Ms. Rhonda’s Finishing School Ch. 03

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DISCLAIMER: All characters in this and any additional parts of this story are all over the age of 21.

This tale involved crossdressing, BDSM and in this Chapter pet play. If these subjects do not interest you then I wish you well and hope you find a story on the site which you will enjoy.

If you choose to read this tale then I thank you in advance for doing so. When you have finished I hope you will leave a comment or a suggestion and I would ask that you please vote as well.




I could not remember the last time I awoke with a beautiful gurl in my bed but I could certainly get used to it. I found myself spooning my submissive maid and when I placed a gentle kiss on her neck she turned her head and gave me a sleepy, but beautiful smile.

Returning the same, I hugged her as I said, “Good morning beautiful. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with how you served last night Patricia. You made me so proud young lady.” You could see her beam with the compliment, her desire to please me not only in her submissive service but it also seemed in my bed leaving her glowing. Last night had been wonderful and I hoped it had been the same for her.

“Did you enjoy your play with Sandra my dear?”

Her eyes shone with delight in reply. “Very much so Miss. It was fun to see she had such a playful side to her as well.”

“Have you given any thought to what you’re going to be looking for now Patricia? Do you desire a permanent Owner? I have a feeling I will be hearing back from Sandra soon for either another playdate or possibly more.”

Her face was so cute as it crinkled a bit in concentration before saying, “I would welcome a chance to serve her again Miss Rhonda but at the moment I’m very happy here with you and Mr. Randolph. It gives me the opportunity to feel helpful around the house and when you ask me, at the store as well. At the moment, that’s what I truly enjoy.”

I have to admit, I was thrilled and had hoped she would say that as I gave her another kiss, enjoying how she felt pressed up against me. “Very well then, we need to discuss payment then.”

I felt her tense up as she said softly, “I’m afraid as I said, I don’t have much money Miss, but I will repay you.”

I laughed as I hugged her tightly saying, “No silly. We need to discuss a salary for you. IF you’re going to be a member of my staff, both here and at work, then you need to be properly compensated for it. This way I have my hooks in you my lovely,” as I let out an evil laugh and she giggled.

By the time we got up and were finally presentable it was mid-morning and I wanted to get to work. I had plans for Abby I needed to see to and I was thrilled to be accompanied by my newest employee, the young maid so pretty sitting beside me as we pulled up to the store. She went in, picking up her basket, knowing what I desired her to do without asking. Meanwhile I stepped out onto the floor to greet the other members of the staff and to see if anyone I knew was browsing.

As I walked around I saw an unfamiliar face, a beautiful woman, obviously a genetic girl who seemed to be observing those in the store as much as she was looking at the items I had for sale. Her hair was the color of midnight, it flowed down her back in a single ponytail and her figure was one that many of my customers along with me would have sold our souls for. Our eyes met and she gave me a nod which I returned. There was something about her that caught my interest and I was intrigued as she moved on, seeing how gracefully she carried herself. She exuded for me a look which said I am comfortable in my own skin, I know what I want and I will have it. I couldn’t help but smile, feeling like I’d seen a soul not unlike my own. Little did I know how right I was.

It was approximately thirty minutes later that Michelle stopped in the office, a bit of a smile playing across her lips. “Rhonda, you might come take a look at this.”

I gave her a questioning look but followed as we stepped out to see Patricia and my mystery shopper seemingly in deep conversation. I couldn’t help but wonder what it was they were sharing but I trusted my student to act properly. Based on the look of the dark haired beauty face and the kind smile she was sharing with her, my gurl was doing just that. It was only when Patricia saw me that she surprised the woman by taking her hand and leading her my way.

The woman was dressed beautifully in a tasteful blouse and skirt though the silk garment seemed to be holding back the promise of the well-endowed beauty. As they drew closer, I saw a pair of brown eyes which seemed to be the color of chocolate and it was easy to see how you could be drawn to them and to her. The look she gave me was a warm one as I gave her my best smile as Patricia said, “Miss Rhonda this is Missy. Missy, this is my Owner, Miss Rhonda.”

