Stormy Weather Ch. 05

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It was almost eleven-thirty when Jack finally crawled out of bed. Cynthia was not to be found but there was a note on the table. “Have gone to the store to get just a couple of items, so we do not have to go out today. We can just read and watch the ocean, that is what we came for, wasn’t it?” Affectionately yours.”

“Affectionately yours?” Jack was reasonably sure he had never had as much sex in two days as he had just experienced. Certainly there would be something better than “affectionately yours.” As he thought about it, maybe that was the safest thing to say. He made the bed and straightened up the room that did not need to be straightened up. After his shower he got dressed. Cords, shirt, V-necked sweater and some casual shoes. He was pretty sure he was not going out in the stormy weather. Already he was thinking about sex and Cynthia. ‘Is she insatiable, or am I?,’ he thought.

His phone rang and it was Cynthia. She had returned and wanted to see if he was up which meant if he wasn’t she was going to get him up. She had some things to bring up and he said he would be down to help her. He went downstairs and Phyllis was working at the front desk. “Good Morning, or is it afternoon?” he said.

Phyllis looked at him and replied, “It’s whatever you want it to be, you’re on vacation.”

Jack looked at her on his way out thinking she was indeed a very attractive woman. “Okay, I am opting for the afternoon.” With that he met Cynthia and loaded up the three sacks she had which seemed mainly to be cheeses and crackers and soda. Before they went into the lobby Cynthia stopped and gave Jack a kiss and said, “Were you serious about me being in charge while we are here?”

“Sure, you’ve done great thus far.”

She gave him another kiss. “So it’s okay that I fulfill a lifelong fantasy? You trust me, right?”

Jack was not sure what to say so he said, “Absolutely whatever you want. But I do not swing from the chandelier.”

“That was my first choice, but there are no chandeliers in the room. Okay, I’ll be up in just a bit.”

Jack acıbadem escort left and took the groceries upstairs. Twenty minutes later Cynthia can back to the room. She had a big grin on her face. “All right, you get to plan the afternoon, but it cannot have anything to do with sex.”

“Great, that is all I have been thinking about and now that is off the table. Here it is, we will read, look at the ocean, take a sexless nap if we want and I get to stare at you all I want.”

“All right, perfect. Just go easy on staring. What part of me do you like to stare at the most, anyway?”

“Your eyes.”

“Dang, I was hoping was my mind. Well close, I suppose.”

The rest of the afternoon was just that. They read, they took a nap, sexless, they just slept. The ocean was raging and it was fun to watch it in the safety of their room.

About five o’clock Cynthia said to Jack, “This evening I invited Phyllis to come to our room. I saw how she looked at you. Jack, do you think Phyllis is attractive?”

“The double bitch? Yes I do think she is attractive. And what am I suppose to do when she gets here?”

“She has enormous breasts, doesn’t she?”

“I didn’t notice, yes, she does, really large breasts. I ask again, what am I suppose to do?”

“I told her you wanted her, sexually and that if she came here at seven, she could seduce you if she wanted. The only condition is I get to watch. That’s my fantasy. I want to watch someone I have had sex with have it with another woman. Are you still all right with this?”

“I’m not sure.”

“I promise you Jack, you will not regret it and it will make me so happy. I have never met anyone, Jack I dare ask. You are the only one I would trust.”

“We’ll see how it goes. But if it gets too strange then I have to stop.”

“That’s fair enough.”

It was exactly seven when there was a knock on the door. Cynthia answered it, “Hello, Phyllis. Come in. We are glad you could join us.”

“Thanks for having me I was afraid we got off to a rocky start. This was nice atalar escort for you to have me.”

Jack stood up and greeted Phyllis. He never had really looked at her breasts, but now he was and they were wonderful. The dress she wore button up the front but at least the top but at least the four top buttons were not buttoned. Phyllis’s cleavage was long and deep. It caused Jack to have stirrings.

There was music playing, the room was lit only by the fireplace, the ocean storm could only be seen from the flashes of the moon reflecting on the water at the clouds tumultuously passed by. Cynthia was over at a counter fussing with something. Jack was sitting in a chair looking at Phyllis. Their conversation was lost in his thoughts.

He stood up and went over where Cynthia was, softly saying, “Are you sure, I feel a little awkward.”

“You’ll be fine; I will leave for thirty minutes. Please Jack, do this for me.”

Jack went back to where Phyllis was sitting. He glanced at Cynthia, but she was not there. He went over to the window and looked at the ocean and could hardly see anything. He then felt a body next to him, it was Phyllis. Jack looked at her and she gently gave him a kiss. “Would you like to dance?”

Taking Jack by the hand, she led him to the area close to the fireplace and they held each other, their feet not moving by their bodies swaying the time of Frank Sinatra’s voice. She pulled Jack in tighter so her breasts pushed against his chest. He could feel the warmth of her body against his and the more they moved, the more it excited him. Is brain kept switching back and forth from Cynthia to Phyllis. Phyllis moved her leg in between Jack’s and she could feel his cock swelling. The more she moved, the harder he became. She spoke, “You do know that Cynthia called me a bitch, don’t you?”

“I am sure she didn’t mean it.”

“Yes, she did and it is okay, I can be a bitch. Jack, you know I want you to fuck me, don’t you.”

“And you know I want to.”

Phyllis stepped back and unbuttoned the rest of her aydınlı escort dress. Her breasts were covered with a black bra that sheerness left no doubt as to the size and darkness of color of her areolae, not to mention the hardness her nipples. She was not wearing anything to cover between her smooth long legs. She took Jacks hand and led him to the bed.

She was standing with her back to the side of the bed, facing Jack, “Jack, I want you to fuck me like the bitch I am.”

She then took off her dress and removed her bra. As Jack started to touch her breasts, she turned around and laid the top half of her torso on the bed. Jack quickly removed all his clothes. Her beautiful ass was right at the height of Jack’s cock.

He started to put his hands around her when he felt from behind a warm body, skin against skin. Moving to his side, Cynthia gave him a small kiss on his chest as she went to her knees. She took his manhood, now erect and firm and kissed the very tip, her tongue circling the head. Then she took him in her mouth and covered his penis with her saliva. Standing up she held Jack’s cock in her hand and guided it toward Phyllis’s pussy.

When he was just ready to enter, Cynthia went behind Jack and held him around the waste. Jack moved his hips forward a Phyllis started to moan. Jack’s movement in and out of Phyllis was directed by Cynthia gently pulling and pushing him. When Jack was all the way in, Phyllis started to move.

Cynthia then took her hand and got hold of Jack’s wrist and pulled his hand around to his back. With his palm turned up, she moved so Jack’s hand was between her legs. His finger found Cynthia’s lips and he slid his first two fingers inside of her. As Jack moved forward into Phyllis, he slight came to Cynthia’s outer labia. Pulling back from Phyllis made his fingers go deep into Cynthia.

The rhythm of all three became as a symphony. Sound from Phyllis and Cynthia mingled with the primal sound Jack. Time was suspended. Jack could feel the vaginal muscles of Phyllis tighten. Cynthia was given the same response. Jack began to accelerate the stroke and back stroke in each woman.

Finally he could hold his sperm no longer and gushed into Phyllis. Cynthia became so wet he could barely keep his fingers in her. Then calmness came over them all.

To Be Continued

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