Office Christmas Party

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Right on cue at eleven fifty, Nikki’s phone rings. Her partner in crime asking “are you ready for lunch?” This way they both have time to finish what they were working on and meet at the elevators for the lunch hour. Nikki laughs, then answers her phone because she “knows who it is and is ready.” She answers the phone smiling “Palm Beach Financial, Nikki speaking, how may I help you?”

“Are you ready for lunch?” her best friend and partner in crime asks.

“Yes,” I’m ready, I will meet you at the elevators in ten minutes,” Nikki said before hanging up the phone. This way both girls clean up their desk, then meet at the elevators right at twelve o’clock so they can head down to the café on the first floor for lunch together. Who could ask for anything more than to work with your best friend?

Walking into the cafe on the first floor, they grabbed their lunch and then look for an empty table. For some reason, it took a little longer than normal. Most likely due to the upcoming Christmas party being held The Breakers and formal attire required this year. The Women were wearing Long gowns and men in black tie tuxes. Everyone is talking about “if they are going, what are they wearing, what big clients or famous people were going to show this year.

As the “top financial agency” in Palm Beach, Florida, their clients are some of the top business names around and a few famous people. There is “always” some big names that show up for the Christmas party that only seems to show up “once a year” for the party. Palm Beach is “always” a popular place during the holidays. The warm weather in South Florida normal temperatures are a mild eighty-five degree, and for the beach-goers, the water is about seventy-eight degrees, “perfect bath water.”

“Please tell me you are going to show up to the Christmas party on Saturday?” You “always” seem to find a way to get out of “not going” to these things Amy said

I “don’t know. Besides, I don’t have anything to wear that is formal for this year’s party. This isn’t just a nice dinner party kind of dress.” I know I do well off here, but I don’t have the extra money to buy a dress that I will probably never wear again.” I just had to give my parents money for a new roof. It took all I had in savings. It seems like anytime I “get ahead” someone in my family calls asking for money.

“Why?” do you give them the money. “You are not their banker.” Besides, has “anyone ever paid you back?” a penny of what they have borrowed?” Amy said.

“No,’ but how do you expect your parents to pay back what they borrowed? I mean they struggled to put me through college, the least I could do is give them the money when they ask for it Nikki said between bites.

“OK,” I get it, you “don’t expect your parents to pay them back the money, but what about the rest of your family? You are not required to give your siblings or anyone else in your family any money.” Look at it this way Amy says, if you don’t have the money to lose because they aren’t going to pay you back, then you shouldn’t give it to them. When my family calls asking for money, If I can’t afford to get the money back, then I tell them no. Yes, it will make them mad at me, but I “don’t care.”

I mean if there is nothing “medically wrong or life and death” that they need money, then “don’t” give it to them. They can work hard and “save up” just as “you do.” You don’t “owe” them anything. Really, you “don’t owe” your parents anything either, but I “do understand why” you give your parents money.

Well, “if” I can find a gown “reasonably priced,” then yes I will go to the party, but “if not” then I won’t be going,” Nikki said.

Fine, “what time do you want me to pick you up?” in the morning to go dress shopping Amy asked.

Nikki sighed and said how about nine o’clock. We can stop and get coffee “before” we start the

the agony of dress shopping.”

Next thing they know someone slid into the chair next to Amy. They both looked over to see their co-worker Jason sitting there with a smile on his face.

“What are you smiling about?” Nikki asked.

Well, are you going to the party tomorrow night?” he asked them. Jason had the “biggest crush” on Amy, but she either “didn’t care or didn’t know” that he liked her. She “always” just shrugged it off when someone said something to her about it. It might be the fact they work together and sometimes that is a “hard-line” to cross.

“None the less,” Amy just smiled at him and said “yes I am” while looking at Nikki.

What about you Nikki? “Are you are going too?” he asked.

I don’t know” I “don’t have” a dress. I was telling Amy I “might not” go, but she’s “determined” to get me to go,” Nikki said.

“Well, I think you “should go. It will be fun.” I heard “Ryan Jones would be there,” he said. He knew that Nikki “had the hots for the man” and maybe that would help “change her mind.”

Oh, that’s “nice,” she said trying not to smile, but again, “if I can’t find a dress at a reasonable price, then I won’t be going,” she said.

Amy spoke çanakkale escort up and said they were meeting in the morning to go dress shopping.

