A Husband Flirts …And Is Punished

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We had just finished cleaning the house on a late Saturday afternoon. I usually don’t pitch in as much as my wife would like, but today I did my part. We were having a dinner party tomorrow evening and today was prep day.

I was beat! Way too much work cleaning a house! I sat on the couch and admired our work. My wife was upstairs showering and getting ready for what I thought was going to be an average movie date. I had already gotten ready and was waiting for her…as usual.

When she came down stairs she had a strange twinkle in her eyes, she told me that she was horny and she needed sex!

I was surprised, my wife was not usually one to express herself sexually. I have to admit it was a big turn on. She looked exceptional too, with her Banana Republic black pants that were fitted and flared at the ankle.

She quickly sat down next to me and giggled. She pulled a little pill box out of her purse and began to open it.

“Honey…..I have a treat for us.” She said with a semi-uncomfortable voice. “Amy said her husband uses these and it makes fucking really fun!” I almost fell over? First my wife says she’s horny and now she wants me to take a Viagra because it makes fucking better?!

I certainly never needed a pill to stay hard, but I was not going to ruin the moment either. I grabbed the pill and swallowed it instantaneously. My wife then calmly and deliberately put the tiny pill box back in to her purse and left the room.

As I sat there on the couch I began to imagine how much fun I was about to have banging my wife. After about ten minutes I heard her call my name from the top of the stairs. I quickly ran up to meet her. She told me to go in to the bedroom…the show was about to begin!

She peeled her pants right off in no time. She slowly bent over and rested her arms against the wall. “Take my panties off and spank me.” she whispered. My cock became rock hard!

My wife’s ass was damn near perfect. As I looked at her hot little rear end bent over and waiting I almost couldn’t take it. Her V-string panties riding up her crack…her tight little anus just waiting to be teased…

By now my super hard cock was pushing its way through my denim jeans. That pill sure seemed to be doing its job.

I stood up and walked over to her; I placed my hand on her bum and gently began to warm her flesh. I was just about to spank her and the phone rang. My wife quickly broke position and went to answer it! WTF! I thought to myself, I’m sure it could have waited?

I heard her say “no problem we would be right there!” Right where? I thought to myself. “We have to run over to Amy’s house she needs some help.” “Why do we need to go right now.” I said. My wife looked sternly at me and said don’t be so selfish!

Looking back at the whole day I would certainly say something funny adana escort was going on, but in the midst of it all it just seemed slightly odd.

Amy’s house was just three doors down so it only took us a minute to get there. Amy answered the door and said “thanks for coming to help.”

Help? Why were we here? I was just about to spank my wife’s tight ass and come like never before! Instead I am standing in Amy’s foyer with a raging boner and I’m ready to help?

Amy quickly turned away and walked out of the room. As she did I couldn’t help sneak a peek at her hot body. She was almost five eight, had light blond hair and one heck of an ass.

I have always been faithful to my wife but a man can help but wonder what Amy looks like in the buff! Of course it didn’t’ help that my cock was hard as a rock and had been for at least the past thirty minutes.

My wife must have seen me checking Amy out because she leaned over and whispered in my ear “I bet you’d love to spank her too!”

I was shocked, humiliated and turned on all at the same time! I was embarrassed that she saw right through me but also really excited by it. My wife had never been this daring!

She reached over and cradled my balls. “Oh honey, I can’t wait to make you come!”

Then she left the room? I walked in to the next room only to find my wife moving some boxes for Amy. “Thanks again for helping move these upstairs, the task just seemed to daunting!” Amy said.

Was this a joke? We left our home to help Amy move a dozen boxes? Couldn’t this have waited like ten minutes I thought to myself?

Carrying boxes upstairs with a raging hard on is bad enough, but what my wife was doing to me was downright criminal! Every time we were alone my wife would take the opportunity to try and turn me on just a little more! She would grab my crotch; flash her tits…anything to keep me in the mood.

As I reached the top of the stairs on the fourth trip she told me I should fuck her right now! I was dying; my dick was so hard it was hurting. Lucky for me it looked like we’d be finished in about five minutes or so.

As I carried the last box upstairs to the spare room I entered to find both Amy and my wife looking very angry. Amy began “I am ashamed of you both! You offered to help but instead you came over here and put me in a very uncomfortable position!”

“I saw you both fondling each other, and whispering around every corner. That behavior is unacceptable and I do not appreciate it!”

“I have decided to implement a proper punishment to you both.” As she looked at my wife she said, “I know you are a very jealous woman, so I have decide to give your husband a spanking session and make you watch! I know you never dreamed I would see your hubby in the nude, but that’s what’s going to happen!”

My afyon escort wife looked very perplexed, what she didn’t look was angry. I on the other hand was about to faint! I was not about to let Amy see me nude, let alone with a woody!

