The Beginning – Jason’s Story

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Jason was a local boy, although not from Vermont. He was from Elizabethtown, just across the lake in New York State. He was a bit of a jock. Not the stereotypical ignorant muscle-bound fool, but a true lover of physical exertion. He had played football in high school and was an alternate for the college team, although his true love was skiing. He pursued his passion for skiing all throughout the winter season. There was even talk in his fraternity that he might qualify for the next Winter Olympics and in his own mind Olympic gold was well within his grasp. Of course skiing wasn’t a year-round sport so when he wasn’t skiing (or playing football), Jason’s biggest diversion was girls. Although he had only lost his virginity in his senior year of high school, he was determined to make up for lost time and in his final year of college he had certainly made good progress toward that end.

He was a handsome boy, with rugged features and a tight, well-muscled body. Girls seemed naturally attracted to him and when he was in the mood it was seldom indeed that he didn’t end up balls deep between the legs of one of the many campus hopefuls. His secret was that he didn’t see girls just as a simple target, a notch on his belt. He truly loved women. He loved kissing them, tasting them and most of all; he loved bringing them to orgasm. It wasn’t just a pleasure thing to him; it was a satisfaction thing.

* * *

It had been in high school that Jason realized that he was better endowed than his fellow classmates. In the change-room after PT class, the other guys noticed that his cock was considerably bigger than theirs. This started a round of teasing that affected him deeply. It might have led to an inferiority complex, but he was saved from that by the intervention of a loud-mouthed bully who not only teased Jason front of the other boys but also teased him in front of the girls. Before long the entire school was aware of his uniqueness.

Girls who had never given him the time of day were now coming over to talk to him at lunch. Other girls offered to help him study. He wasn’t sure what to do with his newfound celebrity. Basically a shy young man, Jason had little to no experience of sex.

After that, he avoided many activities that might lead to other rounds of teasing. Most of his high school years were spent avoiding confrontations that might emphasize his “difference,” this unfortunately including dating.

He was finally introduced to the joy of sex, by the aunt of a friend, who was staying for the summer, as Elizabethtown was quite the “get-away-place” for the big city types. In the years following the war there had been a growth in the city and now in the summer of 1953 it had become an artistic community composed mostly of painters and authors. Jason was over at his friend’s house when the topic of the teasing came up. He quickly changed the subject but unknown to him, his friend’s aunt had been listening.

Several days later when he came over to visit and the friend wasn’t at home, he sat at the kitchen table and had a soda with Aunt Lucy while he waited for his friend to get back from wherever. She was in her early twenties and very attractive. She was shorter than Jason with long dark brown hair and was dressed in a loose dress with a high collar. She always dressed so conservatively but it didn’t do much to hide her generous bosom. He had often wondered what she would look like naked and on some occasions he had even masturbated to thoughts of her tits. These thoughts ran through his head as he sat there quietly drinking his soda and he felt himself start to respond.

He repositioned himself so that Aunt Lucy wouldn’t notice the growing bulge in his pants. He wasn’t quick enough as she had noticed it and took this opportunity to bring up the subject.

She mentioned to him that she had heard of the teasing and urged him not to take it too seriously. “Things that young boys find amusing, young girls may find interesting,” she confided.

Her eyes fell to his crotch and he could feel himself growing harder under her gaze. He tried to excuse himself but she placed her hand on his arm and told him not to go. He wasn’t sure what to do and so did nothing.

“The feelings you are experiencing are perfectly normal,” she continued. She shifted her chair closer to him and her hand moved to rest on the bulge in his trousers. Because of his size, he habitually let his cock ride down the right side leg of his boxers and often found that it stayed in place when he sat. It was there on that bulge that she rested her hand. His cock twitched. She started to stroke it through his trousers and the sensation was amazing. He felt himself respond to her actions. Like any normal teenage boy he had manipulated himself to orgasm often but it was definitely better when it was someone else doing it, especially if that someone was a beautiful older woman!

“I don’t think…” he started.

