A Group Hug…

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The first day that Jill came to work at the Lab, I knew I had to have her. Some day, some how. She has just about the most intriguing body that I’ve ever had the pleasure of shamelessly ogling. At least according to my tastes in women. I’d have to guess that Jill is in her late 20’s, about 5 foot seven inches tall in her bare feet, and couldn’t weigh an ounce over 110 pounds. That’s my Jill….tall and skinny as a pipe cleaner! She has the face of the girl next door…the really pretty one…and the hair of Macaulay Culkin in ‘Home Alone’. I’m not kidding. That’s exactly who I thought of when she walked in.

Her chest is also just like Culkin’s. Smooth as silk and completely flat. Just the way I love ’em. I worked hard at coming up with reasons to hang around the hot press area that she worked in. I mean, hey…she was new and needed all the help and advice she could get…right? Damn right! And I was just the guy to help her out. It didn’t hurt at all that the press area was a little cramped.

My two favorite things back then were, number one: lean over a canvas from the opposite direction of her, thus affording myself a fine view down inside the front of her shirt and bibs. She loves to wear those bibs! Favorite pastime number two was to squeeze past her between the equipment, usually ‘accidentally’ rubbing against her hard, boney butt. Ah, the memories! Hell, the hard ons!

Anyway, back to the story. When Jill first started working in the dry mount area, she was initially trained by a young girl named Kelly. Jill was to be Kelly’s replacement. Of course, I hated to see Kelly go because, in my book, she is nearly as hot as Jill. Just in a totally different way.

Kelly was, at the time, only 19 years old, and not as tall, standing, maybe, 5 foot four. And where Jill skinny as a pump handle, Kelly carries a tiny hint of baby fat around the edges…not really what you’d call ‘fat’. Perhaps “Rueben-esque” would be the term to describe her. Of course, I usually tried to hang out around Kelly, too, although I was never very successful seeing anything down her blouses. Only enough to know that the skin on her breasts is milky white and as smooth and soft as a warm, new born puppy.

In the two weeks that Kelly and Jill worked together, they became pretty good friends. Even after the younger girl had left for her new job, Jill would bring up her name every once in a while, mentioning how ‘Kelly had been over for pizza last night’…stuff like that. Well, one day as I was assisting Jill with a canvas, straining to catch a little glimpse of nip, she informed me that she was trying to get a few people from the lab together after work at a bar just down the block. She rattled off a couple of names of coworkers who’d promised to come, and Kelly too. All in the name of company morale.

I had a thirty mile commute from work to my home, so I never attended any after work parties but, this time I thought, Shit…why not? And so that afternoon I found myself sitting at a table in ‘Porgies Bar’, sucking suds and swapping gripes about management… Jill and Kelly and me.

After a couple of pitchers of Bud Light, we were all feeling pretty ‘relaxed’. With a sincerity born of brews, I was telling the girls how much I valued their friendship, and how nice it was to see the closeness between the two of them flourishing. They both, also slightly bagged, expressed like feelings. It was time to leave anyway, so we stood and engaged in the proverbial group hug. We held together tightly for several moments, cheek to cheek…to cheek; chest to breasts. Innocently wanting to lighten up the mood a little, I spoke.

“Wow. I’m really getting a hard on!” Dead silence. “Of course, I mean that in the nicest way.” We all burst out laughing hysterically, Jill giving me a playful slap up side of my head.

“Pig,” snorted.

“No crap,” giggled Kelly.

“Hey!” I said in my own defense. “Facts are facts! I can’t help it.”

A few moments of semi-awkward quiet, the Jill said, “Ok, I’ll admit it. I was starting to feel a little tingle there, too.” She blushed deeply, looking away nervously. Kelly was silent, just looking intensely from Jill to me and back to Jill again.

“well,” Jill said suddenly, gathering up her purse and jacket. I gotta get home and let out Julius. (Julius is her cocker spaniel). Reluctantly Kelly and I also prepared to leave the bar. As she reached the front door, Jill turned and spoke.

“You guys want to stop over for one more beer?”

I didn’t even have time to open my mouth before Kelly blurted out,

“Hey…sure!” Both then looked to me, expectantly.

“Lead on, ladies. Lead on.”

We walked the short distance to Jill’s upstairs apartment, Kelly and I making ourselves comfortable in the livingroom as Jill took Julius out to do his business. Soon, she returned, passing each of us a bottle of mgd. Jill raised her drink and toasted;

“To good friends!”

“To very good friends,” I replied.

“To very, very good friends,” added Kelly antalya escort as we all laughed.

