Emancipation Ch. 09: Anal Lesson

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[This story line was a chapter in the bigger story of Sue, Out of The Closet, but is totally stand alone.]

EMANCIPATION – Ch 9Shared Showersand Asses© Literocat

=========================== ===========================

“Amazing isn’t it? I hope to build on your present hypersensitivity to another sensual peak. I’ll let you open the anti-bacterial soap and shampoo I got in your honor.” I watched Lois soak her long hair and face me, her eyes closed. “Your arm movements are making your tits dance irresistibly. Wet nipples taste so good for some reason. Here, feel my tongue rest under your puckering nipples and lap up the water spilling off them. The water tastes as sweet as I expected.”

Lois must have expected that assault since she hardly flinched. She poured shampoo on her hair and I took another lick off the other nipple before soap spoiled it. I can’t help flashing back to the last time we were gathered. Hearing the word ‘tit’ would enrage her. Now, she’s sharing her tits with me, naked, enjoying my fingers in her pussy… how surreal!

“As you rub anti-bacterial soap on your beautiful face and body, ride with me while I describe what I do to you. With trust, you can enjoy the exposure, vulnerability, of surrendering your body to me. I’m using a wash cloth with your soap to [157] rub you lovingly from shoulders, neck, down your chest paying special attention to these shapely boobs and tasty nipples, around your narrow waist with just enough pressure to both clean you and give you goose bumps of pleasure. You sighed loudly. [158]

“I add more anti-bacterial soap and scrub your curvaceous hips, your silken pubic patch, then surprise you when I bypass your enticing clit and slide down your long legs and over your feet instead. Once nearly all the soap is gone, I nudge your knees far, far apart and wipe straight up your thighs into the leg/hip creases and finally over your mound. Your hands freeze, shocked motionless, still in your soapless hair. Your eyes are closed, but your frozen grin betrays your pleasure.

“Watching you enjoy a simple shower so much, with my hands welcome on your svelte body, makes me glow warmly. My wash cloth is in your pouting pussy, between swelling sets of lips. Once I sadly wipe away your juices from your compelling [159] canal, I toss the cloth and use my bare fingers to open it wide. I hear your raspy breathing over the sound of the water! Lean back, so I can further explore your sweet pussy. We’re both breathless.”

About then I noticed our audience. Joe and Sue were quietly enjoying Lois’s bliss with me. [160] They sat naked on the lidded toilet, Sue between Joe’s legs, Joe fondly and mindlessly pinching Sue’s nipples from behind.

“Moving closer between your legs, my thumbs slide into your lips and stretch your clit. My fingers find their way deep into your throbbing pussy. They slide along your textured walls, gently compressing the granular softness. Your abrupt gulp doesn’t escape me. Working my way up, I put some pressure on the clitoral sides, then slide along your internal clitoris shaft. I watch you buckle and grab the walls for support.”

“Whaaat are you doing to me?” My hand slid back and latched onto her inner lip. I stretched it gently to each side, then pulled it out just beyond her sensitive outer lip. She moaned again and I heard Sue echo her deep, guttural groan as Joe licked his lips.

“I’ll avoid your G spot for now since I don’t want to overload you… YET! Two fingers pump your once again fragrant pussy, slide near then tug your clit. Your knees began to waffle again and I brace you, then move the heat of my tongue against your pussy and clit.” As I get back on my knees, I notice and report “Joe has his fingers in Sue’s pussy and she’s leaning into him, eyes closed.” Amazingly, I didn’t mind him turning her on.

My warm tongue worked its way deeper into Lois’s sweetly flavored pussy. Despite all the tasty water spilled onto my tongue, I savored her luscious nectar. I increased my pumping speed, letting my extended pinky bump her rosebud at each in-stroke. She didn’t object to the light anal touch, maybe didn’t notice it. [161] I could see her rosebud stopped tensing. It was almost relaxed. Still pistoning her, I began pulling back her hood and had a clear view of her sweet, soaked little man standing tall.

The same pumping then included her clit GLANS and she completely lost control. Rapidly approaching a peak, she locked her head to one side, breathed fast and raspy. Her lights dimmed as her chest and hopping tits reddened. She screamed. Her tender pussy flooded then exploded copious cunt juices on my ravenous tongue in an uncontrolled release. Still shuddering in her latest screaming orgasm, she collapsed onto me. Feeling so gratified, I held her as she lay still, passed out? [162] I wondered if the very hot water helped make that happen. Joe and Sue stared with open mouths, amazed that Lois let herself go like that.

