JoJo Meets Diane

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We met in the Florida Keys and soon became friends and lovers. His male name was Eddie but he preferred to be called Diane. She was great fun to be with, about 5′-9,” black hair with deep black eyes, beautiful full lips who could easily pass as a woman. As we walked around town, hand in hand, we looked like two woman in love. I stand 5’7″ and looked up to her as my beautiful big sister, so tall and graceful in her spike heels.

When we finished shopping I had hopes of going back to her room, undressing and helping each other model the wonderful sexy outfits we just purchased. This would be my first adventure with her and although it always made me feel so feminine and sexy to put on lingerie with lace and silk, I found myself blushing furiously at the thought of sharing this experience with her. Especially one so sexy as Dee, so much more beautiful then me.

When we arrived at her place Dee decided to change in the adjoining bathroom, telling me the bedroom is mine. I went into her room and laid out the sexy outfits on the bed, undressed quickly and after much thought selected the baby doll set. Pressing it to my lips, I became slightly aroused as I felt the soft material against my cheek. I took my perfume from my purse and sprayed a hint on the material. Mmmmmmm its’ fragrance was so wonderful, it was saying I want you, please take me.

I put it on slowly, looking in the full-length mirror as I teased myself, noting how the silky, soft material draped over my body. As I turned sideways to view the red, shiny silk panties clinging to my ass, showing off my round firm bottom, I caught sight of Diane as she entered from the next room. She looked so sexy in a gorgeous white satin and lace gown with a sweeping hemline that swirled around her legs. Standing in front of me with a rye smile on her lips, she looked as if she had just stepped out of a page from the 50’s, you know the sexy siren in the seclusion of her boudoir.

As we stood facing each other, she came over to me and put her hand up to my cheek and whispered how arousing I was in my outfit. Feeling a bit embarrassed, I laughed at her remark, but felt secretly delighted with her compliment. I turned around in a slow pirouette to show off my red satin outfit with its matching panties and lace ribbon on the bodice.

“Oh, isn’t this pretty!” she said, as she played with my hair.

She took my hand and led me over to the bed: an old-fashioned one right from the 50’s. It had a fancy pink and white canopy and a floral print bedspread with a ruffled lace trim! When I sat down, she sat next to me, so close that our nylon stockings brushed against each other, making a swishing sound. I couldn’t help but notice the fragrance of her perfume, the way her hair framed her pretty face and the smoothness of her skin. I felt myself breathing too fast and tried to calm down. Looking longingly into her eyes she must have known how I felt.

She took my hand, demanding I hold still, and reached up to my face to pull a wisp of hair away from my eye. As I held motionless, she smoothed the errant lock back into place and then kissed my cheek! My heart skipped a beat. All at once I felt a sudden anxiety at being alone with her. I wanted to leave, yet feeling I must stay. I then realized I was dressed in a very provocative outfit that would prevent me from leaving, my mind wanted her, why am I thinking this, this is why I came here. I caught my breathe as she kept gazing at me with such imploring sweetness, I quietly let her stroke my arm and caress the back of my neck.

I slowly relaxed as I became more and more sensitive to her touch, so very soft and tender, as she put one hand around my waist and continued to massage me with the other. Diane’s attentions were melting my resolve to leave. I sighed, peered up at her through my lashes and saw her smiling at me. It came as no surprise when he laid me back against the pillows on the bed. I looked up at the canopy overhead, absently noted the floral design, and then turned my head toward her. Our lips met in a soft, affectionate kiss. It seemed so innocent to indulge in this warm touching of mouths. I snuggled closer in her arms, wanting more and more of her kisses.

She could tell I was becoming aroused as her kisses became more aggressive, taken command, showing me she was in charge. Her lips were full like a woman’s and her tongue so warm, slowly licking my lips, my cheeks, but always returning to my mouth, the full kiss, again and again, I was captivated and thrilled. For a moment, she took her lips off mine to kiss my throat. Partially released from the spell, I dreamily voiced my concern.

“Diane?… Diane, I think we should stop, I think… maybe I should go.”

