Rescue Sex

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I’m going to tell you the dirty little secret of working at a home improvement store: a sizable chunk of the customers aren’t there to fix their houses.

The largest proportion of these oddball customers come in two types. There’s the art students. You know who they are because they are always asking weird questions about how to attach things that nobody needs to attach. When I first started working here, I got more than a few dates by helping skinny girls dye some concrete pink, or some such nonsense.

Then there’s the other type of customer. The ones like Marjorie. You know what they are doing by the way they handle the rope, rubbing their fingers on it to test the texture, looking both ways before wrapping it around the wrist to see if it would chafe. I was pretty good at spotting the bondage freaks by the time I saw her for the first time. That was about six years ago.

Right now, I have Marjorie bent over a plywood box. Her hands are cuffed under her, she’s using them to finger her ass between her legs.

I built the box with Marjorie’s husband. That’s how I got to know them. I learned from the art students that helping out led to the occasional fuck session. With the bondage freaks, I did even better.

Marjorie’s husband is in the box. Between her moans, she’s begging him to suck her nipples harder through the two holes that I drilled.

Marjorie’s nipples are like control knobs. She gets aroused if you blow on them. One slow pinch will make her knees buckle. Her husband told me all this the first time I went to their house. They said they wanted to pay me for my time. Her husband sucked on her nipples until she begged to be allowed to come. He made her promise she’d suck me off.

I’ve built lots of stuff for Marjorie, and I’ve done lots of stuff to her. Right now, I’m about to fuck her ass.

“Suck harder, you bastard,” Marjorie says. I can’t see what he’s doing, but Marjorie knows what I’m about to do.

I’ve said so out loud in a voice that is loud enough for Stan to hear. She knows that when I stick my dick in her ass, the only lube I’ll use is the juice from her pussy. And she knows I’ll last a long time back there, because I’ve already come down her throat, and in her pussy.

She has red hair. It’s cut short in a way that accentuates her big lips. If she had any hair on her pussy, I’m sure it would match. It’s glistening – she’s rubbing furiously at her snatch, trying to get as slick as possible. Her hands are moving up and down her crack in an effort to get any moisture back there that she can.

In truth, I’d say her husband is the dominant one in this relationship, but I don’t think they have any hard lines. It’s not a master/ slave kind of pair, but a wanton slut with a kinky husband.

Her husband isn’t really angry that I’m going to fuck her. He’s angry there’s nothing he can do about it.

“He’s going to fuck my ass,” Marjorie tells him. “And there’s nothing I can do to stop him.”

The service was Marjorie’s idea. She called it The Safe Word. A voice controlled app on the phone that called us in the case of umm… sticky self-bondage situations. Marjorie was a computer programmer, and she wrote the code herself. The best part: it was free until you needed it.

Marjorie and her husband knew a lot of people in the local bondage scene. I wasn’t naturally disposed toward BDSM when we started, I just liked to get my rocks off. But I’ve learned a lot about kinky women in that time, enough that I can walk into these situations and really go the extra mile.

Through Marjorie’s introductions and my job at the home improvement store, I’d built quite a few devices for people so there was a good amount of trust with the smallish circle of clients we started with.

The deal was simple. If they called, they had to pay. Cash worked, and I turned that over to Marjorie. We charged $500 per person. Then there were the ones that didn’t have the cash. In exchange for being set free, they agreed to let their rescuer fuck them, in any way.

Some of the people were good planners. The folks that were into self bondage tended to be the best. They usually had a plan to get out, but if that failed, calling me was better than screaming until a neighbor tekirdağ escort called the cops. The good planners usually had house keys hidden, with detailed plans in our database. These were the folks too shy to tell anyone they knew about their kinks, and they would do things with stranger that they’d never do with a husband or a lover.

I work nights at the home improvement store, so most of the people I deal with are married, playing hookey from work, etc.

But there were all kinds of people. People that didn’t want to pay and didn’t want to fuck. People that promised to pay later. If I thought a client would change her mind, I’d usually videotape a consent statement. But I definitely left one woman strapped to her own bed, waiting for the kids to get home because she wouldn’t agree to fuck. I’ve had to break into second floor windows, talk my way past hotel security, and pull women out of car trunks.

In the past year, we’d probably serviced five or six clients per month. We even brought on a gay dude to handle those situations. Marjorie and her husband did a few jobs. My gut says that most of these people wanted to get caught. Marjorie told me that she’d never heard of so many people getting stuck in bondage before this.

That’s what’s going on here. Marjorie lured her husband in the box earlier this afternoon. She’d made him suck her tits all day.

Then she gave him the bad news. She lost the key.

True to form, I get the call. Normally, I’d show up and fuck her, then free her husband. That’s the deal, even if we’re all friends. But in this scene orchestrated by Marjorie, she wanted me to make a few demands. The first was that I’d only fuck her if she wore the cuffs.

