Strange Day

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For as long as I can remember I have been classed as a tomboy for several different reasons. The two main reasons are the way that I dressed and that I looked like a boy. I don’t have the facial hair and deep voice of one but I do have that sort of face, short hair and that type of body, in other words I did not have any breasts to speak of. No boy used to look at me as if they wanted to date me, the only reason they were near me was because I acted like them and I was fun to hang around.

But that all changed when I turned 18 and realized that my body had changed to that of a woman and that I was a late, very late bloomer. When I checked myself in the mirror every morning I found to my shock that my breasts were getting bigger and I wondered how I was going to hide them from the boys that I hung out with. I noticed also that my face had gotten a little softer and looked more like a woman’s should be. I realized when I looked at my face that the haircut that I had was not enough any more and decided to let it grow out. As I let my hair grow out I noticed that I looked totally different- more feminine and all the boys that I hung out with noticed it too. The first real change that I noticed was that they did not play as roughly and they were more guarded with what they talked about which made me kind of sad in what I was losing by changing this way.

I also noticed one thing that was strange with all the guys; they kept on looked at me when they thought that I wasn’t looking and kept on checking out my body. I tried to hide my figure from them and wore the same clothes that I did but with the way that my body had developed it was proving to be far more difficult than I realized. I wondered if I should stop hanging out with them now that I looked like a woman but I told myself that they were my friends and nothing would happen between us. I actually should have seen that what had happened with me had changed things and I could never change them back. I didn’t even realize the way I looked now had changed the way that every other male around me was thinking until the one day that I got on the bus.

When I got up that morning I decided to try something different and asked my sister if I could borrow a skirt of hers which she was shocked by. She let me borrow a skirt of hers which was fairly short and when I got dressed that morning I was fairly self conscious by the way that I looked as it was nothing like myself, how I usually dressed. I then joined my sister and as we walked to the bus stop I noticed everyone who was looking at me and couldn’t help but blush and smile, this was something very new to me and I could not help but wonder if I should change because of this.

I stood there and waited for the bus to come and I couldn’t help but notice the looks that I was getting from the guys and some of the girls around me. I did not want to look at them but some part of me did; I wanted to acknowledge what it was they were looking at. Just then the bus showed up and I was glad that it did, as I didn’t actually want to be there at that point in time, as the attention that I was getting was getting weird. As soon as I got onto the bus though I noticed two things- the first thing was that it was very crowded and it was full of kids from my school. I walked to near the middle of the bus but as soon as I did I knew that it was the wrong thing to do as I felt crushed in there and knew that it would remain like that until we all got to the school.

As I stood there and waited for the bus to take us all to school I wondered what was going to happen when I got there. Were all my friends going to still be weird around me because of the way that I looked now, especially with the way that I was dressed? I tried to answer that question but before I could come up with an answer I felt something brush against my ass. At first it shocked me and I wondered if someone was fondling me but then I realized that it must have been by accident because of how crushed we were in the bus but then I felt it again and knew that there was no way that this was a mistake, especially when the hand that touched me lingered there.

As I felt the person’s hand moving across my ass I knew that this was no accident- this person, whoever it was was touching my ass and he was doing it on purpose. The person’s hand began to slowly move over my ass before he lightly squeezed it. As he touched my ass I felt something growing within me and tried to deny it but try as I might what I could feel was something I did not want to. This mystery person who had obviously liked what he had seen when I got onto the bus and decided to make his move while we where trapped in there was starting to turn me on.

I tried to move away, to get away from this hand that was touching me and turning me on but try as I might I couldn’t and this person kept running his hand over my ass. Suddenly I felt this hand moving down to my ass, towards my thigh and I wondered what was going to happen but my unasked question was answered when I felt it move under my skirt. çanakkale escort I felt as this person’s fingers began to move slowly up my thigh towards my panties. As soon as I felt his fingers nearing my panties I felt instant panic and knew that I should move away but some part of me wanted me to stay and see what was going to happen.

