Carol Learns About Spanking

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Chapter One: Carol’s First Spanking

Carol could not believe her ears. Her Uncle Ray had just sent her a text stating that he wanted to see her in his study tonight at 8 PM about her $400 cell phone bill. And, she also knew that he was still mad about her bill from last month. Last month it was more than $200. Now it was more than double. When she talked with Uncle Ray then, Ray told her that if it happened again she would have to pay the consequences. And, she had an idea what that meant. She was now beginning to get scared.

Carol was a normal, 18 year old high school senior. Her Mother and Dad had just gotten a chance to go to Europe for six months, and Carol had chosen not to go along. She had just begun a rather serious (by high school standards) relationship with a boy that she really liked, and did not want to give it up for a six month vacation in Europe. Her Mother made arrangements for her to stay with her Uncle Ray during that time.

But, her Mother also warned her that Uncle Ray was rather strict, and she would have to behave or else. Her Mother told her that Ray believed in Domestic Discipline, an age old practice where the Head of the Household, usually the man, would keep those living under his roof in line with discipline. And, her Mother added, Uncle Ray believed in corporal punishment, usually spanking and corner time, as part of his discipline program. She also mentioned that he used humiliation as part of that program. But, she never explained what she meant by humiliation.

After she read the text, Carol remembered several recent events. She remembered her mother’s last words to her Uncle as she departed his house for the airport: “And, Ray you have my permission to use whatever methods you feel are necessary to make her behave.” So far Uncle Ray had treated Carol with respect and dignity, but she also remembered their conversation concerning her cell phone bill last month. “And, if it ever happens again, we will have to make some changes!” were his exact words. Now, she was dreading the meeting with Uncle Ray tonight.

It was now 7:45, and in fifteen minutes Carol would have to meet with her uncle. She had a pretty good idea about what to expect. Last month Uncle Ray had threatened to spank her for her actions. He told her that she deserved one spank for every two dollars on her bill. That would have been 100 spanks. But, he then relented. He said that since she was new to his house and rules, he would suspend the spanking. She also noted that he said ‘suspend’. What did he mean by that, and what would the consequences of this month’s bill be? She looked at the clock again, 7:56. She better get going. It would probably take her 4 minutes to walk downstairs to his home office, and she knew better than to be late.

At exactly 8 PM, Carol knocked on Uncle Ray’s door. As she waited for his answer, she thought she heard some crying inside the room. She also heard some commotion. It sounded like Uncle Ray’s girlfriend, Joy, was in there, too. Was she going to get spanked? And, if so, would Joy watch? She personally thought that she was too old to be spanked, but her mother had warned her that her uncle liked to spank naked, grown women. After all, neither her Mother nor Dad had spanked her since she was about 12. But, her Mom also had warned her that Uncle Ray believes that no one was ever too old to spank.

Suddenly the door opened, and Uncle Ray ushered Carol into his office. Carol walked into the office with her head down, looking at the floor. She was afraid to look Uncle Ray in the eyes. Suddenly she heard some whimpering from behind her. She briefly turned her head and could not believe her eyes. There stood Joy. She was standing facing the corner. She was not looking into the room, but into the corner. And, she was naked! She was standing in the corner, naked, and her butt was bright red. Uncle Ray had just spanked his girlfriend! Now Carol knew that she was really in trouble.

“I see that you have already spotted Joy,” Uncle Ray commented. “She’s not immune to my rules, and neither are you.” Then, Uncle Ray began to discuss her actions, and her cell phone bills. Yes, bills. He had not forgotten about last month’s bill. He then talked about Carol’s need to develop fiscal responsibility. The lecture lasted more than 15 minutes. Then, he shifted the topic to remind her about his house rules.

“Do you remember that we had this discussion a month ago?” Uncle Ray asked. Carol nodded her head in agreement. “Do you also remember that then I said that you deserved a spanking, but I suspended it because you are new to my house and rules?” he added. Again, she nodded her head in agreement.

“Well, not this time,” Uncle Ray commented. “In fact, I also hereby rescind last month’s spanking suspension. Then I told you that you deserved one spank for every two dollars on your bill. That would have been 100 spanks. Using that same formula, this month’s penalty is an additional 200 spanks. That means I owe you 300 spanks total. However, I also realize that you are new to this, and your butt could not handle 300 spanks at one Anadolu Yakası Yabancı Escort time.