“Hush,” she whispered, “I know what tuzla escort I’m doing.” She continued rubbing his cock and it grew even larger. His cock had grown hard and had twisted up inside the leg of his boxers. It now rested lengthwise across the front of his trousers and her hand continued its motion back and forth along its length. Alarm bells started to ring in his head! Chris’s aunt was jerking him off! This wasn’t supposed to happen! He tried to move back from her touch, but she keep rubbing and rubbing. He could feel the pressure build. He had to leave. He was too close!

“I’ve gotta…” He tried to get up but his legs wouldn’t respond.

“I know,” she softly replied, her hand moving faster up and down the length of him.

“I… I’m… Ughh…” he grunted as he exploded under her hand. She continued to stroke him as jets of cum burst out of his cock and flooded his pants.

He sat there frozen by his orgasm, as she leaned over and kissed him on the lips. His cock continued to jet out more and more hot, sticky fluid. Her tongue found it’s way to his mouth and all resistance fled as he kissed her back. She abruptly ended the kiss and released his cock.

“I think we should clean you up before Chris gets home.” She took his hand and pulled him to his feet. He felt awkward trailing behind her with the sticky mess filling his pants. She led him to the downstairs bathroom, pulled him inside, turned on the overhead light and locked the door behind her.

She got down on her knees in front of him and her hands went to his belt. Jason felt self-conscious as she undid his belt and trousers. He felt himself flushing with embarrassment and tried to push her hands away.

“I should do this.” He said.

“Nonsense.” She said, pulling his trousers and underwear down in one motion. Jason’s cock had lost little of its hardness and was sticking out at her. “Oh my! You ARE a big boy.” She grabbed some tissue from the roll hanging beside the toilet and wiped his cum from the inside of his boxers. She was quite clinical in her efforts and Jason was turned on like crazy that she was doing it with his semi-hard cock just inches from her face. When she had cleaned his shorts as best she could, she slipped her hand around his cum-covered cock and looked up at him. His cock was so thick that her hand could barely reach all the way around his shaft. Her touch excited him and his cock reacted by beginning to swell once again.

“This needs a special cleaning,” she whispered. She leaned forward and started to lick the sticky mess from him. She pushed his cock back against his belly and licked the underside from his balls to the tip, and then holding it to the side she licked his balls clean. She continued moving his cock around to get every bit of the sticky fluid.

Jason couldn’t believe what was happening! He looked down. A beautiful woman was licking his cock! He felt his cock swell and stiffen even more. The feel of her tongue on his cock was unbelievable! He was in heaven! She cleaned him thoroughly and then started to stroke him again. Her hand slid up and down his cock pulling his flesh back and forth along the shaft. He felt her other hand between his legs as she started to play with his balls. Waves of electricity shot up his cock. He could feel the pressure building again.

“Now it’s time to taste you.” She pulled her hand down his cock, sliding back the foreskin to uncover his throbbing glands. Then she opened her mouth and took him in. Jason watched as her lips spread to engulf the head of his cock. He was so big she could only get the head and a couple of inches of him into her mouth, but it felt fantastic! Seeing her pretty face take his cock was amazing! She slid her tongue across his glands and he jumped, the head of his erection still being sensitive from his recent orgasm. Watching her as she took more of his cock into her mouth thrilled Jason almost as much as the sensation of warm wetness that surrounded it.

Wrapped around his thickness, she pumped her hand up and down his shaft and at the same time her eager tongue lashed at the head of his aching cock. She took his balls in her other hand and very gently squeezed them. Jason’s hips bucked in response, trying to get more of his shaft into her mouth.

He looked down at her. She had her mouth wrapped around his prick and her hand was pumping it as he shoved it in and out of her willing mouth. My God! he thought. This gorgeous older woman is sucking my cock! I actually have my cock in her mouth!

The pressure in his balls was starting again. The soft wetness of her mouth and her tongue were driving him crazy. He tried to hold himself steady as the urge to fuck her mouth increased. Her hand on his shaft was great, but he had this overwhelming urge to shove his cock deeper! His pushed a little with his hips and she took a little more of his length into her mouth. She started humming low in her throat as his cock plunged in and out of her göztepe escort mouth. The vibrations on his cock were amazing! He was going to cum!

“No… I’m…” he tried to warn her.

She pulled his cock briefly from her mouth to say, “It’s okay.”

