Country Road

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The seasons had started to change to the crispness of fall. The leaves on the trees where a kaleidescope of color, painted bold in the late morning sun. They had slept in that morning, cuddled up close, not wanting to start their day. With a slap to the ass to get her moving, it was off to the shower then to the kitchen to start coffee and a light brunch.

She was feeling the affects of the changes going on outside because she was behaving like a child, teasing and pestering Him until He lost patience with her and said that He was going to have to do something to wear off her extra energy today. Her eyes lit up but He wouldn’t tell her what He had planned. After telling her to change into one of her casual dresses, and to plan for a day outside, He was off to the den.

Quickly she slipped on one of her cotton dresses that buttoned up the front. It fit loosely about her body and came to mid thigh. Light pink ankle socks, to match her dress and loafers completed her outfit. Brushing her hair and putting it up in a pony tail so that it wouldn’t be in her face, she smiled at the image she saw. Perfect for a day in the out doors. As a last minute thought she grabbed a sweater in case it was cooler than she thought.

When she entered the den, He looked up from the computer with a sparkle in His eyes. She knew by that look that what ever she had expected for the day was not what He had planned. She looked down at herself and then back to Him, “Is something wrong with what I’m wearing?”

“No, it’s perfect. Are you ready?”

“Yes, where are we going?”

He chuckled as He walked toward her and tweaked her nose but didn’t say anything. After a quick kiss they were on their way.

The air was fresh and there was a slight nip to it. The sun was bright, intensifying the colors of fall. It seemed that someone had taken a paint brush and painted red, gold, brown, yellow and orange to every leaf that fought to hang onto life. They seemed to become more intense the further from the city they went. When she asked again where they were going, He told her she would find out when they got there and to stop being so nosy.

Soon they turned onto a dirt road that wound it’s way through trees and open fields. She noticed that the further they went, there were fewer and fewer houses. She hadn’t been this way before and couldn’t imagine where they were going. She noticed that there were large areas where the trees had been cut down. When she asked about this, He told her that this was a logging area and that if she looked closely, she would see the transplanted seedlings. The area would be left alone until the trees where large enough to harvest. She knew there was a mill in the next town over from where they lived, but had never ventured this far into the forest that supplied the wood to run it.

After what seemed like an hour, He turned once more onto a road that looked like it hadn’t seen a car in a very long time. There were trees on each side of the road almost overlapping overhead. Sun light danced through the branches and leaves. When He pulled over to the side of the road and got out, she just sat there not knowing what to do. He came around to her side of the car and opened the door. After she had gotten out, He opened the back door and got a very large beach towel from the back seat.

Taking her hand, He led her around to the back of the car. She looked around and just tried to absorb everything around her. It was so quiet here. No horns honking, cars driving by, the normal sounds of the city were lost here in this bit of heaven. She closed her eyes and let everything wash over her.

With her eyes closed and leaning back against the trunk, she just listened. She could hear the birds singing, the wind moving the leaves slightly. The calm and quiet were so relaxing but she felt more alive than she had in a long time. She also felt an under current in the air. Something bold and almost wild. Without opening her eyes, Pendik Ukraynalı Escort she reached out with her senses for Him. She could feel Him standing close. Hear His breathing as the tension increased. When she opened her eyes, He was standing in front of her. The heat radiating off of Him.

She reached forward, laying her hands on His chest and with a seductive smile, began to caress Him. She started to speak but He put His finger over her lips to silence her. She closed her eyes again and darted her tongue out to taste His skin. As He moved His finger down, she opened her mouth and drew His finger inside to suckle gently. Using her tongue and lips to work the appendage offered to her. When her eyes opened, they were slightly unfocused with desire. It still amazed her how His touch could affect her so. As He pulled His finger from her moist mouth, she let her teeth graze against it seductively.

He reached behind her to open the back of the truck. She tried to move out of the way but was pinned between the truck and Him. When she looked at Him questionably, He just smiled and pressed His body more firmly against hers. She could feel contact from her breasts to her hips with His body. Without thinking, she rubbed against Him and purred almost like a kitten. He ran His hands up her arms to her upper arms, gripping them firmly and twirled her around and pushed her away to arms length. He then turned back around and opened the back of the truck and laid the towel on the tail gate.