She surprised me, her voice sounding eerily familiar to Pendik Anal Escort my own as I heard, “I’ve heard many wonderful things about you Miss Rhonda. One of my acquaintances, Brandy, tells me that you’ve helped many of these young ladies to find the strength to embrace their roles and their positions in life. I can see now why your store is not only a safe haven for many but also a wonderful place to meet new friends such as your beautiful submissive.”

Patricia couldn’t help but blush and I looked closely at the rather well-spoken lady who I now stood across from. I wondered if perhaps it might all be an act, similar to the one that Brenda might use, but instead her sincerity and the way her eyes looked into mine it was as if she was telling me something. I felt the smile on my face widen as she did the same as I reached out and gave her a hug and was delighted to hear her whisper in my ear, “You really should be quite proud of her.”

When we broke the embrace she spoke again saying, “Patricia said you might have a moment or two to speak to me concerning one of your charges, a young gurl named Abby. Would that be possible Miss Rhonda?”

“Of course Missy, but only if you call me Rhonda, please?”

Her smile again made her look even more beautiful though to be honest it was hard to do. I saw up close now what I had witnessed from afar. She had a way about her to make any submissive feel special and she certainly knew a fellow dominant when she saw one. It was rare to meet a woman who could move to easily from one realm to the other but she did it effortlessly. I started to turn to ask Patricia something only to see the young gurl had already anticipated it as I heard a gentle laugh. “She knows what you require before you even say it Rhonda. The two of you fit well together.”

As we entered my office, I motioned to a chair and as she sat down I said, “I have a feeling that Brandy has spoken to you about Abby and her rather unique desire?”

Her eyes danced with delight as she replied. “Brandy is a very sweet and kind woman. She was so impressed with Abby that by the time she was done telling me everything I wanted to speak to you concerning her. I consider Brandy to be an animal lover or enthusiast, while I am more of an animal Trainer. There is a huge difference between the two.”

My face must have shown the question in it as she smiled saying, “I’m aware this is your initial foray into a rather select world Rhonda, one dealing in pet play. It is not nearly as well spread as many of the other kinks that are involved in the realm of BDSM but it can be, as Brandy said, extremely rewarding for both the Owner and the animal.”

I sensed Abby had moved into position but she didn’t walk in until Missy had finished speaking, serving both of us glasses of wine, her presentation up to her usual standards as the dark haired dominant complimented her. “Thank you very much Patricia. Miss Rhonda is a very lucky woman to have such a beautiful gurl as you that is so attentive to her needs and that of a guest.”

She accepted the words, her face showing her gratitude as she started to move away only to hear, “Rhonda, would it be possible for Patricia to stay here with us? If you will allow it, I have a question or two I would like to ask her in a moment.”

I nodded as the submissive maid moved close to me, kneeling down and waiting as the woman sitting across continued. “Brandy’s exuberance concerning Abby’s performance has left me feeling conflicted. I have looked for quite some time to find a submissive that enjoys both a D/s relationship and also the possibility of pet play without success. The problem arises in the fact that she might be too good at what she does, in who she is, for me. I am a Trainer and I most enjoy having someone with a bit of a, shall we say, rough edge for me to refine and to mold into what I require.”

I nodded, but if I would have been able to see it, I would have seen the troubled expression which fell across the young gurl’s face that knelt beside me.

“Might I ask your submissive now a question or two, perhaps get her opinion on this matter.”

“Of course. Patricia you will answer this woman’s questions to the best of your ability. Please give her the respect she is due and of course, answer her with your honesty.”

Missy’s voice was kind as the young maid stood, making her way over to where the stunning creature sat as she waited to hear, “My dear, have you had a chance to speak to Abby concerning her desires, especially about her role as an animal?”

Patricia stood straight, her hands clasped in front of her, while her eyes remained lowered in respect. Her voice as always soft, the words carefully chosen. “Yes Miss, Abby shared with me a few words after her meeting with Miss Brandy.”

“Well then, I’m interested in what you have to say. Do you think this for Abby is all part of a game, part of her persona as a submissive?”