She sucked him back in and renewed her efforts. He felt the pressure build and build. He tried to hold back – but couldn’t – and the pressure let go! For the second time in ten minutes, Jason’s cock started pumping out hot cum. This time it was into the warm waiting mouth of Chris’s Aunt Lucy! Jet after jet of hot cum splashed down her throat, her hand milking his cock for every drop and he could feel her throat moving against his shaft as she swallowed it all. His hips shook and knees felt weak as all of his concentration centered on the immense pleasure radiating from his erupting cock!

When the waves of pleasure subsided, she released his cock from her mouth, let go of his balls and stood up. Her face was flushed and she was breathing heavily. “Now it’s my turn,” she said.

She pushed Jason back to the closed toilet seat and he sat down on it. Then she reached down and pulled up the hem of her dress and her slip.

“But I don’t…” Jason blurted out as she pulled her panties down and stepped out of them.

“Hush… don’t you worry… Aunt Lucy will tell you what to do.” She wrapped her dress around her waist and leaned back, trapping the folds of the dress between the cheeks of her butt and the sink and baring her crotch to Jason’s hungry gaze.

Jason stared at her pussy. The only naked women he had seen up to this time were old style photographs on a deck of cards that a friend’s father had brought back from Paris. The women on the cards all had hairy pussies with a large gash of flesh in the middle and this was definitely not the same. Aunt Lucy’s pussy was clean of hair except for a small tuff above her crack. The inner lips stuck out proud from the folds of her outer lips and they glistened with moisture. At the upper end of her crack a round little knob projected from a little hood even further.

“I keep the hair trimmed for a good friend,” she chuckled.

Jason couldn’t believe his eyes. He stared at her pussy. It was amazing… he wanted to dive right in.

“Look closely,” Aunt Lucy pulled her lips apart and pointed to the moist opening revealed within, “This is my cunt and it’s where your cock goes.” She dipped a finger into the opening and sighed. “At least I’m hoping it will all go in there.”

Jason leaned forward to get a better look.

“Go ahead… Touch me.”

Jason reached out and caressed her pussy, marveling at the hot slipperiness of her flesh. Lucy sighed again as he slipped his finger into her cunt. Suddenly he noticed an aroma. It was a musky smell, one of heat and passion. Jason wanted to bury himself in that smell. He felt his tired cock stir. He brought his nose closer to her pussy and took a deep breath.

This is what sex smells like! he thought.

“This,” she pointed with her finger to the small knob at the top of her lips, “is my clit, and it is the most sensitive place in a woman’s pussy. It’s like the head of your cock. If you tease it enough with your fingers or your tongue, you will bring a girl to orgasm. There are other ways to make a girl cum, but the clit is the most reliable.” She rubbed the little knob and her hips jerked involuntarily. “Now I want you to lick me, like I licked you.”

Jason eagerly brought his mouth to her pussy. The aroma of her excited him as much as the thought of what he was about to do. He stuck out his tongue and ran it over the glistening lips. The taste was wild! He couldn’t get enough of the taste of her. He reached around her and grabbed her bottom to pull her crotch against his mouth. He licked from the bottom of her pussy to the top, pausing there to suck on her hard clit. I’m eating her pussy! It’s marvelous! Jason went wild with his tongue. He could feel his cock growing again and he wanted to bury it inside her, but he was so excited by her taste that he didn’t want to stop eating her pussy.

He slipped to his knees between her legs and licked harder at her wet gash, his tongue finding her cunt and pushing into it. New wetness flooded his mouth as she moaned. She reached behind his head and pulled his head higher, placing her clit directly beneath his active tongue.

“There,” she panted, “lick me there.”

Jason licked… and licked. Before long she was groaning and panting, her hand pushing his head harder against her, his tongue mashed against her stiff clit.

“Oh, Jason… stop… stop…”

She let go and he reluctantly pulled his lips from her crotch.

“I want you to fuck me. I want your cock all the way inside me.”

Jason stood. His cock was jutting stiffly from his crotch. He moved closer to her. She grabbed hold of his erect member and pulled him to the opening of her cunt. The head of his cock üsküdar escort brushed against her opening and he felt the pleasure from her soft, wet heat rush down his cock and settle at its base. He tried to push into her but the angle was wrong. He bent his knees a bit and pushed.

