A Man, a Woman, a Talk, and a Rocking Chair

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I would like to express my thanks to volunteer editors Angel_Love, honeywldcat, AngryBarCode, and most recently, adetaildiva for all of their kind and helpful assistance.


This story is the third of a series, which began with: A Knee, A Rub, A Beer and A Babe, written by jakebarnes48. The series continued with: A Chair, a Guy, Wine and Two Babes, written by the current author, jakebarnes06. The original author no longer is able to submit stories due to a glitch at Lit; however, you still can read his stories here.

The first story introduced Jake to the gorgeous, red-haired Suz and described their kinky encounter at a slightly darkened bar. The second story found Jake and Suz about leave the bar. Suz’s incredible, dark-haired, and longtime friend, Michele the bartender in the first story asked to join them. Of course, Jake and Suz agree, and the story describes their late night escapade.

This story resumes in the wee hours of the next morning, as…

* * *

“Hey, Jake, it’s cold. Come up here and get under the covers with us,” someone complained from not far away.

I knew I heard a woman’s voice, and I wondered if I were dreaming or if someone really were with me. Upon brief semiconscious reflection, I realized the voice had said, “with us.”

As my mind filtered dream from reality, I realized there were two women in bed with me. I opened my eyes, lifted my head, and saw a lightly-tanned redhead spooning a darker-complected brunette. I recalled the events of the previous evening and chuckled that Suz and Michele even were in my bed. “Amazing” is the word that came to my mind.

“Hi, guys. I’m cold too. You two go ahead and crawl under the covers. I’ll be right back,” I answered as nonchalantly as possible.

I checked the clock on my night stand. It read, two in the morning. “How did the clock know?” I wondered.

I did what any guy would do if he were awakened in the middle of the night, after engaging in his first threesome with two beautiful women. I climbed out of bed and wandered into the bathroom. I arrived above the toilet and looked down. Noting that I was both naked and soft, I thought, “Good, I’ll be able to pee and go right back to bed.”

That’s exactly what I did; well, I peed anyway.

Just as I finished, I heard the pitter-pat of small feet approaching from behind.

“May I help you, Jake?”

She was Michele the shorter, thinner, and darker-complected woman. I’d swooned over her scent a few hours earlier. “Why was she in here?”

Michele smiled at my obvious discomfort and reached for the nearby roll of toilet paper. She scowled, noticing the man-orientation of the roll, but nonetheless pulled the roll forward from the top, ripped off a goodly number of sections of paper, folded them neatly, grasped me and carefully dabbed me clean. She tossed the used paper into the bowl. I reached and flushed. She released my cock, rose from her knees, grasped both of my hands, and started to walk me to one of my twin sinks. She stopped.

“Have we forgotten something, Jake?” she asked, with a concerned look on her face.

Completely confused now, I only could shrug my shoulders and claim a lack of knowledge. I noticed her left foot tapping impatiently and quickly followed her eyes to the raised toilet seat.

“Oops,” I grimaced. I lowered the seat.

“That’s better, Jake,” Michele smiled, as we continued our trip to the sink.

She turned on the tap, finding the right combination of hot and cold, squirted some soap into her palms, and pulled my hands along with hers under the tap. We stayed there only for a moment and only to wet our hands.

Michele sensuously rubbed her hands and fingers against, over, and all around mine mixing soap with water. She slowly scraped her silver-painted nails against my mildly ticklish palms, sending little shivers of electricity through my stomach, and into my groin. She massaged the soft musculature below each of my thumbs and each of my little fingers. She grasped the middle finger of each of my hands with the pads of her thumb and first three fingers and stroked those fingers up and down. I wondered if she were foretelling the future.

She took her time, until all four of our hands were well lathered. Only then, did she push our hands back into the warm tap and rinse us thoroughly. She repeated her slow massage with a large, soft towel hung nearby. She suggestively dried each finger separately, wrapping the towel around the finger and stroking up and down.

I’m a visual man, so needless to say, the more Michele touched, stroked, massaged, and dried me, the harder I became. By the time she finished, I was fully erect. Michele dropped to her knees, directly in front of me, alighting atop a comfortable area rug. She grasped my cock with her two tiny hands: front-hand fingers to her left and back -hand fingers to her right. She began a slow, steady double-handed pump.

