Business Trip Surprise

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I open the door and remove my 3&½ inch spikes and jacket. I have on my pink skirt suit with a thin blouse underneath it. The hotel room seems like such a haven right now. Business trips can always be so hectic. I turn on the TV and sit down on the bed. I am switching channels when there is a soft knock at the door. I had told them when I came in that I needed more towels.

I go to the door and open it. I see someone standing there with towels in front of their face. I noticed the dress being worn was not a hotel uniform. Jean shorts, polo shirt and sandals. I hear “Your towels my love” and they are handed over to me. It is you standing there smiling at me. I can’t believe it. You actually flew out to be with me. I can help but to smile, maybe this trip wasn’t going to be as bad as I thought it would be.

I step back and you walk into the room, closing the door behind you. You grab me, pushing the towels out of my hand and kiss me very passionately. It is all I have to do to keep my knees from buckling underneath me. Your hands on my firm ass, pushing me tight against you. I can feel you are very hard.

You stop kissing me and whisper in my ear that it is your mission to make me feel like I am the only person in the world and that everything is for me. This sends a shiver right up my spine.

You pick me up and carry me to the bed, lying me down gently on my back. You turn the TV off and lay next to me. You kiss me again, even deeper this time, holding me very close. I can feel myself getting wet between my legs. Your lips are so soft yet firm at the same time, your tongue dancing around with mine.

You slowly start to button my blouse, taking as much time as you can. You pull it open to see breasts in my lace bra. You take your tongue and lick around the edges, coupling my breast from the bottom with your hands. You move your hands to the center and unclasp my bra, letting it fall to my sides. Your tongue moves down to on of my nipples while your fingers play with the other. I let out a loud moan and start to thrust my hips a little. I can feel your hard cock on my leg and I press hard against it and start to move it mersin escort back and forth. You pause for a second on my nipple losing your concentration, but you are back on track within seconds.

You start licking downwards to my tummy, making little circles that tickle a tiny bit. Your hand goes behind my hips and unzips my skirt. You take your teeth and bite the middle and with your hand on each side, you pull my skirt down my body. As you do that you see my garter belt with stocking and my lace thong. You pause for a second to rub your nose against my clit and then pull it the rest of the way down.

You stand at the end of the bed just looking at me, smiling. You tell me how beautiful I am. I start to blush which you just love. You take your hands and remove my panties showing my glistening shaved pussy. You stare at it for a moment feeling yourself getting much harder.

You crawl back up on the bed and tell me to close my eyes, which I do. I feel something silky being dragged against my body. Then I feel your hand in mine, holding it over my head. Next thing I know you have tied my hand down to the bed. You are quick enough to get the other one before I really realize what is happening. I struggle a little while you put a blind fold on me.

You know that one of my fantasies is to be taken. To have someone just take total control of my body and make me feel ways I have never felt before with out being able to do anything about it. And tonight you are going to make that no longer a fantasy but a reality.

The things going through my mind. The bit of me that doesn’t want to be tied down and the other part that does. Wondering what you are going to do to me and me not able to see it coming. I am getting more and more excited by the minute. I bite my lip just waiting for something to happen.

You undo my stockings and slowly role them down my legs. Then you reach behind my back to undo my garter and take it off. You make sure to leave my panties on.

I feel you hands gently touching my hair, you move them down and start caressing my face. You know how much this makes me melt and you are using it to your advantage. You slowly trace your fingers down my neck on to my chest. You swirl them around my breast and nipples. Then you move them down to my stomach which makes my tummy quiver.

Your finger move down to the outline of my panties. I hips lift up to meet them. Hoping, praying you are going to play with my clit. But instead you just trace around them and then move down my legs. You hear a sigh from me and smile. You know what’s coming next and I don’t.

Once you have reached my feet, you start kissing up my leg with little licks and nibbles. You move your way up to my thighs and then trace my panty edges. My hips are pushing towards you wanting so bad to feel your tongue.

You pull down my panties and let your tongue lightly touch my lips. I let out such a moan. Then you give more pressure, sucking, licking my clit. It feels so good. I can’t help but press up in to your mouth.

By now my pussy is very wet and aching very badly. You take your hands and put them under my ass to lift it up so you have better access to my pussy. You stop for a second to tell me how much you love how I taste and then start licking hard on my clit.

I can feel myself getting close and you can tell by my hips lifting and legs tighten. You know how to lick it just right to make me cum and sure enough my orgasm comes crashing hard. You won’t give up on my clit which is so sensitive and I can’t even stop you with my hands tied. I am at your mercy. You don’t give up which makes me cum again with out a break in between. You finally stop giving me time to catch me breath. My body is shivering and my heart is pounding uncontrollable.

Once I catch my breath you start licking my clit again but much lighter this time. I am wondering what you have in store for me. I can tell that you have something else planned.

You keep licking my clit lightly. Then I feel a finger inserted in my pussy. You start finger fucking me while you licking my clit. Then you insert another finger, it feels so good. Then you curve your fingers upward rubbing against the wall of my pussy. I start to feel things I have never felt before.

You keep moving your fingers back and forth, still keeping your tongue on my clit. I feel like I am going to pea and start to say something and you tell me to not worry about it, just go with it.

You start moving your fingers faster and faster, your tongue moving quicker and quicker. I feel this feeling coming and I am not sure what to think, then it hits me. Oh my god, I have never felt anything like this before, it feels so good. I can’t think, I can’t control my body all I can do it let it happen.

Finally it subsides and I lay there exhausted and every part of my body is tingling. I haven’t realized it yet but you gave me my first g-spot orgasm. You had been doing research on it to use on the prefect occasion which happened to be tonight.

You climb up and give me a big long kiss. Your tongue feels so good in my mouth. I figure now you are going to untie me. But I am wrong. While kissing me, you spread my legs apart and put your hard cock in my wet, VERY tight pussy. I let out a gasp.

Your cock feels so good inside of me. So big, so hard. You are pumping nice long slow strokes. I grab on to your cock with my muscle and massage it. I hear moans from you. You stop kissing me and start sucking on my nipples. I want you deep inside of me.

I take my legs and wrap them around your thigh and push you in as deep as you can be. You get the hint and start fucking me hard and fast. Oh god your cock feels so good. I want to feel you cum deep inside of me.

I tell you to please, please cum inside of me, how I want to feel your cum hit the back of my pussy and feel you cock twitch inside of me. While I am saying this to you I have taken my nails and scratched them up your back.

This is too much for you to take and you start to cum. I yell cum for me baby, cum for me. I can feel my pussy get so warm and your cock twitching inside of me. I take my muscle and milk your cock of everything it has.

Finally you take off the blindfold and untie me. The first thing I do is grab you and give you a very extreme passionate kiss.

We lay down next to each other, your hand lightly caressing my skin. I tell you how much I enjoyed this and how thankful I was. You just smile at me and kiss my forehead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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