The person’s hand moved further up and I suddenly felt those fingers touch my panties near my pussy. As if thinking by themselves my legs slowly opened up and I moved even closer to the hand, wanting it to touch my pussy. Just then the unknown person’s hand moved away as if he did not want to do this any more and he feared that he had been caught. He thought that I would tell someone what he was doing to me and moved his hand away completely which I surprised myself by not wanting to happen. I stood there for several long moments with my legs still slightly open and wondered if this person was going to start again or had I scared him off?

Just then I felt the person’s hand on my ass again and breathed a silent sigh of relief as I wanted that hand to stay there and I did not know why. But then I realized why and it stunned me- I wanted this hand to touch me- to make me wet and make me cum. I was so shocked by that thought that it almost made me fall to the floor and I had to grab hold of one of the straps so that I didn’t. As soon as I did the person must have thought that was a signal to start what he was doing again and he quickly moved his hand under my skirt and ran his fingers over my pussy, on top of my panties. I almost started moaning loudly when he did that but I stopped myself in time, as I knew f I did it would attract attention to me and I knew that was the last thing the person who was fondling me wanted.

Just then I felt the man’s hands move to the edge of my panties and I wanted him to reach under them and touch my pussy but some part of me knew that this was wrong and I wanted him to stop but as soon as I felt his fingers go under my panties to my bare pussy that part of me disappeared and I just wanted him to keep on touching me. Suddenly I felt him pull my panties aside and before I could ask myself why I felt his fingers running over my pussy again and I knew all he wanted was free access. Just then I felt that my pussy was starting to get wet and I wondered if it was because of what those fingers were doing to my pussy but then I realized that was exactly what the reason for it was.

Suddenly the person’s fingers found my clit and started to run his fingers over it and as soon as he did my knees went weak and I was lucky to be holding onto the strap or I would have fallen to the floor. This person’s fingers began to rub my clit and I wanted to badly to scream out over the sensations- to tell everyone what was happening to me but I knew that if I did everyone would know what was going on and both of us- the person behind me and myself would be thrown off the bus. Just then the person’s fingers moved down to my pussy and as he began to run his fingers over it and my clit the bus came to a sudden stop and his fingers went deep into my pussy and I wanted to scream out in pain.

Nobody had ever done that to me and I had never been that stretched open before. I stood there and wanted his fingers out of my pussy but he kept them in there but as if he knew that I was hurting did not move them for which I was very grateful. After a few seconds he began to slowly move them and instead of feeling the pain I felt extreme pleasure and I wanted this person’s fingers to keep moving around in my already dripping wet pussy forever. The pleasure his two fingers were giving me were intense and I never wanted it to stop- I actually shocked myself by listening to the inner voice that said please God let this bus never make it to school.

But it seems as soon as those thoughts entered my head the bus came to an almost screeching halt, which sent the person’s fingers deeper into my pussy, causing me to have a sharp intake of breath. I looked out the window and let out a sigh to see the school sitting out there and an even greater sigh when the person’s fingers slid out from inside my pussy. I then felt my panties being pulled back and my skirt being straightened and knew that we had to get off the bus to school. As soon as we moved to the entrance of the bus though one thought came to my mind- I wanted to try and see who had been fondling me on the bus. I knew that it would be hard to find out but I wanted to try and as we disembarked I stood there as if waiting for my sister and watched the face of every person to see if I could determine just who it was. I watched everyone as they got off the bus, trying to figure it out but as the bus began to empty I was no close to finding out who it was until I saw one of my friends coming out of the bus and look at me with a smile. I didn’t think that was unusual as he always smiled but when he saw me standing there his smile got wider and he brought one of his hands up to his mouth and licked it as if it were an ice cream cone.

