From Jeannie to Vanessa Ch. 08 – Conclusion

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Author’s note. These are not stand alone stories. If you haven’t read chapters 1-7, please go back and read them first, or this chapter will make no sense.


Chapter 8: Tying the knot, and epilogue

I think Autumn was always my favorite time in the South. The excitement of graduation and starting to work full-time was past. We’d survived another sticky hot summer, and now the cooler weather would likely stretch out through Thanksgiving and even, sometimes, Christmas, before turning ugly and gray in January or February. My mom and Jack’s mom were already buzzing about like flies with wedding fever and even I was excited, although not always completely for the same reasons.

The rehearsal dinner had been fun the evening before. There were a few cousins in the lineup but several of the supporting cast were going to be our closest friends. DeeDee was going to be my maid of honor; we had become close (really close) in the months that followed the big “kidnapping/rape scene” with Jack and Rick. I couldn’t forget that she had literally saved the day after the other big “scene” when I had found out that Jack had lied to me about Rick’s involvement.

I had transferred to Jack’s school in the spring semester of our junior year. Jack hadn’t insisted, but I had really wanted to be closer to him, DeeDee, and Nicole. I got a part-time job too, with a publishing company, and Jack and I moved into an apartment together.

Rick himself was out of the picture now. I had never actually had to be with him in any physical way since that one incident in the Student Union where Jack and I almost came apart; I had strictly limited my contact to DeeDee. Nicole and I had both been concerned about what we felt was Rick’s increasing brutality towards DeeDee. Then, the summer after our junior year, Rick was arrested for raping a girl in his hometown, and he was gone. We followed the trial, but it seemed an open-and-shut case. He had apparently allowed the line between consensual “scene” and non-consensual real life to get too blurred.

DeeDee was inconsolable at first, and after she came back to school that fall, she moved in with Jack and I. That was a wild few months. Jack enjoyed it, and I did too! Sex with DeeDee was fun, she had not been introduced to girl-girl stuff at all and so I guess it was like deflowering a virgin in a way. She learned things from us, and we learned a lot from her.

And, of course, we introduced her to Marguerite. Jack let us do that on our own, and I actually spent four days with DeeDee and Marguerite over a holiday. I learned about maid costumes and duties and strapons (oh yes) and got to experience a wide variety of punishment items and techniques.

Both DeeDee and I spent some time serving, hooded and gagged, as “Edwina,” during visits by other guests. I learned that was Marguerite’s blanket term for female clients, like “Edgar” was for males. And, of course I spent a lot of time on my knees with my tongue in Marguerite’s sweet pussy, as did DeeDee.

After meeting DeeDee, Marguerite later introduced her to a young man she knew, somehow, through a client. This guy was a little older, out of college already, but seemed a good fit. Regrettably, DeeDee became less and less a part of our household and more a part of his, finally moving in with him when we graduated. We missed her, but we really liked Ham (Hamilton was his first name) and he was a good Dom for DeeDee.

Marguerite continued to be our “senior partner” and mentor, and a source of information and support as we gradually explored each other and developed our own relationship. I had actually invited her to be a bridesmaid but she demurred. She said she would gladly attend (both!) ceremonies, and agreed to officiate at the second, more private one, but did not want us to have to explain who she was in any great detail.

Nicole and Siller continued to be a steady pair, and Siller would be Jack’s best man. They were not into the D/s scene at all, they had what we called a “vanilla” relationship (which sounded funny to us and them, since they were black) but they understood we were different and they never judged – nor did we judge them. We were open with them about our preferences and they often became our “sounding board” to avoid being in an echo chamber of our own devising. I still kind of hoped to be able to persuade both to participate in a physical relationship with Jack and I but so far that had not come about.

So as plans moved forward for Jack and I to “tie the knot,” we were also simultaneously planning for a different sort of knot-tying ceremony that would be after the traditional one, and with a much more restricted guest list.

I pretty much adhered to my mother’s desires for the wedding – I had a beautiful white lace-encrusted gown with a corset-style waist and puffy long sleeves, also decorated with lace, and a long veil that trailed behind me on the floor. A bustier underneath my gown would support white garter stockings, certainly not unusual for a wedding, and already understood to be otele gelen escort a preference of mine by my mom and at least two of my bridesmaids (DeeDee and Nicole).