There was a second or two Pendik Yaşlı Escort pauses before she heard “Abby was the happiest I had ever seen her after her time with Miss Brandy. I could see it in her eyes; she had the same look I had when I was given a chance to actually be who I wanted to be. The time she had may have been limited but it brought her the same joy I have found in being the maid I had always dreamed of being. It is no game to Abby. It is simply who she is, who she wants to be.”

“Why do you think she has such a unique desire dear?”

“Miss, for me to answer that is like you asking Abby why I would want to be a submissive sissy French Maid. She may not understand why someone would want to be put in such a position which holds the promise of being looked down upon by others without knowing how it completes me. I think Abby is just like me. We’re a puzzle which isn’t finished until a vital piece is put in place. For her, its being an animal and once that piece fits, then she is free to embrace Abby, all of her.”

Patricia missed the silent exchange between the two of us, the nod which showed such understanding and I realized she was playing an important role in not only possibly Abby’s development but in my submissives as well. The smile we shared was one only true dominants could understand.

“Very well said Patricia, thank you for your answers and your honesty.” I thought the young woman would move back to kneel beside me but she hesitated, something not lost on either of us. Once again we looked at one another and I gave Miss my silent approval as she stood, her voice still showing kindness as she spoke. “Young lady, if you have something to add, something which might help me in my decisions concerning this pet, then please feel free to speak. I respect and value your opinion or I would not have asked for it in the first place. Say what you will Patricia.”

I think she surprised both of us as her eyes looked up, tears welling in them as she spoke. “Please Miss; do not turn Abby away because she is perfect in her presentation. We are alike in many ways but when I first started I failed at even the simplest of tasks but Miss Rhonda took a chance on me and she’s given me the confidence to stand before you today. Don’t punish Abby by not giving her the same chance even if she isn’t as you said, rough around the edges. I know how happy she could make you and more importantly, how happy you could make her.”

With that, her head lowered but Missy wasn’t having any of that. She lifted her chin, forcing her eyes which now showed the tears flowing freely as she pulled the young gurl into her arms. She gave her a warm embrace, as Patricia did the same as she heard, “You are wise beyond your years young lady. Miss Rhonda has found not only a wonderful maid but also a dear, sweet, kind young woman whose heart knows no boundaries. I must admit, I’m a bit jealous.”

She gave me a wink and I smiled in reply as she released the maid who walked back over to kneel beside me. By the time she was in position it seemed a decision had been made.

“Rhonda, with your permission I would like to meet with Abby and you at a time and location of your choosing. I want her to be in a place where she knows she is safe so that I can observe and talk to her about what her needs, wants and desires are. Feel free to have Patricia join us if you think that will help not only the gurl but also the animal inside her to be at their very best.”

We set a time and place, the next Saturday at my home, and after hugs had been given all around Missy departed. I hoped Saturday would not be the last time our paths would cross as I felt as if I had found not only an equal but also a woman whose thoughts about the world we lived in would be similar to those which ran through my own mind. As I said, a possible kindred spirit.

I must have known after having such a special evening and the promise that today had delivered that things at one time or another would take a turn for the worst. Helen, Patricia and Deidre were in the office with me when sure enough, it was about an hour later that DeeDee walked in saying, “We…have a problem.”

She walked over motioning to the monitor which showed the woman who, when I last saw her, had been on her knees and had vowed that our paths would cross again. Sure enough like a bad dream, she had resurfaced and this time she wasn’t alone. The man standing behind her was huge, almost filling the screen and to my friends surprise she saw the smile which came to my face. Deidre and I already had a plan in place and since those involved already knew their parts I had Helen go out to bring our guests back to my office.

When she escorted them in she managed to keep a straight face seeing I wasn’t the one behind the desk. Instead it was my co-conspirator Deidre who stood, beckoning to a chair which Brenda sat down in as if she owned the establishment, while her rather large companion stood behind Pendik Zenci Escort her.

“I’m sorry Miss but Rhonda is busy at the moment. I’m her executive assistant Deidre; perhaps I might be of assistance to you?”

The blonde dismissed her with a wave saying, “Unless you have the authority to return my property that your employer stole then no, I fail to see where you can be of any assistance whatsoever. I demand the young man Patrick be returned to me immediately. So I suggest you run along and tell your owner that Mistress Brenda does not like to be kept waiting.”