“Your cock’s nice and hard, Jake. I caused that, alanya escort didn’t I?” Michele teased, knowing she had.

I was wide-awake and thought to myself, “I can play this game.”

“Of course it’s hard, Michele. You made it so. Does getting me hard make you proud of yourself?” I encouraged the playful exchange.

“It sure does, Jake. It’s exciting to know that this little lesbian turned you on so much, just by washing your hands,” Michele bragged, as she tilted her head for effect, but kept her eyes focused on her hands sliding up and down my cock.

“Lesbian? Michele’s a lesbian? Does that mean Suz is as well? I thought these two women just kind of went both ways. What’s going on here?” I wondered.

She silently stroked me for a moment before a quizzical looked appeared on her face and she asked, “Would you like to know what feels so amazingly sensual about stroking you, Jake?”

Her question intrigued me, but “Of course I would, Michele, but first, I have a question for you. Do you mind?”

She bent forward, placed her mouth over the head of my cock, pushed forward an inch or two and withdrew. “Yum, it’s been a long time since I tasted cock, Jake. Now, what was your question?”

Finding myself totally out of my element, I stammered for a moment or two with “ums” and “ahs” and other assorted delaying sounds before asking, “Are you and Suz exclusive with each other?”

“Well phrased, my man.” she complimented with a grin.

She stole another healthy gulp of cock for a few moments before withdrawing and continuing, “In answer to your question, yes, Suz and I have been exclusive with each other for about five years now. Any other questions?”

“About a thousand or so ” I thought, but managed, “So you’re lesbians?”

After another quick pause for more throat tickling, she answered, “Yes, Jake, we’re lesbians.”

“Then, what’s going on with me? Am I the flavor du Jour, or something like that?”

She dive-bombed me again before responding, “I hope not, Jake. I sincerely hope not.”

“Isn’t that a rather cryptic answer?”

Once again she stuffed her throat while I asked my question.

“I’ve missed the sensation of cock in my throat, Jake. I hope you don’t mind if I make up for lost time while you ask these silly questions. What was it you asked? Oh yes, you didn’t really ask anything, did you. You accused me of being cryptic. Yes, I suppose I am, but it’s the best you’re going to get until Suz awakens in the morning and all three of us can have a little chat.”

Michele paused for a moment allowing the impact of her answer to sink in before sliding her lips over me again. This time she didn’t stop part way down. She continued until there was no further to go, until her nose pushed itself into my pubic hair. Growling sounds rose from her throat as her head twisted side to side. Slowly she ascended.

With a serious expression she asked, “May I resume my exploration of your cock, or would you prefer going back to sleep?”

I looked down at her kneeling before me. I smiled and invited, “Please, be my guest.”

Her face beamed her delight as she rewarded my bravery by taking me on another trip into the depths of her throat. While there, her fingers found my testicles and began softly squeezing.

She withdrew and resumed stroking my now saliva-wetted cock.

“Now, where was I when you so rudely interrupted my thoughts with your silly questions? Oh yes, I was about to describe how sensual it feels to stroke your cock.

“It’s the contrast I feel in the palms of my hands and in my fingers, Jake. The contrast of the smoothness and velvety texture of your skin against the hardness of your cock just makes me want to rub this thing all over my face and my breasts and my thighs and… You get the idea, don’t you, Jake?

“I can feel the veins in your cock. I know they’re engorged with blood and that I caused that blood to surge from the rest of your body into those veins. My presence and your appreciation of my body, coupled with my hands’ stroking you, created this amazing, sexual sequoia of yours. The vision in my mind is intense and my cunt is dripping with anticipation.”

I was both stunned and standing tall, but after a short pause, I managed to tease, “Anticipation of what?”

She looked up at me and broke into a smile. “Not yet, mister. It’s been a good long time since I’ve gotten to play with one of these and you’re just going to have to wonder about that answer while I enjoy myself down here.”

Michele chuckled before continuing, “You need to understand something about me, Jake. My values include being good at sex. What do you think; how am I measuring up so far?”

“So far, I’d declare you a definite wizard.

“Shall I continue then?

“You’re doing great, Michelle. Yes, more, and keep squeezing my balls as well. How do they feel to you?”

