Don’t Call Me Daddy

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This story is a 2018 Summer Lovin’ Contest entry. If you like it, please vote until September 12th, 2018. Thanks and enjoy!


The young woman with honey blonde hair, an upturned nose and sly blue eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses was tanning pool side at her mother’s home. A small pool of perspiration had collected in the hollows of Lizzy’s collarbone. It finally dribbled down between her breasts when she shifted her shapely legs to get comfortable on the sun lounger. She willed her finger across her skin to wipe away the tickling sweat as it trickled between her breasts popping from the triangles of her yellow string bikini. She gave a contented sigh, happy to be home in the States.

After living a year in the hustle of London, the spacious suburb whose quiet was broken by the distance whir of a leaf blower was a lovely change of pace. Lizzy loved London where she studied international banking with the prestigious brokerage firm of Deutsche and Nobles, but it was good to be back home if only for the summer. The dating situation in London was atrocious. Though she attracted men her age, they had nothing going on. It was the ones that were fifty years and older that treated her in which she was accustomed; being spoiled and pampered. Bankers, restauranteurs, even a Lord of Parliament she’d met at a company event. The Lord turned out to be useful. He came around every week day morning in his car to pick her up from her cramped flat that she shared with two other girls and took her to work. On the ride to work, she allowed him to palm her breasts and finger diddle her snatch. It beat being trapped in the morning crush in public transit. She found it a worthy exchange.

Lizzy sipped some ice tea before checking her phone on this lazy Friday afternoon. Her mother had nagged her to get a summer job. She half-assed tried, going to the neighborhood coffee shop and sandwich shop, but no one wanted to hire her for a three month term. When she turned eighteen, her father no longer paid child support. This put a dent in her wallet and with her mother trying to teach her a lesson in being financially responsible and giving her money for only bare necessities, Lizzy was all but broke. Until her student loan and grants come in, she was pretty much housebound until the fall semester starts and she moves into a campus dorm hundreds of miles away. She fantasized about dropping out of university and going back to London to be a professional party girl; the kind that were paid well to attend bankers’ parties and be the play toys to wealthy and powerful men. They make as much money as some bankers. The creak of the opening gate caused her head to roll to the left. A good looking guy in a t-shirt and board shorts who looked to be in his early twenties entered the back yard. Loaded down with pool cleaning equipment, he meandered to the pool before spotting her.

“Hey,” he called out.

“Hey,” she answered.

He set down the equipment and knelt to check the water’s chemicals. His wavy brown hair fell over his face.

“Where’s Pete?” Lizzy asked, referring to the nice older man who has cleaned their pool for the past ten years.

“Uncle Pete retired. He sold me his business. I’m Jay.”

She turned her face to the sky without a reply. Jay was accustomed to pool side princesses who flaunt their bodies and never follow through. Rebuffed by this snotty chick with a bitchin’ body, Jay set about his job and extended the leaf skimming net.

On more than one occasion, Lizzy caught him looking her way. She gazed at him surreptitiously from behind her sunglasses. She found his ass enticing. His taut muscles of his sturdy bowed legs and hard arms flexed as he skimmed leaves and bugs from the pool. Every once in a while, when he turned to face her, her eyes gravitated to his crotch. She wondered what his dick looked like. It had been so long since she’d had a young guy having slept with old guys for a year. She wanted to see his dick. She wanted his dick in her mouth.

“Hey,” she shouted over the pool. He looked over at her.

“Come here.”

He set down the long handled net to saunter her way with a deliberate swagger. She sat up as he approached. She felt as though she had something to prove to him; that she wasn’t just some dumb cock tease. She was a sexual tiger.

With his crotch mere inches from her face, she reached out to unzip his shorts. He said nothing. He didn’t stop her. He looked down upon her as she popped out his semi-hard cock.

She purred, “My, you’re packing.”

“Uh-huh,” he dumbly replied as she tugged at his hardening flesh.

Her hand wrapped around his dick and she gave him a little hand job before pulling his dick close to her glossy lips. His musky masculine scent was intoxicating. His dick twitch as her breath steamed over his cock’s head. She slowly took his shaft into her mouth before bobbing her head back and forth over it. Her tightly closed lips and wriggling velvety tongue brought it to absolute hardness. As the slurping became louder, Jay lifted up his aydın escort shirt, looking down upon the blonde headed girl suck him off. His eyes rolled up to the sky and his thighs trembled as she hit the sweet spots of his circumcised head with her rippling tongue. It didn’t take long for his balls to tighten, threatening to spurt his load into her willing mouth. His hands dropped his shirt as he grabbed her head to steady it. He groaned as he began to madly fuck her throat. She let him, holding her mouth open, but keeping her bow lips pursed as his groin hit her chin and his pubes crushed into her lips over and over again. She pretended to gag to get him to cum quicker as he rammed his dick down her throat. He gripped her silky hair before plunging his dick down her throat and held it there as he trembled all over.