Jason smiled at Amy and said, “that’s nice, but I think I can help with this problem. My sister Denise owns The Gala in Palm Beach. I’ll call her and tell her to hook you up.” Let me call her right now, then he pulled his phone out of his pocket and started dialing.

Hey, how’s it going, “I need a favor?” he said to his sister smiling. Remember when I told you our Christmas party this year is at “The Breakers and its formal attire,” Well, I have a “good friend” I work with that “needs a dress last-minute.” If she came by the shop tomorrow morning, could you “hook her up?” I mean give her the “full treatment,” he said. “Yes, I mean everything.” “Thanks,” he said, hung up, and slid his phone back in his pocket.

The girls just looked at each other “in shock” that he just did that for Nikki.

“Your all set,” he said smiling. “Do you know where The Gala is?” he asked?

“Yes,” they both said at the same time.

OK, then be there at nine-thirty tomorrow morning and my sister Denise will “take care of you” with “everything you will need” for the party. Jason then stood up and walked away. As he was leaving, he said I would see you “both” tomorrow night.

“Oh my god, what just happened?” I mean I know he has “a thing for you,” but why is he going “out of his way to help me?” Nikki asked

He’s just Jason is “just that type of guy.” So, I will be at your place at nine o’clock tomorrow morning. Make sure you “get some rest” tonight because we are going to take full “advantage of shopping at The Gala,” Amy said as she stood up to empty her tray.

Hopefully, she has a “sales rack, because I can’t afford a high-priced dress just to wear for one night,” Nikki said standing up too.

Look, you “heard him tell his sister to take care of you,” so I’m sure she will “give you a good deal.” I still need something nice to wear under my dress and shoes. So get ready to “shop till we drop” tomorrow Amy said laughing.

So we shop all day, and then I’m “dog tired” for the party. “Great, just great,” Nikki said laughing.

They both rode the elevator back up to their floor, then went their separate ways.

Nikki didn’t hear anything else from Amy until the next morning. Right at nine o’clock, there was a knock at her door. When she opened it, there stood Amy with two cups of coffees in her hand.

Nikki grabbed her keys, phone, and purse locking her door behind her.

I hope she gives me an “excellent deal, remember I don’t have a lot to spend” on this party Nikki reminded her friend.

“Relax and have fun.” When will you get to try on dresses like this” her friend said as she drove across the bridge into Palm Beach? “How often does this get to happen?” Amy asked.

When they pulled in front of “The Gala,” it was nine twenty-five. After getting out of the car and went to the door, Jason’s sister Denise was unlocking the door to let them in the right at nine-thirty.

“Good morning ladies, “you must be Nikki and Amy” that Jason told me about?” My name is Denise, and I will take “special care of you” today. “Please follow me,” she said as she had already turned around and was walking away.

“Oh Nikki, look at how beautiful these dresses are. I know we will find something for you here” Amy said as they stopped walking when Denis stopped walking.

Ok, “which one of you is Nikki?” Denise asked.

Nikki raised her hand saying “I am.”

Ok, Denise said as she stood there looking at her as she walked around her in a circle. “Well, you look you are a size nine, what five in half feet tall, and about forty-eight DD?” she asked.

Nikki looked “shocked asking how she knew that?” I mean yes that sounds about right.

Honey, “I sure hope I can look at you and tell your size, I mean I do do this for a living,” she said laughing. So tell me, “what are your favorite colors or color you want to wear and what style dress are you looking for?” Denise asked.

My “favorite color is blue, but it’s not very Christmassy, so I guess maybe something in red, but straight not flared, and I have never liked strapless dresses” for obvious reasons Nikki said while pointing to the area of her “large breasts.”

Ok, you ladies “look around and see if there is anything that catches your eye,” while I check in the back Denise said as she walked towards the open doorway.

Jason knew what he “was doing” when he called his sister to help Nikki. He knew that she had “designed a dress, but was”scared to put it out on the sales floor. So why not kill two birds with one stone he must have thought.

Nikki had “found” a few dresses, but after seeing the price, she changed her mind and hung them back on the rack. She wasn’t finding anything that she thought was a “reasonable price,” but she kept looking.

Amy knew she had found a few dresses she liked, but when she saw the price tags, she changed her mind. You mean to tell me “you haven’t found one single dress you liked?” she asked.