“I like squeezing them. They feel so tight. That means you’re getting close artvin escort to cumming, doesn’t it? Your tight balls create a hot image in my mind. Imagine my two little hands stroking you. Imagine my mouth sucking you. Imagine my fingertips teasing your balls and causing your balls to fill up with cum almost to the bursting point,” explained Michele, carefully crafting a vivid picture for my fertile brain to ponder.

“As you know, Michele, physically something completely different is happening down there, but the picture you’ve painted in my mind sure looks good to me.

“I see that you’ve actually squeezed a droplet of cum right out of me. Do you see it there on the tip of my cock? Any idea what you could do with that droplet of my cum?” I egged her on.

“Oh, I have an idea all right,” Michele answered with an eager smile, clearly playing along.

With her hands gently stroking me, she leaned back and looked me in the eye.

“Do you like to read erotica, Jake? I do. I particularly like to read about cum man cum, woman cum, I don’t care. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be covered in cum from head to toe. Anyway, the erotica authors seem to call that little droplet precum. I did read a really cute tale not long ago about a guy who named his cock Hector. Can you imagine that? It’s silly, right? Does your cock have a name? Maybe if we get along really well, I can give him one,” suggested Michele, as she continued her story.

“Well, this author must have liked to write about cum just as much as I like to read about it,” Michele continued.

“Do you know why? I’ll tell you. He wrote that his precum was, Hector’s candy. Oh, and do you know what this guy’s woman did? She took one of her fingertips, just like I’m doing now and used that fingertip to wipe away the little droplet of candy. She very sensuously opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Her man had an up close view and watched intently, as she deposited that droplet of candy right there: right on the tip of her tongue, just as I’m doing with your precum now,” Michele described with a teasing grin on her face as she demonstrated the lovers’ actions.

“Yummy,” Michele mouthed, carefully and sensually drawing out her adjective, approving my taste.

“Then, Jake, the woman swallowed. Did you watch my throat swallow your cum? It’s exciting, isn’t it? I so like the taste of your cum.”

“That’s really hot. Not only are your hands and mouth exquisite on my cock and balls, but your voice is exquisite in my mind. It’s amazing listening to you while watching you stroke me with my cock only inches from your face and pointed right at you. You make me fantasize about exploding right on your face and covering you with my cum,” I admitted, wondering if I might be laying the groundwork for the near future.

“I’m both quite verbal and quite visual about sex, Jake. Keep talking to me. You never know, you just might get lucky,” Michele teased while making no promises.

“Do you think you could stroke me enough to create another drop of Hector’s candy for me?” I suggested, changing the subject to keep up with Michele’s banter as her stroke lengthened and her grip on my cock tightened.

“Ah, yes. That feels good. Use your dainty little hands, woman. Good work, Michele. See, there’s another droplet of cum right on the tip of me. Use a finger and remove that droplet from my cock and reach up here and feed it to me,” I directed.

“I’ve got it. Now open up and stick out your tongue. There you go, big guy. Taste yourself. Taste a fresh droplet of your own cum. Do you like that? I know you do.”

“You’re right. I do like the taste of my own cum. Spread your legs a bit,” I ordered, taking the lead temporarily.

“That’s it,” as I dropped to my knees.

“Now watch two of my man-fingers disappear into your hot, wet, woman-loving cunt. Feel me in there? Just a quick in-and-out a couple of times. I’ll add a little wiggle for good measure. I like it in there, Michele. You’re tight, but stretchable. I even feel those special ridges of yours. Was that a gasp from you? Did I cause that?” I asked, rhetorically.

Michele answered with a soft “um” while her eyes closed, her head fell backward and her hips bucked upward against my invading fingers.

“It’s time to pull my fingers out. I’ll bet when I do they’ll have your juice all over them. Let’s see. Oh, they do, Michele. See them glisten. Watch them disappear into my mouth now. Yes. I like that. Your taste is just as good as your scent. I do think my fingers need another dip into your cum well,” I teased.

“Cum well what an apt description. Ha. How tempting it would be to pick her up by her hips, throw her legs over my shoulders, pull that cum well right up to my mouth and slake my thirst.”

“There we go. A couple of strokes and another wiggle ought to get my fingers nice and wet with your juices again. Open up, Michele. Suck your nectar from my fingers. That’s it, you sexy little burdur escort thing. Tastes good, doesn’t it?”

She licked and sucked deliciously on my fingers before I withdrew from her eager mouth.

