Doctor D.R.Acula Ch. 05

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I shift my hands to the side of her chest, leaving my thumbs resting against the bottom of her small breasts, to support her upper body while she recovers from her orgasm. The roar rapidly decreases until it is just a gentle purr once again. It isn’t long before she pushes her body against my hands and leans to the side, moving her leg back beside mine. She repeats the process with her other leg, leaving me supporting her entire upper body. She places her hands on either side of my head and gently pulls my face towards hers. I gently lower her body down until she is laying stretched out over my chest, her hard nipples and small breasts pressing into me. We have managed to do this while her lower lips are still wrapped around me.

She lays there on top of me, our bodies joined together, as she recovers, the muscles inside her love tunnel giving the occasional spasm. Every time there is a spasm, my shaft is stroked, keeping me firm inside her.

“How much longer will you be hard?” she asks me.

“As long as the muscles inside your body keep doing that, I guess. I have never done this with any other new vampire before. I guess you could almost call me a virgin as well. This is the first time that I have taken a virgin vampires maidenhood. I have never had sex with one of my patients, even though there have been offers. You are the first patient that I have agreed to be intimate with, because you are a very special patient. You asked me for things that only I would be able to provide for you. You have given me a once-in-a-lifetime gift.”


I raise my head and look into his eyes, then move my lips to his, which causes him to slip out of me. I give a whimper of disappointment at the emptiness inside me. Then I kiss him and gently force my tongue between his lips to feel the brackets on his teeth. The feeling of emptiness is replaced by another just as powerful sensation as I feel my own freshly banded teeth pressing against the inside of my lips. My eyes begin to tear up and my chest begins to tremble as I begin to cry.

His arms come up and wrap around me, holding me gently. “I don’t know how I can thank you for what you have done for me. You have made me feel so special in so many different ways that I feel overwhelmed. You have turned my dream of having braces into a reality. Then you went beyond that and gave me full-banded braces.”

“When you made the offer to turn me into a vampire, I was unsure what to think. Then you explained what it was like being a vampire and what the options were that are available to me and I realized that I would have the opportunity to experience so many different things. I can be a virgin for the rest of my life and lose it again whenever I choose too. I know that for some people, that would be an uncomfortable or scary idea, but you made my first time so special for me.” I give him another kiss, pressing my body against his again.

“I just hope that I can begin to pay you back. All you have to do is ask and I will do everything that I can to make it happen.” I give him a new-braced smile.

“I do have one request that should be very easy to fulfill. You can give me a shower and clean me up. We did make a bit of a mess.” He lifts my body up and looks down between us. I tilt my head down and realize that my pussy has been leaking onto his stomach, creating a red-tinged white puddle.

“It would be an honour to service my prince’s needs,” I say, slipping back into the medieval theme. “If my prince would be so kind as to escort his princess to his bathing chamber, she shall perform the requested duties,” at which time I roll onto my back, freeing him to move. I put my arm around his neck as he picks me up and, locating my hip just below the puddle on his stomach, place his hand underneath the cheek of my ass and below my leaking pussy. I spread my legs slightly and his finger slips between them and into my pussy, which is still purring contentedly. My throat matches the purr from lower down, causing him to chuckle.

It is just a short ride down the hall to the large shower. I am placed on my feet and he gestures to the knobs in the shower. “You start the shower running while I get us some towels,” he says before going to the cupboard in the wall. There are several knobs, more than the two that I am used too. I start twisting them until I get a stream flowing out of the ceiling, which turns out to be cold. My startled shriek causes him to turn around with a huge smile on his face, exposing the metal-work in his mouth. The cold water falling from the ceiling has caused my nipples to perk up hard as can be.

I turn another knob and the water starts to heat up. After seeing his smile, my nipples stay hard for another reason. He joins me in the shower after placing the dry towels on the shelf just outside the shower. I select a nice smelling container of bodywash from the collection inside the shower and begin to wash his back. “While I am enjoying having my back washed, I think that my front needs more urgent attention, illegal bahis don’t you?”