“Fine, yes I have found a few that I liked, but look at the price tags, I can’t spend that much money on a dress. I just can’t” Nikki said.

So, “yesterday” at lunch, “why did Jason tell you Ryan Jones would be” at our Christmas party?” Amy asked.

Nikki started to blush as soon as she “heard the name “Ryan Jones.” I don’t know why he said that she said smiling.

“Wait a minute, why is your face turning red?” Amy said laughing. “Oh my god,” she says, you have the “hots for him, don’t you?” How come “he knows, and I don’t?” I mean “I am still your best friend?” aren’t I. Shouldn’t I know this kind of stuff?

Laughing Nikki says it was “only by accident.” One time when he was leaving Jason’s office, I saw them, and Jason caught on “pretty fast” from the look on my face. He tells me whenever he comes around is all.

Denise comes out of the back room holding a “red dress.” Here we go, I think this one will be perfect for you. It hasn’t even been put on the floor yet she said. It’s “brand new” to the shop, I know you said you did not like strapless, but I think you would look good in this one. At least try it on she begged.

Fine, I will try it on, but “how much?” is it she asked.

We can talk price “after you try it on and if you like it,” she said.

OK, fine, Nikki said as she took the dress from Denise, then went into the dressing room. After putting the dress on, she stood looking in the mirror. She was “shocked” to see that the person in the mirror did not look like her at all. She liked the way she looked in the dress and the way it felt on her. It fitted good in all the right places. She was just worried about the price. Was it going to be too much? She did like and want this dress now. She didn’t know what she would do if Denise said the price and it was too expensive.

A few minutes later, she came out of the dressing room wearing the dress. Both Denise and Amy let out a “loud” gasp. Neither one of them could believe “how good” she looked in it.

“Oh my, look at you, you look “stunning” in that dresses. You “have to get it,” Amy said. Whatever the price is, “don’t” let the price affect how much you “like it.” I will put in on my credit card if I have to, but you “have to get it” Amy said

She is “right,” Denise said, “you are stunning” in it. “Please” tell me you will take it?

“First, you have to tell me “how much?” With “my luck,” it will be “too much” for me and I “actually do” like this dress. It fits me “good,” she said.

“Oh my god, you do like it,” Denise asked very “happily.”

“Yes, I do like it, but whats the price?” she asked again. I “still need” shoes and something to wear under it Nikki said.

“Here’s the deal if you wear this dress tonight. If you allow Jason to take a few pictures in front of the Christmas Tree, allow them me to put them on my web page, and tell everyone where you got this dress from, the dress, shoes, bra, and panties are yours free. I will even cover your hair and makeup” Denise said. Call it “free advertising,” she said.

Nikki and Amy just looked at each other in “shock” not believing what Denise had just “offered her.”

“Wait a minute, there is no charge for the dress, shoes, bra, and panties, including hair and make up for me to allow Jason to take a few pictures in front of the Christmas Tree, allow them me to put them on your web page, and tell everyone where you got this dress?” Nikki said.

“Yes, that exactly what I am saying. See here’s the thing about this dress. I didn’t just get this dress in, I designed it and made it myself. I have just been too nervous to put it out on display, but when my brother called yesterday asking for my help, and I saw you this morning, I just knew you were perfect for it.”

Both women looked at each other then Amy said wait a minute, you “designed and made this dress?”

“Yes, I was never sure of myself.” Guess you can say my brother is “looking out for me.” He knew I had this dress, so I guess he was my “shove to do this.” I “want to help you,” Nikki, so “why” don’t we help each other?” Denise asked nervously.

Ok, “I’ll do it,” Nikki said smiling. Guess “I’m going to the Christmas party after all,” she said to Amy that looked happy to hear her say “yes” she was going.

Just wait, “I know you are going to turn every guy’s head” at the party, “especially Ryan’s, he won’t be able to walk away from you. You might walk out of this party a happy woman” Amy said laughing.

Give me a minute, and I will call to set up your makeup and hair while you ladies pick out shoes, bra, panties. And whatever else you might need. I want her looking and feeling “her best” tonight Denise said.

Amy heard her phone buzz alerting her of a text. When she looked at her phone, she saw it was from Jason.

Jason: Well, did my sister hook her up or what?

Amy: Oh my god, did she ever hook her up, she will look fantastic tonight. Wait till you see her.

