Early One Morning

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The dawn light was creeping through the curtains, and Anne lay warm in her bed. Hugh was next to her, snoring quietly on his back. Anne felt relaxed, content that it was her day off.

In this semi-slumbering state her thoughts often turned to her lover. Eddie had been her ‘special friend’ for over ten years. She called him her boyfriend, and they were very much in love. That didn’t mean to say that she didn’t love Hugh, he was her husband after all, and father of her children.

Was is possible to love two men? With Anne that was definitely true, she had so much love to give.

That morning she felt very aroused. As she lay on her side she traced her fingers up over her stomach, and cupped her breast, brushing her finger tip over the hard prominent nipple. She imagined Eddie’s mouth sucking gently on it, circling it with the tip of his tongue. As it became engorged it produced a wave of longing deep within her, and her pussy moistened.

She thought about Eddie laying in his bed. Glancing at the bedside clock she remembered that he would be alone this morning. Jane his wife was leaving early to look after their grandson. As if by telepathy her mobile buzzed and she reached out to retrieve the text.

“Good morning baby, I’m missing you and I love and want you,” it read.

She quickly tapped a reply, “Oh darling I love you too.”

The communication made her pussy melt.

The mobile buzzed again, and it must have disturbed Hugh because he rolled on his side towards Anne, and he pressed up against her, and his arm curled around her body.

As Anne opened the message she could feel Hugh’s cock hard against her buttock. As with a lot of men Hugh often awoke with an erection, however, most mornings were ‘work’ mornings and the erection soon subsided as the thought of the day ahead took control.

This morning there were no such distractions. Except for the buzzing mobile!

Hugh knew all about Eddie. Over the years he had become a friend of the family, beşiktaş anal yapan escort and he knew that Anne and he had become lovers. His acceptance of the situation was unusual, but relative peace and harmony in the house was probably a trade off that he could live with. Anne was a passionate woman and he felt she still loved him.

He knew the texts were from Eddie so while Anne replied, he stroked her breasts, and pressed his cock into the cheeks of her ass.

As soon as Anne felt her nipples respond and she read Eddie’s text, she felt so horny that the mischeivous streak she tried so often to suppress rose up inside her.

“I want to fuck your pussy, I’m so hard,” the text said.

A naughty idea flashed into her head and made her pussy even wetter.

Hugh fondled her nipples and slid one hand down between her thighs. As his fingers touched her pussy, he realised how aroused she must be, her pussy oozed with juices.

Meanwhile, Eddie was laying in his bed, phone in one hand, and holding his cock in the other. He was unaware that Anne was not alone, or even that she was still in bed. Another text came through.

“You’re a naughty boy. But I’m naughty too! When I ring, pick up immediately, and remain silent.”

Eddie was used to this. Anne had phoned him before when he was in the bath, and he was unable to speak for fear of being overheard.

It rang within seconds, and he pressed ‘accept’ and held the mobile to his ear.

Anne having sent the text ‘instruction’, pressed ‘ring’ , and switched the mobile to ‘speaker-phone’.

She was ready to tease Eddie and show him what a bitch she was.

Hugh was rubbing her clit with his finger, and rubbing his cock against her ass, as she sent her text to Eddie.

Anne was so aroused that as soon she had sent the text to Eddie, she placed the mobile on the bedside table and rolled towards Hugh, taking his rampant cock in her mouth.

Eddie beşiktaş bdsm escort strained his ear to the mobile, and was wondering what Anne had planned for him. He didn’t have to wait long.

A loud groan, and a gasp were the first things he heard.

It was a male voice and in an instant he realised what Anne was up to.

Hugh was there, and he was going to fuck her, and Anne was going to let him evesdrop the whole thing.

Eddie took the mobile away from his ear. He wanted to hang up, because he was immediately jealous of Hugh, and what was happening. But he was also aroused, and excited by it.

He replaced the mobile to his ear, and listening to the muffled murmurs and rustling bedclothes, made his mind race.

He knew exactly what was happening. He’d been there, he’d done that. He knew the bedroom, he knew the bed, he’d watched himself fucking Anne in the mirrors on the wardrobes.

He had in his mind the image of her head bobbing up and down as she sucked his cock.

He was feeling the sensation that Hugh was feeling. She was so good at it.

He heard movement on the bed. Anne lifted her leg over Hugh’s body until she was kneeling astride his chest.

Still sucking his cock, she lowered her ass towards Hugh’s mouth and he hungrily pressed his face into the wet, warm pussy.

As he slid his tongue between her pussy lips and up over her clit, Eddie heard her cry “oh yessss” in that way that he knew so well.

Eddie’s breathing had quickened and he was rubbing his cock, but wanting to taste Anne’s juices.

Anne was determined to put on a show and tease Eddie intensely.

She kept whimpering and muttering to Hugh, “don’t stop, don’t stop.”

Eddie was trying desperately to remain as quite as he could, but he was so horny he wasn’t sure what he was doing.

By this time Hugh was trying to keep control of his desires as Anne was working her magic on his cock. beşiktaş elit escort

Suddenly, she pulled away from him, turning herself around and lowering her soaking pussy onto his cock.

This allowed Hugh to use his fingers to play with Anne’s titties. As she started to rise and fall on his cock, he took each nipple between his fingers and thumbs and pinched and pulled gently at them.

Eddie heard the bed start to creak, and in his mind he saw Anne’s tits bouncing up and down as she rode him.

His cock was close to bursting, but he was gritting his teeth by now. Hugh decided that it was time to fuck his wife in the way he wanted.

“Get on your knees and spread your legs.”

Anne got on all fours on the bed and Hugh positioned himself behind her, and rammed his cock into her now dripping pussy.

“Fuck me Hugh, fuck me hard.”

Eddie heard that; he had heard it so many times before, but he had been the one sliding his cock in and out of her honeypot. He could hear the slap of Hugh’s thighs against Anne’s ass.

Hugh was gripping Anne’s hips and pulling her onto his cock.

She was thrusting herself back onto it, and her tits were swinging like pendulums.

It was in this maelstrom of sexual need that Hugh noticed out of the corner of his eye the mobile on the bedside table. It was glowing and Hugh suddenly realised that it was ‘connected’.

Like a flash he put two and two together, and knew that it was connected to Eddie!

So Anne wanted to ‘show off’.

Maybe Eddie needed to be shown how to fuck her.

Hugh muttered “you sly bitch,” and brought his right palm down hard on her right buttock.

Anne yelped and Hugh repeated the blow. “Fucking hell Hugh,” but Hugh rammed his cock harder into her.

“For fucks sake Hugh, let me have that spunk. Empty yourself into me.”

Suddenly, there came a loud moan from the mobile. Eddie was cumming.

That seemed to trigger something in Hugh.

With two thrusts, Anne felt him jerk inside her and the warm spunk spurted deep into her cunt. He grunted and when he’d finished his ejaculation he muttered, “just tell Eddie he’d better come over soon and finish you off!”

Anne , face down in the pillow, and with semen ooozing from her pussy, calmly reached over to the mobile and pressed ‘end’.

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