Drugged Gay Submission

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The following is a fantasy of mine, one that I hope will come true sometime in my life. I have dark fantasies of being used…taken….and this is one of them.

I’m a 20 year-old male who checks his email daily, and on one particular day I receive an email from a man who says he read a story about my fantasy online and wants to help make it come true. In the story, the man had read about a younger man who leads a heterosexual life, but wishes to voluntarily take some illicit narcotics and be homosexually used while in a drugged haze.

I am excited by his proposal to meet in a public place and continue the escapade in a more private setting. I have an idea about what will happen to me, so I send a return email telling him I will meet him on the designated day and time and we can begin our journey.

On the day we are to meet, I will have taken laxatives in order to flush my body clean of the unwanted materials my little bottom produces. Once that procedure has run its course, I will then take a long shower to illegal bahis make my body clean for his enjoyment. Once my young, fit athletic body is clean, I will dress and drive to our meeting place.

We make our acquaintances at the designated place, then proceed to a more private location, be it a hotel or residence. I walk in the door and see a couch and bed, along with a chest of drawers. Upon the chest of drawers is a small mirror, to which the man takes me to and allows me to inhale the powder which has been spread in large, thick lines upon the mirror.

My face goes numb instantly, and a tingle begins in my bottom because I realize the scenario has been set in motion and I will soon be used to the man’s discretion and whim. He then produces a small glass pipe and some crystals that look like ice, and allows me to heat some of the ice in the pipe until the pop and crackle, and I smoke the steam that is produced. I enjoy more and more of this substance while the man is preparing himself in the bathroom, and illegal bahis siteleri when he returns my head is swimming in an induced haze.

I am vaguely aware of the man removing my clothing and forcing me to my hands and knees on the bed. He places the mirror in front of me on the bed and gives me my fill, all the while busying himself with his matter at hand, which is spreading some type of liquid on my bottom. While I ingest the powder I vaguely feel my legs being forced further apart, spreading my bottom open even more. Fingers are then forced inside me, fingers which have been coated in the same lubricant, and my bottom loosens under his continuous insertion.

By this time, I have no more interest in the substances, and my focus is lost in the haze of consumption. I feel a thick, hard pressure on my bottom…in my bottom, and I lay my head on my arms while my bottom is in the air, and let this man do his will on me. The constant pressure on my bottom is relaxing it even more, and suddenly the man hands canlı bahis siteleri me a baseball, then pours some liquid onto my hands and tells me to “lube this up for me”. I do what he tells me and rub the lotion into the ball, and when finished I hand it to him. I look over my shoulder, and as I do the pressure is released on my bottom….I see him withdraw a long rubber shaft, shiny in the light from the bathroom.

I feel strangely empty, but the man leans over and says “keep your head forward, don’t look back here”. I obey once more, and as I lay my head back on my arms I hear him whisper in my ear, “Push back on this like your taking a little poopy”, so I do. I feel a tremendous pressure once again on my bottom, and it hurts a little, but in my haze I push hard on the pressure and suddenly it’s much less. I hear him whisper in my ear again, “Poop it out,” and I try, but it’s so big and I try to force it out and then it comes…

The man forces it inside me again and we repeat this process, three times, seven times, fifteen times. The mirror is placed in front of me once again and as the man forces the ball in and out of me I take my fill again.

This fantasy can continue as long as the reader wants…

…in my head it continues for hours. You like??

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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