My “something old” was the white platform heels from Marguerite, that she had dressed me in on the first visit to her home when I was the “snow queen” to her “black Domme.” “Something new” was a beautiful set of diamond earrings from my father, “something borrowed” was in the form of a brooch from one of my aunts, and “something blue” was supposed to be a garter, the one I would throw to the “single ladies” at the reception.

However, although I would be wearing the garter and would toss it as tradition demanded, I had another “something blue” requested by my Dom and husband/Master-to-be. Anal sex and anal training had continued to be a central part of our sex life, and Jack was determined I would walk down the aisle with an anal plug inserted, one set with a sapphire in the base.

Also, although my “dressing support crew” would see me wearing a darling little set of white panties over the garters when I dressed, DeeDee would cover me so those could be discreetly discarded before the ceremony began.

Everything went perfectly; the wedding was at our church and the whole affair was very dignified. Jack was in a gray tuxedo and he was indeed the most handsome man there. At the end of the ceremony, when we were introduced as “Jack and Jeannie [Jack’s last name], Jack and I shared a little smile as we knew there was more to come. We had a wonderful simple reception in the backyard at my home and there was drinking, eating, dancing and making merry. I threw the garter to the single ladies, and Nicole demonstrated her athletic prowess and neatly caught it.

When I retired to my room briefly to change out of the wedding dress, Jack was there. He was determined, he had told me earlier, to “fuck the bride in her wedding dress.” I laughed when I saw him waiting, I knew there would be people outside demanding my presence, but he was who he was and thank goodness that hadn’t changed!

We kissed warmly and then he tossed me back onto the bed and flipped my gown up. There was so much gown I couldn’t even see him, but I could certainly feel him as he buried his tongue in my pussy. He reached up with one hand and pushed gently on the butt plug I had inserted in the bathroom before emerging to begin the ceremony. He also tugged a little on each of the gold rings that were embedded in my left and right outer labia. It didn’t take long, with him gently nudging the butt plug, pulling on the rings, and tonguing my bare pussy, to get my motor running. I’m not sure if he decided I was wet enough on his own, but when he heard me say “Fuck me Jack, fuck your slut!” I guess he figured that was a clue.

He had his tux pants open and underwear down in an instant, and a heartbeat after that his delicious cock was buried in my waiting pussy. He crushed his way over the hem of the gown until he uncovered me, like a lost skier in an avalanche of lace and crepe, and took my lips with his own, the sweet taste of my pussy still lingering in the kiss. We began to move together as one, his hips thrusting into mine as my ass lifted off the bed to meet them. The pace was getting faster, his thrusting was getting harder, and I knew he was about to come soon.

Suddenly something hit me, as if out of the blue. I didn’t know why he or I hadn’t thought of it before. I stopped moving, holding his shoulders up and looking into his eyes.

“Jack, Jack, stop for a second.”

“What, why?” He asked, dumbfounded.

“I want to take you in my mouth, Jack, please.”

“Baby I love that, but why this instant?” He asked, almost pleading.

“Because I want your first orgasm, the first seed you spill in me in our married life, I want it to be while I’m on my knees.”

He looked at me without comprehension for a moment, and then understanding lit up his face. He reluctantly withdrew his stiff cock from my dripping pussy and let me clamber off the bed.

I knelt down on the carpet at his feet, he sat down in the chair behind him, and I took his cock in my mouth. I began to “work my magic” and his cock quickly returned to its fully rigid state. I licked and sucked my own juices off of his cock, sucked the balls and nibbled the sensitive underside, like I had done hundreds, maybe thousands of times.

I elongated my body and easily slipped him down my relaxed throat, engulfing his whole cock, my lips buried in the stiff public hair at the base (practice had made perfect). I stroked his member with my entire throat, my lips forming a seal at the base of his cock, slowly sliding up to the head and leaving it gleaming with my saliva before sliding all the way back down to the base again. He buried his hands in my hair and the movement soon fell under his control rather than mine.