“So, therefore, we will split it up into three punishment sessions. You will receive 100 spanks tonight, 100 spanks tomorrow night, and 100 spanks the next night. And, since you are new, I will start out slow. Tonight, it will be with the bare hand only. Tomorrow, with the rubber paddle. I use a rubber paddle instead of a wooden one because the wooden one will leave bruises, and your butt is too cute to be bruised. But, the spanking in two nights will be with my leather strap. That’s what Joy received tonight. She probably won’t be sitting on any wooden chairs for a day or two.”

As Uncle Ray was talking, Carol had sneaked a peak at Joy’s bare ass. It was bright red, but she could not see any specific strap marks. Either the strap was as Uncle Ray described, an item that stings, but not marks, or she received so many straps that the marks were overlapping. Joy was just now beginning to compose herself. She had been crying when Carol entered the room earlier.

“Joy, front and center!” Uncle Ray commanded. Carol turned her head to see Joy waddle across the room. She was wearing six-inch stiletto heeled sandals. More commonly known as ‘Fuck Me! Pumps’. Other than that, she was totally naked. And, for the first time Carol noticed that Joy’s tits were huge. Even Carol admired how they wobbled as she walked. ‘I hope mine are that nice when I am her age’ Carol thought. And, then she also noticed that Joy was bare below, too. Everything about her was beautiful.

When Joy reached the front of the desk area, Uncle Ray told her to ‘Prepare Carol for punishment.’ Without saying a word, Joy immediately unbuttoned and removed Carol’s blouse. Next, she reached behind Carol and unsnapped and removed her bra. Joy then dropped to her knees and removed Carol’s jeans and thong panties.

“In the future,” Uncle Ray added, “when you are told to report for punishment, I expect you to be naked. All punishments are administered to the bare butt, but I also believe that humiliation is part of the punishment. Therefore, you will report totally naked. If you wear shoes, they must be high heels. Other than that, totally naked. If you walk through the house in a bathrobe, it must be removed before entering this room. You are to be totally naked whenever in this room for a punishment session.”

As Uncle Ray explained the rules, Joy had remained on her knees facing Carol. Now that she was naked below the waist, too, Carol noticed that Joy appeared to be staring at her pussy. She found that sensation strange. She never had seen any other girl or woman on her knees staring at her bush. She was becoming confused with the notion. Just as she was beginning to wonder if the sensation was good or bad, Uncle Ray told Joy to continue. Joy then stood up and took Carol’s hand and led her to where Uncle Ray was sitting. She was then told Carol to bend over his lap, with both her feet and hands touching the floor.

“Here’s another rule,” Uncle Ray ordered. “You are to count each spank, then thank me and ask me for another. If you don’t count the spank out loud, I will not count it in the total. After the first you are to say: ‘One. Thank you Uncle Ray. May I have another? Do it after each slap until we reach 100. If you forget, that spank will not count. Understand?”

Carol nodded her head in agreement. “Joy, you may go now. I will see you in our bedroom when I get done here,” he said. Suddenly, as she heard Joy walking across the office, Carol suddenly felt a strong stinging sensation on her left cheek.

“Yeowwwww!!! One, Thank you Uncle Ray. May I have another?” She yelled.

Her punishment had begun.

Chapter Two: The Second Session

“Com’on, Carol. Let me see?”

Carol’s BFF, Linda, was begging to see Carol’s blistered butt. They were in Carol’s bedroom, and it was about 7:15 the next evening. 45 minutes before her second spanking — this time with the rubber paddle. Carol had told Linda about her bare assed spanking last night during school earlier in the day. Linda showed up about 7 PM, and was surprised to see Carol answer the door in her bathrobe. Too early for her nightly shower, Linda thought. Then, she remembered that Carol had told her that she was going to get paddled tonight. Secretly, Linda wanted to watch. But, she knew that would not be possible. So, the next best thing was for her to come by early and see if Carol would bare her bum for her. She had never seen a well spanked ass on a near adult woman before. And, secretly she was wondering what it would feel like. Maybe she and Carol could play some spanking games later.

“No way! I’m not wearing anything under this bathrobe.” Carol replied.

“So what? I’ve seen you naked in the gym shower before,” Linda replied.

Carol knew that was true. They had been BFFs for quite some time, and had done more than taken showers in gym class together. They had even experimented in some mutual jilling sessions during sleepovers in the past. But, Carol was Anadolu Yakası Yeni Escort always the conservative one. She had seen Linda naked many times, but always got embarrassed when she had to show Linda her body.