Still locked in a blissful embrace, I rocked her gently. We laid there just a few minutes until Lois stirred. She was dizzy, smiled and wondered canlı bahis şirketleri what happened. I didn’t answer just so she’d slowly recall her blissful fall into unconsciousness. Her unfocused eyes stared up at me. She realized where she was and remembered feeling light, high and exquisite (her words). She asked what happened. “You let loose a loud screeching orgasm and passed out.”

“No I didn’t! I don’t do that.”

“OK, Thomasina, ask our audience.” and I pointed to our mates.

She gulped. “You were here all the time watching? Why didn’t I see you?”

“Sweetie, your eyes were closed and your head was floating. Tell her what you saw, guys.”

Joe and Sue told her she was thrashing and enjoying my fingers and tongue, then screamed and passed out.

“O h… m y… G O D!”

We laughed at her disbelief and thrilled in her orgasm. “We’re only about half done with our shower! I need to wash your sweet little ass yet and then you can wash me.” Lois stood on shaky legs, clutched the walls as if rock climbing, and awestruck, silently offered me her back. Using the cloth again, I soaped and washed it. She again got goose bumps as I sensuously stroked her lower back.

“Oh no, not again! I don’t think I can take another of those… not so soon anyway.”

“Have no fear, I know that and won’t bring you that far again, until later. Promise.”

She said “I never worried about my heart before, but promise me I WILL feel that again before we leave.”

“Well, I don’t know. I may have to have my own relief first or I’ll explode.”

“You tell me what to do and I’ll do it. Anything you want!” [163]

“You’re not ready for ‘anything’. You still have to move carefully, but I’ll give you some suggestions. You’ve had several vigorous orgasms. Never forget the fact that you are strongly multi orgasmic. As if you could! We can test and raise your limits later, though thankfully my cock will have to get involved for that. I’ll be very careful how fast and far to take you and how often you cum. Are you willing to try that later?”

“Well, uh, Yes! I’m [164] sure I am. That OK with you honey?”

Joe said “I’m not over the last two orgasms yet, but yes I’d love to watch him fuck you silly again and bring on more multiple orgasms. I don’t know how much more astonished I can be.”

I began wiping Lois’s cheeks, cupping them and dragging the cloth through her ass crack. She jerked away. “Just lean forward and let me caress your ass and wash you there. Notice how the washcloth rubs across your sphincter. If you can relax it and feel the nerves react, you’ll see that, to start, it has the same pleasant feel as gently rubbing an itch, and then some. When you let it relax, it can be cleaned a little deeper too. Have you ever slipped a finger tip or anything else inside your ass?”

“What do you think? I’d never looked at or touched that muscle until now.”

“Yes, I figured that. When you’re ready to try another taboo, you let me know and I’ll guide you gently. We can even start here, in the shower, so the water can wash away anything that concerns you. Until you say you want to try feeling something enter your anus, I’ll just rub it with the cloth and the side of my finger. You can wash me after I help you relax and feel those nerves fire.”

“OK, I’m not ready for anything more than that with my anus. Maybe you can guide me in your ass so I can see what happens.”

“I can do that too, though I don’t think that’s your better choice. Relax your rosebud and try to leave it that way while I rub it lightly with the cloth. Less tension, don’t clench your cheeks. If you don’t have to relieve your bowels, relax the ring muscles then gently bear down as if you were voiding. That’s much better. Here’s the cloth snaking just inside that muscle. How does that feel?”

“I don’t like it so far, but I do have a faint sense of the itching relief.”

“Great, so I won’t push you. I’m really flattered that you’ve trusted me so much and I can’t say it enough, I’m really proud of you.”

“So are we. Astonished and proud too.” chimed in Joe and Sue. Lois blushed a little and relaxed some more. The cloth had less resistance.

“I made sure there’s no soap on the cloth. If you’re like me, you don’t want any inside you, but the cloth washes pretty well with all this water. Tell me which feels better – the long drag, or the short shoeshine stroke. I’ll do the long one first.” Her asshole twitched, but didn’t close tightly again. She began to like [165] the long strokes.

“I’m not sure why, but I’m enjoying all of you looking [166] in my asshole. It’s so naughty! Maybe it’s not as filthy as I thought?”

“How does the long stroke feel now?”

“I uhhh, mmm, hate to admit it, but I feel the itch and relief feeling and it is starting to feel really good.”

“Great. Just another minute and I’ll switch to the other stroke. I’ll pull the cloth just a little harder and deeper two more times. OK, brace yourself, the short stroke means I have to press a little harder still. The first few strokes may feel odd as canlı kaçak iddaa the cloth finds its way, just stay relaxed and wait for the adjustment. Before I use it, I want to check for friction problems with my finger.