At first, she protested. “You know I’ll do whatever you want,” she said. “Don’t make me wear them.”

But I tweaked her nipple and she started narrating to her husband.

“oooohhh,” she moaned. “You know I can’t say no when you do that.”

“Get the cuffs on.”

“Just let me suck you off,” she said. “You know I’m good.”

“Cuffs,” I said, “or you can cut him out with a saw.”

I tweaked her nipple again, drawing my fingers down the length. Her knees went weak, and I knew her pussy was probably getting wet. It was the truth. I didn’t need the cuffs. The electrical shockwave between her cunt, brain and nipples make her a slave to any man.

“Just get it over with and get me out of this box, you asshole.” That was her husband.

I responded as Marjorie arranged.

“The more you talk, the more I’ll enjoy this, Stan. You aren’t getting out until I fuck her.”

She came back with the cuffs.

Her boobs were really firm. I bent over and put a nipple in my mouth, then bit it gently. I bit it again in rapid succession. She grunted and I reached between her legs. Totally soaked.

When I pushed her to her knees, she went down with no resistance. I stepped forward. My crotch touches her face – I didn’t have my pants off yet – when she raises her arms up for me to shackle her. I pull her up, then lay her on the box on her back. Her head hung over the edge. I fucked her mouth without mercy. This is what she asked me to do. She didn’t have to tell Stan what was going on because the gags and slurps of a rough blowjob would be unmistakable to him. With her head over the edge of the box, I had a clear road to her throat. A rough tug on her nipples drew a deep moan from the base of her soul. That moan opened her mouth, and I used the opportunity to push my dick even deeper down her throat. I held it there until she began to buck a little bit. Then a slow rhythm until I blew my load.

I hadn’t taken my dick out of her mouth yet, but Stan must have figured out that I had come because things have gotten quiet.

“Ok, you had your fun. Now let me out,” Stan said.

“I think you know how this works,” I told him. “One fuck per person. There’s two of you that are tied up.”

“Oh fuck you. You put her there.”

“Nonetheless, there are two of you tied up now.”

I pulled my cock out of Marjorie’s mouth and I put her in a doggy style position on the floor. Her face was toward the box.

She has a great ass. Wide-ish hips and a round booty. What I trabzon escort really liked about her is that she didn’t wear thongs or bikini briefs. She wore those wide-ish panties where the bottom hem cut across the middle of each cheek. I liked that. I made sure her knees were tucked as far as they would go toward her shoulders. It made her pussy stick up. The whole scene gave Stan the opportunity to watch the action through an eyehole on the side.

Her box was sopping with juices, and I knew there wouldn’t be much friction there. You’d think that a vibrator would be the wrong choice in this situation, but I wanted her close to orgasm, in a position where her snatch would be in spasms. I grabbed a wand-style vibrator from a shelf and began stroking it down the channel from her clit to her hole.

Her back arched down, hard. Her cheek was touching the rug and her mouth opened in a moan. I went into tease mode, keeping the vibrator in the canal, but away from her clit, keeping the touch light and subtle. Her hands, still cuffed in front and under her, she tried to grab the wand and press it into her clit. I smacked her ass hard.

“Hands down,” I told her.

I had a raging hard-on at this point, and I was getting impatient.

“Beg,” I said.

“Let me come,” she said.

I smacked her ass again.


“I’ll do what ever you want,” she said.

“That’s true. But wrong again.” I smacked her other cheek.

“Fuck me.” Smack


“Right here.” Smack.

“Anywhere you want.”

“I’m going to fuck your ass.”

“Whatever you want. There’s lube on the shelf.”

“I want it tight,” I told her.


“I’m not going to use any lube.”

I pressed the vibrator against her clit. With her hands bound in front of her, she tried to press it tight. But I backed off.

My dick was rock hard and the skin on it was taut. In one thrust, I plunged my dick into her puss all the way to the base of the shaft. I grabbed her hair so that she arched her back down. The angle gave my a view of her puckered asshole, and a great source of friction on the bottom of my cock where all the nerve endings are. I immediately spit on her asshole and began massaging it with my thumb.

“You can come now,” I told her.

She began diddling her clit, and within ten seconds, she was moaning and screaming in orgasm. She was on her knees, my hands clawing a bunch of hair in my hand, when I began thrusting has hard as I could. A small shriek came from deep within her chest every time I bottomed out.

“I’m going to fuck your ass when I’m done with this hole,” I told her.

“Please don’t,” she said. “The only man that’s been back there is my husband.”

“You think this pussy is good enough?” I asked. “It’s the loosest hole I’ve ever fucked.”

I lifted her up and put her over the box, maneuvering her so that her tits hung into the holes that had been built for this purpose.

“Tell him to suck on them.”

“I can’t,” she said. “I’m too sensitive.”

I got my dick back inside her pussy. Then I grabbed the vibrator and touched it to her clit.

