Controlling Sydd

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For Sydd, this seemed so farfetched and so out of her normal comfort zone. She found this strange personal ad in the Stranger, a local Seattle free monthly paper. It was simple;

Male Looking For Female, willing to submit, to be used, enjoyed.

That was all, no list of preferences for size, shape, age, or the usual. Curiosity had me reply, I even linked my Fetlife bio, for him to review me and my preferences. I had little expectations but my mind reeled with ideas. My toys sure got a workout. I am glad I got a Wahl a few months ago or I would need a lot more batteries.

Checking my account, I went on to see what is new on the groups I enjoy lurking on, only to see an e-mail for me. No one e-mails me, I am just another lurker in a sea of lurkers.

Clicking it, I saw it was from a Sub4Me. My heart raced. It had to be the guy from the ad. I was afraid to open it. I did not want to read a rejection letter. Granted it would be nice to have someone tell me no vs. ignored like all too often. So I clicked it. “Approved” was all it said. I was elated.

From there we e-mailed back and forth and now I got off the bus, dressed somewhat smartly and getting many a second through. I had on a dark grey skirt that came to my knees, matching flats, a light grey long sleeve button down shirt, and a small overnight bag in my hand.

In no time, I was standing in the lobby of an apartment high-rise. Shaking I pressed the button. I still did not clearly know what I was getting into but I wanted it. At some base level, I felt I needed it.

The ride on the elevator was quick and did not help quell the butterflies in my belly. 1701 was easy to find. It seemed to be the only door on this level except to the stairwell. I knocked on the door and waited.

I could hear him walk to the door and it smoothly opened.

“Welcome and come in.” from the man 6 ft. 4 inches, looking down at me. He looked to be well muscled and even could be described as burly. A bit of a tan but with sun bleached blond hair. What struck me most were his eyes, a piercing blue. He was dreamy.

“Um … thanks you … sir.” I stammered and stepped in.

He lead me from the entry to the dining room. Laying on the table was a single sheet of paper.

“I have outlined those things that I understand is acceptable to you and the second column, those items you and I do not wish to partake in, at least currently. Each is subject to change at our mutual agreement. You can stop our play at any time, for any reason, no questions. Just say ‘Banana’. If something is pushing a boundary but not a need to end play, feel free to say ‘Grape’ and I will at my judgment adjust the play to suit what I detect as an issue. Any question?”

Nervously, I looked over the paper. A seemed clear and covered even though the sheet was hard to read, shaking in my hands. I turned to him and nodded, I even croaked out a barely audible “Yes.”.

“Okay, stand before me.”

Now for the nearly complete self-confidence break down. This hunk of man checking me out, I have always been nervous about my size. I am a big girl, large but not in charge. Teased in school or ignored by the ‘in’ groups. I am always falling into the geeky, nerd groups, not none of ‘it’ groups. Granted these groups are much more in vogue the older I get and I am enjoying that. For the most part, I have always just tried to be invisible.

Now he walked around me, Pendik Sınırsız Escort eyes borrowing into me, judging me. I kept my eyes low for the most part as he walked around me. I see him looking at my legs, my large hips, my big belly, my large boobs, and I am sure my fat ass. This is a bad idea. He is going to reject me and be little me, I’m sure.

I had just psyched myself up to preemptively tell him that his was not going to work out, as he came around the third time but he beat me to it.

“Well, Sydd, I like what I see, you will be perfect.”

Stunned, I found a seat and sat down. My mind was reeling, this is going to happen. Then “Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.”

“While you’re sitting, kick off your shoes and follow me to the living room.” and with that, he walked off to the entry hall and disappeared around the corner.

I kicked off shoes and set down my bag. Walking quietly, I went to the hall and quickly spotted the living room entry.

“Go and stand on the X and wait for me there.” came his voice from down the hall.