We all drank to friendships, then settled back into a comfortable, albeit oddly charged, silence. Finally Kelly stood up on slightly wobbly legs and said,

“All right, I think we need another group hug!”

“I agree,” I exclaimed, hauling my six foot frame up from the heavy, stuffed chair. Smiling broadly, Jill did the same and once again we locked in warm embrace, this time clinging…no one willing to break the circle. Our faces only inches apart, we looked into each others eyes…no one saying a word, but each speaking volumes with their expressions.

Slowly, I inclined my head to gently place my lips on Jill’s. As my mouth neared hers, her eyes closed, her own lips parting, encouraging my searching tongue with hers. After what seemed a delicious eternity, we parted lips and both looked to the lovely, young Kelly. Again my mouth found a willing recipient for my tongue as Kelly closed her lips around it and gently tugged. We parted after fully tasting each other’s treat, still in an embrace, arms entwined. Jill was looking intently into Kelly’s green eyes, the younger girl staring back…refusing to look away. I watched as Jill began to move closer to Kelly, tightening her grip around our shoulders as she did. The teen beauty made no attempt to back away, instead closing her eyes, slightly tilting up her face, breathing thinly through parted lips.

Jill’s mouth made contact first in little, soft pecks…raining tiny kisses around the edges of Kelly’s beckoning mouth…her baby smooth cheeks. Then, a tiny moan escaped from Jill’s hot lips as she settled them over Kelly’s. My heart was pounding in my chest, threatening to burst as I looked on, amazed as kelly’s mouth opened wide to accept Jill’s probing tongue, obviously exploring with her own in an equally desperate manner.

The passionate kiss eventually ended, Kelly and Jill staring into each others eyes, momentarily speechless. Jill recovered first.

“Whew,” she said nervously, a little embarrassed by her impulsive action. “Ummm…I don’t know where that came from. , It was really nice…uh ,I mean really nice. I just never dreamed I was gonna do that. Maybe I shouldn’t have had so much to drink.”

“I don’t think you did it just because you’re a little buzzed. You kissed me because you wanted to. You’ve always wanted to, I think. Just like I’ve always wanted you to. God, Mike, I hope we’re not totally grossing you out here. I so sorry if it did…gross you out I mean.” Jill, too, looked at me with sudden concern.

“Are you serious?” I replied incredulously. “We’re all good friends! We need to be able to be open about everything…anything. In fact, watching you two kiss like that was awesome. I mean, it really turned me on. Big time!”

Jill laughed. “I knew you were a pig!” Kelly and I joined in the laughter, then Jill continued.

“So, ‘Kels’, did you like it? Was it like you thought it would be?”

“Oh yeah, it was everything I imagined…and more….more being the key word here,” she said, suddenly leaning in and firmly planting her mouth on Jill’s once again. After a several minutes of spit swapping, Jill broke the group hug by stepping back and said,

“Kelly, you’re right. More is the key word here. Much more.”

The teen’s face went deep red. She glanced over to me and then down at the floor, finally looking back to Jill. Her lips twitched tentatively, slightly curling as she shrugged her shoulders and waited for the next move to take place. She didn’t have to wait long.

Jill, took a long, deep breath, then unhooked the straps on her ever present bib overhauls. A slight wriggle and they slipped down her incredibly thin body to the floor. She stood in only bikini panties, stockings, and tee shirt…waiting for one of us to dare to match her. Only too happy to oblige, I unsnapped my own jeans and kicked them free, also removing my socks. We both focused our attention on the lovely Kelly, expectantly.

“I haven’t undressed in front of anyone before,” she said in a small voice.

“Ok, Kels. I’m sorry! If you don’t want…..”

“No no! It’s all right. I just need a little time to get up my nerve. Really. I want to do it.” She breathed deeply once or twice, then closed her eyes and said, “Ok…here I go.” Her hands visibly shaking, Kelly grasped the snap of her blue jeans and drew the zipper down. Then popping the snap, she pushed the slacks down over her soft, rounded hips and to the carpet. She stepped out of the pants at her ankles and then bent down and tore her socks off, too.

As I looked at Jill, appreciating anew her tall, boyish body, I noted that long hard nipples were threatening to break through the tee shirt fabric.

“Ooh Jill,” I teased, “It looks to me like you’re not wearing a bra.”

“Duh! What the hell would I need a bra for?” We all laughed aloud, easing the growing tension a bit. “Well, as long as you’re staring at my chest artvin escort anyway….” Jill took hold of the tee and quickly yanked it over her golden hair, swung it around exaggerating the moves of a stripper, then flung it at me.

