Good Morning Ch. 2

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“I’d better get going,” Heather sighed, spotting the clock. “You’re boyfriend will be home soon. Can’t let him know about last night.”

Stephie winked.

“I’ll call you later, Heather. Goodbye.”

Heather turned and reached for the doorknob, but it twisted before she touched it. The bathroom door opened, and Dane stood there, surprised to see the two of them.

“Dane?!” said Stephie, startled, “I thought you weren’t getting home until nine…”

“Daylight savings, Steph…” said Dane, looking from one girl to the other. Both were still mostly wet, although dressed, but it was obvious that they had showered together. “Who’s your friend?”

Heather recovered quickly, and stuck out her hand.

“Heather St. John,” she said, “I’m a friend of Stephie’s.”

“Funny,” said Dane, “She’s never mentioned you before.”

“Uhm…” stammered Stephie, “Heather’s visiting from out of town, I hadn’t seen her in a while. She came over to use the shower, the one where she’s staying at isn’t working.”

“Pretty nice story, Steph, but I don’t buy it,” said Dane, glaring at her. “You wouldn’t be hiding anything from me, would you?”

Stephie shook her head.

Heather looked uncomfortably from one to the other, and then said “I’d better be going, I’ll talk to you later,” and hurried out the door.

Alone with Dane, Stephie took a step back. She knew he didn’t believe her, and she knew what was coming next.

When Dane had met Stephie two years before, he couldn’t believe his luck. She was a shy, petite, gorgeous brunette like he had only dreamed about. She had dark brown curls hanging to her shoulders and aqua blue eyes that showed every emotion playing across her mind. She was short, only 5 feet tall, and weighed a little over 110 pounds. Her body görükle escort was luscious, curvy, with shapely hips and buttocks, and nice handful sized breasts with tiny pink nipples. Her skin was creamy, flawless, and soft to the touch. At 20 years old she was a wonderful specimen of a female. And, to his surprise and delight, she was submissive.

Stephie had read about bdsm an awful lot before she had the courage to ever mention it to anyone. Erotica, safety manuals, novels, anything she could find on the subject she devoured. She was fascinated by giving up control completely to another person, a master. When friends introduced her to Dane, a sexy blonde Adonis of a man, with short hair, green eyes, massive chest. He towered over her, at 6 feet, but he was so gentle that she couldn’t imagine him being dominant. But after a couple of weeks, she confessed her desires, and he, in turn, confessed his similar ones. After only two months of dating, Stephie moved in to Danes apartment, and began a Dom/sub relationship.

“Strip and kneel,” said Dane, in his ‘Don’t disobey me or else’ voice.

Stephie pulled off her clothes and knelt in front of him, her bare bottom resting on her heels, thighs wide apart, hands on her knees, and head down.

“Now,” said Dane, “Tell me about Heather.”

“We were friends in high school, Master,” she began, “We sort of experimented on each other.”

“Experimented how, slut?”

“Like,” Stephie blushed, embarrassed to be confessing things like this to him. “Like kissing, and then…” She swallowed hard. “We practiced oral sex on each other, learned how to lick each other until we were squirming with pleasure.”

“Did you do this while I was away last night?”

“Yes, Master…We did…” Stephie hung her head even görükle escort bayan lower.

“I just want to know, slut,” Dane said, reaching down and lifting her chin so that she looked at his face, “Why you felt you couldn’t tell me this?”

“I was afraid, Master. I thought that you wouldn’t allow it.”

“If you thought I wouldn’t allow it,” he said, “Then why did you do it?”

There was no answer that Stephie could give. She was so ashamed. She wanted to look back at her place on the floor, but his hand didn’t leave her chin so she didn’t dare.

“I’m sorry, Master. I think you will have to punish me.”

“That’s exactly what I was thinking, bitch,” said Dane.


Stephie lay on her stomach, the bed beneath her. She was spread eagled, her ankles fastened to the posts at the head of the bed, her wrists tied to the posts at the foot. Above her stood Dane, riding crop in hand.

“Do you understand why you’re being punished?” he asked her.

“For not telling you what I planned with Heather, Master,” she answered.

“Correct. Now, I want you to count the strokes, and thank me for each one.” He pulled back his arm and let a blow loose on her.

“ONE! Thank you Master!”

“TWO! Thank you Master!”

He hit her five times total, welts popped up on her creamy buttocks. Dane moved to the foot of the bed and grabbed a handful of Stephie’s hair. Tears were trickling down her cheeks. She liked the pain, but it still hurt. Her bottom throbbed. Her pussy throbbed. She could feel herself, wet, between her legs.

“Are you sorry, slut?”

“Yes, Master, thank you for punishing me, Master.”

“Good Girl. Now show me how sorry you are.”

Dane undid his jeans, and eased his semi-erect cock bursa escort from inside them. The head poked at Stephie’s lips, and she opened up for him. As she took the mushroom shaped head inside her mouth and closed her lips around it, allowing her tongue to probe the tiny hole at the tip, She could feel the warmth in her pussy grow. Stephie thrust her hips at the bed, desperately trying for some contact to her clit. She suctioned a little more of his cock inside her mouth, lapping the bottom of the shaft with her long tongue. He could feel the roof of her mouth while he leisurely fucked her face, her teeth grazing along the top. Dane became impatient and pushed the whole thing in, so that her lips hit his balls. She gagged for a moment, but adjusted her throat for his member.

He held on to her hair and thrust in and out of her mouth. She did her best to move her tongue around his cock as he pumped in and out of her velvety mouth; her lips in an O as she tried to suck him back inside. He thrust faster and faster, finally withdrawing completely. He disappeared from her sight but she felt him get on to the bed, then move on top of her.

Dane grabbed her hips, pulling them up, and thrust inside her wet pussy. She moaned and thrust back at him, moving in time to his violent thrusts. He held her like a doll, rocking back and forth inside her, pulling her impossibly against her bonds. Still sensitive from that mornings adventure in the shower, her pussy responded instantly to the stimulation as she started to climax.

Stephie’s pussy tightened around Dane’s cock as her muscles spasmed. She had orgasm after orgasm, her cunt seeming to suck Dane’s cock inside her, trying to squeeze the cum out of him. His thrusts grew harder and faster and finally he spurted inside of her, filling her. He pulled out of her, rolled off of her, and after a moments rest stood in front of her again.

“Clean me off, bitch,” he said, and she opened her mouth to gladly comply.

“Now,” said Dane, “Do you think Heather would want to get together with you again?”

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