“OK, but just for a Moment,” Carol said. Then she turned her back to Linda and dropped her robe so that Linda could see her ass. Linda was setting on the bed when Carol dropped her robe, which also exposed Carol’s front to the bedroom door. Just as the robe fell to the floor, the door suddenly opened and Joy walked in.

“Well, well, well!” Joy exclaimed. “What do we have here? It appears that our little girl likes to show off to other little girls.” Joy’s comment was especially unusual, for she was almost naked herself. She was wearing a very skimpy bustier, garter belt, stockings, and Fuck Me! Pumps. And, her bustier totally exposed her tits, pussy, and ass. She was dressed for action of some sort. Carol just didn’t know what type.

“Go ahead,” Joy said while looking at Linda. “Kiss her ass. I found out last night that she loves to have it spanked and caressed. She probably loves to have it kissed, too.”

Carol immediately reached for her robe, but Joy was quick to step on it and prevent Carol from covering up. Carol also was turning about four shades of red with embarrassment, for she knew exactly what Joy was talking about. During her spanking last night, she became sexually excited. By the time Uncle Ray had finished spanking her, her pussy was sopping wet. She needed relief. But, her uncle made her stand in the corner naked for 30 minutes after her spanking. Then, she discovered that she liked humiliation, too.

By the time she was released from her punishment session, Carol had to go straight back to her room to get some sexual satisfaction. She was in the middle of jilling off when Joy stopped by with some cold cream for her bruised butt cheeks. Joy saw Carol fingering herself. She merely placed the cold cream on her dresser and left. But, only after giving Carol a very big smile. “Call me if you want your butt rubbed, too.” Joy said as she left the room. About five minutes later, Carol called Joy and asked for her to rub the cream into her exposed butt. That’s when both Joy and Carol realized that, like most women, Carol loved butt massages.

“Let her kiss your ass, first,” Joy said as Carol tried to tug her bathrobe free. “How about it Linda. You want to kiss her ass? How about mine? Maybe you both would like to kiss my ass!”

Carol’s face was now bright red with embarrassment. But, Linda just smiled.

“I would love to,” Linda replied as she dropped to her knees and began crawling over to Carol’s beautiful behind. Before Carol could react, Linda grabbed Carol’s hips and started placing multiple kisses on both her ass cheeks. Suddenly, Carol felt Linda pull her cheeks apart with her hands, then she felt Linda plant a kiss right on her rosebud. Carol jumped away quickly, totally surprised by Linda’s actions.

Linda only smiled, turned to face Joy, and said “Next!” as she began crawling to Joy. Joy simply smiled and turned her beautiful butt to face Linda. Linda repeated her actions with Joy. After kissing Joy’s ass, Linda backed away and told Carol, “You’re turn.”

Carol tugged on her robe again, but Joy was still standing on it. “Not until after you kiss my ass!” She replied.

“No way!” Carol replied. “I’m not a lezzy!”

“Neither am I,” Linda replied. “I just like to play sex games.”

“How do you know?” Joy asked. “Have you tried it? Sometimes only a girl knows how to properly please another girl.”

“No way!” Carol responded.

“OK, suit yourself,” Joy replied as she reached down and picked up Carol’s robe. “See you downstairs in five minutes.” Joy then turned and left Carol’s room — with Carol’s one and only bathrobe. Carol knew she had no choice but to go downstairs naked.

With the recent turn of events, Linda suddenly got a burst of courage. She really wanted to watch Carol get paddled. She decided that the old ‘Nothing Risked, Nothing Gained’ rule applied here.

“Can I watch?” Linda asked Carol.

“No way!” Carol replied again. “I gotta get downstairs now. See you tomorrow.”

Linda, on the other hand, hadn’t given up. As she followed her friend down the stairs, Linda saw Joy again. And, she was still dressed in the skimpy bustier, with her tits, ass, and pussy exposed for all to see. Linda decided to try it again.

“Joy, can I watch Carol’s paddling?” She replied.

“I don’t care, “Joy answered. “But, you will have to ask Ray. And, Ray has a rule: All women in his office during one of his discipline sessions must either be naked, or have their tits, pussy, and ass all exposed. So, if you want to watch, you need to strip now. And, he probably will want a blowjob when he’s done paddling Carol.”

“Won’t be my first,” Linda replied as she stripped to her birthday suit.

“What do we have here?” Ray asked Joy as she and Linda walked into his study.

Linda could not believe her eyes. As she walked Anadolu Yakası Masaj Salonu into the study, she saw her best friend, totally naked except for her high heeled sandals, bent over her uncle’s desk. He was standing beside her holding a rubber spanking paddle.