“There,” she said. “Satisfied?”

“Not by a long shot…but very, very impressive,” I said, my words catching slightly in my throat

I promptly removed my own tee shirt, leaving me wearing nothing but my Joe Boxer’s and a smile.

“Ready. Kels?” Jill asked softly.

Kelly, said nothing, but tugged her top up over her head, and let it fall to the floor. I would have to say that The young Miss Kelly was a 34C, although I don’t know for sure. What I do know for certain is that I really liked the way she filled the small, lacy bra that she was wearing.

“Next,” she said hands on hips.

“Hey….no fair! My boobs are bare and yours are still covered! Come on…we want to see!”

“Sorry, Jill…That’s what you get for going braless! If I’m not mistaken, it’s your turn.”

“I’ll be happy to assist you if you’d like,” I volunteered good naturedly.

“Oh, no. I want miss smarty pants there to help me with these.” Kelly giggled and took a step back as Jill continued. “Come on, girl. Get over here Kels.”

“All right, all right…I’m coming, I’m coming.”

The pretty dark haired teen closer to stand before the taller blonde. Jill raised her arms and said,

“Come on. There all yours.”

Kelly reached slowly toward the red, satin undies.

“Uh uh uh!” Jill exclaimed, catching Kelly by the wrists. “No hands allowed. You have to use your teeth.”

“Oh, no!” Kelly laughed in mock panic, trying playfully to pull away. “You’ve gotta be kidding me!”

“Let’s go girl. Teeth only…and no cheating!”

Kelly slowly sank to her knees in front of the firm, athletic Jill.

“Hands behind you back,” I added.

Kelly rolled her eyes at me, then clasped her hands behind her and turned back to the challenge before her. Leaning forward, she opened her mouth wide and tried to hook the panties directly below Jill’s belly button, which, incidentally, is a lovely outie. As anyone knows who’s been to a strip bar and watched drunken patrons try to perform the same task, it’s almost impossible to get them in the center. Jill’s soft, silky stomach kept pulling back as Kelly’s mouth worked harder and harder trying in vain to catch the elusive fabric.

All she really accomplished was to nuzzle and moisten Jill’s undies and the taught skin beneath them. All the while Jill’s smoky smile grew broader and broader, thoroughly enjoying the futile attempts.

Slipped to my knees alongside of Kelly, whispering in her ear, “You’ve got to move over to the side. Where you’re trying to get them, it’s too soft. Move over…where there’s a hip to push against. Then it’s easy.”

She paused to look at me with a ‘now you tell me’ scowl, then leaned left and lightly scraped her bared teeth down the front of Jill’s right hip. She caught the red satin on the first try, and slowly but steadily dragged the panties down the length of the older girl’s long, slender legs. When she had reached the ankles, Jill lifted first one foot, then the other to work free of her last bit of clothing.

Still, clutching Jill’s under things between her teeth, Kelly straightened up and was stunned as she realized she was, for the first time in her life, mere inches from another girl’s, clean shaven and obviously aroused womanhood. She froze…unable to take her eyes from the mesmerizing sight. Jill, too, seemed speechless…rooted to her spot…unsure of her next actions or words.

I, too, was struck immobile by the sight and, well, the aroma of the magnificent sight before me. For weeks I’d fantasized about laying eyes on this…this…vision! Even dreamed about it once or twice. But Kelly had never been in my fantasies….all right, all right…at least not at the same time, and her almost child like fascination with Jill’s nakedness was an unbelievable turn-on.

After a seeming eternity, Jill cleared her throat and in a near whisper said, “Who’s next? Mikey…I think it’s your turn.”

Without a word, I rose to my feet, locked eyes with first Jill, then Kelly, and smoothly slipped the boxers to the floor. A fresh smile crept across the blonde girls face.

“Michael, I am impressed.” The pale skinned teenager smiled too, but kept silent.

“Uh, come on. I mean, I thank you, but let’s be honest….it’s only a smidgen over 6 and a half inches. Jill…I’m sure you seen bigger.”

“Hey! What do I look like…a slut?”

“No, no…I didn’t mean it like that!”

“I know, I know. I’m just kidding. But you’re right I have seen one or two that were a little bigger. But, well, some dicks are ugly and wrinkled and stuff. Some are flat or just funny looking…but yours…yours is just, well, beautiful.”

“Beautiful,” repeated the younger girl, recovering a little from shock.

Flushed with pride I reached beylikdüzü escort out my hand to the still kneeling Kelly. Instinctively she took my hand and rose to her feet.

