Cool Grey Night

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A cool grey lay over everything in sight. As I walked along the path I felt it’s chill soak into my skin, and deeper into my unprotected neck. I cursed myself for refusing that scarf, but if I’m wishing for what I can’t have, why not a car with the heater blasting, and the window cracked to give me a taste of cool air. The dull repetitive beat of a song I can’t stand wouldn’t leave my head. I muttered a vague obscenity in my head, and trudged on.

Attempting to comfort myself, I conjured up images of her slowly tasting my whole body from head to toe, in a marathon of fellatio, and so whiled away a half an hour or so. With these thoughts in my mind, I wandered in a sloppy zig-zag down the gravely road. As the gloom slowly parted before me, various entities loomed like spectres in grainy black and white movies. A hunched, creeper covered zombie eased into a trash can, and a wrecked horse and cart materialized as a park bench with a holly bush growing beside it. I always enjoyed letting my imagination free rein when I’m alone, and trying to get my own hackles to rise.

My pace began to slow. Imperceptibly at first, my legs began to let my feet drag on the gravel surface. Damn I was tired. That stupid song was putting me to sleep on my feet! I jerked my shoulders back, bracing myself against the cold moist air on the front of my neck, and pulled familiar chords into my head by sheer force of will.

“Dig through the ditches, and burn through the witches….” That did the trick. I brought myself up to a steady clip, and became awake. I began to pay more attention to where I was going. Wouldn’t do to miss the path and wander in this foggy morning any more than necessary. Lisa would be mighty pissed off if I didn’t show up after that party. I should have payed more attention when she said she wanted to leave. I certainly didn’t want to spend the night at that house, what with everyone sneaking in and out of all the rooms, coupling without checking to see if the beds were occupied first. Must have been something in the punch.

slowing my pace again, I swept my eyes around to locate the break in the hedge that would lead to the path home. I thought I heard a thump and a yelp in the distance, but there was nothing to it that sounded interesting, so I ignored it. My eyes locked on a dark blob in the hedge up ahead. Thinking it was my egress off this road I smiled in welcome, already feeling my flannel sheets and downe duvet closing around my icy skin.

As I drew closer, the blob shifted, and separated from the wall of ivy, crossed to the middle of the road and stopped. My pace slowed. My path to comfort had disappeared, and in it’s place an unsettling phantom of questionable intent. Suddenly, the figure staggered to the side, caught it’s balance, and then collapsed as though someone had kicked it in the back of the knees. The source of my now extremely tense stomach muscles, and full feeling rectum, rolled over onto it’s stomach, and lay still. I stood there, my heart pounding and cold sweat adding to the moisture on my face. I cursed myself for letting my mind to be gripped by fear of a prone figure, when I had been amusing myself by creating evil creatures in the fog. Giving my head a shake, I started towards the figure on the gravel, and thought of what could be wrong with this person. Drugs? Too much booze? I knew this was a big party night in the neighborhood, and guessed the latter. I stopped ten feet away, and paused for a moment.

“Too much of a good thing tonight, neighbor? Kinda cold down there, ain’t it?” Shifting one arm to the side, the person grunted an unintelligible reply. Sounded slurred and choppy. Must be out of it. Taking a deep breath, I stepped up to them and cautiously held one foot over his forearm above his head.

“Live round here?” I said, in a light-hearted tone that must have sounded forced. The arm seemed to move a fraction, and the shoulders tensed. Suddenly the other arm whipped around and the arm I was hovering over jerked the the body into a pushup position. I pivoted, my raised leg turning to meet the arm in mid swing, and something jerked my pants leg, biting deep into my leather boot just above the ankle. I felt the tension of the boot relax as the laces were slashed. A split second later I felt a deep sting, as the blade bit deep into my skin. I jerked back, and using my newfound rage, transformed from my earlier trepidation, I drove my injured foot down on the freaks supporting hand. I took a couple of quick, limping steps back, feeling warmth slowly envelop my foot.

The man, as I was now sure it was, jumped into a squatting position, cradling his wounded hand. hissing obscenities, he rose to his full height and advanced on me. Telling myself how stupid I was for getting myself into this situation, I slowly walked backwards, testing my injured foot for weakness. My assailant spat some words at me. sounded like “Fucker…” and lunged. Instead of going backwards, I met his advance with one of my own. As his arm darted forward with the knife set to stab, I bought my right arm across, and pivoted on the balls of my feet. I struck the inside of his wrist ankara escort with my forearm, and brought my left hand down on his in a scissor motion. His wrist bent at an awkward angle, and as I turned away, I bent his hand to my chest, pinning it there. The knife dangled from nerveless fingers, so I plucked and holding it away from him , I slipped it into my coat pocket. I hoped it didn’t cut through the inside of my pocket.