Amy told me to come over and prepare for my punishment; I stood there like a frozen statue. My wife quickly piped in, I knew she was about to put an end to this lunacy. “Yes honey, let’s get this over with, Amy was right we were rude and we should allow her to punish us.”

Punish us…? Was this a joke, I’m the one who’s going to get some kind of spanking or something? “Let’s get it over with.” Amy said “come over here and put your hands against the wall.”

I slowly walked over and did as I was told. I felt a hand reach around to my front button and before I knew it Amy had her fingers gripped tightly to the waist band of my jeans and without hesitation she quickly lowered them to the floor.

I stood there in my boxer’s awaiting my fate, knowing it was just going to get worse. “Wow his cock is hard already.” she said. “He must really want a spanking.”

I thought about telling her that my wife just gave me a Viagra, but that in itself was slightly embarrassing because I don’t really need those…….

my thoughts were interrupted by my underpants being yanked to the floor! I was so embarrassed! My balls retracted as the cool air hit my sack. I felt Amy’s eyes all over my body, I instinctively removed my hands from the wall to cover up but was quickly told to put them back or it would be worse for me!

Amy walked around to the side and knelt down, her face was even with my private parts, she inspected them, stood up and whispered in my ear “I bet you wish you could see my bum, just like I’m looking at yours?”

Amy walked behind me and pushed my legs apart just a touch more. She then told my wife that she was enjoying looking at her husband’s hard dick. “But I’m going to enjoy this part more.” She took her finger dipped it in some Vaseline and slowly began to massage my anus.

My ass was tight and her fingers were slowly teasing me, the tip entered my body and Amy told me I was doing a great job. “Did you ever think I would finger your bum hole, with your wife watching?”

My cock was bouncing slowly up and down. Amy was slowly working her petite finger in and out of my ass. Amy then quietly grabbed a small wooded spoon and began rubbing my cheeks with it. “You didn’t think this was the punishment did you?”

“Me teasing your ass.” Her finger continued to probe my hole; she found my prostate gland and began to stroke it gently.

I could feel my cock twitch! She then began to slowly paddle my ass. Alternating cheeks. Swat……..swat……..swat…………my butt began to sting.

Amy was relentless; alanya escort she began to add verbal teasing to the mix. “I bet you wish I was spanking your wife too! I bet you feel it’s so unfair that you’re the one whose bum is getting red.”

Then the spanking stopped, and Amy withdrew her finger. “I think you’re missing out on some of the excitement.” Amy said to my wife, “I’ll be right back.”

Amy returned in less than twenty seconds, I didn’t even have time to question my wife. Amy placed a full length mirror between me and the wall. “Now you can see your husband’s face when I spank his ass. Don’t forget to watch his cock bounce, I know I will!”

She began to spank my bum with her hand. My ass was getting very warm. I was so embarrassed….now I could see everything that was going on behind me.

I saw each swat coming, and I could see my wife’s face. But what I saw surprised me. She wasn’t mad; she was trying not to smile. I was pissed. My ass was starting to burn, my cock has been hard for at least an hour and my neighbor was getting her jollies from embarrassing me!

Amy reached around and began stroking my dick. “I’m going to make you come..Sound good?” I didn’t say anything. “Okay, maybe you need a little more.”

Her finger was in my ass again…slowly teasing me. I felt my nuts retracting, my anus was pulsating…I realize I’m coming…..agghhhhhh! My jiz shoots on to the mirror and my knees begin to buckle.

I feel huge relief, but something’s different….my cock is still super hard? Amy’s finger is still fucking my ass. Her fingertip is teasing my prostate and her left hand is stroking my cock!

“I’m not done with you yet….you owe me more come!” Amy looks at my wife “pick up that paddle and spank him while I work him over!”

What? I think to myself….but she does it. My wife is spanking my butt! “You shouldn’t have looked at Amy’s rear end honey, you deserve this!”

My legs are weak, and Amy senses I may not be able to take much more of this. “Get down on all fours.” She says. I have very little choice, my cock is being relentlessly stroked, and her finger is all the way inside my ass. I drop down and begin to feel even more humiliated!

My hips angle up and my ass is on full display. I feel the next orgasm coming. My cock jerks and come flows from my hard dick. I should be enjoying it, but my wife keeps up the spanking. My ass is burning and I feel totally exhausted.

Amy pulls her finger from my ass, and let’s go of my cock. “I think he’s had enough.” My cock is still hard but the assault is over for now. “I think he needs to go home and shower.” Amy looks at my wife “What do you think?”

“Send him home nude” my wife blurts out. “It’s only three houses away”

“Sounds fair to me” Amy replies. “You’d better hurry before we decide to spank you some more!” I quickly stand up and walk towards the front door.

I’m naked from the waist down and still sporting a woody. I look back at my wife, she smiles and says “I hope you have some come left for me, I’ll be home after Amy and I have a drink!”

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