“Honey, this should also let you get more relaxed with how my finger feels against your muscle and realize it’s not a threat. I’m not going to push it into you now. Ahh, it looks and feels fine. Without the water, I’d want to lube it a bit first, so later, out of the shower, I will. You’re really doing great keeping the sphincter relaxed. I’ll grab the bottom of the cloth from the front, just below your very tasty pussy. Ready?”

“You know, I think I AM ready. I don’t think I could do this with anyone else.” Now she was reassuring herself.

“Thanks. Bend over a little more, legs straight. Good. I’ll start with very light pressure. Can you feel anything yet?”

“Mmm, barely anything.”

“OK, I’ll increase pressure, but I want to check with my finger every minute. THIS is why I checked your anus earlier. So I had a reference and can spot any problems quickly.” My intention, of course, is to let her get used to the idea of a finger against her ‘dirty’ hole that didn’t invade or contaminate her. Seeing the finger itself survive unharmed helps reassure her that an anal invasion is a safe possibility in the future. “The cloth is going deeper and pressing harder against your sweet tiny hole.”

Sue asked “Is mine that small? Were you so gentle with me?”

“Yes it is. Yours was already broken in and you wanted me to be rougher with you, but yes I was gentle and cautious with you until I knew what you could handle. You were frustrated that I wasn’t rough with you. I found that a major reason you liked to be fucked on your knees and to slam painfully hard against my bones was to distend and excite your puckered hole. Make a note of that for later Joe. You also wanted me to roughly shove a vibrator in your ass. When I felt that was safe, I did and you quickly wanted a bigger one in there.” I was rubbing Lois’s asshole fairly hard now and I heard her moaning. I stopped to finger check her and asked “You seem to be enjoying it already. What do you feel?”

“Mmmm, I didn’t know an asshole could feel this good.” [167]

“Hey, there’s no reason to call me names!”

“I don’t fucking believe it!” said Joe. “That can’t be the real Lois. Who the fuck are you?”

“Don’t stir the pot yet Joe. Let me get my turn before you frisk her.”

Sue was just fascinated and later said “I forgot you could be like this. I’ve never appreciated you enough.”

“Yes, I know. Ha! I’ve thought about teaching these things for income.” Lois’s asshole was reddening. I finger checked her again. “It’s time to stop using the cloth. It will soon start feeling really good the harder I press, but then you’ll want to go past the point of friction burns and worse. I’ll use a little gentle finger massage for a minute.” She said OK [168] and Joe fell on the floor.

Spit is a better lube than plain water, but Lois wasn’t ready to hear that I was spitting in her ass. I opened her legs a little more and got closer to her holes. No damage. I wet my finger and put it against her back hole. “Do you feel anything different now?”

“Yes. Whatever that is, it feels cooler and smoother.”

“Good. I need to rub it a bit and open your butt hole a little. You’re very clean even as far inside as I can see. Can I push inside a little? It may feel a little weird, but you tell me if it hurts or you want me to stop. OK?”

“I’m not sure. Will you stop immediately if I say?”

“Of course, honey. I’m not here to hurt you. Just say EDEN or STOP.”


“Good, but I’m a foot away from your asshole. What did you feel?”

“Just practicing.”

Though I don’t like to use a weak finger, I started with a wet pinky. After circling her hole a few times, I easily slid the tip of the pinky inside. She clenched it and asked if I were pressing her hole yet. “I’m already in sweetie. Just like getting a needle? The anticipation and first push are much worse than actually holding it inside you. I used my fragile pinky, so don’t make any abrupt moves or pieces of it will break off and stay inside you.”

“Are you really inside me?” [169]

“Joe, Sue, you want to verify this?”

“Son of a bitch!”

“I guess that’s a yes. It doesn’t hurt at all and I’m not nauseous OR disgusted!”

“If it hurts, we’re doing it wrong. Unless you’re one of those who wants the pain. Guess what? I just pushed my pinky all the way to my knuckle while you were distracted.”

“WHAT? Why didn’t I know?”

“Once I stopped stretching you and you stopped resisting, the nerves were less intensely fired; you adapted. The lube lets me slip deeper inside without much stretching. I already started gently pumping it in and out.”

Moaning, she answered, “Oh, that’s what that is. It feels [170] soooooo GOOOOOD!”

“Great! When I pump it, it drags your muscle in and out of your anus a little bit, goosing those nerves, and that should canlı kaçak bahis feel very good. Like the itch relief from before, intensified. I, or you, can tickle those nerves a few ways to vary how intensely they affect you. Like this, I can roll the muscle, use more or less pressure, more or less lube, and change angles and speed. Are you ready for more, or do you want to stop?”

