How to Stop Smoking Ch. 25

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Aletta Ocean

It was late when I awoke. After the workout with Joan, I had been exhausted.

After a quick shower and a shave, I dressed and headed for the club. I figured on breakfast then playing some tennis to work out the kinks.

When I returned home, there were two messages on my recorder. The first one was from Joan thanking me for a wonderful evening and asking when we would get together again.

The second was from a newspaper reporter named Betty. She wanted to interview me. I called her back.

It seems that she had gotten wind of the acupuncture treatments I had been taking and wanted to do a story on me and the results, etc.

I didn’t have anything pressing, so I invited her over. Having an hour to kill, I took a quick shower, cracked open a beer and settled down to wait. The wait was worth it.

When I opened the front door I was looking at the biggest set of tits I’ve ever seen. 40s plus and sticking straight out from her chest.

She had on a simple cotton ‘T’ shirt that was straining at every seam. She also had on a pair of rust colored gabardine slacks, but I never noticed that until much later.

After introducing herself and Gloria, her photographer, Betty’s eyes immediately found my crotch.

Her eyes widened as they traced the outline of my cock. My cock responded to her stare and, suddenly, my cut-offs seemed tight.

Her nipples began to stiffen. I could see her aureoles, big as a silver dollars, through the thin shirt. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra – and didn’t have to.

I invited them in and led them to the patio bar. Since everyone opted for iced tea, it made the serving easier.

As I was fixing the drinks, I did a quick appraisal.

Betty looked to be about 30. Blond hair and dark blue eyes that had a violet tint to them.

Wide flaring hips set below a short waist. I suppose her waist looked shorter because of the immense size of her tits.

Gloria was about 4’10” tall. Thin supple body with almost no tits at all. Short cropped jet black hair and almond colored eyes. Cute, but no fashion plate. She had on jeans and a tank top that left nothing to the imagination.

The three of us drifted over to a table and sat down. Betty opened the interview by telling me that she had overheard an instructor at the health spa talking about this guy with this huge cock.

After hearing about the size being caused by an acupuncture treatment, she felt that there was a story in it.

The instructor was Mandy. After getting my name and number from Mandy, she had called and left a message on my recorder.

Betty’s nervous habit of licking her lips as she talked started me fantasizing about having them wrapped around the head of my cock. My cock swelled even more.

I told Betty that I would grant her an interview, but with a few conditions. No names. No pictures. No printing without my approval. I wanted the story to be factual without any editorial license being invoked except mine.

We haggled over the picture bit and I finally told her that I would allow Polaroid shots only, but no faces.

While Gloria left to take her camera equipment out to the car, Betty started the interview.

Turning on her recorder, she asked me to just tell the details and she would draft the story from her tape.

I began talking and she would occasionally ask questions about some of the details. Her eyes never left the bulge of my cock.

While we were talking, Gloria returned with a Polaroid and a film pack. She sat down quietly and just observed the interview.

Since I hadn’t mentioned my marathon love making sessions, Betty began asking questions about my love life.

I gave her some of the details, but left out a lot also. After all, I felt that my friends deserved some degree of privacy.

By the time we finished the interview, my cock was hard as a rock. Feeling as though I needed to either cool off or do something about it, I decided to do both.

When I invited the girls to a dip in the pool, both of them told me that they would love to but, without swim suits they would be quite embarrassed. I decided to take matters in hand.

Standing, I unbuttoned my cut-offs and let them drop to the patio. They both gasped when my 21″ cock sprang into view. I could see that they both would soon join me in the pool so I dove in.

I swam to the other end of the pool and hoisted myself out. Turning to sit on the edge of the pool, I saw that they were finishing undressing. Then they both jumped into the pool and swam in my direction.

I sat there with my cock dangling in the water until they reached me. Betty was the first to ask if she could feel my cock. Since I knew this might well have been the only purpose of the interview anyway, I told her to go ahead.

Wrapping her hand around my cock, she began to stroke it. My cock got even harder. The blood red crown was straining for release.

I told Betty that, if she kept that up, she was going to bite off more than she could chew. Bostancı Esmer Escort With that remark, she closed her lips around the crown of my cock and began sucking it.

Gloria wasn’t exactly idle during this time. She alternated between playing with Betty’s huge nipples and fondling my balls.

As she kneaded and squeezed my ball sac, coupled with Betty’s sucking, my cock continued to swell until I was about ready to cum.