She ignored my weak protest, commanding me to be quite and once again kissed me Anadolu Yakası Fetiş Escort full on the mouth, coaxing my lips apart, her tongue snaking inside my mouth. My lips parted more or less willingly and I received her probing tongue, feeling it examining my mouth. I was nervous and trembling, my fingers shaking, as I reached down and gently caressed the slippery smooth material covering her thighs. My small show of affection clearly increased her erotic desire for me. There was no mistaking the hard-on pushing against me, as my curiosity began to overwhelm me. Diane must have read my thoughts as she took my hand and quickly slipped it down, cupping it around her groin, and held it there as we kissed.

I tentatively closed my fingers around the hardening prick. It was such a marvel how it moved and throbbed, as I squeezed and stroked its firm flesh. Diane reached for the front of my panties, pulling them down as she slipped her hand between my thighs and stroked my cock. I felt a terrible rush of excitement that got me even harder. We fondled each other’s pricks, kissing mouth to mouth, sucking tongues and rolling about on the bed. I urgently rubbed my cock against the sheer nylon and fully expected to cum all over the front of her panties from the intense stimulation.

I managed to free myself from her embrace, I knew I had to have a look at the wonderful feeling cock she kept poking between my legs. I knelt between her thighs, my face just inches from her crotch, her knees fell further apart to exposing her lacy panties stretched tightly across her stiff organ, so accessible and so curiously enticing. I directed my mouth between the garters of her stocking clad legs and kissed the gauzy silken fabric, tracing my tongue over the smooth outline of her penis. Over and over, I pressed my lips against the warm silky mound, whispering how sweet it was. I opened my mouth wider and slowly sucked the tip into it, the material felt so soft against her hardening cock. She slid her hand under the waistband of her panties and deftly pulled out the object of my desire. Her naked cock appeared flush and swollen as she held it in her hand. The tip was there for me, mine to please, mine to love.

“Go ahead,” she said softly, “kiss it.”

Seeing a drop of glistening sperm on the tip of her beautiful prick, I hesitated at first, then avoiding the drops of semen collecting at its opening I planted a light kiss on the shaft of her penis.

“Lick me, JoJo. I want you to lick my cum!”

For a moment I stared in fascination as her quivering prick secreted another tiny amount of fluid. I promptly obeyed her and ran my tongue over the tip, licking off the starchy white secretion, rolling it about in my mouth. The taste of Diane’s seed seemed to act like an aphrodisiac: I repeatedly licked the head, trying to coax more of the sperm to come out. I ran my tongue along the full length of her shaft, but not quite taking her in my mouth. She rocked her hips up and down, offering her prick to me.

“Please JoJo, take my cock all the way into your mouth,” she begged, “Suck me!”

My heart was pounding, as I formed my lips into an O shape, fitted them over the tip and drew her deep into my mouth. She closed her eyes and smiled with the pleasure of feeling my lips around her penis at last, my mouth full of her. I was enjoying the taste of her penis so much, I slowly moved my lips up and down, giving her the best cock-sucking I could. Again and again, a little harder and faster, I sucked away at her cock, the tip of it going further and further down my throat.

“Suck it, JoJo. You love my cock, don’t you!”

I could only murmur with delight and increase my licking. I was thrilled with the taste of her penis caught between my full red lips and serviced her like a lusty chambermaid going down on her master, I was a bitch in heat needing her cock so bad. I felt her cock starting to tremble and shudder, it was so close to climaxing, giving me her cum I wanted so badly. Diane placed her fingers on the back of my head and pulled me closer to her crotch, forcing all of that wonderful cock into my mouth.

She made little cries of pleasure, ” Oh, JoJo, Ohhhhh…”

Then she arched her back, and her cock seemed to grow and then out gushed a surging stream of hot milky sperm into my mouth. I could feel the pulsating gland beat hard against my lips, as I swallowed warm jets of semen squirting down my throat. It all happened so quickly, I took all of her sweet cum, I took all of it, wanting more before she started to grow limp. I reluctantly let the limp penis fall from my mouth, but kept my hand on it to examine her darling sweet tasting cock up close.

“Oh, you came so hard, Diane!” I said, touching my lips to the tip of her Anadolu Yakası Gecelik Escort prick, when a fresh spurt darted into my mouth!

