over my head. I raised my arms to help her.

She kept her smile as she ran her hands down my whole front, resting again on my hard cock through my boxers. She ran her hands behind me and squeezed each of my butt cheeks before sitting back down. I wobbled a little bit as I turned back to my spot on the couch. Andrea put her hand on my thigh as I took my seat.

Derrick and Allison wrapped up the round, and the host made quite a show of removing Derrick’s clothes. There were a few gasps as she grabbed the waistband of his boxers and peaked in over the top. She nodded in approval as she moved her hands over seemingly every inch of him. She also reached under the leg of his boxers and did some exploring that way.

“All right now it’s reversed,” Allison said as Derrick sat back down. Guys, you’re stripping the ladies down to bra and panties. Same rules apply.”

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