Telling them to back off a little, I eased into the pool between them. I kissed Betty as I massaged her breasts. Her nipples were about an inch in diameter and at least as long. Each one looked to be as big as a shot glass. I had to suck on them.

As I kissed and sucked Betty’s nipples, Gloria submerged and wrapped her lips around my rigid cock. It was obvious she was trying to make me cum before she ran out of air.

Betty’s body began to quiver as soon as I fingered found her moist cunt. She was having an orgasm already.

Pulling Gloria to the surface, I told her that there was plenty of cock to go around. I didn’t give them all the details, but I did tell them I could last quite awhile.

With that, I hoisted Betty up and inserted the head of my cock into her hot pussy. I slowly lowered her until my cock was buried deep within her.

As soon as my cock entered her, Betty began to cum. Her hot pussy began milking my cock. God, was she tight.

I leaned her back, just so her head was still out of the water and Gloria began sucking Betty’s tits as I rapidly bounced her up and down the length of my cock. Betty went wild.

Sooner than I wanted, I began to cum. Spurt after spurt of red hot cum splashing the depth of Betty’s hot juicy cunt.

As Betty came down from her orgasm, my softening cock slid out of her. It was Gloria’s turn.

We swam to the shallow end of the pool where we could lie on the pool bottom and still be in the water.

Gloria noticed that my cock had softened and decided to do something about it. She took the crown of my cock in her mouth and began a slow sucking motion that soon had my cock hard again. Even though she didn’t have much for tits and had a small ass, this girl could really suck cock. I think she was the best I’d ever had.

Meanwhile, Betty had moved into position behind Gloria and began licking her pussy. The hotter Gloria got, the faster she sucked my cock.

Lifting her up, I pulled her on top of me. With Betty guiding my cock, we inserted it into the entrance of Gloria’s pussy.

Gloria began to ease herself down the length of my huge cock until it was buried deep within her.

Betty moved around and began sucking on Gloria’s nipples. They were extremely sensitive and responded immediately.

Then, with real slow movements, Gloria began easing my cock in and out of her hot cunt. About 6 strokes later I began to cum.

As my cock-juice splashed within her womb, it set of a chain reaction and Gloria’s pussy began to quiver. She was multi-orgasmic.

Her hips were thrashing back and forth even after I pulled my cock out of her.

Laying Gloria down in the shallow water I noticed the absence of pubic hair. I love to lick a clean shaved pussy.

I pulled her hips out of the water and began to tongue-fuck her. She ground her hot pussy into my face and began cumming. After she reached another 3 or 4 orgasms, I stopped. We all needed a rest and some refreshments.

I fixed some wine coolers and we reclined on chaise lounges to let the warm sun do it’s work.

I took this opportunity to do a full appraisal of my guests. Betty’s nipples continued to fascinate me. They remained hard in the cool breeze that wafted over them. Her aureoles were huge and puckered as though someone was sucking on them.

Gloria’s little nipples were also hard. Small though they were, they were still sensitive and erotic.

We languished in the warm sun and I began to doze.

The doorbell woke me. I went to the front door and peered through the peep hole. Mandy was standing there.

I hadn’t seen her since she and I had a pretty hot night of making love. The memories of that night was causing my cock to swell. I opened the door.

Mandy gasped as she caught sight of my huge cock. The last time we met, it had been smaller than it is now and the sight of it shocked her.

Inviting her in, I led the way to the pool deck. She might as well know right then that I had company. Then, if she chose to leave, I’d understand.

Mandy remembered Betty from the spa and I introduced her to Gloria. The three of them seemed to hit it off so I figured that Mandy planned on staying.

I fixed Mandy a carrot juice cocktail and, as I handed it to her, she reached for my cock. Giving it a squeeze, she stroked the length of it. My cock began to get harder.

When I told her that she’d better quit of I would be cumming, she leaned over and put my cockhead into her mouth. A couple of rapid sucks and my cock was rock hard.

Since Mandy as the only Bostancı Eve Gelen Escort one still dressed, I decided to do something about that. Pulling her to her feet, we kissed as I removed her clothing.

Removing her bikini underpants, I noticed that her pussy was shaved. The last time we met, her pussy was quite bushy. It must have taken some time to shave all the hair off.

I slid a finger inside and found that her juices were flowing already. She was hot and ready to fuck.