The head of his hard cock pushed inside her and she groaned, “Oh God, yes!”

He pushed deeper. His cock was inside her! The feeling of her tight cunt wrapped around his cock was amazing. He was fucking her! Holy shit, he was fucking Chris’s Aunt!

He pulled his cock back until only the head remained inside her tight slipperiness and then thrust forward, sliding his cock back into her slippery wetness. The flesh of her gripped his cock all the way along his shaft and her heat soaked into his hardness. He pulled back and again thrust into her. He looked down to where their two bodies joined and watched as his cock pulled out… all wet with her juices… and then disappeared back into her. His cock was almost all buried inside her. She had taken his hard cock inside her, stretching her cunt to its widest.

Her breath was deep and labored as she grunted, “Fuck me Jason! Stick that big cock of yours all the way in!”

Her hips thrust against him as he plunged into her. His balls slapped against her thighs as his cock buried itself in her hot flesh. Her legs lifted and wrapped around his thighs. He could feel the pressure building once more at the base of his cock. He knew he was going to explode with his next thrust. The pressure in his balls was almost painful. As he pulled his cock out, her flesh gripped it as if reluctant to let it go.

“I… I’m going…” he stammered, his knees weakening.

“It’s alright,” she replied, “cum in my pussy… I want it deep inside me.”

SLAM! There was a noise from somewhere outside the bathroom.

“Shit! Someone’s home.” Jason reluctantly pulled his cock all the way out of her and reached down to pull up his pants.

“No time.” She whispered, pushing down her dress and taking a quick glance in the mirror. “You just stay here and pretend to be using the toilet and I’ll stall whoever it is.” She unlocked the door and slipped out. Turning to him, she tossed her panties at him, “A souvenir for you.” And then she was gone.

He reached over, closed and locked the door behind her and then sat back down on the closed toilet. His cock was standing straight up from his crotch, wet with Aunt Lucy’s juices and throbbing with the need for release. His balls were tight with the pressure of his interrupted orgasm.

He sat there with his hard cock sticking up from his crotch. He couldn’t believe what had just happened. I fucked a woman! She sucked me off and I had my mouth on her cunt! He thought back to all those times alone in his room stroking his hard cock dreaming about fucking a girl and here he was sitting in Chris’s bathroom with his cock fresh from being deep inside Chris’s Aunt’s pussy. He had cum twice yet he was still hard and the aching need for another release still rested deep in his balls.

He wrapped her panties around his cock and started to stroke it.

The feel of the satin against his flesh was good… not as good as Aunt Lucy’s cunt but the pleasure couldn’t be denied. With this erection he wouldn’t be able to get his cock back into his trousers, so he had to cum. He thought back to what he had just been doing to Aunt Lucy. How she had sucked his cock. And she even swallowed his cum! He had eaten her pussy and he had stuck his cock into her tight cunt. He thought about the feeling of tightness when he was inside her and by the end of the next stroke he was cuming.

There was a dull throb from his balls as cum surged up his cock and oozed out of the head. The sticky fluid that pulsed out of his cock for the third time this morning wasn’t as thick or gooey as before but rather clear and runny. It coated his cock and hand and Jason used the panties to clean it off. He waited as his erection subsided, then stuffed his slowly deflating cock into his shorts and did up his pants.

Standing there with Aunt Lucy’s cum soaked panties in his hand, he debated with himself on what to do with them. He finally decided to keep them and wrapped them up with tissue and stuck them in his pocket. Then he washed up, left the bathroom and joined the group in the kitchen.

“Oh there you are.” Chris remarked when Jason entered the room.

Chris and his Mom were there with Aunt Lucy and Jason found it hard to join in the conversation. His eyes kept coming to rest on Aunt Lucy. She was so beautiful and experienced. The ache in his balls still throbbed and he forced himself to pay attention to the conversation as he could amazingly feel himself starting to respond again to Aunt Lucy’s presence. It didn’t help with him knowing that under her dress her pussy was naked and wet from his cock and tongue.

It was an effort, but he managed to keep it together that day. He and Aunt Lucy were able to get together many more times that summer. She taught him many things in their stolen moments but most of all she taught him how a woman likes to be made love to. She also gave him many opportunities to practice this newfound knowledge.

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