Keeping his wrist bent at my chest, I pressed down on his elbow with my free hand, forcing him to his knees with a groan. It was hard to see in the gloom, but it looked as though he still had a grin on his face. Looking closer, I thought I saw a look of maniacal desperation on his face. Unsettling when combined with that set of teeth smiling at you. A crafty whine twisted through his teeth, gurgling with mucous. He didn’t sound to healthy.

“Should’ve waited for you to pass me by,” he hissed. I was enraged at his lack of fear, or his apparent lack of remorse at being bested, let alone for his actions.

“Spare change for your fellow man?” he giggled. it turned to a coughing fit , and he spat phlegm at me.

“You’ve got a lot of nerve talking like that in your position, motherfucker,” I grated, and twisted his arm another forty-five degrees, pressing his face into the damp earth on the side of the road. I wondered what to do with him. Couldn’t let him go, or he’d be all over the next passer-by, although I was probably the last person on this road tonight.

In a sudden fit of anger, I swung my fist around in a wide arc, and struck him in the side of the head, in front of his ear. He slumped to the ground, and went limp in my grasp. I dragged him over to a nearby bench, clenching my teeth against the pain in my ankle. Rooting through his clothes, I found some twine, and used it to bind his hands to his feet, arching his body so his belly thrust out, and his shoulders stretched back. I left him wrapped around the concrete base of the bench, with his head pillowed in the overflow of the garbage can beside it.

“Right where he belongs,” I muttered under my breath, as I limped towards home. Soon I spied the break in the hedge, and left the road for the path up to our house. In my state I was paying no attention to the ground in front of me, and focused on the lights coming from the front porch. The obvious result was that I tripped over a dark green lawn chair, and pitched over it onto the wet grass, head first.

My yell rang out through the night, and as I picked myself up off the ground, the lights went on in the living room. As I stumbled up to the door, it opened , and there she stood in her satin dressing gown, a frown on her face. She opened the screen door as I reached for it. I stepped into the doorway and leaned against the frame, breathing heavily. The look on her face went through several changes, from anger to astonishment, to concern, back to anger, and finally dissolved into laughter. I must have been a sight.

“Where the hell have you been? We’ve been waiting for you. We almost started without you!” she said with a gay tone, overlaid with concern. I leaned into her side, and she led me inside.

I sat in the kitchen, with a cup of tea in my hand. I was weary, and craved nothing more than the oblivion of sleep. The cup in my hand was making my knuckles hurt. Warming them up to quickly. Lisa poured hot water in her own cup. She always prefers earl grey.

“What the fuck happened to you out there?” She walked around behind me and ran her fingers through her damp hair. Her skin had a moist sheen to it. I smiled to myself, thinking that I was the one with the excuse to be damp.

“Bring your tea in the living room,” she said, and swayed off, her hips drawing my eye as she headed off. I looked down at my slashed hiking boot, and hissed in remembered pain. I bent over to investigate my injury. Starting with the cut ends of my laces, I loosened my feet up, pulling the top bits through. Just above the swell of my ankle, on the narrowest part of my leg, the flesh was parted neatly, exposing several layers of skin. My sock was mostly soaked with blood, except for my toes. Grimacing, I pulled my sock off, and threw it at the sink. With a rough, backwards jerk of my shoulder, and a twist of my neck, (snap, crackle, pop), I rose and followed her into the other room.

As I entered, I found the room gloomy with the soft light of candles, and a light classical music in the background. Sitting on the sofa was Carol, sipping wine and smiling at my wife. Lisa blushed and only half met her glance. I sat down and groaned a bit as the familiar shape of the cushion gently supported my spine. Both their glances darted to my foot.

“Jesus, Dave! Can’t you stay out of the way of traffic?” Carol came over, and leaning over me, prodded my foot with a decided lack of sensitivity. Lisa grabbed the first-aid kit from the hall, and swore.

“No peroxide, damn it….” she muttered. She turned and hurried up the stairs to the on suite, to find another kit. Carol grabbed a napkin off a dessert plate, ankara escort bayan and dabbed at the cut on my ankle. deftly removing the blood that threatened to spill down and run off my heel. She smiled and looked at me askance from under her eyebrows.