I moved to the chaise lounge and sat down. I pulled Mandy to me and, spreading her legs, I sat her on my lap. We kissed again. This time, I reached between us and rubbed her steaming pussy with my cockhead.

As my cockhead rubbed the length of her pussy, Mandy’s hips began to move back and forth.

I pulled her to me and inserted my cockhead. Her pussy was soaking wet, but the position would only allow her to take 3 or 4 inches of my cock.

I told her to hold onto my neck, took hold of her firm ass cheeks and stood up. Gravity did the rest. My cock was buried to the hilt.

Holding her thus, I made my way into the house. Sitting on the vibrator lounge in the living room, I let her body lay back on the footrest while I turned on the motors.

When the lounge chair began it’s pulsating motion, Mandy went wild. Her steaming pussy began milking my cock with the sucking motion that was so familiar.

Meanwhile, Betty and Gloria, having followed us into the house started kissing Mandy and sucking on her nipples. Mandy began to orgasm and the juices began to flow.

Gloria leaned over and placed her tongue on Mandy’s huge clit. As her tongue flicked it back and forth, Mandy’s hips were working on my rigid cock. I reached for Gloria’s pussy.

As I inserted my finger in her slippery pussy, she began grinding it against my hand. In no time, she was cumming.

By now Betty had put one of her enormous nipples in Mandy’s mouth. Mandy sucked on it as she pinched and squeezed Betty’s other one.

Mandy’s hips began bucking and thrashing about as she orgasmed. As she reached the third or fourth orgasm, she passed out.

Since the same thing happened the last time she was here, I wasn’t too concerned. I hadn’t cum though and was still ready to fuck.

I asked Betty and Gloria to carry Mandy into the bedroom and put her on the water bed.

When they returned, I was stroking my cock, keeping it ready for whoever wanted it. Betty won the coin toss.

She straddled me, facing away from me and inserted my cockhead in her hot pussy. As her ass bottomed out on my lap, she pulled Gloria onto the lounge.

Seating Gloria in front of her, Betty leaned forward and began licking her pussy as she ground her own up and down the length of my cock. In seconds, she was cumming.

I still hadn’t shot my load yet, so I asked her to get off and Gloria climbed on. After a couple of minutes of fucking in this position, I decided that it was time for a change.

Gloria and I rolled off the lounge onto the floor. My cock slipped out of her pussy in the process.

Turning her over, I positioned her on her hands and knees and inserted my cock into her pussy from behind.

As I began stroking it’s 21″ length in and out of her, Betty seated herself in front of Gloria’s face. Gloria began licking Betty’s pussy. Within minutes, the three of us began cumming.

My rigid cock filled Gloria’s tight little pussy with spurt after spurt of red hot cum.

When I had finished cumming, I pulled out of her and went to wash up. Returning to the living room, I found Betty and Gloria locked in a classic ’69’. Betty was on top with that fine ass waving in the air and was lapping my cum from Gloria’s pussy.

Watching these two ladies was very erotic. My cock began to respond. By then, I was physically tired and needed some rest, but it was obvious that these two were just getting started. Just then the doorbell rang.

When I looked through the peep hole, I saw the answer to my prayers. A fireman was there, probably asking for donations.

I told him to wait a minute and, getting a robe from the bedroom, pulled it on as I opened the door.

He introduced himself as “Tom”. He was, in fact, seeking donations for the local fire department.

Inviting him in, he took one step when he spotted Betty and Gloria. His mouth fell open when he saw that they were naked and doing a ’69’.

I told Tom that I would give him a donation if he would give me one. That got him undressed in a flash. He knew what I meant. I needed help with these hot ladies.

Kneeling behind Betty, Tom let his stiffening cock dangle into Gloria’s mouth. Thinking it was mine, she began sucking on it. It was soon hard as a rock.

When Tom’s cock was ready, he pulled it out of Gloria’s mouth and began to insert it into Betty’s pussy. His cock was only about 10″ long but was a good 2″ in diameter.

Watching these three had my cock hard and ready, so I moved into position Bostancı Evi Olan Escort in front of Betty’s mouth.

By then, Betty knew that there was another man involved in this little sex scene. It only served to make her hotter.

She consumed my cockhead and began sucking like there was no tomorrow. She intended to drain my cum as quickly as possible.