I slip my hand between his legs and start rubbing there. “While that feels nice, I think that you can find a much more efficient way to wash my front.” This time I pour some of the bodywash over my upper chest and move around to face him, then begin to rub my body against his. I look up at his face and the smile on it. I very much want to kiss him, but the difference in our heights prevents this. The top of my head barely reaches to his shoulders.

I step back a bit and start using my hands to rub soap all over his chest and stomach. When I reach his pelvic area and start to run my fingers over his semi-hard shaft, I am surprised to see that he has a foreskin that wasn’t there before. I look up puzzled and he explains, “All vampires are able to shift bodymass to different areas. What I just did is something that I will teach you, although there are limitations. When you take from one part of your body, it has to go somewhere else.”

He turns me around and pulls me against his body, then places his hands over my small breasts. “Close your eyes,” he says, “and concentrate on making your breasts fill my hands.” I do as he says and feel my butt cheek tingle, then the tingle moves up my back and onto my chest. He chuckles and then says open your eyes and look at your breasts.

I tilt my head down and open my eyes, then laugh when I see that my left breast has grown to a large B-cup while my right is still a small pointy A-cup. “I think that I need some practice. I don’t think that I did something quite right.” His hands have been massaging both of my breasts and while it feels nice on both I find that the right one is more sensitive. “Why is this one more responsive?” I ask him while pointing to the right one.

“The skin on both breasts has the same amount of nerves in it as before. The right breast has been stretched less, meaning that the nerves are closer together.” He gives my small right breast a caress before taking the nipple between his fingers. “The left breast has stretched the skin, moving the nerves farther apart.” His other hand gives that larger breast a caress and I can feel the difference in sensation.

I am used to the feel of having small breasts, but the sensation coming from the left breast feels interesting in a way that sends a strong tingle directly to my pussy when he tweaks that nipple. “I think that I could very much enjoy having larger tits.”

“The effort of moving things around and keeping them there takes quite a bit of energy. The longer you maintain the change the more energy you burn. You will find yourself eating more. That is how we got the reputation for attacking people and drinking blood. Small changes like this don’t take much because they are so minor. Close your eyes again and think about kissing me,” he says.

I do as he says and he starts to rub my breasts and nipples. He turns me around and bends down, placing his lips against mine and kissing me. “Open your eyes again and look at your breasts,” he says as he ends the kiss.

I look down at my breasts and then bring my hands up to cup my usual A-cup breasts. The sensation is what I am used to and I am mildly disappointed in the way it feels. I also feel slightly drained and my stomach starts to rumble a bit.

D.R. Acula

“Let’s get dressed and get something to eat. You will need some time to recover and should have something to eat after each time you shape-shift. It is always a good idea to have a good meal before you try to do any big changes to your body. There is always a good supply of food in my fridge.”

I hand her a robe from the supply that I have in the cupboard so that I have something to wear after showering. On her small body, it is almost to her ankles and the top of it hangs partially open just barely covering her nipples, and even exposing them occasionally to my gaze as she moves around. I am briefly distracted by the view I have of her body until she reminds me that I am supposed to be feeding her.

I take her to the kitchen and we explore what is in the fridge. “You will find that raw foods are more appealing now. Things like Sushi will become more desirable, while fried foods like burgers will tend to disgust you.” Sharlene grabs a plate of Sushi that I had delivered earlier from the restaurant downstairs, and begins consuming it. I take a few pieces for myself and let her eat as much as she wants. When she is finally satisfied, we curl up together on the oversize couch and take a nap.

When we wake up in the morning, the sun is just peeking over the horizon and we are treated to a spectacular sunrise. It is a Saturday morning and there is nobody on the upper floors of the building today. The restaurant on the main floor won’t be open until the afternoon, so we have the whole building to ourselves. I turn to Sharlene and ask her, “Do you have anything that you need to do today?” She shakes her head ‘No’. “Then would you let me get you a birthday illegal bahis siteleri present to celebrate the start of your new life?” The broad smile that she gives me, exposing the full bands on all her teeth is enough of an answer.

