Nadia, and Her Body

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Nadia flipped the business card around, then flipped it over again. This had been her ritual for the past ten minutes; The parking lot, her place of worship.

She was outside an unassuming building deep in downtown- not so much downtown that there was someone yelling about nothing on the nearest corner, but downtown enough. Even with the AC cranked as far as it would go, Nadia was sweating, and the absurd heat of her hometown was the last thing on her mind.


“You cannot be serious.” The pure disbelief in Nadia’s tone was comical.

“I’m so serious!” Oh, she was. From the way she leaned forward on the table, not caring that she almost knocked over her coffee, Layla was dead serious. Nadia met her in college; they had been roommates before they became friends, and her endless wealth of energy had gotten them into too many parties and too many hangovers. “You would be perfect for this shoot, love. I know you don’t really do po-” she froze on the word ‘porn’, looking around to see if anyone in the coffee shop was listening. “I know you don’t really do adult work, but this isn’t just about the porn, it’s about the representation! You’re a gorgeous, olive skinned trans woman who looks just like the people who watch it. Think about how many cute girls would follow in your footsteps; you’ll be a pioneer, darling! A Porn Pioneer!”

Her…zeal began to catch the eye of others in the shop, so Layla paused for a moment to sip her coffee. Nadia was still wrapping her mind around the idea; she had to admit, Layla would make one hell of a salesman if she wanted another career after porn photography. “…What would I have to do?” Nadia’s tone wasn’t very courageous, but Layla was persistent.

“It’s mostly soft core, don’t worry. You and two other girls are gonna show up to my studio downtown; I’ll give you my business card before I go. First I’ll get some shots of your hot, naked bodies, then a few more with your bodies wet. After that, we can get a little risky, depending on how far you wanna go. You’ll be the center of it all, and if you don’t want to continue, we can stop at any point. Thinking of giving it a try?”

To be honest, Nadia ‘loved’ the idea. She loved sex, and loved being sexual. What she ‘didn’t’ love was her body. Most people, not even Layla, didn’t know she was so self-conscious about it. She would stare at her tummy or her thighs or whatever was making her frown that day and swear that she would fix it, somehow. And when the change didn’t come or she didn’t get the result she wanted, she would start the cycle over again, feeling worse with each go around. And now she had to show her naked body off? To other people? To other women? No way in hell. This sounded fun, but Layla would have to find someone else-

“I’ll do it.” The confidence in her voice had come from nowhere, but it was solid. “I’ll be in your photoshoot.”

Layla clapped her hands together excitedly, before quickly grabbing and downing the rest of her coffee. “Thank you! You won’t regret it, Nadee!” She reached into her purse and hastily slid a business card and some cash for the coffee across the table. “I have to start getting things ready, but here’s the address. Be there around 6:30 with some light makeup. You’ll be naked, so don’t worry about a fancy outfit. See you there!” She was already halfway out the door when she waved goodbye. As soon as the door closed, the realization of what she said made the blood drain from Nadia’s face.

“…What have I done?”


That was a few days ago, and now here she was, trying to build up the courage do something crazy. Really, what was she doing here? Going to embarrass herself because she wanted to make her friend happy? No, absolutely not. No, no, no. This was not for bodies like hers.

Swearing to herself, Nadia threw open her car door and marched into the building. She was already practicing how she would politely decline as the elevator took her to Layla’s studio. “Thanks but no thanks. This is a really good opportunity, Kadıköy Fetiş Escort and it deserves to be used on real models.” Yeah, that sounded good. Hopefully going into this serious photoshoot with the bare minimum of effort in her outfit- a tank top and leggings- would convey that her heart just wasn’t-

As soon as the door opened, she audibly whispered, “…Oh.”

Layla’s studio was spacious and…surprisingly empty for a serious photoshoot. There was a table and a few chairs, some lights pointed at a specific section of wall(Nadia guessed this was where the shoot would take place), and some couches near a floor-to-ceiling window. In the back, by the window, Layla stood with two other women, both of whom were already naked, laughing about something or other.

What ultimately made Nadia step off the elevator was the realization that the other models were people, just like her. Regardless of any flaw or imperfection they perceived, they were both happy to be here, proudly naked and sexual, proudly themselves. Layla had simply given them an opportunity to express it. Whether there was doubt or not, Nadia- and every woman like her- deserved to have these moments of sexuality, regardless of what people decided they could or could not be.

When she finally spoke, she was not only ready; she was *ecstatic.*

“Layla!” Nadia called out, waving as she stepped off the elevator.