From a gentle female oral teasing, the movement became a male-controlled fucking of my face and mouth. I was in heaven. He rammed türkmen escort himself into me, pulled himself out and then repeated the forceful movement, again…and again. My mouth was simply a warm, wet, sucking cunt to be fucked.

Suddenly, I felt a tensing in his whole body. I could feel his ass clenching, his balls pumping as the semen flowed into his cock. The whole thing began to throb and pulse in my throat as he continued to fuck me without ceasing. Then it came. Jet after jet of cum was hitting the back of my throat and I choked and swallowed in my desperation to get it all down.

When he finally released me, my head hung low to the ground, his cum dripping from my lips. I felt used and broken again, much like the “rape” scene over two years before, when Jack, using Rick as a tool, had first taught me who and what I was.

Slowly, I lifted my head and looked into my husband’s eyes. “I love you, Jack. Thank you for permitting me to be on my knees before you.”

“I love you too, Vanessa. Always.”

We cleaned up (I had makeup repair to do), changed clothes, and went back outside to join the revelers.

When things quieted down for the evening, we were to begin our travel to our honeymoon which was to be a river cruise in Germany. A number of our relatives and friends had asked us why we weren’t going to the Virgin Islands, or Acapulco, or someplace warm, at least? I told them that we had both wanted to visit Germany. What I didn’t say, was that I didn’t want to go anyplace where I would need to reveal myself in a bathing suit anytime soon. I was going to need full coverage and long sleeves after my special second ceremony.

Several had volunteered to drive us to the airport, but Ham and DeeDee had “won out,” as they were part of the plan for the next event. Instead of driving to the airport, we drove to a club that Marguerite had arranged on her side of town.

The place was a “scene” club, although we had a private room in the back for our small party. Jack and I, Marguerite, DeeDee and Ham, and Nicole and Silly would be attending this special event. Marguerite had asked Jack’s permission to invite a young couple she was mentoring, Denise and Eva, and he had granted it. Oh, and Marguerite told us that Edgar and Edwina would join us. Or at least, one of her “Edgars” and one of her “Edwinas.” All of the group except for us, DeeDee and Ham were waiting when we arrived.

We entered the club and our group went directly to the back room. Marguerite diverted me into another room where she helped me prepare for the ceremony. First I removed my eye makeup. I knew that, given what was about to happen, it would likely run, and I didn’t want it smeared all over my face. Then Edgar stood silently by as Marguerite helped me undress. I removed all of my clothing and sat and slipped on on short white nylon lace-top socks that folded just above the ankle. Over these, I put on the black heels she had dressed me in that second visit to her shop, the “private session” that led into an amazing evening and night with her. I added no other clothing.

I still had on the diamond earrings my father had given me, but my only other decorations were piercings; the gold nipple rings Jack had added the first summer after my commitment to him as a Dom, and the two gold labia rings that had been installed after my electrolysis was complete, right after we had graduated.

Marguerite carefully removed the ring from my right labia; it would be replaced during the ceremony. She draped a wine-colored cloak over me that covered me from neck to ankles, and was closed with decorative frogs down the front. Then she handed me a white rose, not yet in bloom. She herself was dressed in the same simple mid-length black dress with long sleeves that she had worn for the “official” wedding.

Marguerite would serve as the officiant; Edgar would bring me out and escort me.

Marguerite left the room. I was alone with Edgar for the moment. I studied him just a bit. He probably wasn’t the same “Edgar” that had witnessed my bi-sexual transformation; he was just a bit taller than the man who had served Jack, Marguerite and I that night two years ago. Nevertheless, he looked the part; black tuxedo, black hood, black goggles over his eyes. And as I knew from personal experience, wordless, because the hood covered a gag.

Talk ceased as Marguerite walked up onto the stage and asked for quiet. Then Nicole stood up from her seat, and Siller accompanied her on guitar as she sang a portion of the Patti Smith hit song “Because the Night,” her throaty voice giving a husky sound to the words –

Take me now, baby, here as I am

Pull me close, try and understand

Desire is hunger is the fire I breathe

Love is a banquet on which we feed

Come on now try and understand

The way I feel under your command

Take my hand as the sun descends

They can’t touch you now

Can’t touch you now, can’t touch you now

Edgar led me out of the back evi olan escort room and began to guide me slowly up to the stage, where Jack already stood. Walking through the room I could see that, as planned, our few guests were seated comfortably at tables scattered around the room. Edwina, a very slender, fit-looking woman in a short “French maid” outfit and high heels and the signature black hood, had efficiently served glasses of wine or other preferred beverages.