“Don’t move.” He said as He went back to the front of the truck and got something else from behind the seat. She saw the black bag He placed on the ground just out of sight then He turned to her and told her to unbutton the top and bottom 3 buttons of her dress. Very seductively she unbuttoned the top 3 then leaned forward giving Him a nice view down the front of her dress to her bare breasts inside and unbuttoned the bottom 3. When she stood back up, He placed His hands at her waist and turned her back to the tail gate.

“Hop up there my sweet little slut.”

His words excited her, He only used them when they played. Knowing how they excited her and took her to a place others may never understand. He then helped her to a sitting position on the very edge. Then leaned over and opened the bag. She still couldn’t see what was inside. When He turned back to her, He told her that He had been wanting to do this for some time. And told her that He had some new toys for her to play with.

He handed her a vibrator she’d never seen before. It was long and bent at the end. Almost like a drinking straw with an egg shaped object on the end. He then held up a small black object that looked like a car alarm. He told her that this was the control for the toy and He would be operating it, not her.

“You know what to do. Very gently I want you to start working that sweet pussy. Just barely touching on the outside only.”

Without breaking eye contact, He reached to the side of the truck and pulled one of the umbrella chairs forward, opened it and sat facing her. He reached forward and tapped the inside of her right knee. She knew that this meant for her to open them wider. Even though she had unbuttoned the bottom 3 buttons on her dress, she still couldn’t quite get them open all the way. Thank goodness the new toy was about 12 inches long and gave her enough reach to just barely caress her already wet pussy. Up and down and around she stroked. Just on the outside teasing herself, as He sat and watched. He was at the perfect height to see everything.

After about 10 minutes He told her to unbutton another button from the top and bottom and to open her legs even further. She struggled slightly with the top button since she was using her left hand. But soon had another button open. She could feel the slight breeze graze across her breast, making her skin draw into goose bumps. Now to the bottom button. This was easier to do since Pendik Üniversiteli Escort her right forearm was there to hold the dress up and give her some extra leverage.

With buttons undone, legs further apart, she watched Him as she continued to play for Him. Just as her eyes drifted closed, He hit the remote button and started the toy to slowly vibrate. She gasped and opened her eyes wide as it started to work it’s magic. After to short a time, He once again hit the remote button, turning it off. She whimpered in protest and was answered with only a smile.

She continued to play and slowly rocked her hips with every move. She stopped suddenly as she heard a car approaching on the road. When she started to pull her dress closed and get down, she was told not to stop. “No matter who should drive by, you will not stop!”

This only heightened her excitement to think of possibly being caught. The car moved on down the road never passing by their semi secluded place by the side of the road. Her heart slowed and she breathed a sigh of relief. But that was short lived. Again He hit the remote, two notches this time.

The buzzing was stronger and her eyes drifted closed, head falling back exposing her neck. Her free arm went back to brace herself so she could lean back slightly. This helped to work her dress up a little more as she rocked on the vibe. Still just teasing the outside lips of her wet, dripping pussy. She could feel her juices gathering on her thighs, legs opening even more. She could feel the need to fill the empty space between her legs and just as the vibe accidentally slipped slightly inside, it was turned off.

Panting she looked up to see Him standing now between her legs. She was so intent in her play that she hadn’t heard Him come forward. She could see the bulge of His hard cock in the front of His pants. She reached forward to stroke Him, but her wrist was grabbed before she reached it.

“No, no, no little slut. None of that for you yet.”

He reached up and unbuttoned another button on her dress. Pulling it off her shoulders and stopping below her large full breast. She attempted to pull her arms free but was pushed down, effectively trapping her arms at her sides. She still held the new toy in her hand and was told to continue.

He had her wrist restraints in His hand and placed them on each wrist, locking them together. He stepped back to view His little slut with an eye for detail. There she was laid out before Him. The sunlight through the trees painted her skin with light and shadows. Breast free to His gaze and touch, bound at arms and wrist, legs wide and open, pussy glistening with her juices. Ready for anything He pleased.

He sat back in His chair and moved forward. Pushing her legs wider as He leaned in and took a deep breath of her essence. He started on the inside of one thigh as He worked His tongue and mouth upward. Holding her hips still as she wiggled to get closer to Him. Repeating the process on the other thigh, He felt her tense as He heard another car drive by, knowing they wouldn’t be disturbed. But she didn’t know that.