“Nadia, babe!” The enthusiasm that brought them together was as strong as Layla ran over and enveloped her in a tight hug. “I’m so glad your really doing this! I promise, you’re gonna look even sexier than you already are! Come on, let me introduce you to your co-stars.”

As brisk and excitable as Layla was, the grip she held on Nadia’s hand was soft as she lead her over to the two nude women, both of whom had big smiles in their faces. “So girls, this is the star of our show, my friend Nadia. Nadia, this is Leah on the left and Gemma on the right.” Both of them gushed their excitement to be ‘working with such a gorgeous woman’, and it made Nadia blush while they briefly chatted their greetings.

Leah was a few inches shorter than her and maybe a year or two under, but her short blond hair and black rimmed glasses definitely helped her appear more mature. Out of everyone else, her breasts and bum were the largest, and she was proud of it. “My sister got the acne. I got the tits and the ass. She’s never forgiven me.”

Gemma, however, was definitely older than Nadia, maybe by two or three years. Her skin fell perfectly between Nadia’s copper and Leah’s porcelain, and her black hair fell lazily down her back, just like Nadia. She definitely helped round out their body types as well; while Leah was shorter and slightly thicker than Nadia, Gemma was the tallest of everyone in the room, with smaller breasts and a tighter ass.

Any nerves that Nadia might have had melted away as soon as she realized how hot this photoshoot would be. “Alright!” Layla announced as she clapped her hands together. “If you ladies would stand right over there- Nadia, you can strip wherever- we can get started!”

Nadia’s anxieties were shed like her outfit- both quickly and happily. The three naked women lined up along the wall, giggling to each other as Layla set up her camera. “Think about every model you’ve ever seen.” She advised, kneeling down as she brought the viewfinder to her face. “Next, throw that bullshit out the window! Show me *you,* ladies!”


It couldn’t have gone on more than an hour, but it was the closest Nadia ever felt to being a Goddess.

As she moved with Leah and Gemma in various erotic poses, not once was she ever uncomfortable, mostly due to Layla’s superb directing. She remembered laughing when Layla told her that she wanted to be a pornographic photographer. But here, seeing Layla flit about the room as she offered them poses and advice, there was no question that this was what her boisterous best friend was meant to do.

Her Kadıköy Gecelik Escort co-models were equally as supportive, always positioning themselves so that Nadia would get the best angle. They started slow- just a few group shots of them making out, then rubbing each other- but by the end of it, Nadia could see their photographer was pressing her legs together, clearly trying to keep herself from being distracted.

Through it all, Nadia looked and felt wonderful, in a way she never had before. This wouldn’t be the end of her body issues, but it was the first true step to finding beauty within herself, and she would cherish it for the rest of her life.

“Oof, is it fucking boiling in here, or is it just me?” Layla asked, clicking through her shots. “Anywho, I think that’s a wrap- you ladies kicked ass today! I’m super proud of you.” She went on about how much she was paying them and when they would be free for another shoot, but Nadia was still on cloud nine. Truthfully, she was more than happy to do this again, paid or otherwise.

As soon as Leah and Gemma said their goodbyes and left the studio, Layla flopped onto her back, laughing to herself. “Holy shit. That was the hottest thing I’ve ever shot!”

Nadia collapsed next to her, curling up into a ball. “I’m glad it went well- I had a blast being sexy for me, for once.”

“Seriously, Nadee, thank you so much. You’re gonna be the reason so many more women see themselves as sexy human beings. Not just objects for dudes to stare at.”

“Please don’t put that much pressure on my shoulders.” They laughed together, and in the quiet space that followed, Nadia continued: “…I should be thanking you. I’ve never really thought of myself as sexy or alluring or anything like that. Today, though? I felt like the sexiest girl in the world. And I loved every second of it.”

They laid together in the studio, staring at the ceiling and enjoying the comfortable quiet between them before Nadia broke the silence. “Can I see the pictures?”

Layla nodded, flicking through a few of them slowly. “Yeah, they all turned out…really well.” Her legs were crossed now, glancing nervously between the camera and the nude woman next to her.

“Yeah, they really did.” Nadia agreed, though she was now fully aware of what it was doing to her friend. “Which one was your favorite?”

Layla swallowed, still clicking through the camera. She paused on a wide angle shot of both girls riding Nadia- Gemma on her face, and Leah on her girlcock. “This one, maybe…” she clicked again. The next photo showed Nadia towering above the both of them, both girls on their knees. Nadia was stroking herself quickly, a mischievous smile on her face.

Layla clicked again. The next one was Nadia cumming onto their faces.

“This one.” She declared. “This one was my favorite.”