She spasmed. It couldn’t have been a minute since her orgasm, and everything about her was a ball of nerve endings. With her whole body shuddering in orgasm, I began slamming my cock into her has hard as I could, and then roared as I dumped all my cum into her.

“Let me out now,” Stan said, while my cum covered dick was still in his wife’s sopping wet pussy.

“She’s gonna clean me off first,” I told him.

“That’s not part of the deal,” Stan said.

“You heard her Stan. She said I could fuck her anywhere I wanted. And I haven’t fucked her ass yet.”

I took my cock out of her vagina and walked around to the other side of the box. Marjorie’s head was hanging over in an exhausted, post-orgasmic bliss. She opened her mouth to inhale my now softening member.

“You are such a whore.” I told her. She looked up and smiled. Everything was going according to her plan.

“Listen to me,” I told her. “Your pussy was incredibly wet. So wet I barely felt anything. You want to please me, don’t you?”

“I said you can do whatever you want,” she replied.

“But sivas escort to you want to please me?’

“I do.”

“Then beg. Beg me to fuck your ass.”

“Fuck my ass.”

“Tell me you don’t want me to use lube.”

“I don’t know if I can take that.”

“If your husband sucks on your tits, I’m sure we can your juices.”

“It’s gonna hurt.”

I smacked her ass. She was still bent over the box.

“Do you want to please me?”

“Yes. Fuck my ass. Fuck me raw.”

“Then tell him.”

“Stanley, you better start sucking on my boobs. Because if you don’t, it’ll be a long time before this backdoor is open for business.”

Stanley chimed in. “When I get out of here, I’m gonna fuck you up.”

“I don’t think I need to remind you Stan, that you are stuck in a box that I built. Your wife is bent over it. Her hands are cuffed in front her. I’ve made her come and she is begging for more. Now, I’m going to get my rod up there, because she’s begged me to do it. But I’ve blown loads in two other holes. When I come, it ain’t gonna be quick. And if you don’t get to work, it’s gonna be a rough ride for her.”

She started to moan and rub her puss like the whore she was pretending to be.

“I want you to come,” I told her.

“He’s going to fuck my ass,” Marjorie tells him. “And there’s nothing I can do to stop him.”

I wait until she brings herself to a thundering orgasm. Her legs are spread wide open, and she is bent at the waist. I walk my cock over to her face.

“Suck me hard.”

She complies. I keep it deep in her mouth so that when it grows, it begins to choke her.

I walk back to her ass, and drop some lube on her puckered ass. I’m not an animal. She looks back at me and smiles.

It takes a bit to get my head through the backdoor. It’s clear she doesn’t do this too often. I go slow. The tightness of her ass feels incredible. And every nerve ending in my dick is pressed against my taught skin.

I slowly start working it back and forth, going a little deeper every time.

“Keep rubbing that clit” I tell her. “I want you to come with a dick in your ass.”

“I don’t know if I can come again,” she says.

She’s rubbing her clit anyway. I grab her hair and pull her almost in a standing position. I can see Stan in the hole below.

“You’ll come, or you’ll clean off my dick with your mouth again.”

“Dude, I’m gonna fuck you up when I get out of here,” Stan says.

I begin picking up my pace. I’m fucking her hard enough for the box to shake. She’s screaming, but looking back at me with a smile on her face.

“Come for me.”

“I can’t.”

The vibrator is nearby, and I grab it. I turn it on and put it in her bound hands. She begins rubbing it furiously around her channel. She’s kind enough to apply it to my balls every once in a while when I bottom out.

She comes again. It is intense and short lived, her whole body tightening. Her sphincter muscles clutch so tight that I can barely move.

“Oh yes.” Marjorie says. “Now that was a royal fucking.”

“Let me out of here,” Stan says.

I’m still hard. I begin pumping in an out of her ass. Enough to rock the box ever so slightly.

“Stan, there’s something I want to tell you,” Marjorie begins. “You are the love of my life, and you know I love to fuck,” she says. “But I haven’t lost the key to this box. I’ve orchestrated this whole scene because I wanted to get a point across to you.”

“You think you own me,” she says. “You think you own me because you can make me do things. Humiliating things. Things with other men.”

“But I never did anything I didn’t want to, Stan. When you control me. When you make me suck off pizza delivery boys, when you trade me like I was property at the swingers club, that’s stuff I want to do. The important thing to remember is that I get to cum.”

I am pumping again at her ass, and she is gripping me tight with her muscles.

“I like to make men come Stan. It turns me on. But last week, you tied me up at the club and made me watch you fuck two new girls. When you were done, you didn’t have any energy for me, and you didn’t let me fuck anyone else.”

“This is your punishment.”

Just then I blow another load in her ass, slicked as it is with her juices and lube. She keeps pushing back, just enough to make herself come one more time.

“Don’t ever forget it. If you do, you’ll find yourself cleaning off Dan’s cock.”

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