“Fuuuck,” he loudly exclaimed as he came.

Lizzy gagged for real, choking on wads of jizz sliding down her throat like raw oysters. When the loads lessened and his cock quit jerking, he let go of her head to stagger back a bit as he massaged his waning boner. Lizzy said nothing. She simply got up from the lounger and walked away. She opened the sliding glass door leading into the kitchen. She was surprised to see her stepfather, Steve standing there as she thought he was still at the grocery store. Steve was a good-looking, well-built man who was probably a jock in his younger days. Short black hair, the speckle of grey in his closely trimmed beard was the only indication that he was in his late forties. He was three years younger than her mom but he was still hot. He was a confident, easy going guy who enjoys being wrapped around her mom’s diamond decked finger. Dressed in khaki shorts and a t-shirt, he stood there drinking beer from a freshly opened bottle.

“Hey Steve,” she said as she opened the fridge door to retrieve a chilled bottle of water.


She grabbed her water and twisted the top off. Before she could drink, Steve stepped up to her. His hand slowly inched to her face.

“You got a little something right here,” he said, wiping away a smear of cum and raspberry lip gloss from her chin.

Her hand flew up to rub away the mess. With her eyes locked onto to his, she replied,

“That happens sometimes when you’re sucking cock.”

He grinned. “Yeah. I saw.”

Her eyes widened in shock before settling back into a smirking gaze.

“Watched the whole thing,” he said.

Her eyes darted to his pants to see his hard-on still bulge in his khakis.

She asked, “You like what you saw?”

“I loved it.”

“You want me, don’t you?”

“I wouldn’t mind.”

“What about my mom?”

“She would mind very much.”

She gave him a devilish smile before guzzling her water. Steve went about his business of unpacking grocery bags.

Lizzy announced, “My friend Cara is coming over the weekend. Her mom is out of town and she’s afraid to stay alone in her house by herself.”

“I guess it’ll be a crowded house. I’m hosting poker night tonight.”

“Keep your skeevy old friends away from us.”

He chuckled. “I’ll try.”

She turned to walk away with a purposeful sway of her hips. He watched her butt cheeks jiggle in that miniscule bikini until she left the kitchen.

Lizzy’s best friend from high school, Cara arrived at the house around 4p.m. The two baked a vegetarian pizza and ordered Thai food, sharing the kitchen with Steve as he readied snacks and drinks for poker night. Cara flirted with her friend’s stepdad which caused Lizzy to roll her eyes. When the Thai food arrived, Lizzy stole a bottle of sparkling pink wine from her mom’s wine fridge in the game room and together, with food and drinks in hand, the two went back in Lizzy’s spacious bedroom suite where they ate their dinner while watching a streaming movie. Though they were having a good time catching up with each other’s lives, the conversation kept coming back to Steve.

Cara said, “All I’m saying is that your stepfather is hot. What does he do?”

“He’s a house dad. My mom actually gives him a list of things to do every week. He used to own a security company in New York but he sold it to move here after they got married. With mom being a pharmaceutical rep, she makes more money than he did. Sometimes, I think he married her for her money.”

“You don’t think he loves her?”

“I think he likes her, maybe love, but he puts up with a lot. She’s sooo shallow and materialistic. She’s like gone all the time on business.”

“Well, your mom is a MILF. Maybe she’s good in bed.”

“Ugh! I don’t want to think about it.” She screwed her face into a fake orgasm to mock her mother. “Fuck me! Fuck me, Steve!”

Cara giggled as she sipped her sparkling wine.

Lizzy said, “I like shocking him. He doesn’t act shocked but I know it gets to him.”

“You’re terrible, Lizzy.”

“I know.”

It was nine o’clock when the movie ended and they’d finished their dinner. Lizzy put on some music and began pulling out some of her designer clothes from London which she showed to Cara.

“Here,” said Lizzy as she handed Cara a skimpy spangled silver halter top. “Try this one.”