Nadia’s hand had been under Layla’s chin, and she tilted it so they could finally kiss. As Nadia- carefully- pushed the camera out of the way and began to help her friend undress, the once quiet room was now echoing with the sound of their makeout session. First Layla’s shirt had been thrown to the side, near the set of the photoshoot; then her jeans were shimmied away until they were out of reach. All that remained were her striped blue panties, having not bothered with a bra that day. Layla’s darker skin carried a light sheen of sweat, and her small tits were begging to be touched now that they were finally free. She squeezed them tightly, moaning into Nadia’s throat as they kissed.

Climbing on top of her aroused photographer, Nadia withdrew her lips for a moment, pushing her knee against the wet fabric of Layla’s panties. “I had a feeling you were enjoying this more than you let on.”

Layla could only blush, raising her hips so she could slide them off of her waist.

“Never promised I wouldn’t.” She was breathing slowly, eyes trailing down her friend’s body and locking onto her waist. “Please don’t make me beg for it, Kadıköy Genç Escort Nadee-“

And Nadia certainly was not. Two of her fingers were already dragging themselves along the inviting folds, then darting in and out as the other hand stroked her girlcock. Layla’s breathing was now heavy and staggered, spreading her legs while she was finger fucked. The room grew silent for only a moment as Nadia pulled out her soaking wet fingers and offered them to Layla, who took both in her mouth and sucked them hungrily.

No longer content with just the light teasing, Nadia carefully pressed her girlcock against Layla’s pussy, withdrawing her fingers from the other woman’s mouth as she slowly pushed in to the hilt. The studio’s large empty space made the sound of Layla’s gasp echo throughout the room, and it only got worse as Nadia began to build a rhythm, pinning both their hands to the floor while they fucked. Her first thought was to go slow, taking her time until they could both cum together. But Layla’s moans were too loud, her pussy too warm, for Nadia to want anything less than to absolutely fuck her brains out. So she pressed their lips together and held her in place, hips slamming against Layla harder and harder each time.

Anyone nearby wouldn’t be able to miss the sounds of sex happening inside the studio- the distinct noise that only a rough, sloppy fucking could make bounced around the room, both women still passionately making out all the while. Even the brief touch of their nipples whenever Nadia thrusted was like a shot of adrenaline, bodies shaking as climaxes began to threaten their bodies.

Finally, releasing the hold their fingers shared, Nadia’s hands drifted below Layla’s waist, cupping her ass. There was a small groan of excitement as Layla wrapped her hand’s around her lover’s neck, bracing herself as the world inverted; now Layla was straddling Nadia’s hips, beads of sweat running down her face. She was still panting when she began to rock to her hips back and forth, hands behind her head as she rode Nadia’s girlcock.

This wasn’t as fast or rough as it had been before; no, Layla’s hip movements were slow and calculated, eyes locked on her lover’s pained expression. Nadia’s hands gripped tightly onto Layla’s ass, muttering curses and encouragement in different breaths. It was all too much for her to hold on- feeling Layla’s warm pussy grinding into her, watching her hips seductively roll back and forth, and that playful face- usually so silly and carefree- had twisted into the mischievous smirk of a woman intent on collecting every last drop of the cum she was owed. And now, Nadia’s body was ready to pay its debt.

“Layla, I’m gonna come soon-“

She stopped immediately- when Nadia gave a look of protest, Layla only responded by handing her the camera, slowly pulling herself off of the cock she’d taken control of over the last few minutes. “Stand up.” An order. Nadia obliged with a small gaze of trepidation, but the pieces clicked into place once she saw Layla on her knees, jerking Nadia’s cock with one hand and cupping her own tits with the other. “This one is for me.”

Through the camera’s viewfinder, Nadia watched as Layla’s hand furiously worked her, stopping only to switch to her mouth for a few moments before resuming the handjob. The camera shook in her hands as Nadia watched herself in the final moments before her orgasm, but she still managed to take the photo once the rope came hot onto Layla’s body. Even as her cries filled the studio, and hot, sticky droplets coated Layla’s tits and face, she took more and more photos, a slideshow facial between art and artist.

When she was finally spent, Nadia’s knees collapsed, crashing onto the floor. “Holy hell. That was…that was really good.”

“I try my hardest.” Layla admitted, still covered in cum as she pulled the other girl close. “So…wanna do this again at the next shoot?”

“Oh, absolutely. But first…”

Nadia’s held the camera outward, snapping a quick photo of the two of them, sweaty and satisfied on the studio floor. “I think I look rather sexy, and I want to remember the moment.”

“You know… you are sexy. In general. Not just at this moment.”

“Oh, I know that now.” Nadia smirked. “But everyone needs a confidence boost every now and again.”

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