“It sure does, Jake. You and I seem to have at least two things in common: we both love your taste and we both love my taste,” Michele observed as our little discussion escalated and became hotter and hotter.

“Stand up again. I like the view of your cock better when he points directly into my face,” Michele teased, while she suggestively licked her own lips.

I paused just long enough to realize exactly what I wanted. “No. I want to fuck you. I want to stuff my cock into that elegant, but neglected cunt of yours and just fuck you silly. Just before I cum I want to pull my cock out of your cunt and I want to splatter that gorgeous face of yours with my man-cum. I know just where to take you to do it. Stand up and follow me.”

Michele raised her eyebrows and tilted her head as though she didn’t quite know what to make of this man’s change of attitude. After a moment of supposed contemplation, she smiled and offered her hand. I accepted her hand and pulled her up. I led her downstairs and into my office at the far end of the hall. Once inside, I closed the door. I wanted privacy.

Michele looked around the room as though she were categorizing its contents. About three-quarters of the way around she stopped and smiled. She’d spied my desk chair.

“Jake, does that chair adjust in all the ways I suspect it does?”

“I’m glad you noticed, Michele. It does. I can make the seat higher; I can make it rotate; and I can make it rock. Any other adjustments about which you’re curious?”

“Only one, Jake.”

I turned to look at her and waited for her to continue.

“When do we get started?” she added with a large grin spreading across her face. “Oh, and Jake you’d better get a towel for the seat. I’d hate to stain that nice leather.”

I smiled, excused myself and found an appropriate towel in the bathroom next door. I placed the towel on the seat and offered my hand again.

“Climb on, Michele. Then, I’m going to raise the seat so I can stand in front of you and fuck.”

I’d not tried this particular use of my chair before, but in quick order I’d found and locked in the right height. I grabbed two legs and slid them forward until Michele’s cunt hung over the edge of the chair.

“I need a quick appetizer, Michele.”

“Help yourself, sir.”

I looked down and marveled at her legs spread as wide as the chair’s arms would permit. Her little inverted triangle of dark pointed directly at her pleasure point. I knelt, touched my nose to that apex and inhaled deeply.

“Oh, how I love that scent.”

Opposing thumbs touched and spread her slightly gapping lips. An eager tongue found the trough between said lips and drank her essence as it dragged from the bottom of her to the top. She startled a bit as the tongue first touched her small, but slightly protruding ball of joy. I lingered there for only a few moments as she was quite ready to receive me.

I stood and with my fingers still parting her labia. I directed her to grasp me and make the proper introductions of cock to cunt. Michele leaned forward, found me with two hands, bent, and gave me a quick lick. She pulled, rubbed the small head up and down across her entrance, reached for the back of my ass with one hand and pulled. I slid in slowly as though I’d always belonged there.

As I’d noted earlier, Michele was tight but stretchable. Her now free second hand joined her first on my ass and she and I began a slow thrust and retreat drill. Before long, she released my ass and used her hands to spread her own legs even wider for me.

My hands released Michele’s lips and locked onto the arms of the chair. Soon, my hips negotiated a mutual cooperation treaty with the chair’s rocking motion. I thrust, the chair rocked down. I withdrew, the chair rocked up. With each of my thrusts, the chair’s motion brought the top of my shaft into contact with Michele’s clit and pulled a breath of joy from her mouth.

I slowed my stroke.


“Yes, Jake?”

“I want to finish in here, not on your face.”

“I’d like that also, but “

“Just so you know, I had a vasectomy many years ago and clean test about three months ago followed by abstinence. Is that good enough?”

“It is with me, Jake. Suz and I have been exclusive since well before my last test. Is that good enough for you?”

Our eyes met as our faces morphed into wide grins of acceptance.

“Hammer away, big guy. I may be small, but I can handle whatever you’ve got to offer. Oh, and just in case you’re wondering nice fit in there.”

I wouldn’t describe our pace exactly as hammering, but we weren’t slow either. It was a good pace, a steady pace. I was content and from the sounds escaping Michele’s throat, I’d judge she was as well.

“I have an admission, Jake.” Michele began as she moved a finger to her clit and began slowly stroking herself.”

“I like that, Michele. Touch yourself whenever you’d like. Now, as to that admission, are you going to tell me that I’ve converted you already?”

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