This beautiful woman sat up and started kissing my neck and caressing my ass, slowly stroking my body. She kissed me passionately up my neck to my mouth, pushing her tongue into my mouth as she exploded the passion within it. Her hands left my ass and found their way to my groin where she massaged my very excited prick through the my panties. My body reacted as I moaned in pleasure saying,

“Take me Dee I need you so very much, Please take me.”

I was nearly frantic with her teasing and couldn’t wait for her to wrap those pout, rosy lips around me. I moaned again as she seized me about the waist and pulled me down onto the sheets covering me with kisses and caressing my body as we coiled withered on the bed.

Diane gradually worked her way down to my belly and ran her lips over my smooth skin as I felt her warm breath on me. She untied the satin bow on my panties causing my rigid penis to poke through between the lace edges. My passion started to overwhelm me as I began moving feverishly on the bed, until she finally spread my legs apart and bent over me. I loved the sensation of Diane’s long smooth hair on my thighs and against my abdomen as she closed her moist lips around my cock until finally I felt her move deeper. Her tongue went around the tip, slowly, very slowly at first and not just the edge of her tongue, but the whole length and breadth of it, soft, warm licking me in slow, great, warm repeated kisses. I loved the blunt feel of her teeth as her mouth pressed against me.

My lips parted and my face became flush with desire as my breathing became heavier, faster, so did her sucking on the pink smooth end of my penis. My hands felt for Diane’s hair, the beautiful soft texture of it, and with the slightest pressure I kept her head, the movement of her tongue and lips at the same pace as the tiny up and down thrusts I made with my hips. I gave myself to her, pushed myself against her mouth. My face was hot, my prick ached with desire wanting to explode as I watched her head moving faster, faster. She was bent over me, her tongue moving faster and faster as my body movements told her I was almost there, she sucked excitedly at my sweet little cock in her mouth, until I stiffened and made one last upward thrust and exploded into Diane’s tender sucking lips. As my juices subsided Dee pulled back, my cock falling from her lovely mouth she reached up and hugged me saying,

“That was wonderful JoJo you tasted so sweet, I wish you could give me more, I want you for mine, forever.”

There we were two satisfied cross dressers wearing very sexy outfits as we drifted off to sleep in feminine bliss. After the pleasure of love and sleep, I awoke as Diane was kissing my throat and her hands stroking the back of my neck and shoulders. Our lips met again, pressing together so warmly, so innocently as she cupped her hand around one of my ass cheeks and massaged it with motions that crept ever closer to my anus.

I groaned in anticipation knowing what she wanted and turned on my side to move my ass closer to her roving fingers. She quickly found the spot, and I felt her finger tickle my opening and then push deeply inside.

I gasped at first but then said,” OOOOOOO Dee take me,”

and surrendered to the startling unusual sensation by making little rocking motions in time to her finger darting in and out of my anus. As she fondled and fingered my bottom, I kissed Diane all the more fervently for making me feel so weak and yielding in her arms.

“I want to fuck you now, JoJo,” she whispered urgently in my ear.

“Yes, darling. I am yours.” I whispered back at her.

I was completely under her control now, I was hers to use as she needed, my cock was taut and hard at the idea of having her long erotic penis penetrate my bottom. The sight of Diane’s long had cock up and ready between the folds of her gown made me eager to please her. I realized, with a tantalizing feminine thrill, that I really wanted to be filled up with her prick. I wanted to feel like a woman, her woman!

She then said ” JoJo, my darling turn over so I may make love to your beautiful ass, I want it so badly I must have you.”

I did as she commanded eagerly rolling over with my face on the pillow and knelt on all fours, and she pulled down my panties, exposing my white rounded buttocks. She rubbed some kind of cream on the tip and length of her prick and also anointed my tight little rose bud now quite stimulated and somewhat enlarged by her fingering me. She told me to push my ass well out behind, with my legs spread wide apart so as to give her every access. I was so excited at Anadolu Yakası Genç Escort acting out this womanly, submissive role that I wriggled about, pushing my now wanting asshole at her, just begging to be fucked. I was going to begin a dream, my dream of erotic pleasure, my body being taken over and over, I was a slave to her desires.