Cara put on the draping top which plunged to her navel and showed plenty of side boob. Lizzy gazed at her friend with love. When Lizzy chose Cara as a friend in high school, she did so because Cara was good looking and very malleable. Lush brown hair, with a megawatt smile and long legs, boys gravitated to her. As much as she wanted to be mean and use Cara, she couldn’t. She was a sweet girl.

“You look hot in that,” Lizzy said as her friend turned this way and that to admire herself in the mirror. “Why don’t you keep it?”


“Yeah. Happy birthday.”

Cara hugged her generous friend. They became drunker on the wine, dancing like strippers to the music blaring from her stereo speakers. Bursts of raucous laughter drifted up from the party downstairs from time to time.

Lizzy slurred, “We should tease the shit out of those guys.”

Cara smiled. “Yeah, let’s do it.”

The two proceeded to tart themselves up. Cara stripped off her shorts and put on a red bikini bottoms before putting on a pair of high heels. Lizzy put on a gold lamé bikini. She topped it with a sheer mesh hot pink hoodie that stopped at mid-thigh and then applied some bold make-up to her face. She strapped on a pair of high heeled sandals and fluffed her hair before stepping back to admire herself. She could clearly see the metallic bikini triangles glittering beneath the sheer cover-up. Cara stepped forward to flip her hair a couple of times until her cinnamon brown wavy locks bounced over her shoulders. The two looked like video vixens on their way to film a poolside rap video. They slammed down the last of their drinks before leaving the room, talking excitedly on their way to stairs. Their heels clacked down the stairs to the main floor where they sauntered into the game room to the amusement of Steve’s friends. Lizzy looked over Steve’s golfing buddies; seven men from the country club who ranged in age from their forties to late fifties. They in turn checked out the girls. Steve looked over his cards at the scantily clad young women making a beeline to the wine fridge.

“Where are you two going?” he asked. “I think you forgot your skirts.”

“We’re staying in tonight. We’re two broke girls,” replied Lizzy before she bent over to retrieve a sparkling pink wine from the mini wine fridge.

She straightened up to look at the men who were staring at her. It was then that her eyes widened at the amount of chips and money on the table. She said, “You guys are playing for big money.”

A sandy blond haired guy with a moustache replied, “That’s how we roll, honey.” Lizzy pouted and asked in her most innocent, little girl voice, “Why don’t you guys give us some money since you’ve got so much money to blow?”

Cara gave them an exaggerated pout as well and said, “Yeah. Give us some money. You can spare it.”

The white haired potbellied guy leering at them asked, “Why don’t you earn it?”

“Doing what?” Lizzy asked.

“Whatever we say.”

Cara and Lizzy exchanged looks. Steve looked parentally concerned but said nothing.

“Okay,” replied Lizzy. “But no two girls and a cup thing.”

Cara screwed up her face as though she smelled something foul. “Ewww, no, gross. None of that shit.”

Lizzy crossed her arms as she stared at the men asking her to play a high stakes game of truth or dare without the option of truth. Cara was the same amount of cockiness, her arms crossed with a smirk on her face.

Lizzy asked, “So, what do you want us to do?”

One guy said, “Show us your tits.”

“How much you gonna pay?” asked Cara.

“Twenty bucks.”

“Twenty bucks each,” replied Lizzy.

“To see titties?”

“Well, if you want to see ours.”

He pulled two twenty dollars bills off the table and held them up.

The girls’ hands went to grab the bottoms of their tops. They looked at each other before returning their gazes to the men and lifted up their tops to proudly show their perky young breasts. They held up their tops high for several seconds before pulling them down. Lizzy stepped forward and snatched the money from Steve friend’s hand. She handed Cara a twenty dollar bill.

A fit, white haired guy with a beard held up a twenty dollar bill and said, “I’ll give you twenty dollars if you two kiss. And not a peck on the lips. A tongue in mouth, passionate kiss.”

Lizzy replied, “Forty bucks each.”

