Eating Leah’s Arse

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My new flatmate Leah was a grade A cock tease, in the mornings she’d often strut around the flat in nothing but a short red velvet nightie that barely covered her well rounded arse. When she reached up to get something out of a cupboard I’d often get a flash of her cheeks and occasionally a hint of hairy cunnie lip to boot. She seemed to have to reach up like that quiet often when I was sitting at the table and at least once I’d caught her watching me looking in a reflection, a naughty little smile on her lips. Her bedroom was also next to the bathroom and she often seemed to like to pleasure herself in a loud and uninhibited way while I was bathing. Many times I’d jerked of in the bathroom to the loud groans and squelching noises coming from her room.

Despite being a tall shapely and rather pretty brunette she never seemed to bring any men home, maybe it was her personal hygiene she would often wear the same clothes for three or four days in a row, including tights or socks and from the state of them she wore the same pair of knickers for at least that long. Ah yes, Leah’s knickers.

I feel I should start with a confession I’ve enjoyed sniffing dirty knickers since I was a teenager, the dirtier and fresher the better. My first time was with a pair of knickers that Sarah my step sister had left accidentally on the bathroom floor. They where simple white cotton, nothing fancy, at the time I hadn’t seen a real pussy in the flesh and just the thought of picking up something that had been in such intimate contact with my step sisters cunt had my teenage prick rock hard in about three seconds. There was a crusty yellowish white stain on the gusset, and as I freed my eager cock and started stroking it seemed natural to sniff them. They smelt sharp and musty a mix of sweat, pee and stale pussy juice, as I remember I spurted onto the carpet less than a minute later. So began a life time of furtive digging through the laundry of female friends, and flatmates, illegal bahis even my cousin Zoe on one occasion. The less chance I had of smelling or licking the girls cunt in real life the more fun it was to jerk off will smelling and tasting the stains on her knickers.

Leah’s where some of the dirtiest I’d come across, she favoured nylon g-Strings with cotton gussets, not only where the gussets often thickly coated with love juice and pee but the nylon at the rear was great for holding the sent of her sweaty arse crack. Best of all she liked to leave them on the bathroom floor after she showered all fresh, warm and gooey something tells me it’s far from accidental, I mean from the state of them she was getting herself off in them before her shower.

It was a Tuesday morning when it happened I’d got up early for work and was showering when there was an urgent knocking on the door. I shut of the water, wrapped a towel round my waist and opened it.

“Sorry,” Leah gasp pushing past me in her little nightie, “if I don’t pee now I’m going to wet myself.”

“I’ll wait out here then,” I muttered .

“Don’t worry about it, I’m not shy,” she said with a smile. “No need to make you late for work because of my weak bladder.” So saying she hiked her nightie up round her belly, revealing a naturally hairy looking little snatch as she seated herself. I looked up guiltily to be met by that knowing little smile.

Fuck it I thought, two can play this game. I dropped the towel as my cock rose to half mast I turned side on and glanced in the mirror. Leah’s eyes where fixed on my semi hard cock, her tongue darted across her lips and I felt my cock swell to nearly full size in response. I switched the water on and climbed back into the shower. I turned to face Leah and started rubbing my chest and stomach slowly with soapy hands, as she watched my now rock hard dick bobbing about from the corner of her eye. A few seconds later the sound of running illegal bahis siteleri water was joined by the trickling hiss of Leah’s piss jetting into the toilet bowl. With half closed eyes I let my hand slide across my stomach grasping my cock and slowly started to massage soap into it. Leah continued to pee, now openly watching me stroke myself. I’m ashamed to say she had only just finished peeing when I shot my load into the bath under her watchful eyes , Leah quickly wiped herself , flushed then hurried from the room without a word, blushing furiously. I laughed out loud as the door closed behind her, that would teach the little cock tease. A few seconds later I heard the sounds of Leah’s frenzied masturbating through the wall, I’m pleased to say she came almost as quickly as I had, it made me feel a little better.

Two days passed before our next encounter, I was munching toast when Leah came in, she smiled at me and said good morning, she went over to the cutlery draw and removed a spoon which she dropped with uncharacteristic clumsiness. She bent over to pick it up, legs slightly parted and her nightie went up giving me a fine view of her arse and pussy. That was when I realised it was a set up, because her pussy lips where pouting, red and swollen, the hair on them was matted with her juices and I could practically smell her heat from where I sat at the table. My cock predictably stood up and saluted.

“Damn it’s gone under the unit.” With that she dropped to her knees and leant forward one arm disappearing under the kitchen unit. This had the predictable side effect of leaving her on her knees with her naked arse pushed up in the air. In that position I could not only see her wet and open pussy, but her hairy, sweaty little butt-hole too as her bum wiggled in the air.

A man can only take so much, I got up from the table and dropped to me knees behind her, I could smell the sweet scent of her feverish pussy from here, not to canlı bahis siteleri mention the funky musk of her sweaty arse and it drove me wild. I plunged forward Grasping her arse cheeks to part them further as I buried my mouth against the soft, moist flesh of her cunt, my nose rammed up against her puckered arse-hole which twitched in surprise. I inhaled taking in that dark earthy musk of her butt. To my surprise she said nothing, just pushed back grinding herself against my face and gasping as my tongue found her distended clit and lashed across the exposed tip.

Leah started to let out little animal noises as I started to lick her in earnest. her cunt tasted strongly but not unpleasantly, she probably hadn’t washed it for a couple of days and the thought made me even wilder. Certainly her arse was pretty pungent, and as I freed my cock from my boxers I decided to go for broke and let my tongue glide up from her pussy lips to her arse-hole. At the same time I bought up my other hand slipping two fingers into her pussy and grinding my thumb against her clit as I rimmed that smelly, sweaty little arse. Leah went crazy her whole body shaking and convulsing as she climaxed screaming and thrashing like a wild animal. I quickly pulled my mouth away from her as the orgasm subsided. She tried to get up, but I grabbed the back of her neck, holding her there gently, but firmly. I rubbed my hard cock against her sensitive pussy lips to get it good and wet, then I slide it between her arse cheeks held them together around it and started to thrust, I wasn’t fucking her arse, it was more like a tit-job but using her arse checks. About a minute later I couldn’t take it any more and spurted cum in a great arc, spattering her hair and back with thick white jizz. Without a word being spoken I got up and went into the bathroom to clean up. By the time I came out Leah had gone to work, (apparently without washing the dirty bitch).

We’ve fucked, licked, and sucked various times since then but we never talk about it or say a word to each other while we’re doing the deed, it’s not love just animal desire and need that drives us. Oh and she still likes to tease but I enjoy it a whole lot more now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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