My First Online Adventure Ch. 01

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I met Paul and Dan, a gay couple, online in 2009 on a gay social site for chubs and their admirers. At the time I was a 22 year old 300lbs. 6’0 submissive bottom that liked to occasionally post dirty pictures on such sites but never truly considered meeting anyone offline. Paul and Dan are two guys that are rather large themselves, though they are much more masculine and strong than I am. My body type could be compared to that of a girl’s, with large breasts, ass, and hips.

After chatting with the couple off and on for some time, we eventually fell into a regular schedule of talking online. Every day when I got home from work I would take my clothes off and plop down in front of the webcam to entertain my two virtual guests. The webcam sessions started off relatively innocent, with some basic masturbation and occasion. As Paul and Dan became more comfortable with me, our webcam chats because dirtier. A dildo was soon incorporated and before I knew it I was their personal bitch, toying my hole for their amusement.

We went through about five months of these daily webcam sessions before they eventually suggested that I should come visit them. There was no confusion about what the visit would be for — they made it clear that if I was coming to see them they were going to use me in every way imaginable. Having aydın escort never had a sexual experience before, the thought of meeting up with these two to live out my fantasies excited me but I was extremely shy. We exchanged a healthy amount of dirty e-mails detailing exactly what we would all like to happen during the visit. After much planning I was finally ready to meet up with them. Time off work was planned, plane tickets were purchased, and I was off to get fucked!

When I arrived I quickly made my way to the hotel to prepare for the coming encounter. After I was finished I phoned them to let them know I was on my way. After a quick taxi ride I found myself in front of their house. I nervously walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. The door immediately swung up and I was told to come inside.

As soon as I stepped through the door I was greeted by two pairs of hands groping me. Paul worked his hands up under my shirt and started to squeeze my tits in his large hands. Dan wasted no time as he pulled my pants and boxers down and proceeded to pull my fat ass cheeks apart to expose my hole. “You want this asshole filled, piggy?” Dan asked as he plunged his thick finger into me.

“Yes sir.” I replied in a soft, shy voice. They commanded me to take off all my clothes and I obeyed.

“Bend over that sofa and show us that shithole, bitch.” Paul ordered me. I complied, sticking my butt up in the air and clawing at my ass cheeks in an attempt to open them wide. The two horny men gazed at my hungry hole as their cocks began to grow.

Paul moved in closer to get a better look as Dan announced he was going to get a toy for me. When he returned he was holding a fairly large dildo. “This will loosen him up nicely.” he said as Paul moved aside.

Dan squirted a liberal amount of lube on my waiting hole and the dildo. He then slowly pushed the head of the dildo into me. “This slut is already ready to go!” he exclaimed after seeing how quickly my ass accepted the thick rubber cock. He rammed the dildo in and out several times before pulling it entirely out, leaving my hole gaping. At this point Paul was already moving in to position for me to suck his cock. He didn’t say anything but instead simply forced his dick past my lips and into my mouth. This was my first time with a dick in my mouth but it was absolute heaven. Paul has an average-sized cock, however it is quite thick. The girth stretched my mouth and jaw to the limit as he began to push deeper into my mouth.

As Paul was slowly pushing my head onto his dick I suddenly felt Dan grab my hips from behind. He rubbed the head of his cock on my butthole for a moment before sticking it in. Dan was much more aggressive than Paul, who was still gently fucking my mouth. Dan was beginning to pick up speed, going deeper with each thrust. After a few minutes of this my ass was easily swallowing the entirety of his large cock. The two continued pumping me full from both ends until Paul eventually broke the silence by announcing he was about to cum down my throat. As he said that he placed his hands on the back of my head and forcefully pushed my down until I was swallowing the whole thing. Moments later he was spurting his lovely semen down my throat. After he was finished cumming he pulled his cock out and rubbed the tip on my lips to clean the remaining jizz off.

Paul then went into the other room as Dan continued to plow me from behind. “Get that face down in the cushions.” Paul said as he lunged over my ass to push my head and shoulders down into the cushioning of the sofa. He gave me some more good thrusts before finally groaning as he pushed balls-deep into my orifice and shot his load inside me. After he pulled his cock out he grabbed both of my ass cheeks and spread them wide to see what he had done to my hole. “Good bitch.” he said as he smacked my ass and then walked into the kitchen. I laid there satisfied, ass still up in the air and filled with cum, as Paul and Dan prepared lunch while discussing what they wanted to do with me next.

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