He picked up three more twenty dollar bills and held them aloft, his grey eyes glittered with lust. Steve had an amused look on his face, believing that she’d chicken out and run from the room. His smug face spurred her on. She took Cara’s hand and led her to a couch. Cara’s eyes remained on Lizzy’s as Lizzy was squarely in command. They settled upon the leather couch where Lizzy leaned forward with closed eyes and kissed Cara’s pouty lips. She’d always wanted to kiss Cara and now was the perfect time. Cara returned her kiss, tentatively at first before parting her lips to allow Lizzy’s tongue to push inside. Lizzy’s hand landed on Cara’s knee to inch up her thigh as Cara’s mouth widened beneath her and their tongues danced against each other. Lizzy’s clit flinched with arousal as their kiss became more passionate and their hands roamed over each other’s bodies. Becoming heated, Lizzy pulled away before it got beyond the point of stopping. Lizzy got up and snatched the money from the gawking man’s hand before returning to the couch where Cara was busy wiping away the smear of lipstick from around her lips. Lizzy handed Cara her share of the money before looking back at the men and asking,

“What do you want us to do next?”

The youngest guy, a Marine looking dude with a blonde crew cut said, “I’ll give you a hundred dollars to eat her box.”

Lizzy rolled her eyes. “That’ll cost you a thousand dollars.”

Cara nodded in agreement.

“That’s too rich for my blood.”

The oldest guy, a rotund grey haired man said, “Hey. I’ll give you one hundred dollars each to put my beer bottle up your snatch.”

Steve said, “Rob, come on now-“

Lizzy countered, “Make it three hundred each.”

He reached for his wallet in his back pocket to take out a wad of money. He peeled of six one hundred dollar bills and held it towards her. Lizzy stood up, walked the short distance to the poker table and grabbed his bottle before returning to the couch.

Rob added, “Make sure it goes good and up there and shove it in at least four times or no money.”

Lizzy settled back onto the couch and spread her legs. Cara’s eyes widened in amazement as she watched her friend pull aside her bikini bottom to expose puffy lips. Lizzy parted her pussy lips with her manicured fingers to expose her pink and guided the bottle’s tip into her small juicy hole. She shoved the bottle neck as far as it would go, easing it in and out as she eyed the men who seemed to have stopped breathing. After the fourth thrust upward, she removed the bottle from her vagina and gave it to Cara. Cara took the bottle before hiking her leg up to steady it by planting her foot upon the couch. She pulled aside her bikini bottom and parted her pussy lips before placing the beer bottle into her bikini waxed snatch. It took a bit of maneuvering but she got it in and slowly pushed it inside her resistant walls four times before taking it out. Then she placed the bottle to her lips and drank the last of the beer. She got up and walked the bottle back to the man to exchange the now empty bottle for the money in his hand. Lizzy beamed in satisfaction at the sight of the open mouth men. For once, Steve looked truly shocked.

A guy shouted out, “I’ll give you a hundred dollars for a lap dance.”

As Cara gave her a share of the money, Lizzy pouted at the men and said, “Sorry guys. We’ve got party money now. Bye.”

The girls got giggled as they scampered from the room.

Cara said, “I bet their balls are so blue.”

“Horny old skeezers. They deserve it.”

Upstairs in Lizzy’s room, the two made arrangements for a ride share to come pick them up. Cara put on shorts while Lizzy pulled on a mini-skirt. They giggled as they primped in front of the mirror and a short time later, with their newly earned money in their purses, they left the house for the night. They giggled about their misdeeds on their ride to the city where they were dropped off in entertainment district. They bar hopped down the boulevard, partying the night away with other drunk revelers until closing the time. They flopped into their ride share for the ride back to Lizzy’s house.

Lizzy and Cara entered their quiet, dimly lit house. The poker party had ended and there wasn’t a person in sight. The two drunk girls plodded up the stairs with heavy feet and entered her room where Cara went into her bathroom to wash her face. She returned naked and flopped face forward onto Lizzy’s bed. Lizzy felt sticky from the humidity and the hot, crowded bars. She stripped off her clothes and took a tepid shower. When she stepped out, she reached for her towel to see that it was dirty from when Cara used it to take off her make-up. She sighed and stepped out into her room to see Cara’s limp body softly snoring on her bed.

Lizzy left her bedroom and padded down the quiet carpeted hall until she reached the linen full of towels. The sound of heavy footsteps coming up the stairs caused her to turn. She thought Steve was in her mother’s bedroom but she watched the lower level lights dim before he mounted the last stair. With a bottle of chilled water in his hand, he turned to see Lizzy standing between him and his bedroom door. She could tell by his pause that he seemed taken aback seeing her standing there naked, but then he approached her with a cool saunter in his step.

Even though he didn’t let it show, he was fascinated by lithe body, creamy skin and coin sized pale pink areolas. She stood there, without shame or trying to cover her body. When he was within an arm’s reach of her, instead of going around her, he stopped. Her eyes never left his.

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