“No, Uncle Ray!” Carol screamed. “Don’t let them watch!”

Ray immediately turned to Carol and replied, “Listen, young lady. You have no say in who does or does not watch your punishment. If you don’t want to be in this situation again, then you should begin obeying my rules. Now, turn your face around again and get ready for your punishment.”

Ray then turned to Joy and demanded, “Joy, I asked you a question. What do we have here?”

“I’m sorry, sir, apologies for being so rude.” Joy replied. “This baby pussy is Linda, Carol’s friend. She wants to watch you paddle Carol. She promised to give you a blowjob and eat my pussy afterwards if we allow her to watch.”

Linda could not believe her ears. She had promised no such thing. And, she could not believe how quickly Joy had become submissive to Ray.

“No excuse for such behavior,” Ray replied. “On your knees in the punishment corner until I am done here. I will deal with you later.” Upon hearing those words, Joy immediately dropped to her knees, and then crawled over to the punishment corner. She placed her arms behind her heck, and began staring straight into the corner. Obviously, Linda thought, as she watched Joy’s response, this was not the first time that Joy has been reprimanded.

“Is this true?” Ray asked Linda.

“Yes and No,” Linda replied. “Yes, I want to watch my friend get ass beat. And, Yes I am willing to give you a blowjob for the privilege. But, I never offered to eat her pussy.”

“Well, it appears that Joy has more than one punishment coming,” Ray added. “How about your friend. She does not want you to watch her get paddled. What are you willing to do for her? Just how good a friend are you?”

“I really hadn’t thought about her. I just want to watch a good naked spanking.” Linda said.

“OK, here’s the deal,” Ray replied. “If I let you stay, you must promise to give me a blowjob after I am done spanking your friend. And, that includes swallowing my cum. Then, after we are done you will crawl over to your friend, who will be on her knees in the punishment corner, and eat her pussy until she comes on your face. How does that sound? It’s either that, or leave now.”

Linda did not know how to respond. She never saw herself as a lezzy, but she always wondered what it would be like to have sex with another girl. She did not want to lose Carol as a friend. But, just the thought of having oral sex with both a guy and a girl was making her hot.

“Carol is my friend,” Linda replied. “I will agree to your terms if Carol says it’s OK. If not, then I better leave.”

Ray turned to Carol and asked, “Well, Carol, what do you say? Do you want your friend to pleasure you after we are done with your spanking?”

Carol had just seen how submissive Joy had become to Ray, and her curiosity was beginning to take over her will. She was beginning to see that there was something going on here that she never imagined. She even wondered what her mother knew about Ray. Her mother had told her that Ray believed in Domestic Discipline, including both spanking and humiliation as part of the punishment. But, she never mentioned how she knew about it. Carol was now beginning to see that there was more to this scene that she had been told. And, her sexual desires were now in overdrive. She actually liked the spanking she received last night. She now knew that when her paddling was done, she probably would be hornier than Hell and would need some relief. Well, she thought, Linda started it. Let’s see if she can finish it, too.

“Whatever you want is OK with me, Uncle Ray,” Carol replied.

“Well, let’s proceed, then,” Ray commented. He then turned to Linda and ordered, “OK, you cocksucking and pussy eating bitch. You can sit over there and watch until I am ready for you.” He then turned to Carol and said, “Let’s begin. Same rules as last night. If you forget to count, thank me, or ask for another that stroke will not count. Let’s begin.”


Carol could not believe the pain. Much more intense than last night.

“Yeowwwww! One. Thank you Uncle Ray. May I have another?”


“OMG!” she yelled. “Two. Thank you Uncle Ray. May I have another?”

And so the fun had begun. Carol was crying before she received 10 strokes with the paddle. Linda was getting wet just watching. But, Joy was the one who really knew the night was going to be fun. Only Joy knew that she and Ray were both Switches who loved to trade sessions. And, later tonight it would be her turn to punish him.

Chapter Three: Shocking Realization

The next day Carol came straight home from school. She wanted to talk with Joy privately before Uncle Ray got home. She was confused about some of her feelings from last night. Once again, she loved her spanking session. Just like the night before, the initial pain from the paddling hurt. The more she was paddled, the more she began to like it. Eventually, she was raising her butt to meet the paddle. The more she received, the wetter her pussy became. Later it only took a few Moments for Linda to get her to cum. And, she loved getting her pussy eaten by her friend. Was she a lezzy?

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