Now properly lubricated, Diane guided her prick right to my puckered little pink hole, as I directly felt the hot head of her cock placed to the opening. I reached around behind me to spread my ass as far apart as I was able and held very still while her prick gently began it’s final decent into my opening. I felt the blunt knob end against the ridges of my anus forcing them apart and began to enter my hole. I let out a gasp as she stretched me, but gradually my sphincter muscles relaxed, adjusting to her probing penis. Inch by inch, she began moving slowly in and out until Diane was convinced I was completely relaxed, then she withdrew her long hard cock and lubricated it with still more cream before she slowly and carefully pushed her way back in. Now I was hers, only hers as I heard her gasp with desire.

“Oh, Diane, I feel your prick. I feel its head going in so far up my ass, please be gentle with me!”

I continued to hold motionless as she worked her prick inside me slowly, so slowly, until I knew she had penetrated completely. I soon started to enjoy the delicious sensation of my lover’s femme cock inserted in my anus. I couldn’t believe I was doing such a thing. I was being fucked by a man and enjoying it!

“Your ass is so soft and tight, JoJo, It just sucks in my cock! I must take you deeper, my cock needs you JoJo, it needs your lovely ass.”

Then holding my hips, she worked her organ smoothly in and out, telling me to push back to meet each thrust of her prick. As Diane’s prick went in and out, my round bottom-hole enclosed around it with an avid suction like a wet pussy. By her occasional sighs and the lovely rhythm of Diane’s movements, I could tell she liked her penis up my ass, that she also knew I was made for her to be hers alone.

As I felt the cheeks of my now red hot ass rubbing against her belly I pulled the lace edge of the pillow closer to my mouth and started sucking on its scented fabric. I closed my eyes in a dreamy state of womanly passion, and my perfumed hair brushed against my cheek as my whole body rocked to meet her every stroke. I had my legs wide open, I couldn’t get enough of her cock up my ass, I wanted more, oh so much more. I felt like I was all woman, all cunt, as I gasped and moaned, backing my exposed bottom to meet her thrusts. My own penis was as rigid as steel, as I thought how lovely it was to be like a woman getting fucked and fucked!

“I’m a cunt, Diane! I’m your cunt! Fuck me, fuck me please!”

Diane reached for my dangling prick, taking it in her hand she slowly stroked it, calling me a lovely cunt, her lovely cunt, a woman now receiving her most wanting desire, a long hard prick fucking her tight ass! I was on the verge of going out of control as she was stimulating both my anus and penis with such exquisite attention! I was in an erotic state receiving such sweet pleasure with the delicious throbbing of her cock in my hole.

I could tell Diane was nearing the moment of ecstasy, when I heard her deep drawn sighs and noticed her body making little trembling motions. Perceiving by the twitching of my own cock that I was about to cum too, she pumped even faster with her cock. Overcome with pleasure and nearing her orgasm, my lover gave a sound and shoved even further inside, her belly shuddering against my ass.

I knew Diane was cumming and pushed back to hold her prick in my anus. I could feel it throbbing, as it began to erupt with spasm after spasm of milky white cum. Her juices shot up me, flooding my anal canal with a warm infusion of her sweet nectar. My own penis, terribly aroused by the touch of Diane’s delicate smooth hands and the feeling of my insides being filled with her hot sperm, grew to it’s full length and exploded an eruption of my white milky cum all over her fingers.

All I could do was say, ” OOOOOOO YESSSSSS, more, please Dee I need more of you.”

With that she pulled me tighter, hugging my spent body, as her own body started to calm down until we both were fulfilled with that erotic state of bliss you have when your partner and yourself have met the pinnacle of your desires. She smiled and kissed me so soft as she caressed me ever so gently.

She released me and said ” JoJo my sweet JoJo.”

It was so incredibly sexy and romantic my mind and body wanted more, so much more from Diane. I looked up and could only say,

“Thank You it was more than I could ever hope for, Thank You.”

Tears came from my eyes as I dressed to leave. I had just had my most erotic desire fulfilled by some one whom I believe cared for me as much as I cared for her. I was so happy that I decided to come here for the weekend.

I wish to thank Diane for her help and ideas for this story.

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