“So I kissed your woman tonight, Dave.” I stopped, my cup halfway to my lips. I raised my eyebrow and returned her halfway serious look.

“Really,” I said, no tone to my voice, except a note of the norm.

“She seemed to want it, so I figured you wouldn’t mind.”

“No I don’t mind,” I said. “She can do what she wants. I trust her judgment.” She looked startled, and looked away as Lisa thumped her way back down the stairs. The two of them busied themselves with cleaning and binding my injury. I enjoyed a quick cheap thrill, watching them both on their knees, attending to my needs.

I recalled an evening a couple of weeks earlier, when Lisa had told me, in an anxious sort of way, that she had dreamed of laying with a woman the previous night.

“Fucking, actually,” she said. “But first I went through five different men, even two at once! It was like they were preparing me for her.” I smiled, and looked at her fondly. I don’t know why, but it’s her bawdy streak that brings out the most tender feelings in me. She went on to tell me the fuzzy details of her many-partnered romp. A certain pressure began to build up in my jeans. I made a minor adjustment, not wanting her to notice and stop her story.

I snapped back to the present, as Lisa pressed a cup of something hot into my hand. I absentmindedly brought it to my lips, and jerked it away as the heat seared my tongue.

“I told you it was hot, you moron! Were you visiting your home planet again? What happened to you out there?” She looked at me with a mix of pity and anger.

“Bad judgment on my part,” I replied, and gave them a toned down version of my encounter with his nibs the hedge-burgler. I managed to make him sound fiercer, and myself less gullible, (I felt fairly silly for falling for his ruse as a drunken bum). By the time I was done, they were both looking at me quite differently, and Lisa was fussing over my foot, complaining halfheartedly about my overactive good Samaritan hormone. I smiled into her eyes, thinking about her overactive bisexual hormones. She seemed to read my mind, and blushed a rosy pink. Her eyes looked very bright, and shone green in the candlelight.

“Why don’t you just relax, and put that leg up,” she said, and pulled cushions off another chair, and put them on the footstool in front of me. I smiled, and settled back inky seat. Leaning my head back, I closed my eyes to rest them for a moment. Out like a light.

A while later, I woke to a rustling sound. Comfortable, and not wanting to move, I let one eye wander around the room. Several of the candles had burned to a small blue flame, and shadows danced everywhere. Slowly I lifted my head, and soaked in the sight that , quite literally, lay before me. Lisa lay on the wool rug, supported by one elbow, as the other arm slowly moved up and down in front of her. On her knees, with her back facing me, was Carol, with her shoulders bare to the dim light. A slight breeze slid into the room, and goose bumps raised on the backs of her arms. The candle light danced in amusement at her shiver. Her blouse slid further down, below her bra strap, which was loose. I could see the cup on the left, pushed out of the way of Lisa’s curious fingers. I forced myself to breathe regularly, not wanting to disturb the magical scene before me. I didn’t even have an erection, but my groin felt hot and full. Carol’s hand traced it’s way up Lisa’s leg, wandering amongst the contours of muscle that lay there. Her robe slowly parted, and I caught a glimpse of dark hair, before Carol’s arm eclipsed my view.

“Enjoying the show ,Dave?” I nearly jumped out of my skin. Unable to come up with a suitable response, I opted for silence. A few seconds passed before she spoke again. This time her tone told me that she had known I was awake for several minutes.

“Get down here, or go up to bed. Your choice, but don’t just sit there.”

I froze for a minute, unsure of what to do. I didn;t want to spoil their burgeoning chemistry, like throwing ice into a small fire. Lisa looked up at me and smiled, her hand slowly tracing the curve of Carol’s breast. Carol slowly turned towards me, and I was faced with two mischievous grins topped with hooded, sultry eyes.

Carol’s nipples were straining out from her chest, thirsty for the attention Lisa was giving them. Like slow motion, a pair of the fullest lips closed around Carol’s areola, and sucked. She stiffened, tilting her ribcage out to better present her bosom. Her face relaxed, as her jaw dropped her head fell back. Her loose red hair fell down too her shoulder blades. An unbidden thought ran through my mind, that I could now find out if that was her natural color.

Disengaging from her soother, Lisa whispered “There’s more here than I can handle, Dave. Give us a hand.” That was the key. I slowly escort ankara lifted myself off my seat, and gingerly placed my foot on the floor. I put some weight on it, and it seemed okay. I walked over too the two lovers and knelt behind Carol. Slipping one arm around her ribs, I moved my hand across her stomach. Though she was soft-skinned, I could feel the ripple of muscles underneath. My penis was now swelling inside my pant leg, and I had to make an adjustment.