“Let’s stop for now. You can continue later [171] out of the shower.”

“Son of a bitch!!”

“Let me wind you down gently. You’ll feel when I take it out. Next time you feel a finger in you, it will be a different one in your puss. No, I won’t forget hygiene. I thought you’d be more open to toying with your asshole under all this cleansing water.”

“You know if anyone else said that, I’d be out the front door already. How did you talk me into all this?”

“I didn’t really. You had to be willing and trusting at every step, so you did it too. You know, I’m getting kinda fond of this bitchin butthole.” After putting some more spit on my pinky while it was still in her sweet ass, I twisted it farther in, stroked gently two more times and removed it.

“OHHHHhhh! You took it out. Now THAT feels weird, like something is [172] missing. How can that be?”

“C’est la vie. Let me lube it before leaving your ass.” I put spit on my ring finger and slid some lube inside her still loose hole. “Very nice. Your butthole is still relaxed. Don’t get up yet.” I put my nose against the bottom of her distended pussy. It was slick again. “You may want to wedge a finger in here and stir.”

“Why? Am I wet again? OHHhhh, I sure am; your pinky in my rear started making me [173] breathe hard again.”

“Son of a fucking bitch!!!”

Lois’s sweet snatch was swollen again and irresistibly in my face. I buried my nose in it and lapped out some sweet cunt juice. Two fingers chased more honey like a hungry spatula gently collecting a scarce, precious liquid off her living pussy bowl. Her swollen lips released several generous, scrumptious drops on my tongue. Mmmm… Lois joined me in a long, low moan. I rubbed the length of her pussy, cupped her tiny ass and told her she was clean. “It’s my turn! Let’s see what you learned.” Smiling blissfully, she agreed.

I got under the water and soaped my head. Lois tried to mimic what I’d done to her and started licking my nipples. [174] She agreed the water tasted oddly rich. I soaped my shoulders and chest, letting her start at my belly and scrub down each leg and foot. She came up my inner legs and lifted one to get at the leg/hip crease. My balls were in the way, so she gently washed them first then licked and sucked them. [175] She comfortably moved my semi swollen dick then nudged my legs farther apart. After cleaning the other crease, she caressed my dick again. She cleaned the shaft and my curlies then asked how to handle the foreskin. I showed her the safe motions, what to avoid and how to lift the tip.

“Letting you handle my balls and the frenulum at the head of my shaft takes a lot of faith for me, so feel privileged and beeee careful.” Lois tried slipping her tongue under my foreskin, but it was too late for that. “You’ll have to wait until you stop turning me on so much, so it may be awhile before you can do that again.” She cupped my balls and sucked most of my lance into her warm mouth. It surged quickly and poked her throat. She desperately pulled my cheeks until her nose crushed my pubes and my staff was deep down her throat. I moaned. She felt confident and powerful when she made me moan. Her deep throat had quickly improved and she rapidly clenched my cock. I was already primed with all the arousal I had from exciting her, so it didn’t take her long to tease the cum out of me.

This time she wanted to really taste it so, when she got me grunting, she let my throbbing cock leave her throat. Sucking cool air past my dick then heating it again with her tongue shoved me over the edge. My first explosive burst filled her mouth. She swallowed that first salvo then captured the rest. Since she couldn’t clean my dick AND keep her mouth full, she left it still coated so she could zestfully savor my essence as long she chose. Eyes closed, she swirled the fruit of her sweet labors lovingly around [176] in her novice mouth then swallowed it all, moaning as if it were the sweetest taste on Earth. WHO WAS THIS WOMAN? Before my cock could lose its cum wrapper to the relentless water, she sucked it back into her warmth and scrubbed my still hard flesh until she had licked it all clean.

“I’m really beginning to love [177] the sweet taste of semen. I can see that cum can be the sole reward, trophy, for a (blow)job well done.”

“I’ll ssssecond that!”

Once my tender pecker was again spotless, Lois washed my pits. She noticed the pheromone scent again and, surprising herself, she nestled in them inhaling [178] deeply. “Mmmmmm. Why do you smell so wonderful? This should just be stinky, smelly sweat.” She didn’t want an answer, so I just enjoyed watching her delight. High again, she began licking my pit hair [179] and tasted the sweet water mixed with my hormones. She said she felt driven and couldn’t help herself! After imbibing and licking my pits clean, she soaped and scrubbed them . “Ahh, sweet revenge! Time to turn around. I’m looking forward to this!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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