I wasn’t about to let her suck me off when there was a ready and willing pussy, so I pulled my cock out of her mouth and inserted it at the entrance to Gloria’s pussy.

Pulling her hips so that her legs spread around mine, I pushed forward. Since her pussy was still slippery with my cum, I buried all 21″ in her with ease.

I began stroking in and out of her. Soon the four of us had a rhythm established and the fucking got fast and furious.

I shot another load into Gloria and pulled out of her. By this time, Betty had reached at least 2 orgasms but Tom had not cum yet. As Betty slumped to the floor, Tom’s thick cock slipped from her pussy.

Tom had good staying power though and was still ready to fuck. It was a good thing, too. Mandy was sitting on the sofa, legs spread and two fingers buried in her cunt.

Seeing that Tom’s cock was still hard, Mandy came over to us. Pushing Tom onto his back, she mounted his cock. Just as Tom’s cockhead was at the entrance of her pussy, Mandy’s feet slipped forcing the entire length of Tom’s cock deep within her.

After getting over the initial shock of that thick cock stretching her pussy, Mandy began fucking Tom, rotating that fine black ass in little circles as her pussy worked on Tom’s cock.

When she had orgasmed for the third time, Mandy slumped forward and passed out again. I told Tom not to worry, that she always did this.

All this action had make my cock hard again. I looked for Betty and Gloria, but they were missing.

I headed for the bedroom to get the jar of strawberry jell. As I retrieved it from the headboard of my waterbed, I could hear splashing sounds coming from the spa.

Returning to the living room, I spread a liberal quantity of the jell on my cock, then I spread some on the little rosette of Mandy’s asshole.

Mandy was still astride Tom with his huge cock buried deep inside her pussy.

Inserting a finger into Mandy’s ass was quite easy. In the state she was in, all her muscles were totally relaxed and I was able to manipulate her asshole with ease.

Positioning myself behind her, I took hold of my cock and began to insert it into her.

By the time I had 6 or 8 inches within her ass, Mandy began to stir. She was coming around.

Then I began to slowly stroke my cock in and out of her. Pulling my cock out until just the head was still encased in her ass, I began pumping it back in – going deeper and deeper into her ass with each stroke.

Although I knew that she could only take some 10″ of my cock, the feeling of Tom’s cock in her pussy was quite stimulating.

The thin membrane separating our cocks felt as though my cock was rubbing Tom’s with nothing between. Soon I began to cum.

As my cum further lubricated Mandy’s ass, I was able to work a little more of my cock in and out of her until it softened and slipped out of her. Tom still hadn’t cum.

I helped Mandy off Tom and we carried her to the spa. As we placed her into the water, we noticed that Betty and Gloria were on the edge of the spa doing another ’69’ with Gloria on top.

Tom knelt behind Gloria and began to stroke her pussy with the head of his cock. Gloria began rocking back until she was able to wrap her pussy lips around the head of his cock.

Tom began thrusting forward until his cock was buried deep within her. With Betty sucking her clit and Tom slamming that huge cock into her, Gloria began to cum. As she did so, her tight pussy was milking Tom’s cock and he announced that he was about to cum.

Betty reached up and, on the out stroke, yanked Tom’s cock out of Gloria’s pussy and wrapped her lips around it.

Betty sucked and stroked Tom’s cock. Soon his cock began to swell and he began to cum. Betty swallowed valiantly trying not to lose any of it, but there was just too much for her.

While this was going on, my cock had begun to harden. Mandy had moved to my side of the spa. I was sitting on the edge of the spa with my feet dangling in the water.

Mandy moved between my legs and, taking hold of my cock, placed her hot lips around the crown.

She began to stroke my cock as she slowly sucked on it, twirling her tongue around the sensitive underside of it. In no time my cock was rock hard and I was ready to cum.

I pulled my cock from her mouth. Standing, I helped her out of the spa and led her into the shower.

Bending her over the massage table, I placed my cock at the entrance to her steaming pussy and entered her from behind. She was so hot and wet, my cock slid in to the hilt with one thrust.

Slowly I began pulling all 21″ out of her until just the crimson head of my cock was between her pussy lips. Then, just as slowly, I eased my cock in until I was deep inside her.

Maintaining this same slow rhythm, I began stroking my cock in and out of that tight black pussy. Mandy was going wild. Her hips were thrusting back and forth, trying to speed up the fuck so she could cum.

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