The X was easy to find, just a black X on a wood floor. The room was all cleared out in the center. To the side of the room was a few sports bags on some chairs, a few end tables and couch against one wall. The curtains along the two walls were drawn and I could hear some distance street noises.

Soon I heard him coming down the hall. He too was barefoot and moved into the room behind me. “Oh yes, you’re so perfect.” and I jumped. He walked around me again but he had a smile on his face and I watched him.

He did not just have a smile, he had changed clothing. He had on a leather vest, unbuttoned and open, his dark chiseled chest with blond curls of chest hair. He also had on a pair of black leather chaps, held up by a equally black belt with a symbol of black and blue. Under the chaps, he had on a pair of sexy, silky red boxers. I could see he manhood moving around in them and the shorts must feel good against his manhood.

He walked over to a bag and pulled out a spreader bar. This one had a leather ends and a pad in the center of the bar. Walking behind me, he asked me to put arms behind my back. With minimal tugs, my wrists were now snugly wrapped in padded leather cuffs, the middle pad now seems clearly to protect my back and allow my arms to rest without the bar digging in.

Out of the same bag comes a second spreader bar. This one had larger cuff and was soon going around my ankles. It was a little uncomfortable having my feet this far apart but not too bad. Out of the blue, I got a bite, a gentle bite, on my back side. I had to laugh. That helped break the tension.

There I stood, bound by leather and aluminum. At the mercy of a man I really did not know. I still had a lot of fear but it was quickly being replaced by raw lust and desire.

Standing in front of me, he looked me over and smiled. From inside his vest, he withdrew a blindfold and put it over my eyes with a last glimpse of his naughty red boxers. His fingers brushed my hair from my face and caressed my face, I even rubbed back into his hand.

He worked his hands down my arms and even tickling me causing me to shudder and jerk a bit.

Soon I could feel him unbuttoning my blouse. He started from the bottom button and slowly worked his way up, pulling it up and out from under the top of my skirt. He paused about mid-way up and I, unexpectedly, Pendik Suriyeli Escort could feel his breath on my lips briefly before he began to kiss me.

One hand went behind my held, pulling our faces firmly together. the other hand went to my ass and pulled us together. I wanted to throw my arms around him. His fingers drove his fingers in and around my hair and pulling my head back from time to time, to break the kiss. The hand on my butt was always gentle and lovingly caressing me.

All too soon, he broke the kiss. I was really getting into it. Tongue on tongue is always welcome with me. He went back and finished unbuttoning my blouse. Soon it was parted and pushed back to my shoulders.

I am sure my large breasts, barely covered by a nearly transparent lace bra. His fingertips traced across, around, and over my breasts. My nipples are very sensitive and I am sure responding nicely with the attention.

I had to remind myself to breath and licked my dry lips.

Next he moved on to massaging my breast. One globe per palm squeezed and groped with skilled hands. He even managed to wrestle my nipples between his fingers, from time to time and included them on the messaging. All I could do was gasp and moan. He was really good at this.

After a good workout, he took a break and walked off but came back quickly, setting what sounded like a chair behind me.

“Are we still okay?” he asked me quietly next to me ear with his warm breath blowing in my ear and neck.

“Yes … yes, sir.” I managed to gasp out. My throat was so dry.

He unclasped the front of my bra, freeing the girls.

“Sit.” he ordered.

Carefully, he helped me sit on the chair, even from the odd balancing from both spreader bars. Brushing away the clothing from my breast, he dove in face first. Sucking, licking, nibbling, and teasing me in such heavenly ways, back and forth from breast to heaving breast.

Kneeling in front of me, he began to suck on my right breast while fondling the left one. Sucking my nipple into his mouth and flicking his tongue on it at will. While the messaging was great, the oral examination of my boob was divine.

He would alternate back and forth from breast to breast, sucking and nibbling on one and messaging the other. Sometimes he would double team on one alone, grabbing it with both hands and lightly flicking his tongue with glancing teasing licks.