“Slip into your dress and we will go do some shopping then.” I quickly slip into some clean clothes, while she collects her discarded clothing from the night before. She is about to start putting on her stockings and garter-belt when I stop her by saying, “Just the dress. You only need it until we get into the store. We are only going downstairs.”

I have keys for all the doors in my building and all my tenants know that if I take something from their store, that I will leave a note explaining what I took. They are always paid for what is removed, sometimes with money, but frequently with my skills in orthodontics.

The first store that I take her to is a lingerie store. The displays in the front window prevent anyone from seeing inside, so I help her remove her dress. “The first lesson we will work on is the same one we started yesterday, shifting body mass.” I lead her over to the wall where the bras are displayed. “Let’s start with a bra that we already know will fit you.”

She looks through the selection available and chooses a 32A underwired padded push-up bra in soft pink, the same colour as her nipples. She slips it on and it is surprising how much of a difference it makes to the look of the size of her breasts. “Look in the mirror and fix that image in your mind. Then close your eyes.” I pick up a 32B unpadded underwire skintone stretch lace bra and step behind her. “Keep your eyes closed while I change the bras for you. Don’t open them until I tell you too.”

I take my time, first playing with her breasts in the bra she is wearing and then unfasten it and slip my hands under the loose cups and play with them like that. Finally I remove the bra she had picked and replace it with the one I selected, leaving it unfastened temporarily so that I can tease her nipples a little. When I have her nipples nice and hard, I fasten the bra and tell her, “Now I want you to think about how your breasts looked before you closed your eyes. I want you to concentrate on that image until you feel your breasts filling the cups of the bra you are wearing now.” To distract her a little, I continue to play with her nipples through the lace of the bra, occasionally cupping her breasts in my hands and caressing her whole breast. Before too long, I can feel that the volume of her breast in the cup is increasing until the cup is snug all over.

“Open your eyes now and take a look.” She opens them and takes a look and starts blinking, the image in the mirror is that of a full B-cup woman. I run my hands over her breasts again, then give both of her nipples a gentle squeeze to perk them up to their hardest. Her hands fly up to her mouth in surprise, and then, when I undo the clasp between her breasts holding it closed, she smiles at me so wide that I can see all the way to the brackets on her molar bands. The straps of the bra slip off her shoulders and I place my hands underneath her larger breasts and lift them slightly. Her hands move to join mine and I move mine, letting her touch her new, larger breasts, before putting my hands over hers. “It isn’t really that hard when you have had some practice. Are you satisfied with the size and look of these breasts or would you like to try something bigger or maybe differently shaped?”

“You told me that you like small-breasted women, but I have always wondered what I would look like if I had bigger breasts. I want you to pick me out a bra that you think I would look good in and make it as big as you want. Also, find me a blindfold or sleep mask so that I won’t be tempted to peek.”

Finding a sleep mask is easy. She slips it on and then still standing in front of the mirror, continues to play with her larger breasts. I take a good look around the store, already having a good idea of what I am looking for. There is a selection of corsets and basques over beside the bra section and I head over to them. There is one basque that I have seen every time I have been in the store. It has laces on the back and a row of hook-and-eye closures on the front. The cups are high on the sides and then dip down between the breasts, just barely covering the nipples, to expose a lot cleavage. A smaller breasted Sharlene could probably get away with wearing it to a formal occasion and look stunning in it, but today Sharlene wants me to pick out something that is bigger in the chest. I look at the D, DD and DDD cup sizes, then decide that her small body would just look too fake in anything larger than a D. I didn’t even bother looking at the C-cup basque.

“This is going to take me a little while to fit you into, so just be patient with me. I know that in the end you will be pleased with the look.” This is the first time that I have had a woman in anything like this in far too many years, so I am out of practice. I take canlı bahis siteleri my time fastening the front and then start tightening the laces at the back. “I want you to start trying to fill the cups. Just do what you did before. If it helps, use your hands to massage and caress your breasts.”