“Guess who that leaves,” I said gently. Jill smiled at her warmly, reaching to lightly touch the back of her hand.

“It’s ok Kels,” she whispered reassuringly. “You’re a beautiful girl. Just take your time.” The younger girl hesitated, her eyes welling up…appearing on the verge of tears. “Oh…Kels!” Jill cried softly. “You don’t have to if you’re not ready. Please…we’ll understand.”

“No! You don’t understand. I am ready. That’s not it. It’s what you’ve been calling me all night…’Kels’.”

“Does that bother you? I’m sorry… I just thought….”

“It doesn’t bother me at all. It’s just that no ones ever called me that before…it makes me feel so..so…special. Please, don’t stop.”

A tiny tear slipped from the corner of Jill’s right eye as she smiled and squeezed Kelly’s hand. In danger of misting up myself, I said, “Time for another group hug?”

Kelly slugged my shoulder then stepped back and said, “Well…here I go!”

Reaching behind her back, she unfastened the frilly undergarment, then slowly let it slide down her arms, finally dropping. The pale alabaster of her breasts was almost more than I could bear. I mean, I love long nipples and flat chests, but there was something fresh and innocent about the delicious swell of her flesh…the pale pink tips straining to be noticed.

Unable to hold back, Jill dropped to her knees and reached out, hooking the elastic band of the only remaining undergarment, and pushed them to the floor. For just a second the dark haired beauty’s hands jerked together in front of her to cover the downy thatch below her waist, then she relaxed and let her arms fall to her sides, her back straight, chin jutting out as if she were standing inspection in the Marine Corps.

“Magnificent,” I breathed looking back and forth between the two objects of my overwhelming arousal. “Just magnificent.”

As I stood motionless, Jill stood, took Kelly by the hands, and led her to the sofa. The teen sat down, looking up expectantly at the skinny blonde goddess.

“Tell me if you want me to stop,” whispered Jill as she, too, got on the couch…kneeling…her legs straddling Kelly’s lap. She reached forward and gently caressed the milky skin of her shoulders, letting her hands find their way to the proud breasts. As she fondled the granite hard nipples between her fingertips, Jill dipped her head to bring her wet mouth to Kelly’s. Lips parted and tongues darted and probed as if in a desperate search.

Reluctantly pulling her mouth from Kelly’s, Jill arched her back and brought her boy-like chest to waiting lips. The young girl sucked on the huge, throbbing nipples…first curiously…then with an animal urgency. A soft moan emerged from the tall blondes throat.

“Oh Kels,” she mewed, “that feels so good…”

After several minutes, Kelly released the thoroughly aroused nub of hard flesh from between her lips, briefly moving her face to let it trace wet circles on her face. Jill sat back a little, her hands stroking Kelly’s luscious breasts, looking down at the younger girl quizzically.

Looking up at her friend, Kelly smiled a tremulous smile and nodded her head slightly.

“Dear Kels,” whispered Jill, as she backed off of the sofa. Then gently she guided Kelly to a lying position on the cushions. “Here,” she said, helping her to scoot down a little. ” not too close to the arm rest.” When she was properly situated, the athletic older girl again climbed onto the couch, but this time kneeling with legs at Kelly’s sides, her back to her.

“Are you ready, little girl?”


With that Jill carefully sat back…slowly…slowly…until her smooth and wet playground was within reach of Kelly’s waiting lips. Slowly…a little further….slowly. And the green eyed girl tasted the sticky, aromatic juices….felt the fire. Taking a deep breath, Kelly clamped her mouth hungrily on Jill’s soaking wet pussy. Wriggling her face from side to side forcing the engorged lips further and further apart. She found the completely erect clitoris and tongued figure eights around it, then took it in her mouth and sucked greedily, tongue swirling!

Suddenly Kelly’s eyes widened in surprise as she felt a delicious stab of pleasure between her own legs. Jill had moved her head down to Kelly untrimmed, yet not too thick bush, and, after tasting the wetness in the frothy thatch, had plunged her tongue as deeply as it would go. Then, she too began a steady assault on the aroused…almost quivering clit between her lips.

For a few moments Kelly lay motionless, relishing the completely new sensations racing around in her belly. Then she went back to rhythmically sucking and tonguing Jill’s hot button.

Where, you may ask was I in all of this? No where, that’s where. But it didn’t matter. I knelt along side of the sofa absolutely in ecstacy watching my two favorite people in the world administering such pleasure to each other with complete abandon. I alternately caressed their perspiration soaked bodies, and stroking my throbbing cock, well lubricated now with it’s own prodigious pre-cum.

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