There was a small stage at the front of the room with a dark curtain at the back. In front of the curtain was a large object in a black drape, almost as if it were a backdrop of some kind. At the front of the stage was a small table covered with a white cloth. On the cloth was a small alcohol burner, already lit. Beside the burner was the collar I was to wear, another, smaller, piece of jewelry, and the flogger I had learned to know so well.

Because the night belongs to lovers

Because the night belongs to lust

Because the night belongs to lovers

Because the night belongs to us

Without you I cannot live

Forgive, the yearning, burning

I believe it’s time, too real to feel

So touch me now, touch me now, touch me now

Because tonight there are two lovers

If we believe in the night we trust

Because the night belongs to lovers

Because the night belongs to lust

Because the night belongs to lovers

Because the night belongs to lust

By the time Nicole had finished the last words, I was standing beside Jack, at the foot of the stage, facing Marguerite. Jack wore a partially blooming red rose on his lapel.

Marguerite began to speak, her German accent lending an almost Gothic air to the ceremony.

“Welcome friends. We are gathered here today to witness a special bonding ceremony, to signify to all that Jack and Vanessa wish to commit their lives to each other. This commitment is without end, depth, breadth or height. It is immeasurable, and cannot be seen, touched or felt by anyone other than them. It is a locking of hearts, minds, spirits and souls. It strengthens them and makes them one.

“Vanessa, would you kneel please?”

I knelt at Jack’s feet, the same way I had knelt at his feet that first night after the scene, the way I had knelt earlier in the day to receive his seed, and countless times in between.

Marguerite continued. “The white unopened rose that Vanessa is carrying signifies the purity of her submission, and the fact that it has not come into full bloom. It never will. Submission is ever deepening, ever growing, and Vanessa will never reach a place where she cannot open a bit more for Jack.

“Jack’s almost fully opened red rose signifies his dominance. The color red represents his passion and desire to possess and protect Vanessa at all costs, even though he must spill his own blood to do so. The rose is almost in full bloom to symbolize that he is ready and mature enough to accept the responsibilities required.”

“Jack, would you purify the collar, please?”

Jack turned to Marguerite and she handed him the plain golden ring, solid but for an opening on one side. Jack passed the collar briefly through the flame, and turned to face me. He looked deep into my eyes.

Marguerite continued. “This action symbolizes the removing of all impurities from the collar provided by Jack to Vanessa. All outside influences are burned away in the heat of his desire to possess, protect and defend her.”

Jack spoke in a solemn voice that carried throughout the room.

“Vanessa, I ask you to bear this collar as a sign of your submission to me. Will you bear it?”

My heart sang at this moment we had anticipated so long. “Yes, it is my heart’s desire!”

Jack turned to me and placed the collar around my neck, without closing the opening. He looked deep into my eyes.

“Vanessa, with my placement of this circle of metal around your neck, and your acceptance of it, I promise to be worthy of your love and devotion. I promise to hold you and protect you, while at the same time challenging you to grow. I promise to respect the needs of our relationship above all other things. I promise to love you, honor you, and be sensitive to your needs and desires. I recognize the trust you have placed in me and the responsibility that goes with it. I will never violate that trust. I acknowledge and accept with joy and honor the gift of your submission. This collar will be a symbol of that which is already true in our hearts; that you belong to me, and indeed, I belong to you.

“Do you accept this gift, and all that it signifies?”

“It is my honor to say yes, a thousand times yes!” I answered with real excitement.

He reached out and locked the collar firmly in place around my neck. The lock closed with a solid click.

“Jack, in front of these witnesses I freely surrender my life to you, submitting to your will in all things. I accept this outward symbol of the trust I place in you. I understand that by wearing this collar, I accept your authority and promise to honor you with my every thought, word and action. I promise to support you and fulfill your needs and desires as you allow. You are the center of my universe, the light of my life and the love of my heart. I give you my love, my heart and myself, now and always.”

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