As he slowly walked past me I found myself totally speechless and unable to bring a single thought into my head. I then turned my head to look at him walk into the school grounds and thought that it was impossible- he wouldn’t have done it to me, would he? I tried to laugh that thought off but then I realized that he was just a guy and I had turned into what he called a babe. I knew that if he had done it to me on the bus then my friendship was pretty much over but if he hadn’t then I would be destroying if for nothing. But how was I going to find out? I could not go and ask him if he had slid his fingers deep into my pussy- I knew I couldn’t. I let out a sigh and walked into the school grounds, wondering what else was going to happen to me today?

I walked slowly over to where my friends and I usually sat and was surprised to see Andrew, the one that I had seen getting off the bus sitting there alone. I debated with myself as to whether or not to sit there with him but when I saw him look at me and smile I knew that it would be rude not to and walked to where he sat, feeling a little uneasy. I sat down next to him, put my backpack down on the seat and looked at him while I tried to figure out how to ask him. “So, did you have a good bus ride here?” he asked me. My eyes widened and at first I didn’t know what to say but then the first thing that came into my head flew out of my mouth, “It was you? You did that to me?” “I did what to you?” he looked at me questioningly, “I just wanted to know if you had a good ride on the way here- being crammed in there like a sardine in a can.” I breathed out a deep sigh of relief and as soon as I did his eyebrows raised and I knew he wanted to know what happened. “Someone smacked me on the ass. I just thought it was you.” He surprisingly had an extremely serious look on his face and I wondered what had put it there. I looked at him and wondered why he had become so serious. “What’s wrong?” He looked at me for a second or two, not saying a word but then he smiled and said, “It’s nothing. I was just thinking of something else.” I looked straight at him, “You are getting weird Andrew. You know that.”

Andrew opened his mouth to answer but before he could Josh walked up to us and dropped his backpack down beside me, which caused me to jump. I looked up at him and opened my mouth to say something but before I could Josh said, “God, that bus was packed. No wonder you looked a little flustered when you got off it.” I blushed and looked at him but couldn’t say a word- I couldn’t tell them that someone had just had finger fucked me on the bus and had gotten me worked up. He just looked straight at me as if I was going crazy and I knew that if I told him what had happened two things would happen, he would either just laugh or he would tease me mercilessly which made me sit down and keep quiet. Andrew then looked at me and said, “What is wrong with you, have you not heard a thing that we said.” I looked at him, “Huh, what did you say?” Andrew shook his head, “Jeez, you are getting too weird Sarah, you know that don’t you.” “Sorry, I just had my mind on other things.” Josh moved close and sat down next to me, “What is wrong with you today?” “It is nothing. It is just that the bus ride was strange.” “Strange; how?” “It is nothing.” Andrew just looked at me as if I was going crazy or I had already done so and Josh looked as if he wanted to say something but he was keeping his mouth closed although I saw a grin on his face. I looked straight at him and wondered if he knew something but did not want to give it away but before I could ask him the bell went off and I looked at them then said that I would see them during the first break.

As soon as I walked away from them the only thing that I could think about was what had happened to me on the bus and how the man’s fingers had felt as they slid in and out of me, which sent a shiver up my spine. I walked slowly to my first class and for once was glad that it was gym as it meant that I would be able to get my mind off what had happened to me and how my pussy was still wet just thinking about it. The only thing I could think about as I walked was how I wanted nothing more than to feel something sliding in and out of my pussy and I wondered what was wrong with me as it was the first time that I had ever felt something like this. I felt as though I was on fire and the only thing that could put it out was for me to have an orgasm that allowed me to scream at the top of my lungs, letting everyone around me know what I was doing.

I entered the main building and as soon as I did I looked left and right down the hallway to try and find a place to hide, take my clothing off and masturbate. I knew that I was going mad by thinking this way but it was as if my mind was stuck below my waist, at my pussy which was screaming to be touched- screaming to have me or someone else slide something deep into it. I stopped and took a deep breath, trying to clear my head but it was as if my pussy was controlling me and I wondered if anyone in the hall around me was looking at me with the knowledge of what I was going about, could even smell the juices that were making my panties dripping wet.