I was freely moaning and squirming in my seat. I wanted desperately to grasp his head and pull it back every time he came up for air. I needed this. This went on for ages but did not seem long enough, sucking, nibbling, messaging, and licking all at the same time.

Then it stopped, too soon.

He backed away and stood up, I could hear him doing something but not all was clear from the noise.

Out of the blue, his hand grasped my throat, a firm grasp and pulled my hair back and forced kissed me, deep long and passionate. As suddenly as the kiss started, it ended but the hand on my hair and throat remained.

“Stand up. Now.” he hissed at me. With a little work and some balance from his choking grasp, I got up on to my feet.

“Hobble forward.”

He released the grasp on my neck and hair but did help guide me by holding the spreader bar on my hands. I bet I looked comical, breast flailing left and right as swung leg around and then the other. It Pendik İranlı Escort was not too embarrassing, no one can see me, I am still blindfolded. I only went a few steps before he told me to stop.

He walked around me again. Both hands found their way to my hips. Seems he used me for balance and he went down on his knees behind me. Once settled on his knees, his hands began to explore my ass through my skirt. Palms gliding to and fro, fingertips exploring and tickling, as his hands ended up going down my legs off the skirt, they came back up but taking the skirt up and pulling it all the way up to the top of the hips.

Now my matching, nearly see thru, lace bone white panties was in full view. With his hands holding the skirt up, he began to kiss my ass cheeks, on and off my panties. Soon his hands went back to exploring my body as he kissed and licked me.

He seemed to be enjoying caressing and kissing my curvy bits. I have never had someone loving on my butt this much, I can really get used to it. As with all other things, it came to an end too quickly. I felt air moving around as he tossing some stuff on the floor at my feet.

“Kneel, wench.” he said sternly but carefully helped me to get on to my knees. Thankfully he tossed a couch cushion for me to kneel on. He pulled up on the hand spreader bar and pulled my arms up.

WHACK. His palm struck my butts right cheek.

Whack, whack, whack, and whack five times total. He held his palm to me, warm and comforting.

“Thank you, can I have another?” I asked with a smile on my face. I think I heard him chuckle.

He shifted arms on the bar and spanked my left cheek, five times but much harder. Owie.

He lifted the bar higher and told me to lean forward. I kept drifting forward until my breasts touched down on the couch. I laid down face first onto the couch. Down came my panties, a little stinging over my reddening ass.

Kneeling down behind me, he spanked me again and again, alternating left and right. He kept going, stinging and burning.

“Still like it, wench?” he asked

“Thank you, can I have another?” but less enthusiastically this time.

Back and forth he slapped my ass. I began to moan and tear up, my cries lost into the pillow. Then it stopped and he rustled around again but enjoying my reprieve, I guess I only like so much spanking. Well, maybe a little more would be fine.

Both hand grasped my hips and pulled me to him. I was ready, hot and wet. With no resistance, his manhood dove deep into my womanhood. His cock went all the way thrusting deep against my cervix. His cock was long, not the longest I have had but was thick. The overall girth was more than I ever had. I cried out and tried to grasp at something but only ended up pulling and yanking on the bar.

He held it in deep but then pulled it most of the way out and drove it in again. Soon he changed to grasping the bar next to my hands and I could caress his arms. He slowly fucked me, nice long strokes also holding it deep in me from time to time.

As time went on, he picked up the pace, I was rocking back and forth over my breasts, rubbing my nipples on the supple leather.

I climaxed hard, harder than most but he did not slow, he sped up more making climax continue. I began to feel his balls slapping me and he too was breathing hard. Then with some mighty strokes he shot his load, making my climax more and more, clenching his hard cock.

He shuttered from time to time as he began to come down.

In a little time, he pulled out and undid my bindings. Once free, I turned and threw my arms around him and we laid together on the floor for a long time, enjoying each other kisses.

End, for now.

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