“Having trouble, Dave?” Carol’s arm slipped behind her and traveled up my thigh. Her hand found my cock, shifted it, giving it a firm squeeze through my jeans.

“Healthy specimen. What have you been feeding him these days?”

“Redheads,” I interjected. Lisa had recently dyed her her hair, a much darker shade than Carol’s. I slid my hand up too her left tit, cupping it in my palm. Her nipple poked out between my fingers, so I closed them, scissor-like, to elicit a groan. She leaned back against me, and Lisa closed with her, pressing her lips to the base of her throat. I gently pulled an earlobe into my mouth, and suckled it. Lisa’s hand closed over mine, so I relinquished my hold. My hand wandered down that rippled abdomen again, down passed her bellybutton too the beginning of her bush. The waistband of her skirt was impeding progress, so I opened the side zipper with my free hand.The pressure on my wrist relaxed and my hand slid further down. I grinned as I found another hand already at work there. I entangled my fingers with Lisa’s, as she worked two fingers in and out of her warm slit. She pulled out, and I dipped three fingers into the wetness. As I pulled out, Lisa went back in, and I moved up to the protruding clitoris.

Carol must have been soaking the rug. Lisa was sucking on a breast again, so I grasped the other one and gave it a good squeeze. Carol turned her head on my shoulder and pressed her mouth against mine. Our tongues met and did a slow, stately dance in time with the stokes I was making on her clit. Lisa pulled away momentarily, then sat back on her heels. Her robe parted to reveal full breasts and the dark triangle between her legs. I looked back at her and raised an eyebrow. She was beautiful in candle light.

“I guess I’m not the jealous type,” she said. “You’ve got too many clothes on you two.” Carol sat up, and I undid the last of her blouses buttons from behind, and pulled the loose straps of her bra over her shoulders. She turned around, presenting her small jutting breasts to my scrutiny. She reached up and loosed some of my buttons. Lisa dropped to her hands and knees and crawled around too help. They pushed my shirt down over my shoulders, but held it there, my arms pinned behind my back. Lisa slipped around behind me, and held me in place by my elbows. I smiled at this game.

She slid her right hand across the front of my jeans and pulled my belt loose. Carol’s fingers pulled the buttons of my fly open, releasing the pressure there. I sighed in relief, and the women giggled while giving each other a devious look. Carol settled down between my spread legs, tugging the front of my briefs down to expose my cock-head. Without removing my jeans, she reached down and licked the underside of my glans. i gasped, and a trickle of precum oozed from the slit on the top. Pulling my pants a little further down, she placed her lips around the underside of the shaft. Moving up and down, her tongue flicked back and forth, playing a tantalizing counterpoint to her simple rhythm.

Releasing my arms, Lisa pulled me up onto the couch, and slid around me to help Carol pull my jeans over the bulky bandage on my ankle. That accomplished, my underwear made a quick exit, and they were on me like limpets. They took turns sucking on the head of my cock, and sometimes mouthing on or two of my testicles as well.

Soon their hair was tangled together, and as they slowly lost interest in what they were doing, turned to face one another again. Carol stripped Lisa of her robe as they kneeled facing one another. With their tits pressed together, my wife’s ample breasts nearly hid her new lovers smaller, firmer cones.

They began to slowly kiss in small teasing motions. I gripped the base of my dick to keep the need from becoming too acute. Swaying back and forth, their hands gently wandering over each other’s shoulders, backs, and bum cheeks. Carol’s hand slipped between them, and disappeared between Lisa’s thighs. At this more intimate touch, her hips bucked, and a sharp breath hissed between her teeth. She began to rock back and forth, nipples crinkled up tight like little knots. Her fingers gouged deep into Carol’s ass cheeks, and she bit deep down on a shoulder as she came. She shuddered, then collapsed in Carol’s arms, breathing heavily.

“Thank you…” she whispered, and pushed Carol down on the rug on her back. Muttering under her breath about ‘returning the favor’, she began to work her way down her body, tasting her way lower. She gently pushed her smooth thighs apart, then, with a directness I found surprising, placed her lips on her partner’s cunt. As she sucked the juices from the source, Carol twisted left and right, almost as though trying to get away, but at the same time pressing Lisa’s face harder into her crotch. She looked up at me and mouthed an invitation. I slipped off the couch and knelt beside her head. I placed the tip of my prick against her lips, and sucked the copious flow of precum from the head.

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