I knew that I was being paranoid and that nobody knew what was going on with me but it made me move even faster to the gym. When I entered the locker room I was glad that it was empty as it gave me the chance to get changed in solitude, with nobody around to disturb me. I walked slowly to my locker and opened it, pulled out my gym clothes and dropped them to the bench and placed my bag in my locker. As soon as I placed my foot on the bench to take off my shoe however a smell assailed me and I knew what it was. The smell of my aroused pussy struck me like a hammer; making my senses go out of control and making my thoughts focus onto it again.

It made me want to do nothing more than take off my panties and masturbate so badly that it caused every other thought to be pushed aside. Just then I heard the locker room door open and it made me focus again which made me start to untie my shoelace although the smell of my pussy was strong in the air. I knew that I had to ignore it but it was so hard that it was making me feel as if I was going so slow that time itself had stopped. It was then that I noticed the presence of a person standing there looking at me and when I looked up I saw Carole standing there looking at me.

She pushed up her glasses and seemed to be focusing hard on something which made me wonder what it was until I remembered where I was and how I was standing which made me take my leg off the bench. She then looked at my face as if she just realized that I was there and the first thing that I noticed was the redness on her cheeks. I looked at her in shock and wondered if she had been looking at my legs or she could even smell me but before I even had a chance she turned quickly and walked away to her locker.

I shook my head and wondered how this day could get any weirder for me then proceeded to take off my shoes and t-shirt, leaving me standing there in my panties, skirt and bra. I then hooked my fingers into the elastic of my skirt and as slowly pulled it down, bending over as I did and as soon as I bent over it was as if a shock of cold air suddenly hit my wet panties, driving me insane. I wanted nothing more than to take them off and slide my fingers deep into my pussy but I knew that I could not or someone would wonder where I was and come to find me just to find me in this predicament and then I would be in serious trouble.

I stood up straight and grabbed my gym clothes then pulled them on and put my gym shoes on, throwing my other clothes into my locker and closing it. I turned and walked out of the locker room into the gym and as soon as I did I saw that everyone was already there and that they had been paired off. It was then that the gym teacher, Mr. Sinclair turned his head and looked at me, “Nice of you to finally join us Miss Jamieson, now if you would be so kind to join the rest of us I can tell you all what is going to happen. I have paired you all up for a reason and that reason is, oh god- is everyone going to be late this day.” As soon as I turned my head towards the locker room I was not at all surprised to see Carole as she walked into the gym and pushed her glasses up. “Now that you have joined us you can go and stand by Miss Jamieson as you are now her partner.” Everyone started to snicker at that which caused Mr. Sinclair to look at everyone, “Oh do shut up and let me finish. Seeming as it is a double lot of gym today and I have you lovely people for two hours I have decided that you are all going to have a little bit of fun. I have paired you all off into different teams so this is what is going to happen. You are going to leave this gym and go on a little run around the campus and surrounding area but this is the fun part to it and the reason I have paired you off which I think you can already guess to but I will tell you anyway. The object of this little run is to win of course but in order for you to finish both of you have to cross the line at the same time- does that not sound like fun?” Everyone groaned as soon as Mr. Sinclair finished and I knew that it was going to be hard for me to win this run but there was one thing I was glad of, it was going to take my focus away from my arousal. “Oh, one thing I forgot to mention. There is a little prize for the team who wins this race- the winning team will finish the gym class as soon as they have finished the race and they can do whatever they wish to do while the rest of you will have to finish the rest of the gym class, no matter how exhausted you are.” I knew that I wanted to finish this class as quickly as possible as that meant that I could do the one thing my body was screaming out for but it was then that Carole turned to me. “Do you want to finish this race first, do you want to win this race?” “Yes, I want to finish as quickly as possible, there is something I have to do.” “Okay, I will run as fast as I can but you have to promise me one thing. If we win then you have to do what I ask of you as soon as we are in the locker room, do you agree.”

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