Jason: That’s great, I can’t wait to see both you of you. So did she pick out a dress or is she wearing the one my sister made?

Amy: The one, your sister, made. Your sister is amazing. She is even going to cover hair and make up for her because she is going to wear the dress tonight and let her post a picture of her on her website. She needs you to take some perfect photos of her in front of the Christmas Tree and send them to her.

Jason: Great, I look forward to seeing you all tonight. Especially you. {emoji smile, emoji smile, emoji smile}

Amy: Thanks! {emoji smile}

Jason: Make sure you save me a dance or two tonight.

Amy: I will “ave you three for doing this. You do know that she wasn’t going to go tonight because she didn’t have money to buy a dress. She just gave her parents what she had saved for a new roof {emoji frown}

Amy: Oh so, I asked Nikki why you mentioned Ryan Jones, and she finally told me she had the hots for him. You should introduce them tonight. Let her evening ended with a bang.

Jason: I already planned on it. Besides, last time he was in to see me he, asked about her, I didn’t tell her. Didn’t want her to freak out or anything.

Amy: Our secret then, later

Jason: Later

“What are you up to over there?” Nikki said.

“Nothing, nothing at all.” Jason just texted to make sure his sister was “taking care of you.” You have “all the luck in the world. I’m almost jealous of you,” she said.

“Believe me; there’s nothing to be jealous about,” Nikki said.

Denise walked back in the room and handed a piece of paper to Nikki. Here is the address where to go for your hair and makeup, I told them to take care of both of you ladies.

“Remember,” have Jason “take your pictures of you in front of a Christmas Tree” and send them to me. Tell him it’s for my “website” and if anyone asked where you got it from telling them that it was “custom made from The Gala” she said. Then she handed the dress she had put in a bag along with a bag that contained her shoes, bra, and panties she had picked out, even what Amy had picked out.

Denise gave them both a hug, then hurried them out the door, so they could get their hair and makeup done. Denise knew that Nikki would look even more gorgeous once her hair and makeup are done.

Amy drove to the address Denise gave Nikki. Neither one of them could believe that Denise was covering hair and make up for both of them. They needed to find a way to pay her back for her kindness somehow. Something more then just Nikki taking pictures for her. The girls walked in and gave their names, and they were off for some pampering.

When they were both done, they looked at each other and couldn’t believe how “different” they looked. Both looked like “different people.” They both felt “pretty and was extremely happy.” All that was left was for them to get dressed. Neither women knew “how good” their night was going to end.

Amy stopped at her place to grab her dress and shoes for the night; then they headed back Nikki’s to get dressed.

Once they dressed and met in the living room, they “couldn’t believe how good they looked. They looked like they both were from Palm Beach. They would fit right in for the night.”

“Oh my god, Nikki look at you! You look amazing.” Just like I told you-you would.

Nikki smiled and said, “thank you,” I think I look good in this dress. It’s all “thanks to Denise, and I guess Jason too” beings he “hooked us up” with his sister.

You look “perfect” too Nikki said to her best friend. That Green dress looks really “good” on you. Jason won’t be able to “stop looking at you.”

“Thanks,” Amy said. Now, do you want to “drive or take the car service?” Let’s use the car service; then we don’t have to worry about having “too much” to drink and then drive home.

Car service “it is,” Nikki said as she pulled out her phone to order the car. The car will be here in five minutes; we should get our things and head downstairs, so we are out front when it gets here.

Ok, but first let’s “take some pictures” in front of your tree before we go Amy said as she pulled out her phone. Amy took pictures of Nikki, Nikki took pictures of Amy, and then they made some selfies. Amy sent a couple to Jason and telling him they would be leaving Nikki’s in about five minutes. Then they both headed downstairs to find the driver waiting for them.

The driver got out and walked around to open the door for them. With a low whistle, he said well, don’t you ladies look lovely tonight. “Must be a big night?” he said as he opened the door for them. Amy slid in first, and Nikki followed. The driver shut the door, then hurried back around, and climbed in behind the wheel. You ladies are going to “The Breakers” he confirmed as he pulled away from the curb.

“Yes” please Nikki said smiling.

When they pulled up in front of “The Breakers,” two valets opened the door, one on each side for the car. Both guys gave a low whistle also and complemented both women on how beautiful they looked. Then told them to enjoy their evening as they closed the car door and the car pulled away.

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