Across the Road Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 – Lying down on the job

Victor led the way into the hall again, followed by the other guests surrounding Mark who took turns fondling his cock and smooth bollocks (from his careful grooming) and then through another door at the rear of the house.

‘This is usually just the downstairs bathroom,’ said Stephanie, ‘but on our special days we add this!

As the room was larger than the average bathroom, there was plenty of space for the large plastic covered bed that was raised off the ground a little. Mark immediately spotted that one end had a cushioned pillow at the end that was inside the shower cubicle itself.

‘Lie down’

He walked to the midpoint of the bed, where two handles stuck out from each side and went to follow the instructions. He had to be careful though because just above where his face would rest there was a circular padded seat with a large hole that would be directly over it.

‘This is our Queening Bench,’ said Victor proudly. ‘Here anyone who would like Mark to suck and lick their private parts is welcome to do so.’ Amelia had a broad grin on her face.

‘If you wish to piss – and only piss – while Mark is pleasuring you, you are welcome to do so too. The shower will clean everything up afterwards very easily. Mark, please can you lift your knees and move your feet to the bars by your side now?’

Mark did so and felt Victor and his wife take one Kartal Öğrenci Escort foot each, moving them slightly to each side and securing them in place.

‘One additional benefit of this table is that our special guest has his legs spread so that he is fully accessible to us. I hope that you all brought your favourite dildos and vibrators as I suggested to you? You will find a selection of lubricants over there to help explore Mark’s arse while he assists someone else.

Amelia was already half undressed, putting her clothes by one of the ‘audience’ chairs that were behind the door they came in by. She sat carefully above Mark so her slightly hairy pussy was within reach of his tongue.

‘Make me cum.’

Mark started to lick her black slit eagerly. She had slim outer lips but fat juicy inner ones and the sound of squelching filled the room. At the same time, Edith gently teased Mark. She knew his body well from his single day he had spent with her and her sister and knew exactly which parts of his cock head and rim were most arousing to him. Although he whined and moaned at her touch she also knew how to avoid making him shoot the load that was building on his balls.

In this restrained position, the only thing that he could do was to lie back and enjoy licking and tonguing Amilia, which he did with great enthusiasm egged on by what was being done to his cock, the knowledge Kartal Çıtır Escort that his performance was being watched and her moans and groans as she thrust herself desperately through the hole in the seat and against his mouth. She was also extremely juicy and wet and her cum smelling liquids dribbled down onto his face, turning him still further.

In the end she came suddenly with a load cry.

‘Well done, you two’, said Victor from his seat, that makes these evenings and the young men who come and share themselves with us so worthwhile. Mark turned his head and saw that while the two men still wore shirts – and in Brent’s case a tie too – both had removed their pants and trousers and were happily sporting large erections.

‘You can have both of these inside you soon, but you have not finished there quite yet.’

After Amelia had had two more quicker – but from the sounds of her final scream – equally satisfying orgasms, she stood up and Amelia eagerly took her place. Her pussy was more… ‘Motherly’, Mark decided as he started to pleasure her instead. He could feel his tongue going deeper between her lips to reach the entrance to her already sticky cunt. At the same time he could feel that a thin anal vibrator being inserted inside him and gently rubbing steadily against his prostate making him drip pre-cum from his slit.

Stephanie was less vocal than Amelia but Mark Kartal Elit Escort could tell that she was clearly getting what she needed and then she raised herself slightly and announced to the room that she needed to pee.

Mark wasn’t sure if he wanted to keep his mouth open or shut but his instinct was to keep his lips tight together as he felt her warm piss start to hit him and roll down his cheeks and neck. The smell and the volume was overwhelming of course, particularly because his current position preventing him from avoiding it but the novelty of the situation meant that those seated on the chairs could also see him thrusting his hips as much as he was able as he subconsciously tried to rub himself against something that wasn’t even there.

‘That is the main reason for having the room set up this way,’ said Victor. Mrs H has always loved sharing everything with me too’. Her bladder emptying more slowly now, she lowered her now wet pussy – that was only dripping with the last of her piss – back towards Mark so he could lick her pussy again turned on by it’s different taste and smell.

‘I have please her in that way many times of course but her insatiable desires were the reason we invited gentlemen

one evening and we (and they) have had many happy times in the same way that you are now ever since.

Stephanie was still quite warm and juicy as Mark continued and shortly reached the point of no return to the delight of those watching.

‘In a moment, you can have a shower

1, to make sure you are clean and ready to feel cock inside you, but first I think that Brent would like to find out what your mouth feels like now, so we will let him take the seat of honour first.

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