She moved the toy away from her pussy to give Him ample room to play. He blew His breath over her sex. Watching as she squirmed and rocked her hips upward. He had waited almost to long to taste her. He felt as if He would explode if He didn’t sample her and soon.

Very slowly, He darted His tongue out and began to work her pussy with His tongue. Avoiding her sensitive clit as He worked deeper and deeper into her wetness. He didn’t let up. Not once. He could hear her moans and pleas for release but He wasn’t finished tormenting her. He worked one then two fingers into her wetness and slowly began to move them in and out. Working deeper with each stroke. Again He leaned forward this time to pay special attention to that most tempting little button of her sex. Knowing that as soon as He did, she would be forced over Pendik Vip Escort the edge He had kept her on for this long.

He started by blowing His hot breath over her. Watching her arch upward. Then His tongue flicked back and forth feeling the bud harden. He was ready for her now. Wanted, no needed to feel her contract around His fingers as He knew she would around His cock very soon.

He wrapped His lips around her clit and began to suck very gently. Increasing the pressure as she bucked harder against His fingers and mouth. He heard her beg for release, for Him to let her cum. He didn’t answer her yet, keeping her on the edge a little longer. He knew she couldn’t hold out much longer.

He raised up slightly and gave her the words she had been waiting for.

“Cum for me my slut. Cum for me now!”

He sucked harder on her exposed clit and pumped harder into her wet pussy and He felt her tighten even more on His fingers. Her cries of release fill the air around them. He quickly removed His fingers from her and released His cock. Standing up, He entered her before she came down again. Pumping deep into her. Pumping hard and fast as she climaxed again and again. He felt the tightening in His balls and the throbbing in His cock buried deep inside her pussy as she squeezed Him, begging for His cum to fill her.

He thrust once, twice, then let loose with His own orgasm and joined her voice with His cry of release.

He fell forward onto her supple body as their hearts and breathing slowed. When He was able, He raised up and looked at the contented smile on her face. Slowly He pulled out and heard her protest. He leaned forward and told her how beautiful she was as she lay open and exposed. He helped her to sit up and then helped her down off the tail gate. He moved the towel to the ground and helped her to kneel on it. He offered her his cock to clean of their combined juices.

Just as she took the head of His cock in her hungry mouth, He heard a car drive down the road and stop. She must have heard it to because she started to pull away. He grabbed her hair and held her in place.

“Oh no little slut, you will clean me up before we leave. Don’t you dare stop or you will be punished.”

She went back to her work eagerly. Taking His semi hard cock into her mouth and licked every inch completely. Then she moved down to His balls and cleaned them just as well. He enjoyed her ministration to His cock and didn’t hurry her. When He was satisfied that she had completed her chore, He helped her to stand and bent her still bound over the tail gate. Lifting her dress to expose her beautiful full ass to the light and air.

Smack, the first blow landed firmly making her ass jiggle in the most inviting way.

“That, is for the first time you attempted to get off the tail gate when you thought someone was coming.”

Smack, again His hand made connected with her ass.

“And these, are for every time you thought to stop.” He continued to rain slap after slap down on her exposed ass. Telling her that who ever was at the end of the road watching could see her now and was enjoying this as much as He was. He didn’t stop until He saw a nice rosy glow. His hand reached down to feel her wet pussy. Rubbing hard on her clit telling her what a slut she was to become excited by being spanked in such a public way. He worked her until she begged for Him to stop. He knew she was close to another orgasm and told her He wouldn’t stop until she came again for Him. It didn’t take long until she was convulsing again and again. She lay there weak and spent. He lowered her dress and turned her over carefully. He unfastened her restraints and raised her dress back to her shoulders.

He placed kisses on each nipple before sitting beside her and holding her in His arms. They listened as the car that had been stopped, pulled away, as she cleaned the combined juices of their joining from His fingers. They looked at each other and laughed at the thought of what they had just done. Something they had talked about often and now could add to their many wonderful experiences.

Hmmm, reality or fiction?

If you happen to read this story or any of my others posted here, please let me know what you think.

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