A Hard Day’s Work Ch. 01

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It had been a long day at work and I was tired. I dragged into my apartment, briefcase in hand, ready to just shower and sleep. But I knew something more was waiting for me. Or more to the point a few someones. I can’t really explain my affinities for certain people and certain fantasies but they truly intrigue me. As I was saying, I walked into my apartment and was met by my, for lack of a better word, “staff”. I had 2 men and 2 women on my “staff” to satisfy any desire I had. And I truly mean ANY desire. I didn’t require all 4 of them all the time but it was nice to have options. I, of course, outfit my staff in uniforms and it seems that my friends had really taken to my new selection.

Rafe and James looked masculine and godlike in their custom outfits. Tight black pants and a black and red vest. My ladies, Jordan and Lex had short red mini skirts on and a white halter so thin I could see their pert nipples through the fabric. I started to feel better when I saw them, my weariness was less pronounced and I felt like smiling. They converged on my and relieved me of my jacket, shoes and briefcase, all the while giving me welcome home kisses and caresses. I had never been more grateful to be home and to be cared for. I tried to tell them that I beylikdüzü escort was tired but they wouldn’t hear of it. So I decided to go along. James started cooking a nice dinner while Jordan and Lex accompanied me to my room and helped me undress.

My ladies were so gentle and relaxing that it helped me get in the mood. Lex picked a nice skirt and tank top for me to wear while Jordan went through my lingerie and selected purple lacy ensemble that I hadn’t worn in awhile. It barely covered anything which is one reason she picked it. A lacy thing with garters and a very see through bra that made my nipples peek through. It was Jordan’s favorite as the black leather skirt, and red top was Lex’s. They wouldn’t answer me when I asked why I was getting so dressed up. They just silenced me with kisses and made me wear their favorites. I could tell Jordan was feeling good because she got in a few extra touches that piqued my interest. All of a sudden Lex walked to me and gave me a ravishing kiss that made me melt. Little did I notice that Jordan had walked up behind me, reached her arms around and started playing with my nipples. My muscles tenses and my breath started to get ragged. Then abruptly they stopped and I almost fell bolu escort to the floor.

“I don’t want to muss your clothes when you look so lovely.” Jordan said.

I laughed and told her, “Then you shouldn’t be starting when you don’t intend to finish.”

Lex chimed in with her soft, velvety voice, “We just wanted you to feel good after the day you had.”

I smiled and flounced away to the kitchen to see my lovely men. Oh how I had missed them. They were so strong and powerful. They exuded confidence but not arrogance. They treated me like myself and cherished me when at work all the males treated me as a stupid woman who wasn’t equal to them.

So I cherished my time with them and how they made me feel. Rafe was my strong and dominant man while James was tender and loving. A nice combination for my guys. While normally I like sweet loving when I’m tired, the girls had gotten me riled up enough to want lots of energy. I silently thanked my ladies when the guys ogled me with passion. I almost told them all to forget dinner, that I was too ready, but they had put a lot of effort into making my favorites and I would feel churlish to refuse. So we all sat at the table legs intertwined underneath, and enjoyed a pleasant meal. bursa escort When James got up to get dessert I groaned, I was so stuffed. But he came back with a dish of strawberries and homemade whip cream. Lex picked one up, dipped it in the cream and fed it to Rafe with exquisite slowness. I wanted the same and James knew of course, so he grabbed one and fed it to me. I wanted to lick the cream off his fingers but he decided to tease me and do it himself. I groaned with impatience, but they just smiled at me.

It happened so fast and yet so slow it felt like it took a lifetime, but we all rose from the table and walked into the bedroom, kissing and touching. I love having a group of people, it creates so many new things and we all find something new and exciting to do. I was so happy about the guys’ uniforms; they accentuated all the greatest parts of them and fed my need for them. My ladies….I can’t say enough about them. They are stunning. Tonight, I wanted to be the center of ALL the attention, I wanted them all to cater to me and please me in every way. So I gathered them all around me and started taking off pieces of clothing starting with the guys’ vests. I marveled again at my luck to have such beautiful bodies to admire. I turned around to face Jordan and Lex while Rafe and James began caressing my backside. I touched Jordan’s nipple through her shirt and she moaned, so I put my mouth down to it and nibbled on it. Meanwhile, I used my other hand to massage Lex’s breast which she had already exposed.

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