“Patrick? I’m not aware of any…oh, you must mean Patricia. She is such a beautiful young gurl and she’s come so far since Miss Rhonda rescued her from that dreadful woman she told me about. I can’t remember…what did she call her? Oh yes, a mad dog who should probably be put down. Her name sounds so familiar. As a matter of fact, it sounds a lot like yours.”

The green eyed witch glared at her, speaking in a threatening tone saying, “I would choose your words very carefully bitch. My associate Jackson, does not like it when people do not show me the proper respect I should be given.”

The man mountain that stood behind her didn’t move but his eyes locked on Deidre’s as she smiled at him saying “Well then he’s probably really not going to like what I say next. You’re worse than a cur; you’re a coward who hides behind others because she’s afraid of getting her hands dirty. As for your…associate, he’s so muscle bound I’d be surprised if he can reach his dick with either hand. Is that respectable enough for you…BITCH?”

She almost snarled saying, “Jackson, please teach this cretin a lesson as to what happens when people of her ilk cross my path.”

He took two steps toward her only for Deidre to stand and say, “Wait a minute Jackson, what is that?”

She pointed directly at his crotch and as he looked down, he saw the laser light held steady just between his legs and when he looked up he saw me after I had stepped out from behind the dark curtain. I gave him my most brilliant smile, my Glock in hand as I said, “Hey there Jackson. I’d ask how they’re hanging but from what I can tell they’re shrinking.”

I saw a mixture of anger and surprise fill his face as I grinned before continuing. “Your employer has put you in a very bad situation here dear boy. I see one of three ways in which this goes down, and I’ll speak slowly so both of you understand.”

“One, you take off that extremely ugly sport coat so that everyone can see that shoulder holster you have on your left side. Next, you take your pinky finger, which I’m betting after all those steroids your body has endured is about the size of the dick Deidre referred to, and you pull out that .38 special you think you’re hiding. I fail to understand why a man feels like he needs such firepower but then again it’s probably to compensate for that small…well, you know.”

Now he was seething, his chest heaving as I calmly continued. “Then, you’re going to put it down on the ground and kick it over to me before you have a seat next to woman who holds your choke collar.”

“Or, we can explore the second option. It gets kind of messy.” I let my eyes bore into his as I said, “I can see in your eyes that you’re contemplating doing something really stupid, like showing your boss here what a brave soldier you are. You think you can get to your gun before I can shoot you and like I said, that would be extremely foolish on your part. Here’s why. The police will eventually come and they’ll find me here in this spot saying it was self-defense. My associate will still be sitting there and she will say the same thing. Now Brenda here by then will probably be desperately in need of a new pair of knickers, having pissed her pants when I shot you, but in the end she will say it was cold blooded murder. Now, I know neither of you are highly educated so let me do the arithmetic for you. Two against one, we win, she loses and you’re still dead.”

Now I saw a look of apprehension on his face and it was time to put an end to this. “Or, we can go with what’s behind door number three which is”, as I moved quickly, shoving the barrel of the gun directly into his crotch. “YOU CAN TAKE OFF THAT UGLY ASS COAT, PUT YOUR FUCKING GUN ON THE FLOOR, KNEEL BESIDE THAT BITCH THAT YANKS YOUR CHAIN AND QUIT PISSING ME OFF!”

A few seconds later it was obvious that Jackson was in desperate need of a fresh pair of panties but I was afraid we didn’t have any in his size. I gave Deidre a grin as the behemoth sat on the floor, all the fight having gone out of him. Meanwhile, Brenda’s face was a lovely shade of gray, her bravado seeming to have vanished as quickly as her bodyguard’s testicles had. “Well, now that we have that nasty piece of business out of the way why don’t we settle the rest of this in a civilized manner? Patricia, would you step out here dear?”

The maid appeared from behind the same curtain I had and it gave me enormous pleasure to see the look on Brenda’s face to see the vision she had become. I let her drink that in for a moment before saying, “Patricia, I know we’ve had this discussion before but since our guests here are late to the party, why don’t we bring her up to speed?”

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