I watch her reflection in the mirror as she reaches up, slips her hand through the opening between the cups, and begins to rub. Up until now, the lips of her smooth, waxed pussy have been together, but as her hand continues to play with her breast, they begin to part slightly. Her clit begins to emerge from its hiding place and peek out. With one last tug, I am able to secure the last of the lacing on her back. My job finished, I step up behind her and bring my hands over her shoulders and play with the flesh that is partially filling the cups. I concentrate mostly on playing with her nipples until there is no room left to get my fingers on them.

“Okay, stop now,” I say. “That is enough to fill them properly. Any more and it won’t fit right.”

Something about the reflection doesn’t look quite right and then it occurs to me. She should have a pair of black lace crotchless panties to complete the look. Right beside the panty display is a selection of high-heeled shoes. I select a pair of shoes with a reasonable height that Sharlene should be comfortable walking in. I regret not having her wear her stockings now.

I kneel I front of her and have her place one hand on my head to balance with, then lift her leg and slip her foot into the leg of the panty, then slide the shoe onto her foot. She stands up in the shoe and I am able to repeat the process with her other leg. Using both my hands, I lift the panties until they are at her thigh level, then slip them into place over her hips and take my time centering the opening over her pussy lips. Of course that involves more touching than is really necessary. Being this close to her, I am able to watch as her outer lips spread like a flower, exposing the delicate moist pink center inside.

Resisting the urge to spend some time playing with her lips, I stand up and move behind her. “Keep your eyes closed while I remove the mask. I want to see your reaction to the changes in your body.” She does as I ask, patiently waiting as the mask is removed. “Okay, open them now.”

When she opens her eyes, she starts laughing, all the metal in her mouth coming into view. “They look huge on my body. I have always wondered what I would look like with bigger breasts and now I know. I think that they are just too big for my body. The way I am dressed now makes me look more like a stripper than I care to look like. Why does my waist look so tiny? Is it because you tied the laces that tight? Or maybe it is the huge breasts that make it look that way.”

“I did tie the laces tight, but most of the mass that you moved came from your belly and waist. Your body has a more hour-glass look to it. That will change back as your body returns to its previous shape.

Let me get you out of that before you lose your concentration and begin to shift again.” I pick up the sleep-mask again and say, “It will be easier to maintain your current shape if you aren’t too distracted by what your eyes are telling you.” As I slip the mask over her eyes again, her hands come up and cup her large D-cup breasts through the strapless basque. Then she begins to undo the hooks on the front.


I want to experience what my large breasts feel like naked. All the support that the basque is giving me is nice, but it also is preventing me from touching them. I undo the hooks until I am able to slip one hand inside and touch some of my breast. He finishes undoing the hooks that are left and I am finally able to cup my breasts in my hands. They more than fill my small hands and seem so heavy compared to what I am used too. With the basque removed, it seems as if my whole balance is off. I begin to lean forward.

One of his hands comes around my body and slips underneath my breasts, pushing my hands up towards my nipples and steadying me. His other hand removes the mask covering my eyes and, for the first time, when I look in the mirror, I see how my naked D-cup breasts look. I am used to seeing small perky barely handful sized mounds on my chest, that I can cover with my hand, but now I have more than I can hold in my hands. My nipples are the same size that I am used too, but even though they are hard, they look so small on my enlarged breasts. My waist and belly look so tiny compared to what is now projecting from my chest.

My full-banded teeth emerge from behind my lips as a smile of delight crosses my face. “This is so amazing, but this is not what I would want to look like. I much prefer a smaller breasted me. How do I get that back?”

D.R. replies, “There are several ways for it to happen. If you go to sleep, your body will resume it’s natural shape. Never sleep with anyone who doesn’t know you are a vampire or you don’t want them to know. The next way is to put on clothes that give you the shape you are looking for. This is faster but not as accurate. You will be creating an image that is based on what you think you remember you looked like. This is what you will be doing most of the time.”

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